Kearsney college Chronicle 2006 2L__L__iS Founded in 1921

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CONTENTS Trustees and Board 2 From the Headmaster's Desk 3 Staff. i 6 In Memorium 14 Chairman's Report:Speech Day 16 Headmaster's Report:Speech Day 19 Headboy's Report:Speech Day 22 Speech Day: Prize Giving 24 lEB Senior Certificate Results 26 Presentation Assembly 27 The Prefects 30 The Student Council 31 Kearsney Foundation 33 Spirituality&Fellowship 37 House Reports 44 Academic Departments 63 Activities and Events 82 Sport 113 Kearsney College Old Boys 194 #^#l KEARSNEY COLLEGE

TRUSTEESAND BOARD BOARD OFTRUSTEES BOARD OF GOVERNORS NOMINATED MEMBERS Chairman Mr E S C Garner Secretary Mr N Gerber Mr R R Becker MrJ Bester Rev J Borman MrAWHYork EX OFFICIG MEMBERS The Presiding Bishop ofthe Methodist Church Rev Ivan M Abrahams HONORARY LIFETRUSTEES Mr K C Comins DrGWShuker Rev CWilkins MrA BTheunissen (deceased - January 2006) MrCWoolacott(deceased - September 2006) m m NOMINATED MEMBERS Chairman Mr D K Pearse Vice Chairman Mr D A Polkinghorne MrW P Coetzee Mr M Gouveia Dr M Khumalo Mr R H Lloyd MrCA Massey MrA Mazwai Ms NT Siwendu Mrs KTocknell Mrs G Williams Ex Officio Members The Presiding Bishop Rev Ivan M Abrahams Bishop ofKZN Coastal District Bishop Purity Malinga Representative ofKZN Coastal District Mr R Britten-Kelly Chairman oftheTrustees Mr E S C Garner Kearsney Old Boys'Club President Mr B Shuker Kearsney Old Boys'Club Mr G Coppin Parents'Society Representative Mr CJohnson Kearsney College Headmaster Mr E D van den Aardweg Kearsney College Bursar Mrs L M Croudace Honorary Life Governor Prof V J Bredenkamp Secretary to the Board of Governors Mrs P Needham View ofthe Dining Hall before building commenced

FROM THE HEADMASTER'S DESK F Elwyn van den Aardweg The past year will probably be remembered by boys,staff and parents as one which was characterized by building. We have witnessed the improvement offacilities stretching from Heritage House close to the front gate almostto the bottom gate near Hopkins Field. Some ofthe work will not be completed by year's end and other projects thankfully will be. In every case where building has taken place there has been inconvenience ofone sort or another Whether it was the screeching sound ofan angle grinder the yelling ofworkmen to each other or the inevitable untidiness ofa building site,we experienced it ail. Ask any woman if childbirth was easy,the answer wiii surely be negative, but was it worthwhile? - ofcourse! Dr Shuker has reassured me throughoutthe year that one cannot have an omelette without breaking an egg. The Kearsney campus is one huge uncooked omelette at present! The first project to be ticked off and opened was the extension to the"Lower Field" and the renaming of it to"Roberts Field" in honour ofthe former Headmaster Mr Owen Roberts. Soon after this event,the extensions to the Heritage House were commissioned. Two new change rooms and a viewing deck for the use ofthe hockey fraternity at the Mason Astroturf have enhanced this facility tremendously. Next year the hockey honours room and the kitchen will be in operation. These improvements have been made possible from proceeds received from the hiring out of College facilities during the holidays. The Science Department refurbishment took the greater part ofthe year it involved the moving of at least nine teachers. The Zulu department was relocated next to the History Department and Mathematics teachers Fred Cocks and Keith Decker were moved downstairs after over 25 years in their rooms. Five superbly equipped Science laboratories,complete with interactive SMARTBoards and the latest in scientific technology are ready for the 2007 academic year This project was kindly funded in its entirety by our friend and benefactor oflongstanding, Mr Keith Comins. Meanwhile,up near Haley House another all-weather outdoor basketball court was under construction. This was necessary to allow builders to expand the existing gymnasium (with indoor basketball court)to provide a huge indoor area that wiii eventually accommodate an indoor hockey field,two indoor basketball courts and seven indoor cricket nets. Beneath this structure will be a huge indoor weights gymnasium,enhancing the successful High Performance Programme at the College. This large indoor sports centre wiii, however only be commissioned in 2008. in the interim (i.e.for the 2007 year)the indoor centre wiii house a temporary kitchen and dining facility for all the boys whilst a brand new kitchen is built and extensions made to the old dining halls,commencing in January 2007. As teachers we are well aware that whilst ail this capital development is taking place,we are building characters within the classrooms,on stages and on the sports fields. Without underscoring the joy ofseeing the physical expansion ofthe College it is the development in the boys that brings the most satisfaction. Detailed in the Chronicle wiii be the achievements of boys who, only a few years ago,were timid second formers,still reeling from the shock and change upon entering high school. Even amongst those new boys there are countless tales oftremendous personal development,camaraderie,triumphs ofthe human spirit and acts of humanity that simply make teaching so rewarding. There has been "building"amongstthe stafftoo. The new curriculum introduced in Grade 10 has required new methods ofteaching and assessment. The use oftechnology in teaching has caught on and many staff who perhaps initially doubted their own abilities in this sphere are confident travellers in cyberspace now. A new subject. Engineering Graphics and Design,was introduced at Grade i0 level and proved to be a popular choice. Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy is now compulsory and Life Orientation has become "examinabie". Mandarin and Chinese Culture was introduced by MrAndyWu as an elective in the Middle School with good effect. The academic stafftook a day off at Shongweni to re-look at our disciplinary structures with particular focus on academic discipline, ideas put forward at this workshop are being refined for implementation in 2007. Kearsney is building for the future in every respect. The workers, planners and "architects" involved in this building deserve the credit. They are the boys,their parents.Old Boys,academic,administrative and finance staff. Management,Board and Trustees of Kearsney College. This is the team that is building this great school ofours and it has been a privilege to be a fellow builder with these fine people. E D van den Aardweg

