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Trustees&Beard TRUSTEES ELECTED MEMBERS Chairman Mr E S C Garner Mr J Bester Mr CWoolacott Mr R R Becker Mr N Gerber MrAW HYork EX OFFICIO MEMBERS: The Presiding Bishop ofthe Methodist Church Rev Ivan M Abrahams Honorary LifeTrustees Mr K C Comins Dr GW Shuker MrA BTheunissen Rev CWllkins Kearsney Old Boys'Club MrJ Bester Mr B Shuker Parents'Society Representative Mr C Johnson Kearsney College Headmaster Mr E D van den Aardweg Kearsney College Bursar Mrs B Croudace Honorary Life Governor Prof V J Bredenkamp BOARD OF GOVERNORS EX OFFICIO MEMBERS The Presiding Bishop Rev Ivan M Abrahams Representative OfKwaZulu-Natal Coastal District Mr CWoolacott Bishop KwaZulu-Natal Coastal District Bishop Purity Mallnga NOMINATED MEMBERS Chairman Mr D K Pearse Vice Chairman Mr D Polklnghorne MrW P Coetzee Dr M Khumalo Mr R H Lloyd Mr CA Massey Ms NT Slwendu Mrs KTocknell Mrs G Williams Mr DWoodhouse MrAW HYork EX OFFICIO MEMBERS Chairman oftheTrustees Mr E S C Garner Proud Heritage:stained glass window from the original Kearsney near Stanger which now graces the front ofthe Media Centre y

From the Headmaster'sDesk . 3 ■ 'I mmmm m Headmaster Elwyn van den Aardweg It has been a singular honour to look back over 2005 to witness the tremendously positive development in people. We are blessed with superb boys, a parent community amongst whom you will find the most loyal and supportive people, a staff with a sense ofhumour and a desire to strive for excellence,an Old Boy community which is light hearted and very supportive in the best way possible and Board and Trustees who give selflessly oftheir time in service to the College. With a highly successful 2004 behind us it was always going to be a challenge to maintain the momentum.Eric Ngoie and Casey Morgan were leading a much smaller matric group than their predecessors yet the demands on them were no less. How gratifying then it was to witness the boys rising to the challenge and in fact in many respects raising the standards in a number ofavenues, not the least being improved relationships with their peers and the staff. Achievements ofthis group are well documented elsewhere in this publication but one in particular stands out as being indicative ofthe character ofthe matric group.The manner in which they left showed the rest ofthe school that they had made their mark in all aspects ofCollege life and they intended to leave with dignity and in gratitude towards those staff who had walked the five year road with them.They initiated and provided a lunch in the Greyhound where they hosted the staff with the sole purpose ofshowing gratitude for all that the staff had done. Supportfrom the parent community has continued in true Kearsney style. The Parents'Society worked well to provide many "nice-to-haves"for the boys and staff. Attractive new soft furnishings were provided for the Sanatorium,the project to install ceiling fans in all classrooms was completed,industrial toasters that provide fresh toast in sufficient quantities were installed in the dining room,a high quality portable sound system and a cluster of metal tables robust enough to withstand the exuberance that goes with the normal fun of250 Club dances, amongst many other items were provided by the Parents'Society. Then there were many other parents who freely offered their time, knowledge, expertise and equipment in support of the College. The bonds that bind one to the College are not severed once the parents leave. Keith Comins,an ex-parent who provided R1 million for our SMARTBoard project last year followed this up with another substantial donation to complete various works around the school. The staff - academic, administrative and support - have pulled together. Their level ofcommitment and willingness to go the extra mile is always encouraging to witness. In particular the manner in which the academic staff have taken to the roll out of the Information and Communication Technology has been crucial to the success ofthis endeavour. It is not easy to step out ofone's comfort zone to commit oneself to a new technology especially when many of the pupils are much more conversant with the technologies than we are! Yet we have made huge strides and the results in terms of understanding and enjoyment ofthe subjects by the boys have been significant. My thanks go to the Trustees, the Board and Chairman Dave Pearse for their faith in us and the support they are to the staffof the College. There is a sense ofcamaraderie and belonging that we are all here for the good ofKearsney-and that is what makes the difference. ED van den Aardweg Sponsored by The Greeff Family


heading with DIGNITY The passion and dedication of one can inspire the hearts of a multitude. KEARSNEY COLLEGE

