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Trustees&Board Elected Members Mr E S C Garner Mr GWoolacott Mr R R Becker Mr J W Gafney Mr N Gerber MrAW H York Ex Officio Member Rev Ivan M Abrahams Trustees Chairman Secretary The Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Honorary Life Trustees MrA BTheunissen Rev CWilkins Dr GW Shuker MrTA Polkinghorne Mr K C Comins Board of Governors Ex Officio Members: Rev Ivan M Abrahams Bishop Purity Malinga MrCWoolacott The Presiding Bishop Bishop of KwaZulu-Natal Coastal District Representative of KwaZulu-Natal Coastal District Nominated Members: MrAW HYork(Chairman) Mr K Johnson (Vice Chairman) MrW P Coetzee Mr R H Lloyd Mr CA Massey Mrs G Mji Mr P D Morgan Mr D Pearse Mr D Polkinghorne Mrs KTocknell Mrs G Williams MrDWoodhouse Prof P M Zulu Ex Officio Members: Mr E S C Garner Chairman of the Trustees Kearsney Old Boys'Club Mr B Shuker President Old Boys'Club Mr G Bester Old Boys' Representative Parents Society Representative Mr D Gorven In Attendance at Board Meetings Mr E D van den Aardweg Kearsney College Headmaster Mrs B Croudace Kearsney College Bursar Mrs P Needham Secretary to the Board of Governors Honorary Life Governor ProfV J Bredenkamp > m • m. If •' Tf J,. i [: I % vJlMlljfl';,* ■J'' "4 - " "■" , 1 ■ Hilir :«• . - \ 1 ■ •, H*- -■ ' %, i,sl/ • .1-. \ - iV4'4 "(J. % f-'t:, ■ •. a' -'jp • ^ if ife « jBA' . . f. bli, ' '* 'i» is 'n. . • . !s. » =!& 1 K&v:. s* -w ■ iL'jL M V'L lEi 'fJiiMT-'' - '

From the Headmaster's desk TThere is reason to believe that 2004 was a year offulfilment,success and happiness at the College. However, when one chooses to measure success,the boys and staff did Kearsney proud.Whata privilege it is to be associated with a group of people,young and old,all working together towards a common goal. We moved our attention from the beautifying of the grounds (as reported in the 2003 Chronicle)into the classroom environment. We were able to leave the grounds and maintenance in the safe hands of an outsourced company which gave us the opportunity to focus our efforts on our core business ie educating boys. The decision to outsource these functions was not taken lightly as it involved the regrettable retrenchment of nineteen members of the grounds and maintenance crews many of whom had served Kearsney loyally for the better part of their working lives. Thankfully we were able to conduct the process in a manner that was amicably accepted by all parties. Most ofthe retrenched employees were employed by the new companies and are still seen hard at work at Kearsney. A generous donation towards our Information and Communication Technology from Mr Keith Comins has catapulted us to the forefront of innovation in this field. From the beginning of next year we will have ten fully utilised Smart boards. This technology has increased the understanding of subject content and created a greater academic industriousness in the classroom.We also embarked on a successful drive to make our classrooms reflect the vibrancy of subjects and the love the teacher has for his particular field of interest. Remaining with the focus on the classroom the staff headed off to Duma Manzi on the Umkomaas at the end of March for a Kearsney indaba. They had spent every Friday of the first term during hymn practise time in groups conducting SWAT analyses ofgiven areas in the College. The weekend at Duma Manzi was spent discussing the presentations ofeach group and the formulation ofaction plans. There was honestand open debate with constructive inputfrom all staff. The document produced at the conclusion of the weekend became an action sheet for the rest of the year. I m 3-* Ais't ■iUtr- - can report that by the end of the year every item raised had been addressed with significant changes introduced to address concerns identified on the banks of the muddy Umkomaas River. Naturally sport is a source of much discussion and debate at Kearsney. Elsewhere in thfe magazine you will read of the success on this front. My congratulations go to the coaches and the boys on a super season. The wave of good news was not confined to the sports field however vvith the cultural life of the College reaching new heights- The success of the choir inVienna and Bremen in July as yvell as the First Annual Music Festival and the increased number of professionat theatrical productions augurs welt tdr the future of the cultural side of the College. We are blessed with superb fecilittes but it is the people and the positive relationships between them that are the catalysts for a happy fulfilting year. My thanks go to my staff who are a great group of individuals in a supert) team for their commitment to the boys and Kearsney. The boysare atsd amazing. That a relatively small group of 550 boys can hold their Own amongst the massive boys' schools in the country is a fact which continually astounds us. Not only the level of their commitment Shd performance but the number of activities in which each is involved are noteworthy. We should however be careful how we define success, particularly after the year that we have experienced. Heed the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: "To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a lovely child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived; This is to have succeeded." £ D van den Aardweg Headmaster

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A PASSION fOR IIFE Great passion can elevate the soul to great things. KEARSNEY COLLEGE