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Setting the PRECEDENT There's no greater motivator than a demonstrated will to rise above circumstance and prevail. KEARSNEY COLLEGE

STAFF I i m ACADEMIC STAFF Back Row: J Drew,O Phipps,N Peacock,S van Wyk,A Morgan,R Candotti,G Shone,M Albers,R Nienaber Third Row: F Cocks,D Goldhawk,S Terblanche,A Murray,A Rogers,CJohnson,B Thompson,P King,A Willows,R de Viliiers Second Row: K Stewart,P Ratcliffe, S Schmidt,S Pillay,W Stewatt,D Graves,W Marsden,N Clucas,P Isaac,A Stevens First Row: V Wallace,U Singh,W OConnor,A Fripp,W Amos,K Smith,M Zungu,B Ndaba,C Tullidge,]Ratcliffe Seated: F Gray,B Steyn, M Bissell, P Kirsten,E van den Aardweg,K Decker, Rev R Ramsay,J Oosthuizen,M Botha,A van Zyl Headmaster Mr E D van den Aardweg BA(Hons) HDE BEd Senior Deputy Headmaster/Maths Mr PJ Kirsten BSc HDE FDE Deputy Headmaster/Maths/ I/c Academics Mr K Decker BEdT Cert Deputy Headmaster/Director Post Matrlc/Engllsh Mr M F Bissell BA UED BEd I/c Accounting Mr M Albers BCom HDE Geography MrW Amos BA(Hons) HDE Maths/Housemaster Sheffield MrC M Botha HDE Sec.Ed ACE English Mr R Candotti BA(Hons) HED I/c Science Ms S Cartwright BSc(Hons) HDE I/c French Ms N Clucas BA HDE I/c Afrikaans MrsZR Conway-Nunn Dip Higher Education Grade Head Gr 9/Llfe Skills Gr 9/Maths Mr F P D Cocks BA UED BEd Head of Middle School/Biology Mr R de Viliiers BSc(Hons)HDE Geography/Grade Head Gr8 Mr]Drew BA HDE IT Facilitator/ Staff Development Mr B Fulton MCSD MCSE Accountlng/ICDL Examiner Mrs A Fripp BCom HDE FDE Snr Housemaster/English Mr D Goldhawk BA Sp Hons Grad CE Grade Head Gr10/Afrikaans Mr D Graves Science/Housemaster Glllingham Mr F C Gray l/c Resource Centre Mrs P Isaac i/c Geography Mr P G King BA HDE BEd BSc BSocScHDE BEdDlplGDL BAUED Commerce Business Economics/Accounting MrW D Marsden HDE English/Housemaster Finnlngley MrA Morgan Grade Head Gr I I/Afrikaans MrA Murray i/c Zulu Mr B Ndaba Arts & Culture Mr R Nienaber School Counsellor/ I/c Life Skills MrsW OConnor I/c Afrikaans/Housemaster Finnlngley J Oosthuizen History N Peacock I/c Computer Studies Mr O D Phipps Maths Mrs J Ratcliffe I/c Maths/l/c Community Service Mr PAT Ratcliffe Chaplain Rev R Ramsay I/c History/ I/c Culture MrA Rogers BA(Hons)PGCE BA HDE BEd B Paed (ARTS) Dip (Graphic Des)PGCE BA(Hons)HDE MEd BA HDE MBA BA(Hons)HDE BScSID FDE(Corns)MEdCAN BAT Dip BEdT Dip BTh (Unisa) PECE BA HDE Dip Mkt Man(ICM)

STAFF ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Back Row: T Kistensamy,R Sibiya, H Dlamini,T Moonsamy,P Needham,P Cronje Middle Row: S Cain,K Southwell,V Mare,W Ngwane,A Fuller, R Waldburger,R Armstrong,E Ngubane Front Row:]Lee,T Mzobe,K Thompson,B Croudace, F1 Pearse,]Mills-Hackmann,R Govender i/c Biology Mr S R Schmidt English Mr G E M Shone i/c Speech & Drama Mrs U Singh i/c Sport Mr K Smith Director of Music Mrs A M Stevens i/c Design &Technology/EGD/Maths MrW Stewart Accounting/Housemaster Pembroke Mr B Steyn Afrikaans Mrs S FTerblanche Science Mr BThompson i/c Art Mrs CVTullidge Science Mr S L van Wyk Afrikaans/Housemaster Haley MrA FvanZyl i/c English MrsV A Wallace i/c StudentAffairs/Grade Head Gr 12/Maths MrA H Willows BSc HDE Zulu Mr M Zungu BSS(Hons) ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Bursar: Mrs L M Croudace(BCom) Foundation Director: Mrs J C Mills-Hackmann(MCom) BSc HDE BA UED BA(Hons) BAHDE LTC.L BEd (PET) BCom HDE BA(Hons) MA HDE SecEd NTDA(Design)N HDE SecEd BA HDE BAHDE HD(FA Painting) Director of Marketing: Mrs H J Pearse(N Dip Arch Tech) Director of Sport: Mr KThompson Debtors Controller: Mrs R Armstrong (Dip Bookkeeping) Sanatorium: Sister D Bissell (Reg Nurse) Kit and Clothing Shop Assistant: MrsV Bisson Dayal School Secretary: Ms S Cain Secretary Old Boys' Club: Mrs P Cronje(HDE) Finance Assistant: MrsV Dixon Admin Assistant: Miss H Dlamini Kit and Clothing Shop Manager: Mrsj Du Casse Haley House Matron: Mrs A M Fuller Resource Manager: Mrs R Covender(Dip HR Management) Laboratory Assistant: MrsT Kistensamy(ICDL) Sanatorium: Sister] Lee(Reg Nurse/Midwifery) Library Assistant: MrsV Mare Laboratory Assistant: MissT Moonsamy(ICDL,N I) Driver: MrW Ngwane Marketing Assistant: MissT Mzobe Headmaster's Secretary: Mrs P Needham Receptionist: Mrs E Ngubane Admissions Secretary: Mrs L Penfold Photocopy Clerk: Mr R Sibiya Assistant Bursar: Mrs K Southwell(Dip BED) Music Department Secretary: Mrs RWaldburger DOMESTIC STAFF Mrs R Casa Mrs R Khangile Mrs] Khoza Mrs P N Miya Mrs ST Mkhize Mrs A Mnyandu Mr R B Ngcobo