staff ifiii inyy m M ACADEMIC STAFF Back Row:P King, A Murray,M Albers,O Phlpps, A Morgan,G Shone, A Rogers,R Candotti,BThompson Third Row:P Ratcliffe, A Willows,STerblanche,D Goldhawk,M Botha,D Graves,G Louis, W Stewart,S Schmidt Second Row: A Fripp,M Zungu,P Isaac,B Fulton,W Marsden,J le Roux,R deVilliers,N Clucas, WAmos,K Smith,K Momberg First Row:RWallace,J Ratcliffe,B Ndaba,S Gartwright,CTullidge,W O'ConnopA Stevens, S Ngcele,S Zukulu,U Singh Seated: A van Zyl,F Gray,Rev R Ramsay,P Kirsten,E van den Aardweg,K Decker,M Bissell, J Oosthuizen,B Steyn,S van Wyk ACADEMIC STAFF Headmaster Mr E D van den Aardweg BA(Hons)HDE Bed Senior Deputy Headmaster/ Maths MrP]Kirsten BSc HDE FDE Deputy Headmaster/ Maths /i/c Academics Mr K Decker BEd T Cert Deputy Headmaster /Director Post Matric /History Mr M F Bissell i/c Accounting Mr M Albers Geography Mr W Amos Maths Mr CM Botha English Mr R Candotti i/c Science MsS Cartwright i/c French N Clucas BA UED BEd BCom HDE BA(Hons)HDE HDE Sec.Ed ACE BA(Hons)HED BSc(Hons)HDE BA HDE Grade Head Gr9/ Life Skills Gr9/ Maths MrFPDCocks BA UED BEd Head of Middle School/Biology Mr R de Villiers BSc(Hons)HDE Geography/ Grade Head Gr8 Mr J Drew BA HDE IT Facilitator/ Staff development Mr B Fulton MCSD MCSE Accounting /ICDL Examiner Mrs A Fripp BCom HDE FDE Snr Housemaster /English Mr D Goldhawk BA Sp Hons Grad CE Grade Head Gr 10/Afrikaans Mr D Graves BA HDE BEd Science /Housemaster Gillingham Mr F C Gray BSc i/c Resource Centre Mrs P Isaac BSoc Sc HDE BEd i/c Geography Mr P G King BA UED Commerce Business Economics /Accounting Mr W D Marsden HDE English Mr A Morgan BA(Hons)PGCE Grade Head Gr 11 / Afrikaans Mr A Murray BA HDE BEd Art Mrs K Mollentze BA HDE i/c Zulu Mr B Ndaba B Paed(ARTS) School Counsellor / i/c Life Skills Mrs W OConnor BA(Hons)HDE MEd English MrsS O'Neill BA UED i/c Afrikaans / Housemaster Finningley Mr]Oosthuizen BA HDE MBA i/c Computer Studies Mr O D Phipps BScSTD FDE(Coms)MEd CNA Maths Mrs J Ratcliffe BA T Dip i/c Maths /Community Service Mr P A T Ratcliffe Chaplain Rev R M Ramsay i/c History /i/c Culture Mr A Rogers i/c Biology Mr S R Schmidt English Mr G E M Shone i/c Speech &Drama Mrs U Singh Master in charge ofSport Mr K Smith Director of Music Mrs A M Stevens BEd T Dip B Th(Unisa)PECE BA HDE Dip Mkt Man(ICM) BSc HDE BA UED BA(Hons) BAHDE LTC.L Page Sponsored by The Baillie Family

staff ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF First Row:T Kistensamy,M Alborough,P Cronje,R GovenderJ Lee,R Armstrong,A Fuller,V Mare,L Penfold.T Moonsamy,K Southwell, D Bissell.V BIsson Dayal,S Cain Seated:] Cele.J du Casse,H DIamIni,P Needham,B Croudace,T Mzobe,H Pearse,KThompson Design&Technology, Maths Mr W Stewart B Ed (FET) Accounting /Housemaster Pembroke Mr B Steyn BCom HDE Afrikaans Mrs S F Terhlanche BA(Hons)MA Science Mr B Thompson HDE SecEd i/c Art MrsCV Tullidge NTDA(Design)NHD(EA Painting) i/c Laptop Class / Science /Housemaster Haley Mr S L van Wyk HDE SecEd Afrikaans /Housemaster Sheffield Mr A F van Zyl BA HDE i/c English Mrs V A Wallace BA HDE i/c Student Affairs / Grade Head Or 12 / Maths Mr A H Willows BSc HDE Geography /Internship Programme Mr0Zukulu BA Ed Zulu Mr F Zungu BSS(Hons) ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Bursar Mrs L M Croudace Foundation Director Mrs J C Mills-Hackmann Director of Marketing MrsH Pearse Director ofSport Mr K Thompson Assistant Bursar Mrs K Southwell Debtors Controller Mrs R Armstrong Resource Manager Mrs R Govender Finance Assistant Mrs V Dixon BCom M Com N Dip Arch Tech Dip BED Dip Bookkeeping Dip HR Management Sanatorium Sister]Lee Sanatorium Sister D Bissell Headmaster's Secretary Mrs P Needham School Secretary Ms S Cain Kit and Clothing Shop Manager Mrs]du Casse Marketing Secretary Mrs L Penfold Marketing Assistant Miss T Mzobe Music Department Secretary Mrs R Waldburger Receptionist Mrs M W Alborough Matron /Housekeeper Mrs A M Fuller Kit and Clothing Shop Assistant Mrs V Bisson Dayal Laboratory Assistant Mrs T Kistensamy ICDL Laboratory Assistant Miss T Moonsamy ICDL Secretary-Old Boys Club MrsP Cronje HDE Photocopy Clerk Mr J Cele Admin Assistant Miss H Dlamini Driver Mr R Sibiya DOMESTIC STAFF Mrs P N Miya Mrs ST Mkhize Mr R B Ngcobo Mrs A Mnyandu Reg Nurse/Midwifery Reg Nurse Page Sponsored by Angelo van Dyk

AveAtque Vale AVE m m Nicky Clucas Ulaetha Singh Sybil Terblanche Thobeka Mzobe Stephen Schmidt I Wayne Stewart re welcomed several new teachers to the staffin 2005: Steven Schmidt started his teaching career at Muir College in Uitenhage and has also taught at Big Bend in Swaziland, the International School ofSouth Africa in Mafikeng and Ahu Dhabi in the UAE.He has assumed the position of Head of the Biology Department at Kearsney. Ulaetha Singh came to Kearsney from Crawford College, North Coast.She grew up in Durban and obtained a B.Paed Arts degree and Honours in Drama at the University ofDurban-Westville. She has served as a provincial examiner and moderator for KZN Senior Certificate Examinations. Nicky Clucas is a Natal girl who spent several of her younger years living atHilton College where herfather wasthe Bursar.She worked as an au pair in Paris and travelled in Europe before completing her studies at university in Pietermaritzhurg.She has also taught at Big Bend in Swaziland and Uplands College in Mpumalanga. Nicky is very involved in outdoor activities and is a keen mountain biker. She runs the French Department at Kearsney. Wayne Stewart was a Boarder Master at Kearsney for two years before joining the staffin 2005.He represented Edgewood in cricket and rugby and still plays action cricket on a regular basis. He is in charge ofthe Design&Technology Department at Kearsney and at the end of2005 became engaged to Kirsty Momberg (his Edgewood girlfriend) who is part ofthe internship programme at Kearsney. Sybil Terblanche is a Natalian who obtained a Masters Degree in Afrikaans from the University of the Orange Free State. She re turned to Natal with her husband and taught at Westville Girls' High.She is lookingforward to the birth oftheir first child in 2006. She is an enthusiastic member ofthe Afrikaans Department. Thobeka Mzobe joined the Marketing Department as Heather Pearse's assistant. This vivacious young lady studied graphic Design at DIT and is currently studying towards an IMM Diploma in Marketing. The new Foundation Director, Joy Mills-Hackmann, joined Kearsney from the corporate wotld on 1 June 2005. She will take over the good work initiated by Gavin Bester. There were also some other newcomers to the extended Kearsney family. Gail Densham took over from Miemie Honihall as KKS project manager and Ernest Barkhuizen was appointed as Broil Facilities Manager after Mike Miller transferred to Cape Town. VALE Gavin Louis Sinegugu Zukulu Marie Alborough James Cele In October the green hills ofthe Transkei beckoned Sinegugu Zukulu home.We thank him for his valuable contribution to the Geography Department,Gillingham House and the Student Internship programme, and for affording the opportunity to many Kearsney boys to participate in meaningful community service in the Bizana area ofthe Wild Coast. Aurene Wilford took his place in the Geography Department for the remainder of the year. Gavin Louis followed his heart and fiancee to the sunny Caribbean. Cheron McConnell took his place in the Biology Departmentfor the rest of the year. Paula Isaac, Wayne Marsden and Dave Goldhawk took long leave during the year and we welcomed two familiar faces -Sue O'Neill(two stints),and Di Woodroffe - as locums. We bade a fond farewell to James Cele and Marie Alborough. Both have given many years ofloyal and dedicated service to Kearsney and it is difficult to picture the administration block without them. ^ Page Sponsored by Robin and Juliet Lockhart - Ross