Staff 1 M: % m mr r-i"^ Academic Staff Back row:P King, A Murray,M Albers,R CandottI, A Morgan,M Griffiths,O Phipps, A Rogers,B Riley, A Henderson,BThompson Second row:K Smith,P Ratcliffe, J Drew,G Louis, A Willows,M Botha,J Dunn,F Gray, J Camp,D Graves,WAmos First row:J Ratcliffe,S Zukulu,L Herman,W O'Connor,S Cartwright,F Cocks,P Isaac,N Atkinson,CTullidge, A Fripp,B Ndaba, A Stevens,R Wallac Seated:S van Wyk,J Gosthuizen,Rev R Ramsay, M Bissell,P Kirsten,E van den Aardweg,K Decker,R deVilliers,D Goldhawk, A van Zyl,B Steyn Mr E D van den Aardweg Mr P J Kirsten Mr K Decker Mr M F Bissell Rev.R Ramsay Mr R deVilliers MrAH Willows Mr M Albers MrWAmos Mr C M Botha Mr R Candotti Ms S Cartwright Mr F P D Cocks MrJ Drew Mr B Fulton MrsA Fripp Mr D Goldhawk Mr D Graves Mr F C Gray Mr M Griffiths ;. Mrs Grifflths.:;:;i® MrADD Henderson Miss E Herman Mrs P Isaac BA(Hons)HDE BEd MrWDMarsden Headmaster BScHDEFDE MrA Morgan Senior Deputy Headmaster/Mathematics BEdT Cert MrA Murray Deputy Headmaster/Maths/ i/c Academics BA UED BEd Mrs K Mollentze Deputy Headmaster/Director Post Matric/History Mr B Ndaba BTh(UNISA)PECE Chaplain MrsW OConnor BSc(Hons)HDE Head of Middle School/Biology Mrs S O'Neill BSc HDE Director StudentAffairs/Grade Head Gr MrJ Gosthuizen 12 / Mathematics BComHDE Mr O D Phipps i/c Accounting BA(Hons)HDE Mrs J Ratcliffe Geography HDESecEdACE Mr PAT Ratcliffe Mathematics BA(Hons)HDE Mr B Riley English BSC(Hons)HDE ICDL Mr A Rogers i/c Science BA UED BEd Mr S R Schmidt Grade Head Gr 9/Life Skills Gr9/ Mathematics Mr G E M Shone BA HDE Geography/Grade Head Gr8 Mr K Smith IT Facilitator/ Staff development BCom HDE FDE ICDL MrsAM Stevens Accounting/Eduadmin Administrator BA Sp Hons Grad CE Mr B Steyn Senior Housemaster/English BA HDE BEd Mr BThompson Grade Head Gr 10/Afrikaans BSc Mrs CVTullidge Science BSc UED MrSLvanWyk i/c Biology BA(Hons)PCE i/c French Mr A F van Zyl BA(Hons)HDE i/c Drama MrsV A Wallace BAHED Afrikaans Mr G Zukulu B Soc Sc HDE BEd Dip Lib Sc i/c Resource Centre HDE(Commerce) Business Economics/Accounting BA(Hons)PGCE English'- - BA HDE BEd Grade Head Grade 1 1/Afrikaans BA HDE Art ■ ■ B Paed (Arts) i/c Zulu BA(Hons)HDE MEd School Counsellor/ i/c Life Skills BA UED English BAHDE MBA i/c Afrikaans/ Housemaster I BSc STD FDE(Coms)MEd i/c Computer Studies BAT Dip Mathematics BEdT Dip i/c Mathematics Nat Dip - Ind Teach Design and Technology BA HDE Dip Mkt Man(ICM) i/c History/ i/c Culture BSc HDE Biology BA UED English BA HDE i/c Sport LTCL Director of Music BCom HDE Accounting/Housemaster Pembroke HDE SecEd 'Science:'. ■-'■ NTDA (Design)NHD (FA Painting) i/c Art HDE SecEd ICDL i/c Laptop class/Science/Housemaster Haley BA HDE Afrikaans/Housemaster Sheffield BAHDE I'c English BA IEd Geography

Mr F Zungu Mrs L M Croudace Mrs H Pearse Mr KThompson Mr G Bester MrsV Mare Mrs R Armstrong Mrs MWAlborough Mrs R Govender Ms S Gain Mrs J du Casse Mrs P Needham Mrs L Penfold MrsV BIsson Dayal MrsT Quaradeghlnl BSS(Hons) BCom Bursar Director of Marketing Sports Director Foundation Director Library Assistant Dip Bookkeeping Debtors Controller Receptionist Dip HR Management Resource Manager School Secretary Kit and Clothing Shop Manager Headmaster's Secretary Admissions Secretary Kit and Clothing Shop Assistant Financial Clerk Mrs K Southwell Mrs RWaldburger Sister J Lee Sister D Bissell MrsAM Fuller Mr RJ Smith Mr J Govender Mr R Pillay MrJ Cele Mr R Sibiya Miss H DIamini MrsT Kistensamy MissT Moonsamy Dip Ed Assistant Bursar Music Department Secretary Reg Nurse/Midv/ifery Sanatorium Reg Nurse Sanatorium Matron/Housekeeper Estate Manager Sportsfield Supervisor Maintenanccupervisor Photocopy Clerk Driver Admin Assistant ICDL Laboratory Assistant ICDL Laboratory Assistant 'C>. /■ ' . i /I Pi 'V s/ ^ I {*t :s I m Administrative Staff mm m Back row: MAttenborough.V Bisson Dayal, J du Casse, P Needham, S Cain, P Cronje,T Kistensamy Middle row: j Lee,R Govender, K Southwell, A Fuller, L Penfoid, V Mare, R Armstrong,T Quaradeghini,T Moonsamy,D BiSSeli Seated: H Dlam|ni,KThompson, H Pearse, G Bester, B Croudace, J Smith, J Cele iiil 1- 1

Obituaries m mm 01 ?r' smm » - t i m M C ■ . Themba Joseph Mnyandu 1943 -2004 Themba Joseph Mnyandu passed away on 9 February 2004 after a long illness bravely borne. In paying tribute to"that perfect Kearsney gentleman" on his early retirement in 2002,former Senior Deputy Headmaster,Justin Hall, wrote,"Kearsney has had no more loyal and dedicated staff member than Joseph over the last 30 years". Joseph was born in the matron's dispensary in Finningley House in 1943.After working as a long distance truck driver,he returned to Kearsney in 1972 after the death of his father,Patrick Mnyandu,himself an employee of the college.Joseph joined the staff and served with distinction as driver for the next three decades.His safety record was impeccable in spite of the three hijackings he endured in the last few years of his career. He also took over his fether's role in the local chapter of the Methodist Church. Joseph is survived by his wife,Agnes,his five children and four grandchildren. Joseph will be fondly remembered by all who knew him for his unselfish dedication to Kearsney and his impish sense of humour. Lala ngokuthulaThemba Mnyandu.Sohlala sikukhumbula njalo. Joseph Madonda JOSEPH MADONDA very sadly passed away after a brief illness on the 27 March,after 13 years of very faithful service to Kearney College.He joined the Maintenance Department on the 15 January1991,and will long be remembered for his warm and friendly smile and wave from the school tractor while mowing the playing fields.Joseph was a very keen and competitive long-distance runner, receiving his Kwazulu-Natal coloursfor the half marathon distance races.He was also sponsored by Mr.Price and succesfutly compic the Comrades Marathon.