STAFF Europa Ngubane Zastra Conway-Nunn r i f Wayne Stewart Kirsty Momberg Ji Wiseman Ngwane Richard Nienaber wm Graham Fleischer and Livan Naidoo STAFF NEWS At the beginning ofthe yean we welcomed several new members ofstaffto Kearsney. Europa Ngubane had the daunting task of succeeding Marie Alborough at the reception desk. Zastra ConwayNunn arrived to head the Afrikaans Department and Wiseman Ngwane was appointed as the school driver; replacing Robert Sibiya who moved to the photocopying office. After five years as Housemaster of Sheffield,Andre van Zyl moved across Kearsney College Road to face new challenges as Housemaster of Haley. Marco Botha succeeded Andre at the helm ofSheffield. Towards the end ofthe third term.Jorrle Oosthulzen left the College,having made a considerable contribution to Kearsney as Housemaster of Flnnlngley Head ofAfrikaans as well as a cricket and rugby coach. Andrew Morgan succeeded him as Housemaster of Flnnlngley. We also said goodbye to Jay andllko Govender after Jay had delivered 30 years offaithful service skillfully tending to the grounds and cricket wickets at the College. French teacher Nicky Clucas left to marry Kim de Vllllers, whose brother Rod has been on the Kearsney stafffor many years. Sheila Griffiths, no stranger to the College,stepped Into the breach for the rest ofthe year Lorna Penfold left towards the end ofthe year after six busy years as the Admissions Secretary In the Marketing Department. At the beginning ofthe fourth term,computer guru Graham Fleischer joined the staff as IT specialist Livan Naidoo replaced Rowan Nortje as computer technician. During the course ofthe year Kirsty Momberg and Wayne Stewart tied the knot and Sue Cartwright became engaged to Michael Murray. The stork had a busy time delivering three baby girls:Ane to Sybil and AndreTerblanche,Sandlswa to BongI and Nana Ndaba and Nompumeleio to Robert and Samkellsiwe Sibiya. Dave Goldhawk BOARDER MASTERS The boarder master programme began at Kearsney in 1997 with just three students (the"Three StoogesI") and this number has grown progressively to ten students in 2006. The boarder masters have become an integral part ofthe College where they coach many sports and assist with different duties. This year the head boarder master was RobertWebber,who coached rugby and was In charge of sailing. Unfortunately,he took up an Internship position at Glenwood half-way through the year and he will be teaching at Glenwood full-time from the beginning of 2007.Shaun Baker took overfrom Rob.Shaun has completed his studies at Fdgewood and he will be teaching at Kearsney from the start of2007. He has coached the I st XI hockey team and 2nd XI cricket this year

STAFF m Cs -#2 s. k James Hulley,jaco Meyer,Paul Haagman,Chris Stander, Paul Osborne,Julian Sinclair, Robert Webber,Rodney de Klerk f: Nicky Clucas Lorna Penfold Chris Standen who coached rugby and cricket, has also finished at Egdewood and will be taking up a full-time teaching position at Westville Boys High in 2007, Paul Haagman,who coached water polo and rugby, might be in Australia next year coaching water polo otherwise he will still be coaching at Kearsney.Old Boy Julian Sinclair who coached water polo and rugby, left towards the end ofthe year and is working in Florida. Paul Osborne,who coached cricket and rugby, has also recently finished his studies at Edgewood.He is marrying in December 2006 and going to be teaching at a school in Scotland. We wish him and Mary Lynn all the best for their future together jaco Meyer who has coached rugby and helped with sailing and golf, will be continuing with his third year at Edgewood in 2007 and will be taking up a boarder master position at Highbury,which suits him as he is studying to be a primary school teacher Rodney de Klerk,who has been the cultural boarder master this year will continue with his third year at Edgewood in 2007 but will be switching to coaching sport at Kearsney next year James Hulley, who has run the school gym,will also be continuing with his third year at Edgewood as well as another year at Kearsney. Riaan duToit, who has coached rugby and assisted in the school gym,will continue with his legal studies through Unisa in 2007 and will continue at Kearsney. Justin Clark,a qualified river guide who has coached the canoeists since he joined half-way through the year,will continue at Egdewood and Kearsney. He will have the added responsibility ofa duty master in Finningley House in 2007. Wayne Marsden INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME There were three interns at Kearsney in 2006. Kirsty Momberg (who became Mrs Stewart when she married staff member Wayne Stewart during the year). She taught Grade 8 Design and Technology and a D&T Elective and was involved in the Life Skills programme. Extramurally Kirsty was involved in the B swimming team,managed the U14E soccer team and was involved in the school First Aid Club. She will become a permanent member of the Kearsney staff in 2007 after completing her Unisa qualification in 2006. Clay Johnson started well as an intern and was particularly involved with sound and lighting for all the many school functions. Unfortunately Clay left during the year because his internship obligations clashed too often with those ofa married family man, Schoelem Pillay has a BSc degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry but after dabbling in the commercial world,decided that his vocation is in teaching. He is registered for a PGCE at Unisa and is teaching Science and Mathematics to junior classes. He has been an asset extramurally coaching UI4A basketball,UI4C Rugby and UI4C soccer Schoelem will continue his internship in 2007. Manzini Zungu