AueAtque Vale INTERNSHIP END OFTHEYEAR'SIXTIES'STAFF PARTY Kirsty Momberg Siyabulela Ngcele ThisProgramme started 10 years ago at Kearsney with the intention of giving an opportunity to previously disadvantaged people who want to become teachers hut lack the means to do so.The person's main goal for heing an intern must he to he an enthusiastic and committed teacher. There were two interns in 2005. Kirsty Momherg is a third year student at UNISA and will complete her studies next year. She is doing very well academically and the departments that she has been involved in are very impressed with her work ethic and enthusiasm. Kirsty is also involved extramurally with U14C Hockey,U15B Waterpolo and managing the U14E soccer side. Her interaction with the pupils has been excellent. The second intern is Siyabulela Ngcele from Bizana in the Eastern Cape,a first year student at UNISA.He observed lessons in Accounting,IsiZulu and Business Economics and was expected to be in the classroom for eight hours a week.Extramurally, he coached U14B basketball, U14D soccer and observed the U16C Hockey. Always on the move - Fred Cocks, Kearsney's longest serving present member of staff TV«yandi«?W«e«"«*" i Andy Morgan, Adam Rogers,Sharon Rogers and Jeanne Leroux January and June saw the stork visiting Botha's Hill to deliver Tiaan to the Steyn family and Benjamin to the OConnorfamily. Staff HistoryTour - Splon Kop Battlefield i| 1# I '^jjjjp UOllMAP , HrJl Page Sponsored by The Bretherton Family0

000 FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES 4 k\._r 1 UNIVERSITY OF KWAZULU-NATAL Creating African Business Leaders The Faculty of Monogement Studies of the Univereity of Kwo-Zulu Nofol is o vibront and innovative foculty of theforefront of knowledge dwtopmentfor Africo ond beyond. We offer o range of intern0tionally recognised undergroduote d^rees ond programs lading to suprior pstgroduote study. Our undergraduole degrees include the following: Bachelor of Commerce Bochelor of Commerce in Accounting Bachelor of Business Science Bochelor of Business Science in Actuarial Science Bachelor of Business Administration Bachelor of Administration ~ IheAdBtoisOffkef Faculty of Monogemwr Studies University(rf Xwrmdu-Notql Westviile Compus Telephone:(031)260 2218/7884 Fmoil:fevoshonkors@ukzn.ocio illllS liitiliiiii||ilIf iif'-" I l^fVlCrlllllllllMHti^ The Admissions Officer faculty of Monogeineflf Studies Univwsty of Kr^lu-Hpj),, i I Ftoermontzbufg Campus Teiephone:(033)260 5185 Email:0fwi(k)O@uk2n.ocio m / m

Ave Ataue Vale 4 m Marie Alborough James Cele Kearsney Was My Life I WasBom A Proud Zulu For the past 31 years, Kearsney has been magnificently served by a true lady at the "Front ofHouse". Without fail, Marie Alborough has met thousands ofmen,women and children with a warm smile and friendly helpfulness born ofa genuine concern for people. Marie is Durban born-and-raised and will retire with her husband Lynn to their lovely home which borders the Kearsney estate. She attended Durban Girls' High where she was a keen sports girl and played hockey and tennis.She went on to the Business School,worked for a while and then met and married Lynn; they have now been together for 47 years and have 3children and 9 grandchildren. All ofthem are still living in South Africa and this strong Christian lady says simply,"we are blessed." The Alboroughs have always been great travellers both abroad and all over South Africa in their snug motor-home. Marie arrived at Kearsney in 1975,Jimmy Hopkins's last year. She has served under four headmasters, working primarily in reception and on the switchboard. Marie also handled all the admissions('No marketing department for my first 20 years'), bookings for school productions and typing for the Old Boys. For the first 17 years her reception desk was upstairs and there was a trophy cabinet where visitors are received now. Marie and Lynn ran a badminton club for teachers and others for almost a decade. Marie's professoinalism and ability have been recognised and honoured - she won 2nd prize in "Frontliner ofthe Year" Competition a few years ago and she was also asked by Mr van den Aardweg to stay on for two more years after she had reached retirement age. Her enduring memory ofKearsney? The caring and dedicated staff. When Lynn had his first heart attack Marie says that she will always remember how wonderfully they were treated by Headmaster Colin Silcock and by Sister Alison Ashburner in the Sanatorium: "They really cared about us!" James was born in the Valley ofa Thousand Hills and has served Kearsney faithfully for 39 years. He arrived when Jimmy Hopkins was the Headmaster. His first job was"anything to do with the Henderson Hall" - cleaning,locking up, building and painting sets for plays, and endlessly supervising the putting out and clearing away of hall chairs. Mr Decker says that James was called "Mr Henderson Hall" - and that his standards have never been matched.To begin with,James reported to Mr Metcalfe, then to Mr Blarney, and finally to Mr Decker.James says that they were "all good men" and also that there were,"plenty ofgood fights with Mr Blamey!" He also says that this was a big job - so big that it is now outsourced to a professional company!James's thoroughness was recognised by Mr Silcock who expanded his duties to supervising the cleaning, locking up,repairs and painting of the entire academic block. In 1994 James made a complete change when Mr Roberts asked him to take over all the photocopying at the school.He became a master of his trade. James is married to Constance and they have four children and two grandchildren.They live comfortably in their home in the Valley.James loves dogs and presently has four ofthem.He also belongs to a hunting club and, with his trusty shotgun over his arm,he has hunted in places as far apart as Zululand,the Umkomaas Valley, and Howick.He is an avid Kaiser Chiefs supporter and really appreciated one of his the farewell gifts ofa Chiefs jersey and cap! James is Vice-Chairman of a housing project in the Development Trust of the Valley ofa Thousand Hills. He has been a part of the process that has so far provided 570 families with tiled-roofed homes of their own.He is proud to say that several ofthe beneficiaries are his own"Kearsney people." Without doubt,for many years James has been one ofthe respected "indunas"of Kearsney College. One ofJames' memories is that no boy ever answered back to Matt Thiselton twice! Page Sponsored by The Dand Family