Keith Comins - A Generous Benefactor Keith & Pat Comins recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary amongst family and close friends in Johannesburg.The Kearsney College Old Boys Club and Kearsney College convey a special message of congratulations in reaching such a significant milestone, Keith is a past-parent,KearsneyTrustee,a man of great faith and one of Kearsney's major benefactors. His association with the College commenced in the early'60s when Glen his son attended Kearsney.Thereafter his involvement continued with his services to the Board and Trustees. Through Keith's enormous generosity Kearsney enjoys a well-equipped Design &Technology Centre,the Keith Comins Maths Scholarships and more recently his major contribution to the IT Programme. At the recent KCOBC AGM,Keith was awarded the highest honour of Honorary Life Vice-President of the Kearsney College Old Boys ■Club.:;:- ■■ j if mWTPt •V ■ ..-*411 >•: ii • i ii: ' m r^-ar. ■ ■HH ■ mm tv i » ' « i-y , i rorm ir II I m m H ■ ■■I * * * 'JH I- »i' ■■EL. mmHit mmm I ■ and Pat Christine Decker and

Tribute to James HuUet Hopkins (26/12/1916-18/12/2004) It was with sadness that we learnt ofthe death ofJimmy Hopkins on 18 December just9 days before his 89th birthday. James Hullett Hopkins known to family,friends,staff and boys as Jimmy,was Kearsney College's fourth headmaster following Mr Pyne Mercier, Mr Robert Matterson and Mr Stanley Osier. He was a great grandson of Sir Liege Hulett,the founder of Kearsney College. Born at Kearsney,on the Natal North Coast,on 26 December 1916 he followed his brothers Crofton and Paddy to Kearsney College entering in grade I as the College had a prep school at that time. The school was to be one with which he was to be closely associated and passionately dedicated for most of his life. He was an outstanding scholar being the first pupil at Kearsney to gain a distinction in Latin as well as distinctions in other subjects. He was also a fine athlete particularly in rugby and athletics, both sports in which he captained the College and was awarded Honours. He was to continue with his academic and athletic careers at the University College of Natal from which he graduated in 1938 with an MA (cum laude) and a UED and represented the University College at both rugby and athletics. He then joined the staff of his old school , Kearsney College at Botha's Hill just prior to enlisting in the Engineers of the South African army,at the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, together with his greatfriend and fellow member of staff Ben Milner, a man he greatly admired and with whom he had a cherished friendship. He served with distinction in Abyssinia, North Africa and Italy where he was seconded as a Captain to the Royal Engineers and won the Military Cross at the Anzio landings in Italy. Atthe termination of hostilities he returned to Kearsney College where he served under two headmasters,Robert Matterson and Stanley Osier whom he was to succeed as headmaster in 1965. He married Val Wynne-Roberts on 15 December 1945 and they had three sons,Sean, Liege and Robin who were all born at Kearsney College. Jimmy retired to Salt Rock on the Natal North Coast in 1975 after serving the College with great distinction for 37 years and being associated with it for 60 with the exception of his years at University and in the army. During his career his stature in the field ofsecondary and tertiary education was widely acknowledged serving on the Steyn Commission,Vice Chairman of the Council of the University of Natal representing both the public and independentschools.Chairman ofthe Heads'Conference ■i ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ iSii ■ of Private Schools and also Vice-chairman of the SABC. Locally his activities extended beyond those of the school being the founder member and the first chairman of the Hillcrest Rotary Club and a member of the Botha's Hill Town Board He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word, kind and generous, a man of integrity, a person to whom you could turn to for help. One felt instinctively that there was someone you could trust and one with whom you felt completely comfortable. It is said that only a head could have any idea of what comes into his office each day. It is both the most difficult and rewarding of jobs, bringing great enjoyment and satisfaction and also sleepless nights of worry. How well Jimmy Hopkins was equipped for this position. On major occasions in their awards, schools naturally feature the high flyers who shine as stars. The great educators also honour the ordinary boys and/ girls who faithftjlly go about their ways and are the real salt of the eirth. Those who knew the inner Jimmy Hopkins understood that while he enjoyed the contribution of the? talented sportsman and academics, his true delight lay in the success of those who battled, and who were not recognised on speech day, but whose relative contributions were equal to those of the stars. Many boys were the recipients of his personal care, concern? and encouragement during their time at Kearsney. It was this humility and respect for his fellow human beings that distinguished Jimmy Hopkins-i? His sincerity earned him the admiration of all the parents, staff, boys and old boys of the school. VVhile at Kearsney he was widely /acknowledged in the field of both tertiary and secondary education and was held in high esteem by his colleagues at Natal University and in both the public and Independent schools. For those associated with Kearsney College he was recognised for all those qualities and attributes which made him a great headmaster. For his service to the College he was made a Life Vice-President of the Old Boys' Club. What we saw in Mr Hopkins is what we got and we are all the better for it. What a wonderful example he was for any Kearsney boy and we pay tribute to a wonderful gentleman. How privileged we were to have been associated with a man so rich in whatever was good and pure and lovely and of good report and who so justly loved mercy and walked so humbly with God. Dr GShuker 10