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VALE PHIL RATCLIFFE mt Phil Ratciiffe retires after 41 years in the teaching profession,the latter 26 of which were spent at Kearsney. Born in Wales and bred In Zimbabwe,Phil was born to teach. After becoming very well qualified to do so at the University ofZimbabwe,Phil taught Mathematics at Hamilton High School for 16 years. There he coached the I st XI cricket for a few years and ran the athletics programme for many years - but it was as a rugby coach that Phil excelled. He coached the Hamilton I st XV for six years,the Matabeleland Schools'team for three years,was the Zimbabwe Schools'national coach fortwo years,and was a national schools' selector for4 years. He has since remained a rugby man to the core. Phil arrived at Kearsney in 1981 when erstwhile Hamilton principal, Mr Colin Sllcock,was our Headmaster. In 1991 he was appointed Head ofthe Mathematics Department and went on to become an lEB sub-examiner for seven years. Always close to the boys,Phil served In FInningley as the assistant housemaster and In Haley as a duty master Although still coaching sport In the more junior teams, Phil decided to concentrate his energies on sports'administration and so became Kearsney's Master-in-Charge of Cricket - and did so most successfully for the next 19 years. It was on Phil's watch that Kearsney cricket enjoyed a golden era and there was nothing to do with the game at the College that did not have Phil at its centre. Energetic,innovative and proactive,Phil was involved In everything from organising the weekly fixtures;to Natal Schools'trials;to putting together overseas tours;to hunting for and displaying every Kearsney I st XI ever photographed in the cricket pavilion (a huge task); to organising cake-sales to pay for a new bowling machine! Phil became Kearsney's veritable and ubiquitous Mr Cricket. He was also very involved in the management ofthe Greyhound Pavilion from its opening in 1983 as well as other Innumerable activities from running the stationery shop;to being the staff representative for ten years;to organising various staff rosters;to teaching "woodwork"when he first arrived. Phil has spent a lifetime unselfishly serving others. For 33 years he was very busily involved in the Bulawayo RoundTable and then with the Lions Club at Hillcrest. But it is as the College's driven and compassionate Director ofCommunity Service that he will long be remembered. There is no doubtthat under his caring hand community service has really come into its own at Kearsney in recent years. Phil is married to Jean,a lady In every sense ofthe word. She was Vice-Principal of St Mary's DSG in Klooffor 15 years and has since taught Mathematics part-time at Kearsney. Their daughter Heather was head girl ofSt Mary's and is married with two children and living in Durban. Their son Mark is a Kearsney Old Boy with a daughter and is very successfully Involved In financial management in Switzerland, jean and Phil are very proud grandparents. Perhaps the most Important opinions are those ofone's peers. When Dave Cato left Kearsney on promotion a few years ago,he wrote this tribute to his Mathematics HOD ; "You have been a constantly positive influence In every area of my job. The advice you gave was honest, practical and wise. Your ability to accurately assess situations, people and (in particular) schoolboys is unique. Added to this is yourtremendous sense of humour and genuine concern for the well being ofthe boys,your colleagues and the school. You are the complete schoolmaster ...." Ofhis last day at Kearsney Phil said ;"The tremendous ovation from the boys at my ftnal Chapel Service is a momentthat I will never forget." And all ofthose who you have taught and others who shared staffrooms with you will never forget you either. Go well, Phli. Page 11

VALE JORRIE OOSTHUIZEN ■'M Jorrie Oosthuizen and his charming wife Estee are both confident in their Christian faith. They had the remarkable distinction of being Head boy and Head girl of their school, Hoerskool Dirkie Uys, in the same year Estee taught Science part-time at Kearsney and then gained full employment at St Mary's DSG in Kloof. Jorrie is the consummate schoolmaster who took great pride in every task that he was assigned at Kearsney. His single most telling attribute was his close attention to detail. Everybody at the College knew that if Jorrie took something on, it was always done properly. For seven years he ran an efficient and happy Afrikaans Department, Between 2004 and 2006 he was the outstanding Housemaster Finningley House. Another hallmark of Jorrle's career at Kearsney was his proactivity - be it in instigating and organising a national U14 rugby festival at Kearsney, proposing and instituting an orientation programme for new staff at Kearsney, or volunteering to be the Operations Manager at the 2006 Independent Schools' Rugby Festival at Kearsney. He played a major role in numerous organisational committees at the school and for most of his time here was the highly respected coach of the key U14A rugby team. As a serious educationalist, Jorrie always gave the highest priority to the academic aspects of his career Besides his remarkable Afrikaans Department, he was also the organiser of the lEB Afrikaans Second Language Conference. His ultimate academic accolade, however was his acquisition of a Master's Degree in Business Administration amidst all his activities in the College. This is a most unusual qualification for a teacher When Jorrie was asked for a valedictory comment, he said : "I hope that I will be remembered as someone who was always prepared to get involved and give 100%, someone of principle and integrity who cared about his colleagues and the boys and who was a firm but fair disciplinarian. I loved my time at Kearsney - the College has enriched my life." And you have enriched Kearsney. Go well,Jorrie. m >1 (Q 1^ 3 ftl DeliveriesJust aphone caiiaway! • Trips • Outing • Service Driver Training • 4x4 Accessories H LEAD THE WAY TOYOTA Fourways 011 317 8888 Howick 033 330 2175 Port Shepstone 039 682 2472 Scottburgh 039 976 1337 Widenham 039 973 2022 BTwii