Chairman'sReport:Speech Day The Headmaster, Academic,adminis trative and other members ofthe Kearsney staff, our guest ofHonour, Vicky Kente, Board members. Trustees, visiting heads ofother schools, visiting Board Chairman ofother schools, representatives from the Education Department and the Ethekwini Municipality, parents, old boys, gentlemen ofGrade 12, boys ofKearsney College, members ofthe Eric Ngoie fan club, the one member of the Peter Kirsten fan club,ladies and gentlemen. I do hope I have included everybody, good morning and welcome. It is indeed an honour and a pleasure to have you all with us here today on our 84th Speech Day. IfI may single out a few people by name I would particularly like to welcome our Guest ofHonour, Vicky Kente, who has made the trip down from Jo'burg to be with us today. I had the pleasure ofdining with her last night. She is a dynamic lady and I look forward to hearing her address later. Then a very special welcome once again to Mrs.Thea Reece a past teacher at Kearsney who at the age of95 is attending her 71st Speech Day here. She has indicated that she is determined to he here at our Centenary Speech Day in 2021 as she would have just turned 111! After the fantastic achievements of2004,it was always going to be difficult for this relatively small group of 2005 Grade 12s to emulate the successes ofthe previous year, but they have performed quite outstandingly in academics, culturally and on the sports fields. They have, in fact, raised the bar even higher making it very difficult for subsequent groups to follow. To Eric and Casey congratulations on your leadership and to all you guys, you have done us extremely proud. It is wrong to single out any individuals, but at the risk of embarrassing him I would like to use the example of a young man who embodies and illustrates the all round qualities and achievements ofthis small group ofGrade 12's. On a Thursday sometime in June this year Jethro Ridl was told that he had come second in the country in the Science Olympiad. Two days later he was locking the 1st XV scrum in their victory over Maritzburg College and the very next day led the Kearsney Choir in a performance on the Oval with the Durban Youth Orchestra, all typically taken in his stride like any other three days ofa busy week. These standards are not remotely possible without dedicated and talented teachers and coaches.On the stage behind me are the real unsung heroes ofthis College. I am continually amazed at the commitment ofthis fantastic group ofmen and women who Chairman go beyond the call ofduty,so please put your hands together for the Staff ofKearsney College. This group ofstrong-minded and sometimes volatile professionals require monitoring, guidance and facilitation from a very strong leader and role model in order to operate as an effective unit and I don't believe there is a better person around at the moment to do this than our Headmas ter, Elwyn van den Aardweg. Tony York had the vision to appoint a rela tively inexperienced man with loads of potential 5 years ago. He identified something special in him, which has been confirmed in no uncertain terms during this period. In my first year as Chairman 1 have had the privilege of seeing first hand the tremendous lead ership qualities he possesses. Mr Dave Pearse Five years ago he was happy to be offered a job. Whilst he remains a very humble man he is today far more aware ofhis market value so I'm very relieved and delighted to confirm that 1 was able to finalise the terms and con ditions ofa new contract signed this morning that will ensure that Kearsney will enjoy his leadership for at least another 5 years. The non-executive Board ofGovernors are responsible for guiding the school's strategic direction, adhering to Good Corporate Governance,ensuring Financial sustainability and making major executive appointments. They have applied themselves diligently to these tasks this year I would like to thank each and every one ofthem for the time and effort they give to this college for nofinancial reward. In particular thanks to my Vice Chairman, David Polkinghome. We also welcomed two new Board Members onto the Board this year. Dr. Khosi Khumalo,a parent who has a UCT Doctor of Philosophy Degree and Master of Arts from a French University who is now chairperson and co-founder of the Mzi Khumalo Foundation and Thina Siwendu,a qualified lawyer by profession who heads up her own very successful commercial law practice. They have had an immediate positive impact on the Board. Both have given new direction to ensuring that we remain a relevant school in a rapidly changing South Africa. We say farewell at the end of the year to two ofour current Board Members. Firstly our previous Chairman,Tony York,retires after twelve years ofloyal and dedicated service,four ofwhich as Chairman. Tony's contribution to the College has been enormous hut he will not be completely lost to us, as he remains a Trustee of the school. We also say farewell to Derek Woodhouse who has served the school with distinction for three years. 0 Page Sponsored by Edwina Fleming Architects Tel:(031)765 4175,Cell:082 4615 024,