Ave Atque Vale i'%^ PETER KIRSTEN Peter toook up the position of Senior Deputy Headmaster in January 2004.He matriculated from Pretoria Boys' High in 1979 and went on to university in Pietermaritzburg where he graduated with a BSc and a teacher's diploma. He then returned to Pretoria Boys' High as a Mathematics teacher where he climbed the ladder to become Head ofAcademics, Deputy Headmaster and then Second Master in 2001. Peter has travelled throughout Britain and Europe and has also taught Mathematics for a year in Hamilton,New Zealand. Although an "outdoor man"with interests like fly-fishing, mountain biking and bodyboarding,Peter's main athletic interest is hockey where he has been a first team and provincial schools' coach as well as a national schools' selector and administrator. Peter is married to Tracy and they have two sons, Craig (I I) and James (10). On arrival at the beginning of this year, Peter was put in charge of routine and discipline at the College and he very soon made his mark. He has considerable computer skills which have ratcheted up the levels of routine efficiency and his firm but fair approach to disciplinary matters have proved to be decisive. Peter is a capable,dedicated and amiable man who is very well suited to his role as the headmaster's right-hand-man. kSv,.^iV.J ■«? 1■" -.SJS.SK!-. K Si., ^ m Brendon and Cerr Fulton 1 And or an This year we welcomed several new members of staff to the Kearsney family, Andrew Morgan, an old boy of Greytown High School, joined the English Department, He studied at the University of Natal in Pietermaritzburg and taught at St Charles before coming to Kearsney.Andrew coaches squash and enjoys flyfishing and mountain biking in his spare time. He became engaged to DebbieWyllie (the sister of a Kearsney Old Boy) during the year and will be tying the knot in December. Alison Pedley joined the Art Department on a part-time basis and Raeesa Aniff was appointed to head the Drama Department on a temporary basis for the second half of the year. Stephen Schmidt returned to South Africa after a stint in Abu Dhabi to join the Biology Department which he will head from the beginning of 2005. Matthew Sabine was appointed as a music tutor and a duty master in Pembroke House. Brendan Fulton was appointed as the Keith Comins IT Facilitator from the beginning of the third term. His responsibilities include developing the IT skills of the staff as well as assisting in the integration of IT into various areas of the College. ChantalWilliams and Ian Bester did sterling work as assistants in the Marketing Department before moving on to pastures new.Jonathan Shaw joined the staff as computer technician. He was later replaced by Rowan Nortje. Graham Shone, Ronni Wallace, Mick Bissell and Sue Cartwright took well-earned stints of long leave during the course of the year. Neva Atkinson, Karin Graham-Jolly, Robin Lamplough and Joyce Broadbent stood in for them in their absence.Norma Cawood held the fort for Andrea Fripp whilst she took accouchement leave. Sadly we bade farewell to the Henderson family who emigrated toAustralia in July. Athol started the Drama Department at the College and was responsible for building it up to its present status. The mastermind behind many of our dramatic productions,Athol was the quiet, efficient, levelheaded influence behind the scenes. We shall miss Athol, his wife Lorna and daughters Amy and Zoe. We wish them well in Queensland. I ti D f bnan 11

SHEILA GRIFFITHS Sheila's connection to Kearsney Is unique. In 24 years she has been here In a variety of capacities-often simultaneously- but nonetheless valuable for that. She was/is a wife of a staff member,mother of a Kearsney boy,a part-time member of staff teaching and working in the library, a full time French teacher,and has served under three headmasters- Sheila has undoubtedly earned her stripes. As a colleague I enjoyed her fine intelligence,her innovative and creative setting of test papers, her trust, the enjoyment of literature. As a friend I loved her like-mindedness, her well developed sense of humour,her ability to tell a story well. I enjoyed much generosity,laughter and honest debate. We shall miss her stylishness, her honesty, her fearlessness in exposing wrong,the Griffiths rock'n rolling till all hours at parties and the ability to laugh infectiously. Au revoir mon amie V Wallace llll K i . ■ : 1/ i 1 ^■1 n MIKE GRIFFITHS Mike arrived at Kearsney from Zimbabwe in 1980 and retired at the end of 2004. He taught biology and always insisted that the subject was so much more than the examination.He believed biology to be the mother of all subjects, and taught it accordingly. Elsewhere in the Chronicle Mike writes: "Yes, biology is a difficult subject but little of any worth comes easy." This is an honest and forthright opinion that is so typical of the man. Mike made a major contribution to sport at Kearsney. A very competent sportsman himself, he was a thinking rugby coach and an astute squash coach. But it is as a cricket coach that Mike will long be remembered. He is the only teacher in South Africa to hold the Level 4 Cricket Coaching Certificate. He is a passionate student of the game and coached the 1st XI for more than a decade. Such was his standing in South African school cricket circles that for several years he was a selector and the coach of the SA Schools' XI. Mike's friend Kevin Smith remarks;"Mike is one of those traditional school masters whose values are absolute and uncomplicated and which must be adhered to under all circumstances.Mike's straight but wise council has made many a man out of an unsure teenager." We wish this companionable "Renaissance Man" happy days as he marches off into the sunset with his golf bag over his shoulder. Ill GAVIN BESTER Gavin is a Kearsney old boy and one of the proudest Old Pembrokians in the world.He matriculated in 1967 and went on to a very successful career as an insurance broker and financial adviser in Johannesburg.Whilst there Gavin and his lovely wife Lesley were very involved in the Johannesburg Old Boys' branch and often hosted Kearsney functions at their home. The lure of the old school kept pulling at Gavin and he wanted to be near his 3 fine sons who would,without question, be Kearnsey boys. As a result Gavin joined the staff as Liaison Officer and set up the foundation office to raise funds for capital projects and bursaries. He established a busy office, developed data bases, contacted and informed many potential "friends-of-Kearsney" and made several trips to the UK and United States to maintain personal contact with our overseas benefectors.Without doubt the fruits of Gavin's innovative hard work will benefit Kearsney for many years in the future. Gavin also did sterling work as chairman of the Old Boys' Club in recent years. Having already earned the coveted "green number" for the Comrades Marathon, Gavin completed some more runs whilst here at Kearsney. Gavin is first and foremost the epitome of a thorough gentleman who first and always considers the needs and comforts of others before himself.He is a shining product of this great College. m 12