VALE VALETO A GROUP OF KEARSNEY'S LOYAL SUPPORT STAFF Robert Ngobo Ruth Gasa Philipine Miya Stella Mkhize Regina Khanyile Due to the restructuring we sadly bade farewell to a group of people who have rendered loyal and valuable service to Kearsney over many years. Robert Ngcobo,who served for 39 years,was the longest serving ofthese good people. He spent most ofthis time serving in the Sanatorium making sure that the boys in the San were properly fed. One of Robbie's little Idiosyncrasies was never to wear shoes to work - although he always dressed very smartly to attend Church or any other formal occasion. He loves going to Church on Sundays, gardening and tending to his chickens. Ruth Gasa served for 30 years and spent many ofthese as a housekeeper in Finningley. Although bothered by arthritis In more recent years, Ruth has never allowed this ailment to interfere with her doing a full day's work. Ruth loves going to Church,attending traditional functions and "keeping my house warm and clean." Phlllipine Miya served for 28 years In the laundry,sewing room and as housekeeper for Finningley. She came to appreciate the teamwork amongst all those involved In Finningley and has appreciated working with Sister Dot Bissell in recent years. Phillipine likes Housemaster Andy Morgan:"He's a good kid and I would have liked to have spent more time with him." She loves gardening and "likes a home to be a home." Stella Mkhize served for 25 years and,together with Robbie,was a stalwart in the Sanatorium. The present sisters there are quick to praise Stella for her strength ofcharacter and reliability. She heads a successful family and is particularly proud of her son who has almost completed his studies for a law degree. Joyce Khosa Agnes Mnyandu Happy Dlamini Regina Khanyile served for 24 years In the laundry,sewing room and as a housekeeper in Pembroke. She has a quiet and pleasant personality and particularly enjoyed her relationships with Deputy Headmastersjannie Storm ("we were like family") and Robin Blamey, as well as with Barend Steyn. Regina loves going to Church,cooking and listening to the radio. Joyce Khoza served for 22 years as the housekeeper for several headmasters. She Is Happy DIamlnl's sister and also commends Roshlnle Govender In the Finance Department"for her good nature and good advice." Joyce loves"Jesus,the Church,cooking on Sunday afternoons,and spending time with my family." Agnes Mnyandu served for 21 years in the laundry,as well as in Finningley and Gllllngham. Her husband Joseph was born In Finningley and served at Kearsney for 30 years, mostly as the school driver He passed away in 2004. Agnes was the staff representative on the school's Equity Forum. She loves"meeting with the ladles at Church and making my home a warm and lovely place to live in." Happy Dlamini served for 18 years in the tea kitchen and library and also assisted with filing,the mail and reception. Happy by name and disposition,she appreciated Roshinie Govender's support and understanding as well as that ofSister Janet Lee In the Sanatorium for her care when Happy had problems with her health. Happy Is "ambitious to study and empower myself" and after passing Matric part-time,studied the ICDL (International Gomputer Drivers' License). She is presently studying to qualify as an administrative assistant. Alelda Fuller served for 12 years as the matron of Haley House where she took her role as housemother seriously and often went beyond the call of duty on behalf ofthe youngest boys In the College. She was also always very willing to help wherever she could with transporting ill and Injured boys of all ages - something that was particularly appreciated by the sisters in the Sanatorium. Aleida's kind heart was apparent in her love for her pets and her generous hugs for anybody she thought needed one! Aleida Fuller 13

IN MEMORIUM THEA REECE Passed away 27July 2006 ft Thea Reece when she was teaching at old Kearsney near Stanger With the passing ofour much-loved and greatly admired Thea Reece we have come to the end ofan era. She was the last remaining link with the foundation ofthis College on the estate ofthe late Sir Liege Hulett on the Natal North Coast in 1921. Thea was a member of stafffor 35 years - from 1933 to 1967 and served the College under three headmasters,Mr Bob Matterson, Mr Stanley Osier and MrJimmy Hopkins. She joined the staff as Miss Fraser and after the war married fellow staff memberJack Reece who was on the staff for forty-one years. This College,which today ranks among the best of its kind in South Africa, was built upon the solid foundation ofa highly gifted and dedicated academic staff, which tradition the current staff have not only maintained but indeed enhanced. Thea's teaching career at Kearsney took place at the worst oftimes. She joined the staff during the great depression ofthe thirties when the very existence ofthe school was threatened due to severe financial constraints. Indeed,the staff helped to rescue the situation by agreeing to take a cut in their salaries. Scarcely had they weathered this storm when they had to cope with the upheaval of moving from the North Coast to Botha's Hill, and this on the cusp of the Second World War in August 1939. The first six years on this site coincided with the six years ofthe war This added considerably to the difficulties ofsettling in. Apart from anything else,the senior boys knew that on leaving school most of them would be joining the armed forces and might soon be killed - as, unfortunately,turned out to be the case with a number ofthem. Such is the tragedy of war Kearsney's staff at that time was relatively small and led by Mr R H Matterson. One must pay tribute to their tenacity,wisdom and Christian commitment. Among those torch-bearers was Thea Reece. To appreciate some ofthe difficulties with which they had to cope one must remember at that time this was a black-out area because of its visibility at nightfrom the Indian Ocean and Japanese planes and warships were a possible threat. Trenches had to be dug by the staff and boys around Finningley and Gillingham to which everyone had to retreat if a siren sounded at any time ofthe day or night. To add to their woes,a vicious storm broke in May 1940 that caused havoc - the servants' barracks disappeared down the valley and there was no water for four days. The boys hoped to be sent home but the Headmaster declined such clemency. They had come to school to learn and there was work to be done. To put it mildly,those early years were no picnic. It required the likes of Thea Reece to ride the storms. The indestructible anchor in Thea's life was her deep and profound Christian experience. Her glowing countenance and her winsome smile were eloquent testimony to her deep and abiding faith. Her personality and her pleasant and imperturbable demeanour were unmistakable indications ofwho she was and whom she sought to serve. Her church was her fulcrum and the Women's Auxiliary was one ofthe special avenues through which she chose to express her Christian faith in the service of her fellow human beings. We rejoice in the noble example ofone who lived valiantly and died courageously and who epitomised all the finest qualities enshrined in our beloved Kearsney. We shall thank God upon every remembrance of her She has deservedly received the Divine benediction: Well done,good and faithful servant enter thou into thejoy ofthy Lord. i. m 'ft ^ & k Thea Reece celebrating her 95th birthday in January 2006 with Kearsney Staff- Marie Alborough,Fred Cocks and Phil Ratcliffe Page 14