Chairman'sReport:Speech Day He's had a huge influence on the marketing department and was very involved in repositioning the Kearsney Brand. We are fortunate however,to be able to continue tapping into his vast knowledge and expertise as a consultant to the Marketing Department. The Trustees of the College are the ultimate custodians of the family jewels or assets and 1 thank them for their contribution. In particular 1 must thank the Chairman Ted Garner who has proved to be a huge support and extremely wise counsel whenever called upon. His general business acumen and intimate knowlI ofthe Kearsney structure have proved invaluable. Another Trustee who deserves special mention is Keith Comins,a past parent, Governor and now honorary life Trustee of the College. At89 years ofage he still attends all the meetings and has been the most wonderfully generous benefactor of this col lege. Kearsney is the beneficiary of his generosity but all of us are beneficiaries of his example. Earlier this year we held a Strategic Planning Session attended by the entire Board and Executive Management ofthe College, facilitated by the renowned scenario planner Clem Sunter. Out ofthis the ManagementTeam,under the direction and guidance ofthe Headmaster, produced a document called "The Kearsney of the Future" which is now our annually reviewable plan which sets out Kearsney's vision, mission, goals and objectives to be achieved by 2010. With no disrespect to our beloved badge and emblem, we intend remaining a "Top Dog"and never become a "Starving Greyhound". There are now very clear goals with action plans and timelines within which to achieve them.Today as I look across at this group ofGrade 12 leavers, I can remember sitting in the same area 31 years ago when I matriculated at Kearsney in 1974. I can't help thinking how much things have changed. In 1974 I don't think Kearsney owned a single computer, Mr.Jimmy Hopkins(who passed away earlier this year) was the Headmaster,John Vorster was Prime Minister, Nelson Mandela was entering his 11th year on Robben Island, the Springboks had just been smashed by the'74 Lions, Rhodesia was still called Rhodesia and Zimbabwe was just a ruin-mind you some things haven't changed! Lots of things will changefor you guys but hopefully the bond that exists between you will never be lost. You will keep in touch with a small number on a regular basis, others you'll only see at your reunions, some you might only bump into once again in your lives whilst there are afew that you may never see again. I was in Cape Town the other day and needed to see a doctor at short notice.On entering the rooms at a Medical Centre and waiting in the reception room ofa particular doctor,I noticed a certificate bearing his full name and qualification. Suddenly 1 remembered that a tall handsome boy with the same name had been in my class 31 years ago. However,upon seeing him,I quickly discarded any such thought, as this balding, grey-haired man with a deeply lined face was way too old to have been my classmate. After examining me I asked him if he was at Kearsney College to which he replied,"Yes". I asked him what year he matriculated and when he answered 1974 I joyously exclaimed that he had been in my class. To which he replied quizzically,"What did you teach?" He was joking ofcourse! In closing 1 have been fortunate to take over the reigns of this extraordinary college at an exciting time in its history. Kearsney is 84 years old and has a unique momentum. So, picking up the baton and continuing to look after the culture of the school has been a real challenge. When one walks onto the campus one instinctively senses nearly a century ofculture behind it. Look around and you see walls decorated with photos ofkey school figures. I have to somehow play a role in preserving this but hope to add my own bit offlair to the mix. Thank you. mi SW! '■SSL Page Sponsored by KenyonTV - Satellite & Aerial Installations - mini town house systems. TV &Video sales, rentals & repairs, Tel: (031)765 2139, Cell: 083 654 3799, or call at 72 Heritage Market ^

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Headmaster'sRepert:Speech Day Awarm welcome to all of you and thank you ail for being with us here today. Our guest speaker, Vicky Kente, arrived yester day evening after a lengthy delay in her air travel. Nevertheless, Vicky, thank you for accepting the invitation to address us. We look forward to what you have to say. It is encouraging to see fellow heads ofschools or their representatives with us as well as chairs ofBoards and Governing bodies of associated schools. In case you are interested, the flags below the gallery represent the countries from which our hoys come.They add an important international dimension to the College. Thanks go to Debbie Basel and Wendy Gorven who were respon sible for the floral arrangement at the front of the hall. My thanks also go to my secretary Penny Needham for all the work she put into the organisation of this day. This year has seen an extraordinary number ofloyal Kearsney people passing away. We started the year mourning the deaths of past Headmaster Jimmy Hopkins and his wife Val.Jimmy was a hoy at the College from 1926 to 1933 and then joined the staff and in 1965 became Headmaster until his retirement in 1975. His portrait is the third one from the stage on the wall. Mr Trevenan Polkinghorne, head hoy in 1956, passed away in March.He never failed to miss a Speech Day and would most certainly have been with us today and later on in the Greyhound regaling us with his usual humorous stories. John Gafney,old boy and past Trustee passed away in May. Today a prize will be awarded for the first time in his memory-The John Gafney Choristers prize. And then Jack Crawford, old hoy and later deputy headmaster at Kearsney from 1965 until 1973 died earlier this month after a long illness. We give thanks for the privilege of knowing these fine people and for the tremendous impact they had on many lives at Kearsney. Generally speaking most staff who leave Kearsney move straight into retirement. This year however we have two who leave for dif ferent reasons. Sinegugu Zukulu whose name had become synony mous with Transkei trips and who taught Geography for 8 years left us this term to return to his home district of Bizana applying his skills and energy to uplifting the people of the Eastern Cape. We already miss his busy-ness, always attending to some form of outreach project in some far-flung corner ofTranskei. Gavin Louis, a product of the Student Internship programme, commenced his career teaching junior Biology in 2003 He met the love of his life in Durban whilst she was on holiday from the US.The thought of meeting a lady from the Bahamas, marrying her and settling down on an island in the Caribbean, has meant that Gavin has become the envy of many of the male members ofstaff-unmarried members that is, ofcourse. Gavin(who has already started wearing gaudy floral shirts) leaves us today and we wish him well. TWO EXCEPTIONAL KEARSNEY SCHOLARS m m WILLIAM SCOTT William came to Kearsney from Clifton Preparatory School in Durban.He has been the Dux of his grade throughout his Kearsney career but really excelled in his matric year. He was placed first in South Africa in the National Science Olympiad and travelled to Australia and to England to attend Youth Science Symposiums.He was also placed first in KwaZulu-Natal in the Mathematics Olympiad. He achieved a full-house of8 distinctions in the lEB Matric Final Examinations which placed him in the top 50lEB Matric students in thre country (the only hoys' school represented in the province). Finally, William achieved what no other Kearsney boy has yet achieved: acceptance into Harvard University in the USA,a singularly outstanding achievement. William was also Headboy ofGillingham House and he captained the 3rd XV in his final year. JETHRO RIDL Jethro came to Kearsney from Hillcrest Primary School. He emerged in his matric year as one ofKearsney's all-time best all rounders. As an academic he was placed 2nd in South Africa in the National Science Olympiad and achieved a full-house of8 distinctions in the lEB Matric Final Examinations. As a musician he was the co-leader ofthe Kearsney choir, as well as the first violinistin the orchestra.He achieved a distinction in the Grade 8 violinist exam from Trinity College in London. As a sportsman he was awarded Colours as a lock in the very successful 1st XV and represented Highways in the KwaZuluNatal trials. The 1st XV coach often spoke ofthe intelligence of Jethro's play in the lineout. Jethro was a prefect in Haley House and a member ofthe SCA committee in his final year. Page Sponsored by Electronic Design & Development Leslie Fleming Tel:(031)765 4175,Cell:082448 2061 0