Lee Herman I V » ohn Smith Toni Quaradeghini left the Finance Department to set up her own business.Cavin Wright assisted in that department on a temporary basis until January 2005.We thank them both for their valuable contribution in the "Bird Cage". Tony was also the enthusiastic organiser of the Kearsney Scuba club. Atthe end of the year we said farewell to several other members of staff: Alison Pedley exchanged the relative peace and quiet of theArt Departmentfor the nursery ofher newly born son Reece. Muz Sirenya spent a year and a half as an assistant in the Music Department.We wish him all the best as he makes his way to Tshwane to study Performance Arts at the Pretoria Technikon. Jody Dunn spent three years in total at Kearsney as a student intern.Jody was an assistant housemaster in Gillingham House,taught English,coached athletics and devoted much time and effort to debating.We wish Jody well as he leaves for an extended visit to the United Kingdom. Lee Herman,who served the Afrikaans Department with distinction and ran the International Exchange programme so efficiently, left to marry her fiance Eugene Swanepoel and follow him to their new home in Gloucestershire,England. Brian Riley joined the staff to head the Design and Technology Department in March 1996.Well known for his stories of alien visitations and a self-inflicted gunshot injury to his patella, Brian takes with him our best wishes as he retires from Kearsney. Mike and Sheila Griffiths retired from Kearsney after many years of loyal service to the school.Tributes are paid to them elsewhere in this publication. Dave Goldhawk stood down as Housemaster of Gillingham at the end of 2004 after almost nine years; He will continue in his role as Senior Housemaster and assist with house duties in Haley House.Fergus Gray has been appointed Housemaster of Gillingham from the beginning of 2005. During the course ofthe year the stork paid several visits to Kearsney delivering Clayton Fripp,Mvelwenhle Ndaba,Reece Pedley, Noah Rogers,JennaThompson and Bongumenzi Zungu. As a result of the outsourcing of our Maintenance Department this year our friendly Estates Manager, John Smith,took the option to retire from his position at Kearsney and is now happily and gainfully employed in his own cabinet-making business. His ever-obliging manner and quick wit will be missed. D Goldhawk BARROWS South Africa United Kingdom Turkey 13

The Board of Governors Passing the Baton • • • • • • • • • • >ir. mm mW M •V - ■ m m ■V II Tony York Dave Pearse Mr Tony York and our headmaster, Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg, took office simultaneously in January 2001.They have become firm friends and have forged a very strong and successful partnership with Tony (a very successful businessman) proving to be invaluable in his capacity as strategic planner. Tony meant it when he said that "operational matters" were the responsibility of the professional staff and did not involve himself at all in the day-to-day running of the school. Major capital projects during Tony's tenureship were the resurfacing of all the roads in the College grounds; the coffee shop; the swimming pool shelter; the tennis paviliion and the revamping of the school's front gates.Tony was also the driving force behind our inaugural Music and Arts Festival. Di,Tony's lovely wife, has also rendered years of wonderful service as a member of the Parent's Committee and in many other ways. Her cheerful presence will be missed. TheYork's are a true-blue Kearsney family.All three of their sons Michael, David and Graham were very successful Kearsney boys. Mr David Pearse was the eldest of the three sporting Pearse brothers of the late 70's and early 80's and has remained involved in his old school both on the committee of the Old Boys' Club as well as a Board member. He is presently the CEO of the Bay Union Insurance Brokers. Dave was an outstanding sportsman and represented Natal both as a cricketer and as a rugby player. He was also very involved in the organisation of the annual Kearsney vs "Old Crocks" rugby match. Nowadays Dave's main athletic interest is ultra-long distance running. He has completed 1 1 Comrades as well as several city marathons around the world. Dave has earned a reputation as a particularly entertaining after-dinner speaker and has enlivened many functions with his quick wit and insights. Dave takes up the pivotal position of Chairman with the record of "Kearsney: Boy and Man" and the school looks forward to good years under his dynamic leadership. - f IB .3 I s - TonyYork (retiring Chairman), David Polkinghorne (new Deputy Chairman) Kelvin Johnson (retiring Deputy Chairman) and Dave Pearse (new Chairman) 14

speech Day 2004 Pages 1-2 Chairman's Report A special welcome to our distinguished guests, our Guest of Honour and Speaker MrsAnneVan Zyl. I have metAnne before as she was co-opted from Johannesburg onto the selection panel in order to find a new Headmaster for Kearsney some five years ago. She had ail the attributes needed to help us in this process. I do believe that with Anne now having been invited back as our guest speaker she and Elwyn must have had a deal going back then that if she supported his appointment he would one day invite her back as the guestspeaker. Anne,we are sorry about your unfortunate experience but I do believe that out of this adversity you can help others grow into being stronger individuals. We thank you for being here today and look forward to listening and learning from you. A special mention needs to be made of Mrs Reece,a past teacher of Kearsney who is 94 years old and attending her 70th speech day having only missed one in 2002. Mr Comins who has over the years been a generous donor to Kearsney is 88 years old and is here with his wife Pat who is 85 years old. He remains a Trustee of Kearsney. IJ 4 i m m I Thea Reece attending her I yOth Kearsney Speech Da We welcome all other guests including Counsellor Nomusa Dube, the Ethekwini speaker representing the Mayor,school heads and representatives of independent and state schools,visiting chairmen ofschool boards,fellow Trustees and Board members and spouses, our Headmaster Mr Elwyn van den Aardweg and his wifeTracey, staff,parents,old boys, gentleman ofgrade 12 and boys of Kearsney College. It is an honour and pleasure to have you all here today on our 83rd Speech Day. Elwyn as Headmaster and I as Chairman of the Board have now together with set objectives and we have achieved many of these and have worked very well as a team. Much has been achieved in this fine school ofsignificant heritage over83 years as well as in our term of4 years.There have been improvements made:the gardens and grounds look good,facilities improved, the tennis pavilion, pool shelter, entrance gates,the roads, the coffee shop,the sports science centre and the IT upgrade are some of Kearsney's developments.The high standard of academics,the sport,the music,the art,the spiritual interest, the marketing of Kearsney's passion etc.are impressive. Clearly the leadership,the management,the staff and the boys all need to be congratulated. I would like to outline some ofthe Board changes and retirees during the year: Mr Rob Becker,who has been on the board for 12 years has been a major asset and support and has given endless time and dedication to Kearsney. He has been and for the meantime continues to chair the estates sub-committee and remains on as aTrustee.He is a fun loving man who sent me this harmless email the other day,it reads;Mother Superior called all the nuns together and said to them..."I must tell you all something. We have a case of Gonorrhea in the convent." "Thank God," says an elderly nun atthe back,"l'm so tired of chardonnay." Mrs Gugu Mgji and Professor Poulos Zulu stood down from the Board due to time constraints. We thank them for their contribution and commitment to Kearsney. Mr Craig Massey, a parent and head of Sanlam Private Investments in KZN,has been appointed to the Board and will take over as Chairman of the finance sub-committee; Mr Rob Lloyd an Old Boy,parent and AngloAmerican Executive joined the board recently. Wethank them for their involvement Additional new appointments to the board will be made over the next year including the appointment ofsome Black parents. The Board encouraged the management of the school to consider outsourcing those elements which are not core to its educational focus and in which it does not have expertise such as the grounds and maintenance.The kitchens and gardens are already outsourced.This tough decision required the retrenchment of staff but we are pleased to say that most of them have been employed. Elwyn,Bea Croudace and Willie Coetzee need to be congratulated on the exemplary way in which this tough process was sensitively handled. I stand down as Chairman of the Board at the end of this year,but will remain on the Board for my 12^ and final year in 2005. I shall continue to remain on as a Trustee. Peter Morgan,past Chairman of the finance sub-committee stands down from the Board at the end of this year and we thank him for his enormous time,effort and above all for his sound financial guidance which will hold the college in good stead into the future. He will also remain on as a Trustee and Chairman of the Capital Development Fund Committee. To Calvin Johnson, who retires and stands down as Deputy Chairman, I wish to thank for his assistance and guidance to Elwyn,the Board and me.He also served on the Strategic Projects committee and chaired the Foundation,where he always wise council and challenged the status quo.We thank him sincerely and Peter for their contribution. 15