IN MEMORIUM LUNGELO NDIMANDE 25 April 1992 - 10 February 2006 The College was set back on its heels early In the year with the tragic passing of Lungelo Ndlmande who had been a Grade 8 pupil at the school for less than a month. The death ofanyone so young comes as a shock - but particularly so when Lungelo had made such a wonderful Impression and so many friends in his short time with us. He suffered a ruptured aneurysm in the brain and after two days in hospital slipped quietly from this world. Lungelo arrived at Kearsney as the recipient ofone ofthe prestigious Mzi Khumalo Bursaries. He completed his junior education at Lyndhurst Primary School In PInetown where he was an outstanding sportsman. He played In the first cricket(captain), rugby,and soccer teams and was selected for the PInetown and Districts cross country team. A natural leader; he was also a Monitor at Lyndhurst. The high esteem in which Lyndhurst Primary held Lungelo can be gauged from the following commentfrom one of his more recent reports : Lungelo is extremely popular and well-liked by peers and adults alike. He approaches life with cheerful zest and gives ofhis best in all that he attempts to do.He is a team player both on and offthe field. The Kearsney Head of Middle School,Mr Rod deVilliers, commented that It really was quite remarkable how well-known and popular Lungelo had become amongst his fellows in his few weeks at Kearsney. Further testimony to the regard In which his peers held him is that some twenty of his friends from Lyndhurst Primary attended Lungelo's Memorial Service In the Kearsney Chapel. In this solemn and deeply moving service,tribute was paid to Lungelo by Mr F Mbini(a family member),Mr M Zungu (on behalf ofthe Mzi Khumalo Foundation),and MrA van Zyl (Haley Housemaster; Lungelo's House). The Kearsney Choir then rose and with great sensitivity sang the song"Like An Eagle" which was written by Zavlon Kotze,Head of Haley House and Haley prefect jude Kok, to try to express the shattered feelings of Lungelo's housemates. Lungelo's family later expressed their sincere appreciation for the dignity,sincerity and appropriateness ofthe Kearsney's farewell to a son who promised so much. Lala Kahle Ndimande,Gcwensa Omuhle LIKEAN EAGLE Composition and lyrics by; Zavion Kotze and Jude Kok - Haley House 2006 Verse I Right now we wonder how you're doing up there. Everybody down here is missing you... You were sent by God,you were told to give a message. Your impact will last forever... Chorus And when I'm gone,just carry on,don't mourn. Rejoice at the sound of my voice,rejoice... Verse 2 Asthe bird sings,the eagles fly. Your memory will never die... You brought us the message,to live life to the full, Carpe Diem,cause you never know... Narration Hey Lungz,watsup?We all miss you and wish you were here. Your smile was great and no-one will ever forget it. You were and always will be my best friend,my brother for life. So don'tforget that Cod loves you and I know you're with him right now. So Lungz,we'll meet you in heaven and please. Teach me to fly... Bridge Nothing is the same without you by our side. Rest in peace,we'll see you in heaven. COLIN WOOLACOTT Honorary Life Trustee 1929-2006 Please refer to page 194 Page 15