Headmaster'sRepert:Speech Day On the administration side we will be saying farewell to two long serving members of staff at the end of the year. Mr James Cele,the Numzaan of the photocopy room and member ofstaff for 39 years retires this year. His loyalty and sense ofhumour will be missed by us, as will bis reputed good looks and charm by not a few of the Ntombezaans on the campus. Marie Alborougb,the golden voice ofKearsney and the first welcoming personality one meets whether calling or visiting the College finally leaves us at the end of the year. Marie was due to retire two years ago but we just couldn't come to terms with a Kearsney without Marie! And so we kept her on under contract. She completes 31 years of the most devoted service,loved and admired by boys staff and Old Boys alike. Marie we wish you many happy days ofcaravanning in your well-deserved retirement. Richard Milton in the introduction to his book,"The Facts of Life" provides us with an interesting perspective on the measures we use every day. "By the river Thames at Teddington, west ofLondon,straggles a cluster of nondescript factory buildings that seem an unlikely home for a national treasure.The buildings are those ofthe National Physical Laboratory. Pieces of metal stored there are platinum standards kept at a strictly regulated temperature in air-conditioned chambers.They act as the indisputable authority for Britain's national weights and measures, the pound and the kilogram, the yard and the meter. Paradoxically, these standards are never used for everyday purposes. No one goes to Teddington to measure out a meter of cloth or a foot ofparcel string. But their mere existence - unchanging and unchallengeable - is the nation's guarantee that standards exist: that should it ever be necessary, it is theoretically possible to make a physical comparison with the accepted measure and say with absolute certainty that the subject under test either is or is not of the stated weight or length. Standards or the maintenance ofstandards are a hot topic in educational circles these days. Unfortunately or fortunately in our business we don't have a National Physical Laboratory of Educational Standards despite some authorities claiming to be the standard setters. At Kearsney, we try not only to maintain standards but also to raise the bar and set new standards. This year has shown development in a number ofareas: There has been a concerted effort to draw on the benefits of developments in the world ofinformation technology. From an administrative point ofview, regular weekly e-mails to our parents have kept them informed ofarrangements, cutting the frustration level experienced by some parents whose sons are going through the monosyllabic stage ofcommunication. Internally, all poli cies, rules, procedures and general information are posted on the intranet where boys and staff have restricted access. All lost property is logged on the intranet and boys literally have 24-hour access in tracing lost articles. Bookings for all venues, whether it is this hall, the Chapel or the auditorium and even the Greyhound are web based and may be made from any computer on the planet. Our classrooms have also been transformed with the introduction ofinteractive SMART Boards. With 16 classrooms currently equipped with this cutting edge technology, we are way ahead of similar schools in the United Kingdom which is the country leading the use ofthis technology in the Northern Hemisphere. Our full time Information and Communication Technology Facilitator whose sole responsibility it is to empower staff to integrate ICT into their teaching has been the key to the success ofthis paradigm shift. At this juncture I would like to publicly pay tribute to the academic stafffor the manner in which they have embraced this major shift in teaching methodology. What has been particularly encouraging is to witness teachers in mid or late career stage becoming excited about the use ofthis innovative technology. Anecdotes from the boys confirm the efficacy ofthe new approach to teaching. It has not been an easy road as dependence on the tried and tested, gave way to an embracing ofa completely new methodology. The problem we deal with now is how to continue satisfying the demand for more technologies from my staff. But isn't that a wonderful position to be in? Remaining with academic issues, the focus on the teaching of Science and Mathematics is already bearing the most outstanding results, benchmarked on a national level. In the Harmony Gold Mathematics Olympiad,Kearsney had 4 boys in the top 100 in the province out ofover 5000 entrants and three in the National top 100 out of 15 500 participants. In the National Science Olympiad this year, Kearsney had 21 boys in the top 100 in South Africa out of 14 500 entrants with8of the top 10 pupils in the province coming from Kearsney. Interestingly enough, the focus on Mathematics and Science has not confined success to these subjects alone. Assisted in the classroom with the very best in staff, technology, software and resources, other subjects are realising new levels ofinterest by the boys and the grasping ofcomplex concepts has been made easier. Theimproved quality ofteaching and learning is most encourag ing. A challenge all high schools in the country are facing is the introduction ofthe new curriculum in the senior or Grade 10-12 phase. We have seized the day by introducing new subjects next year, relevant to the demands of a 21st Century South African Society. We have embraced the changes, adapted them to our local conditions and are prepared for implementation in January next year. We have also focused on improving aspects ofthe boys' environment.To this end,a physiotherapy room was created in the Sanatorium,and the two wards have been brightened up, toilets around the school and in the Houses have been revamped; the concourse was upgraded and made wheelchair friendly; and a new scoreboard for the Stott was recently opened. Funding for these and other projects was obtained from a bequest from the Estate ofMr Philip Moore, also from Mr Keith Comins and assistance from La Lucia Physiotherapists. The first ofthe Mzi Khumalo Foundation Scholars entered Grade 8 this year. We are delighted with their progress and are indebted to the Khumalo family for their vision and confidence in providing the substantialfunding of this scholarship programme. (ti Page Sponsored by KenyonTV - Satellite &Aerial Installations - mini town house systems. TV &Video sales,rentals & repairs. ^ Tel:(031)765 2139,Cell:083 654 3799,or call at 72 Heritage Market