of Bay Union Insurance Group,past Natal rugby and cricket player takes over as Chairman and David Polkinghorne,past Head Boy, Natal and Oxford University graduate,MD of Harriot Merchant Bank and past Rhodes scholar takes over as Deputy Chairman. Please join me in congratulating them both and I can promise you that we have put you in good hands. I wish to thank and congratulate all the Board members and the Trustees including the Chairman ofTrustees,MrTed Garner,for their hard work, dedication and love of Kearsney. Congratulations to the management,the staff and the boys for exceptional academic results,great rugby results, Olympic gold medal for the choir and generally high standards throughout the school. None of this just happens but links back to successful leadership. Atthis stage 1 wantto take the opportunity ofthanking and congratulating Elwyn and his team. Elwyn the Headmaster has lived up to and beyond the expectations ofthe selection panel who interviewed so many candidates and finally selected him. I have developed a sound working relationship and friendship with Elwyn which have made my last4 years rewarding and enjoyable. He will take Kearsney to even greater heights and I ask his management,staff and boys to give him all the support and encouragement in his leadership role. Well done to you Elwyn, to your management and to your staff for the impressive achievements at Kearsney I want to take this opportunity to thank my wife Di for being such a great support to me in so many ways generally and in my role as Chairman of Kearsney. Di has gone beyond her calling and done much more than was expected of her; also to my four children as clearly 1 have had to sacrifice personal time during this role. My third son Graham completes Grade 12 at the end ofthis year and the three boys will continue to be proud Kearsney Old Boys. I now want to end off on a lighter note and found some real answers given by young school children,definitely not Kearsney boys: . Q- Explain one of the processes by which water can be made safe to drink? A-Flirtation makes water safe to drink because it removes large pollutants. Q-What happens to your body as you age? A - When you get old so do your bowels and you get intercontinental. Q-What is the Fibula? A-A small lie. Q-What does"varicose" mean? A- Nearly. Q - What happens to a boy when he reaches puberty? A-He says good-bye to his boyhood and looks forward to his adultery.' Many thanks to you all-I now call on the Headmaster to present his address. Tony York Headmaster's Address Mrs van Zyl,MrYork,ladies and gentlemen and boys ofthe College. It is a singular honour to share the stage with MrsAnne van Zyl. I was a fairly insignificant staff member at Pretoria Boys High School when she was the Headmistress of the awe-inspiring Pretoria High School for Girls just across the railway line- I wont get into an argument on which side of the railway line the two schools are situated! Much of our contact with the girls school at the time involved taking adventurous groups of boys across the railway line to apologise to the ladies there for errant behaviour, misbehaving at socials and dances,and calling certain girls certain names and the like. I am thankful for those character-building experiences as I have putthem to good use on the occasional visit with Kearsney boys to St Marys.Anne thanks for making the trip upfrom the Fairest Cape.I am delighted you accepted our invitation and we look forward to your address. Today is essentially about the Matric class of 2004,however the extended Kearsney family rarely meet as one,so I will take this opportunity to thank those who made this year the happy one that it was.Ted Garner and his Trustees, TonyYork and the Board, Dave Gorvin and the Parents Society and a host of other helpful parents,my Senior Deputy Peter Kirsten and his management,the various other management groups and the entire staff of the College-thank you for all you have put into this year. For all of you it has been many hours of hard work,love and loyalty to the College and this is appreciated.Then there are the different groups of boys and I focus particularly on the matrics involved in these groups.The captains of sport,the Students Council,members of Task groups,prefects and Heads of Houses have all played their part in making this College the great school that it is. I have particularly enjoyed working with my head and deputy head prefects this year.Tom Stockil the deputy head is a third generation Kearsney boy.One never had to debate honesty,respect and pride in uniform with Tom.For him all this is the way it should be.And yet he is such an easy-going young man.Kelvin Muller our headboy, like Tom is open,chatty, respectful and sincere.He is a rare gem. We respected each other's opinions and trusted each other.I have no doubt that credit for much of this year's success must go to both of them for the manner in which they led the prefect body and the boys of this school.Well done boys we are proud of you. Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to a group of key Board members,some of whom retired during the course of the year and others who will at the end of this yearWe thank them all for the time devoted to College affairs and for their camaraderie and good humour.Our Chairman who retires at the end of the year should be thanked as an individual except he comes as a package deal with his wife Di.Di York will be sorely missed at Kearsney. Her willingness to assist with the preparation and organization of school functions and her exceptional taste when it comesto decor are legendary.Di also did a huge amount of work when it came to furnishings, refurbishment and decorations in virtually every corner ofthe College.The flower arrangement in the front ofthis hall is one of her last contributions. TonyYork was chairman of the committee that appointed me as Headmaster ofthe College. I don't know if this is an achievement of which he can boast but we have both had to live with that decision and make the most of it! His energy and passion for Kearsney and his insistence not to settle for second best have been an example to me,and all those with whom he has worked. Despite the high standards he sets himself he is however human. I will explain why I say this. It has to do with an alleged incident during our fixture against Maritzburg College.He was particularly perturbed when,once the final whistle had blown in our victorious I St XV match against Maritzburg College,some fellow supporter in the stands passed him a bottle of wine for a celebratory sip. The field cameras for SupersportTV panned the ecstatic stands, focusing on the Chairman of the Board,bottle in hand.Tony,it's a good enough explanation that the bottle was passed to you-stick to it, we'll give you the benefit ofthe doubt.Tony and I have worked well together and I have enjoyed his support through thick and thin.Although saddened that he will no longer be Chairman we are delighted that he will be staying on the Board for one more year to give it the continuity it requires. We have three members ofthe academic staff who will be leaving us at the end of the year.Sheila Griffiths took early retirement some years ago but remained as a part time member of staff teaching French and on occasion offering a cooking course for the Post Matrics. Mike Griffiths started teaching at Kearsney in 1981 and is a meticulous and knowledgeable Head of Biology. Mike is a prime example to us offinishing strongly.He insists on remaining firmly committed to the coaching of rugby and cricket right to the end and may still be seen on the sportsfields with his boys late into the afternoons. Mike Griffiths we thank you for your years of service to Kearsney and we wish you and Sheila a long and happy retirement.Miss Lee Herman,teacher ofAfrikaans for two years is following her heart to England where her fiancee Eugene has found employment.She has maintained the highest standards in her teaching and brought a welcome feminine touch to a male 16