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT:SPEECH DAY A very warm welcome to all of you who have made the effort to be with us today at this,our 85th Annual Speech Day and Prize Giving, A special welcome to our guest speaker an Old Boy and Board Member Mr Andlle Mazwai - thanks for making the trip down from Jo'burg to be with us today. The guest speaker at the recent Michaelhouse Speech Day was the Deputy President and she apparently arrived in a military helicopter with about8 bodyguards - where have you hidden your entourage,Andile? I especially welcome gentlemen ofGrade 12 - this Is your day and we honour and acknowledge many of your achievements at what will be your final speech day after fve years at Kearsney, Over the past few years it has almost become a tradition at this stage to make special mention ofThea Reece who attended an extraordinary 71 annual Speech Days, Sadly,she passed away earlier this year but I'm sure she'll be watching over us during the proceedings this morning. This week we also paid our respects to a man who served the school for nearly 40 years as a Board memberTrustee and representative ofthe Methodist Church. Colin Woolacott's contribution was huge and we will certainly miss his loyal support. best. He has found a perfect foil In Senior Deputy Head, Peter Kirsten, Not on every boy or parents'Christmas card list, Peter has become a vital cog In this outstanding leadership team. They are ably supported by an executive management and staff of talented and extremely dedicated men and women most of whom are on this stage behind me. As I have said on so many occasions, they are the unsung heroes behind the successes ofthe College and I ask you to put your hands together In applauding their huge contribution. Testimony to this Is the fact that we have another full Intake of 125 Grade 8 boys next year(most ofthem KZN boys) and the waiting list is growing. This yeartwo staff members receive an award for 25 years of devoted service,and I'm going to ask them to come up and receive their awards. Firstly Phil Ratcliffe and then Stella Mkhlze. This IS my second year as Chairman ofthe Board and one always takes on such a role with a certain amount oftrepidation. Not only did I have a hard act to follow but wasn't sure how demanding such a role could prove to be. However, I have found It both an extremely enjoyable and an enriching privilege to be Having attended a number ofspeech days at other schools, I have noticed that the format hardly ever differs and things can get a tad boring sometimes. So the Headmaster and I have decided to change things and spice the proceedings up a bit this year In the place of the Headmasters'address he will be doing karaoke whilst the guest speakers'address will be replaced with mud wrestling by certain staff members - you think I'm joklngi I was told once that a bore is someone who when you ask him how he is - tells you! I hope we don't bore you today - but just remember - no-one really listens to anyone else and If you try It for a while you will see why, 2006 has been another year of quiet achievement. The Headmaster will deal with this In more detail in his address but this group of outstanding gentlemen has done us proud In continuing to uphold Kearsney's'excellent standards and values under the quiet but no less Impressive leadership ofAngelo van Dyk and George Robinson. You guys also make history as you are the first Kearsney leavers to have experienced your entire school career(Grade I to Grade 12) under the ANC government. The achievements ofthis group would not have been possible without strong direction and example from the top and I must mention the growing stature of our Headmaster Elwyn van den Aardweg. He is now in his 6th year at the helm and a seasoned campaigner and highly respected leader I have had the privilege to work closely with Elwyn and have developed huge admiration for his all round qualities and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Today organisations require a leader with courage and internal fortitude, Elwyn doesn't just follow the rules ofthe past, but stands up for what he believes is CHA TWELL r Guest House&Conference Centre f f I Chartwell House is an elegant 4 star Mediterranean villa, renown for our generous comfort, warm hospitality and friendiy, efficient service. Situated at the gateway to the scenic 1000 hiiis area, we are oniy a 3 minute drive from Kearsney Coiiege, and ciose to the amenities of Hiiicrest, Bothas Hiii and Kioof. We offer: Seif Catering B&B or fuli board A iuxurious honeymoon suite Group bookings up to 18 aql J BISLbjdtMh MkP-.IS A fuily equipped conference faciiity Wi-fi internet access DSTV Secretariai Service rmmM rmAUiNO ★ ★ ★ ★ 11 Chartweii Drive, Assagay Tei: +27(31)7655962 Fax: +27(31)7656706 E-maii: bookings@chartweiihouse,co,za Visit our ge 16

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT:SPEECH DAY involved in the direction ofthis fantastic institution. It has a unique atmosphere,spirit and energy and what is present today is as a result ofthe unselfish contribution and commitment ofso many special, generous and dedicated people since this school wasfounded in 1921 by Sir Liege Hulett. I need to acknowledge the contribution of my fellow Board Members who so unselfishly give up their time for no reward.All have applied themselves diligently to the tasks at hand. We welcomed 3 new members to the Board this year Mr Manuel Gouveia,owner of a very successful construction company,has taken control ofour capital projects with typical gusto and commitment - he's certainly the first Portuguese Catholic we've had on the Board (apologies to the Methodists but we needed him!) Andile Mazwai,our guest speaker; has been another welcome addition and most recently the Old Boy's representative on the board is Grant Coppin who holds a senior position with Investec Bank and we look forward to his contribution. Thanks also to theTrustees,the ultimate custodians ofthe"family jewels"so to speak and the wise men vested with the powerto remove me from my position should I misbehave. There is this perception that they are the"old farts"ofthe college but I've had the pleasure of attendingTrustee's meetings and the wisdom and experience around that table is immense. But more importantly these gentlemen have such a deep seated passion for the school and as somebody once said of Graham Shuken he has "greyhounds running through his veins." One oftheTrustees,Mr Keith Comins(who has become one ofthe schools'greatest benefactors)turned 90 earlier this year He never misses a meeting and believe me he is as sharp as a razor and never misses a trick In particular I would like to thank the Chairman oftheTrust, Ted Garner,for the tremendous support that he has given me personally. It is much needed and greatly appreciated, Ted. Something that has really pleased me is the tremendous harmony that exists between the Headmaster and staff,the Board of Governors and theTrustees. I think I can safely say that this extends to the current parent group too who,as important stakeholders,give tremendous support through the Parents'Society. A great challenges that we face at Kearsney is to ensure that we remain one ofthe leading independent schools in South Africa. Part ofour responsibility is to constantly upgrade the facilities and we are embarking upon one ofour busiest periods of Capital Projects with a commensurate financial commitment - so at times over the next few years we might look like one ofthe few construction sites in the world with its own school! I have no doubt that future generations will enjoy the benefits ofsome ofthe bold decisions we have taken. To the Grade 12s; I hope you guys have enjoyed your five years at Kearsney. I am sure you now appreciate your parents'decision to send you here. You will be embarking on a new phase in your lives next year full of new challenges but no longer under the protection of your schoolboy status. If you embrace those challenges with your intrinsic sense of right from wrong,you're guaranteed an exciting and successful life. Take with you the wonderful experiences and memories you have and nurture the friendships that you have made so that they continue into the future.Thank you for the part you have played in this school's proud history. Go well,guys... Dave Pearse ANDILE MAZWAI Kearsney Old Boy,Andile Mazwai(1986-1989)was the guest speaker at the 2006 Speech Day.He says proudly that his formative years and holidays were spent tending cattle in "rural Transkei" and that he was never a "high profiler" during his Kearsney years. After leaving school,Andile acquired a B Com (Honours)at the University ofCape Town.He then became involved in several small business ventures until in 1998 he began his career as a stockbroker. He founded Mazwai Securities in 2001 with a client base ofinstitutional investors. In 2003 Andile merged Mazwai Securities with Barnard,Jacob, Mellet in a major Black Economic Empowerment transaction where he became the CEO ofBJM,South Africa's largest independent stockbroker. He now holds several executive positions such as being a Member ofthe jSE Trading Advisory Committee and a Director ofthe Financal Services Board. But most important from Kearsney's point-of-view, he is an involved member ofour Board of Governors. Andile began his speech with a clip from a Johnny Walker whisky advertisement in which is focused on him.He then wenton to exhort the matrics to "embrace life out there" and to "experience as much as you can." He explained that you "learn from everything,even from ventures that are not successful." Andle insisted that there are immense opportunities in South Africa today for everybody,no matter what their colour or creed and that, with the percentages applied being what they are, BEE doesn't really exclude anybody. Andile's presentation style is light, enthusiastic and telling - and several matrics commented that they felt inspired by his speech and were determined "to make it happen,here in South Africa!" ; 17