Headmaster'sRepert:Speech Day Moving into the realm ofsport, the High Performance Sports programme managed by Old Boy and sports scientist Dr Glen Hagemann is going from strength to strength. With the current Springbok strength coach Mark Steele integrally involved 1 suppose we should have expected this. Equipping our coaches with the latest coaching techniques and the most advanced software is paying dividends. However,despite all this backing, much depends on the boys themselves.On the Sportsfield the boys have lived out the song they sing..."We will fight until we can fight no more"...."with hearts ofsteel and heads ofiron vowing never to be broken". Their tenacity in every sport and in every encounter has inspired the whole school, the effects of which will be felt for many years to come. We are frequently complimented on the standards ofmanners, dress and appearance ofour boys. Whilst these compliments are well received, being the Head ofa boys school one is constantly aware ofthe very real possibility ofa hoy or boys letting you down on occasion-it's a real knife edge we walk. And yet these are standards that must be maintained and improved upon. It is interesting to note that research coming out of Oxford (and referred to in the Sunday Times Business Times last year) shows that companies in the United Kingdom are placing more emphasis in their recruitment on skills in communication, team working and attributes like good appearance,good manners, character and presence than formal qualifications. And now the focus turns to the Class of2005.You and 1 started together at Kearsney in 2001 and how proud we are of all of you. You the class of2005 didn't let the school down in your leadership role. Academically you have produced some ofthe most outstanding results. Culturally, we have experienced really good times and on the sportsfield you have seized the day,setting new standards in quality of play and levels ofsportsmanship. A year like this doesn't just happen. Here credit must be given to the captains ofsport,chairmen ofclubs, members of task groups, prefects and the Head and Deputy Head Prefect. You boys have guided the ship, a more loyal group one couldn't have hoped for. Eric Ngoie and Casey Morgan as Head and Deputy Head of the College and as sports captains in their own right have provided us with a unique glimpse of what servant leadership is all about. They have served the school, served their group and served the juniors. Their humility, moral fibre, quiet determination and uncanny ability to deflect the accolades back to the team are characteristics that became associated with them as the year progressed. They always gave the credit to others. Today to both ofthem 1 say from all of us: take the credit, we are proud of you and the manner in which you have led the College. Finally I would like to thank the Chairman ofthe Board Dave Pearse his vice chair, David Polkinghorne and the rest ofthe Board,the Trustees under Mr Ted Garner, the Parents Society under Craig Johnson and the staff ofthe College, academic, administrative and finance for the tremendous sense ofteam work that we have here at Kearsney. Thanks also go to the parents and boys of the Class of2005. Unlike the measures at Teddington which are unchanging platinum standards, we work with human material. This is surely the most privileged position to be in, to play a part in the development ofyoung people. Daniel Burnham the father ofAmerican architecture said, "Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realised. Make big plans, deep into the future. Aim high in hope and work. Have faith, remembering that a noble plan, once recorded, will never die but long after we are gone will still be a living thing." Thank you and God bless you. GUEST SPEAKER MRS V KENTE The message that Mrs Vuwisya Kente delivered to the matrics was both simple and profound: as they moved forward in life she exhorted the boys to make things happen and to get results. She laced her address with hard-hitting statements like,"school is but the first place of your life" and,"don't be like governmernts all over the world and stay bogged down in the planning stage!" Also, "you may have a wonderful vision hut,ifit is notimple mented,it is useless. I dare all you matrics to implement your dreams!" Mrs Kente's wisdom was crystallised in her advice to the matrics that the challenge oflife is to overcome the difficulties that surely will arise. "Ifyou can feel and taste success, you have a chance ofovercoming. Ifyou want more,become more first," she said. And finally the wisdom ofthe ages left the boys with the ultimate challenge: "To earn respect, you have to respect yourself. Boys,guard against anything that will jeopardise your sense ofself-respect as you pass from this place and into the big world out there." Sponsored by J H Abbott Builders (D

Speech Day:Prize Giving » c SPEECH DAY PRIZEWINNERS Back Row:C van Heerden,M Hayman,C van Rooyen,E Ngoie,B Penfold,S Alexander,C Morgan Front Row:J RidI, J Sinclair,D Greeff, W Scott, A Candotti,B Musgrove S B Theunissen Memorial Prize for Diligence D Campbell The Jan Storm Prize for Afrikaans C Dicks The McKenzie Trophy for Perseverance M Frey The Isizulu Prize S Khumalo The Art Trophy for Exceptional Achievement in the Practical Discipline C Kirkpatrick The Ambassadors Trophy E Ngoie The Speech and Drama Prize B Woodhouse The Headmaster's Prize (Shared) K Abbott C Morgan Academic Half-Colours S Bromfield Academic Half-Colours B Ceglowski Academic Half-Colours < the French Prize G Douthwaite Academic Half-Colours M Emanuel Academic Half-Colours D Fleming Academic Half-Colours P Grunow Academic Half-Colours J Hotz Academic Half-Colours W Mulder Academic Half-Colours A Murray Academic Half-Colours K Reddy Academic Half-Colours S Sobey Academic Half-Colours CStephenson Academic Half-Colours K van der Net Academic Colours B Cole Academic Colours J Gorven Academic Colours S McFarlane Academic Colours R Norman Academic Colours J Russell Academic Colours S Schneeberger Academic Colours S Tennant Academic Honours and the Edwin Henwood Trophy S Alexander (W Page Sponsored by KenyonTV - Satellite &Aerial Installations - mini town house systems. TV &Video sales,rentals & repairs. ^ " Tel:(031)765 2139,Cell:083 654 3799,or call at 72 Heritage Market