dominated department. I should also pay tribute to Mr Dave Goldhawk who retires from Housemastering after9 very successful years In Gllllngham.We have found a staff house to which Dave is moving for some well-earned peace and quiet while continuing to teach at the College. The Chairman referred to the retrenchment of 19 Grounds and Maintenance staff duringJune and the outsourcing ofthesefunctions. From my position it was not an easy task to retrench staff who were as loyal as they were,some with over 20 years of service. Thankfully,once the new management company had taken over, virtually all these members were offered employment in the new company.In their absence however,I would like to thank them all for the many years of devotion to Kearsney. It is good to still see them working at the College,albeit for another company.Mr John Smith the Estates Manager saw these developments as a catalyst to leave the management of people and has started his own business venture as a cabinet maker.He pops in from time to time,hasn't looked more relaxed in years and tells me the Woodsmith is in demand. In keeping with our strategic aim of maintaining a balanced approach to all we offer here at Kearsney,we embarked on raising excellence in three fields of endeavour this year-academic,sport and the Arts. Our Information Technology facilities were significantly enhanced to add value to the quality ofteaching in the classroom. Through the generosity of one of our most loyal supporters and Trustee Mr Keith Comins we were able to make our mostambitious ICT dreams come true. 86 brand new computers were purchased,a third computer centre was established, and digital projectors and Smart Boards for classroom use were installed.We were also able to employ a full time computer facilitator whose primary task is to upgrade the ICT skills of the staffand to assistthem to integrate Information technology into their teaching.Keith and his wife Pat are with us today - we can't thank them enough. On the sporting side,the establishment of a High Performance Sports Programme became a reality with a generous donation from the Ken MacKenzie Trust.We were able to create a gym facility with brand new equipment and employ a qualified instructor to assist the boys and some keen members of staff.This sports programme which taps into the expertise of a dietician,sports psychologist,strength trainer, bio-kineticist and physiotherapist is only one aspect of a general well-being programme run at the College that is attempting to inculcate a healthy lifestyle in the boys.To cater for this,the time allocated for life-skills during the school day has been doubled this year. On the Cultural front,the First Annual Kearsney Music Festival was launched in mid June and was a resounding success.This twoday event involved performances by our own boys as well as professional productions from the Durban area.We have also teamed up with Michaelhouse, Maritzburg College and Durban High School to bring professional dramatic productions from Gauteng to KwaZulu Natal once a term.These shows are open to the public,the first of which took place last weekend and was most enjoyable.Ofcourse the highlight ofthe year was our choir's performance in Europe in July.Atthe World Youth Choral Festival in Vienna they were adjudged the choir ofthe Festival,competing against 16 other choirs from around the globe. Moving on to Bremen in Germany,they won a bronze,a silver and a gold medal and were crowned Olympic Champions in the Scenic Folk section s. ■- M WW of the Choir Olympics, competing against 18 other choirs, many of which were adult and professional choirs. In recognition of these achievements they will be singing a little more than they usually do at this morning's function.Angela Stevens, the matric boys in leadership positions and the boys of the choir, to be crowned world champions is no mean feat, we are proud of you. Herbert Spencer wrote that, "Education has for its object the formation of character". Last year a survey was carried out at Kearsney ostensibly to examine the state of relationships within the school.We looked at peer relationships, senior - junior, pupil - prefect, pupil - teacher and pupil - headmaster relationships.The results were quite fascinating. One of the questions asked of the boys was,"What do you feel is the most important characteristic of Kearsney?" Over 90% said that it is the pride and passion the boys have in the College.This was, they were saying, the cornerstone of the character of Kearsney.We have taken their cue and worked our entire marketing strategy around what they were telling us. I hope you noticed the banners as you came into the school grounds. They reinforce not only what the boys told us but some of the fundamental values we believe in. Pride and Passion on the part of staff, parents, old boys, board and trustees and the boys themselves has, I believe resulted in a year of many successes.This matric group must be given credit for channeling and driving this pride and passion. You boys have set a wonderful example for others to follow. There is, however a deeper lesson for us to take from this. Being positive in life is a choice - being positive is something that is infectious and influences those closest to you. It then moves out to others like the ripples made from a pebble tossed into a pond. To illustrate my point,a ISt XV player was injured late one week and his replacement was to come from the second side.It was anyone's guess which of two players would get the call up to the First side. The next day I saw the boy who didn't get selected and offered him some encouraging words. "Don't worry sir," he replied," I have had a few games for Firsts already and one of this chap's goals since Second Form has been to pull on that First team jersey -1am so happy for him." This boy is going to go far in life. This year we celebrate 10 years of Democracy in South Africa.We have almost become blase about this but can you remember what you were feeling like in September 1994? Did you still have hundreds of tins of bully beef and cartons of long-life milk that you had stored up, just in case? Do you remember the rumours ? I can clearly remember attending a neighbourhood watch meeting in Sunnyside Pretoria where contingency plans were discussed in case the inauguration of President Mandela at the Union Buildings went wrong.I am still not sure what a few pot-bellied residents with pitch forks and spades could have done.Then there were strong feelings expressed about the retired Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church becoming the Leader of the PAC, and more fears. Then there was no longer a white Minister of Defence, then Finance, then the Chief of Police, then the Governor of the Reserve Bank.Then Magnus Malan and senior generals were subpoened to appear before the Truth Commission and more fears.Then an unknown person with an unpronounceable Dutch surname from Pretoria was appointed as Headmaster of Kearsney (and more rumours and fears). Henry Byron said,"The optimist claims that we live in the best of all possible worlds and the pessimist fears this is so." 17