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HEADMASTER'S REPORT:SPEECH DAY MrAndile Mazwai, Chairman,guests,staff and boys ofthe College, I would like to begin my address by recording thanks to people who have meant a lot to the College during the past year: It is a tradition that a mother of a Matric boy arranges the flowers for this occasion. Thank you Glynis Kotze and Lorraine Hartley who helped you. Thanks also go to Mrs DiYork for adding a touch of class to the College in terms offurniture and finishings. Di,an exparent,continues to help the school in a variety of ways - what a stalwart she is. There are many people here today who have supported the College in material and moral ways over the past year. In the audience are representatives ofcompanies and individuals who support our scholarship and bursary fund,thus making it possible for us to be a school that draws its boys from a healthy cross section of South African society. It is important for us to produce young men who can walk with kings and yet keep the common touch. To the Parents'Society and parents in general - thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm.This year has seen unprecedented support from our parent body and I pay tribute to them for their unstinting generosity shown in so many ways. To the Old Boys - for the camaraderie,networking and marketing you do. i am grateful to the Board Chair and Vice-Chain Dave Pearse and Dave Polkinghorne and the whole Board for the time that they give to provide expertise in the areas where we require it: Financial, HR and legal. Development and Estates, National Education matters. Foundation and funding etc. TheTrustees underTed Garner who provide careful wisdom and advice on the strategic direction ofthe Coiiege. i also thank my wifeTracey for her love of Kearsney and of me and for making it very easy for me to be the Head ofthis College. And then to the boys ofthe College. They are the reason for us being here. When all is said and done,chaps, you are great to work with. The flags around the hall represent the home countries from which our boys come.There are aiso exchange students through the course ofthe year and their countries'flags will be found amongst the others. We have an Entrance Examination that all prospective pupils write and I thought I would share an answer that came out ofa recent Mathematics paper so that you can get a feel for the superb quality of applicant attempting to come to this great school. Question - A farmer walking with a box ofchickens and rabbits was asked how many ofeach he had. He replied,"In this box there are 30 eyes and 36 feet." How many rabbits and chickens are in the box? Answer"? rabbits and 8 chickens except one chicken would have only I leg". In my address this morning I would like to dispei the myth created by stories such as this one that Kearsney boys can't or don't count! The academic side ofthe Coiiege is always an area of pride. We were delighted that our 2005 Dux ScholarWilliam Scott (piaced in the top 50 in the lEB examination) was accepted straight into Harvard where he started last month. You may also remember the outstanding results we achieved in the various Olympiads last year Well,this year the boys have continued with their fine performances. In the English Olympiad,3 Kearsney boys were placed in the top 100 ofout of 14 000 candidates. In the Science Olympiad 2 boys were in the top 10 ofout of 17 000 candidates. Some innovations this year included the introduction ofa new subject in the College curriculum,namely Engineering Graphics and Design. This subject has proved popular and challenging to the boys.A course in Basic Mandarin and Chinese Culture was also introduced on a trial basis in the Middle School and we will be expanding this course next year We also sent a History tour to icy Russia and the UK in April. The upgrade ofour4 science labs and the addition ofa fifth will be completed by the end of November I would like to thank Mr Keith Comins not only for his generosity in funding the entire upgrade but also for his continued interest in the project.At the age of90 he drives down from Johannesburg with his wife Pat to keep an eye on the builders(and the budget) and to attend Trustees meetings. Whilst we are mentioning the kindness of people, I would like to thank Rand Merchant Bank and Mrsjoy Gafney who,in memory of her late husband John, made it possible for us to purchase this beautiful grand piano. We wiii be having a concert in honour of RMB and John Gafney early next term. The pursuit ofacademic excellence is always high on the agenda of the academic staff and I would like to pay special tribute to them. Whatthey get out ofthe boys is astounding considering all the other demands on the boys, i would therefore like to thank ail the staff, my executive and other management as well as finance, administration and support stafffor the sterling commitmentto their profession. Kearsney seldom sleeps,relying on a band of people who are prepared to go the extra mile or work the extra hour or day for the good ofthe boys. We simply couldn't offer the kind of holistic education we do if staff operated with a trade union mindset. It is always a sad duty to say farewell to staff, particularly those who have become part and parcel ofthe KearsneyVillage. Mr Jorrie Oosthuizen and his family left us a few weeks ago. He was a highly competent HOD ofAfrikaans and a weli-liked Housemaster of Finningiey. He is studying full time towards qualifying as a psychologist and is already sorely missed. Ms Nicky Clucas leaves us shortly to marry Kim deVilliers. Nicky has taught French fortwo years,involving herself in hockey and the surfing club. She became a familiar sight on North Beach on Friday afternoons,blonde hair blowing in the wind with up to fifty young Kearsney surfers 19