Speech Day:Prize Giving Academic Honours,the William (Sf Susan Jones Prize for English, the Art Prize & the Hindson memorial prize for English Literature A Candotti Academic Honours M Hayman Academic Honours ]Houston Academic Honours C Morgan Academic Honours S Needham Academic Honours B Penfold Academic Honours Cvan Rooyen Academic Honours Cum Laude &the KPMG Accounting Prize (Shared) D Greeff Academic Honours, the Business Economics Prize, the Margret and Richard Best Trophy for Musical Competence, the John Gafney Chorister Prize &the Peter Metcalf Trophy for Resourcefulness&Initiative C van Heerden Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Patrick Moore Shield &John Kinloch Prize for Physical Science, the Music Prize &the Gait Trophy for the best allrounder in Grade 12 JRidl Academic Honours Cum Laude,the William Crawford Prize for History &the Max Oram History Essay Prize J Sinclair Academic Honours Cum Laude, the Ben Milner Prize for Biology, the Geography Prize &the Parry Trophy for Proxime Accessit to Dux B Musgrove Academic Honours Cum Laude,the Alletson-Smith Shield for Mathematics, the Additional Mathematics Prize, the KPMG Accounting Prize (Shared), the Computer Studies Prize, the Jack Reece Prize for Modem Languages, the George McLeod English Essay Prize, the J Solnick Poetry Prize &the Colin Silcock Prize &the Tim Browne Trophy for Dux of the School W Scott MATRIC GROUP 2005 ■V^ a m - 4, s*: wPage Sponsored by Cardwell &Wonfor Quantity Surveyors: 82 Mercury House, 320 Smith Street, Durban Tel: (031) 304 6268, Fax: (031) 304 3326, Mobile: 082 572 3200 0


lEB Senior Certificate2005 Obtained Matriculation Exemption: 88 Obtained Senior Certificate: 6 Failures: 0 Total Higher Grade Subject Distinctions(A): 145 Total Standard Grade Subject Distinctions(A): 2 Combined A,B,C - 81/94: 86% A - 28/94: 30% A - Aggregate Alexander 8,Bromfield S,Candotti A,Cole B,Douthwaite G,Emanuel M,Fleming D,Gorven J, GreeffD,Hayman M,Houston J, McFarlane S, Morgan C,Murray A,Musgrove B,Needham S,Norman R,Penfold B,Ridl], Russell], Schneeberger S,Scott W,Sinclair ], Sobey S,Tennant S, Stephenson C,van Heerden C,van Rooyen C. B - Aggregate Andrey T, Armstrong R,Baxter D,Bingham N,Ceglowski B,Cobbledick G,Cozens G,Croudace S,Davids T,Ngoie E,Desfontaines B Dicks C, Evans X Gaffley M,Gobey K,Goosen M,Hipkin A,Grant-Mulder W,Grunow B Hotzj, Khumalo S,Kidgell C, Kirkpatrick C,NodadaX Pitts S, Reddy K,Richards S,Stencel D,Krog M,van der Net K,van der Riet N,Woodhouse B. C - Aggregate BaselX Bentham G,Bertram A,Cozens C,Campbell D,Coker S,Cominelli M,Corbishley C,Detmison D,Faure J, Poole L,Hobson M,Jones A, Jordan J, MaharajG,Potgieter M,Quinn L,Swemmer M,Turner R,van As S,Veldman N. 8Subject Distinctions(A) RidlJ Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics,English,Science, Geography, Music,Accounting Scott W Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics,English, Afrikaans,Science,Accounting, Computer Studies 7Subject Distinctions(A) Musgrove B Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Science, Biology, Geography,Accounting 6Subject Distinctions(A) Alexander S Mathematics,Additional Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics,English, Afrikaans, Science Houston J Mathematics,English, Afrikaans, Science,Geography,Accounting Morgan C Mathematics,English, Afrikaans, Science, History, Geography van Heerden C English, Afrikaans,Science, Business Economics,Music,Accounting 5Subject Distinctions(A) Hayman M Advanced Mathematics,English, Science,Biology, Accounting Sinclair J English, Afrikaans,Science, History, Geography van Rooyen C English, Afrikaans,Science, Accounting,Computer Studies 4Subject Distinctions(A) Gorven J Douthwaite G Candotti A English, History, Geography English, History, Accounting Gaffley M English Geography,Art Granat-Mulder W GreeffD Science,Biology, Goosen M Mathematics,Science, Accounting Science Geography,Accounting Schneeberger S KhumaloS Needham S Biology,Science, IsiZulu Mathematics,Science, Geography Geography,Accounting Sobey S KidgellC Science Norman R Science, Biology, Mathematics,Biology, Accounting Kirkpatrick C Science, Accounting 2 Subject Distinctions(A) Art Penfold B McFarlane S Krog M Mathematics,English, Mathematics,Science Art Science,Biology Murray A MaharajG Tennant S Science,Geography History Mathematics,English, Art,Accounting Russell J Science, Accounting NodadaT IsiZulu 3Subject Distinctions(A) BaxterD English, History,Art van der Riet N Poole L History,Art Afrikaans Bromfield S Science,Geography, Accounting I Subject Distinction(A) Potgieter M Bingham N Accounting MathematicsSG ReddyK CeglowskiB English, Afrikaans, Art Cobbledick G English History Stephenson C ColeB Science, Geography, Cozens G English Computer Studies van der NetK Accounting DavidsT Science EmanuelM IsiZulu Woodhouse B English, Biology, DesfontainesP Speech and Drama Accounting MathematicsSG Fleming D Dicks C Mathematics,Science, Afrikaans Accounting 0