You the class of 2004 have shov^^n us how far pride and passion can take one.I would encourage each and every one of you to have this attitude to your own country.Ten years on there is so much for which to be thankful,there is so much for which to look forward. Being at Kearsney and living in South Africa is indeed living in the best of all possible worlds. Thank you and God bless you all. £D van denAardweg Guest Speaker's Address Honoured guests,parents and boys of Kearsney College,as we focus on tomorrow's Heritage Day in our tenth year of democracy,as we celebrate the diversity and change that have taken place in our country,my question is,are we keeping up with changes taking place world wide?We should remember that AlvinToffler,the author of Future Shock said,"ln times of change the learners inherit the earth; the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists" Let me pause reflect on the technological changes that have taken place since these Grade 12s were born. Though we had computers, there were no laptops,the internet didn't exist and there were no cell phones. (Life in a school hostel was tough with only one or two phones amongst 100 students!)Technology has impacted on every aspect of our lives. At school all knowledge is available at the touch ofa button.It was reported on SAFM this week that there are now three billion documents available on the web growing at the rate of 10 million a day with 750 million users.80% of web sites are in English though only 40% of users are English speakers. The message here is"Watch out for China!" Other interesting figures: - Today the number of under 20 year olds exceeds the total number of humans ever to have inhabited the earth - By the year 2015 what takes nine months to compute will take IS minutes - 77%ofjobs that will exist in the year 2020 do not exist now - 50 years ago school leavers graduated knowing 75% of what they ever needed to know in the workplace or community. Today's leavers know perhaps 2% of what they need to know,98% is yet to come. But let us consider that in the 21st century we are in danger through the very technology that seeks to link us through the internet,of isolating ourselves from each other. The virtual office,video conferencing,the internet,cell phones,digital images may connect us to unlimited opportunities in terms ofinformation or entertainment but they cut us offfrom connecting with real people. MargaretWheatley,author of Leadership and the new science,states "At first glance the world wide web seems to be a source of new community. However through the web we can seek relationships with others who are exactly like us. We are responding to our instinct of community but weform highly specialized groups in the image of ourselves,groups that reinforce our separateness from the rest ofsociety. We are not asked to contribute our uniqueness,only our sameness. We are not asked to celebrate that fact that we need one another's gifts. We can turn off our computers the moment we are confronted with the discomfort of diversity." If we are expected to educate children today for a world that doesn't yet exist whatshould schools be teaching? Only values and principles are constant and unchanging and these should underpin our actions as parents and teachers. However I would like to suggest that at school we should also focus on teaching people social skills for if the current literature is to be believed,these are what are needed in the workplace and the community.Otherwise known as Emotional Intelligence,these skills can be acquired or improved upon with practice. In his book on Emotional Intelligence,Daniel Goleman argues that in extensive studies of positions in companies and organizations worldwide"67%ortwo out ofthree ofthe abilities deemed essential for effective performance were emotional competencies. Compared to IQ and expertise,emotional competence mattered twice as much". The good news is that emotional competencies can be learned and obviously the higher the job level the high the level needed.Successful leaders had the following: self control (stayed composed under stress,remained calm,confident and dependable in crises);secondly were conscientious,thirdly proved trustworthy,fourthly had social skills such as empathy,sensitivity,tact and consideration in dealing with others and finally were able to build bonds and leverage diversity by building strong networks of cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships. It is obvious that we do not all have these personal qualities but I would argue that at schools we should be assessing potential and developing the necessary emotional competencies in students.An earlier study by the JETT organization determined that the five critical skills needed for the 21^ century were those of analysis, communication, production,team work and time management.My argument is that it does not help to have more information,faster if we don't know how to use it and to relate to each other. My second premise is that even if you boys have or acquire the necessary emotional skills to succeed in the workplace,there is a responsibility to give to the wider community at large,to become part ofthat challenging task of nation building in which we as South Africans are all engaged.I know that at Kearsney College you have a number of creative community service projects and that is a fine place to start. South Africa as a country gives us many opportunities to celebrate diversity and to find a sense of community,the idea of UBUNTU. We can only become complete when we are accepted by others and when we are asked to participate in something larger than ourselves. We,you are part of a great enterprise that of nation building. It is a slow process. The road is a difficult one. The challenges are daunting. In South Africa, as elsewhere,the gap between the haves and have nots grows ever wider, we have increasing unemployment,violence,crime and the AIDS pandemic. However each of us can make a difference,that is what is exciting about living here. As a teacher and parent I cannot predict what will happen to you,I cannot prevent bad things happening but I can teach you to be proactive and not reactive. This is where my personal story comes in. I have chosen to be proactive and share my experiences with you as part of my healing process,in an attempt to perhaps assist others.A year ago a young man smashed a window and entered my house in Franschhoek. He came at me with a knife,stabbed me,throttled me and raped me. I was determined to stay alive - while negotiating with my attacker about money he wanted,I saw the key in the door and escaped into the night snapping myAchilles heel in the process.Yes I was terrified at the time but I believe that it was my people skills that helped me to survive the attack itself and to heal in the weeks 18