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X IP^ i 5^. :V * A- U 'J'f i

CONTENTS Trustees and Board 2 From the Headmaster's Desk 3 Staff. In Memorium 12 Headmaster's Report:Speech Day 15 Speech Day: Prize Giving 18 lEB Senior Certificate Results 21 Presentation Assembly. 23 The Prefects 27 The Student Council 29 Kearsney Foundation 30 Spirituality &c Fellowship 37 House Reports 42 Academic Departments 58 Clubs and Cultural Activities 83 Events 97 Sport 109 Kearsney College Old Boys 188 *# KEARSNEY COLLECE

TRUSTEES AND BOARD TRUSTEES ELECTED MEMBERS Mr R R Becker\Mr J Bester Rev Dr Borman Mr G Collingwood Mr N Gerber Mr P Stockil MrAWHYork EX OFFICIO MEMBERS The Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Rev Ivan M Abrahams Chairman ofthe Board Mr D K Pearse Honorary Life Trustees Rev CWiikins DrGW Shuker Mr K C Comins BOARD OF GOVERNORS EX OFFICIO MEMBERS The Presiding Bishop Rev Ivan M Abrahams Representative of KwaZulu Natal Coastal District Mr Rodney Britten-Kelly Bishop KwaZulu Natal Coastal District Bishop Purity Malinga NOMINATED MEMBERS Chairman Mr D K Pearse Vice Chairman Mr D A Polklnghorne MrW P Coetzee Mr M Gouveia Mr M Khumalo Mr R H Lloyd MrCA Massey MrA Mazwai Rev R Scholtz Ms NT Siwendu Mrs KTocknell Mrs G Williams EX OFFICIO MEMBERS: Chairman of the Trustees Mr R R Becker Kearsney Old Boys' Club Mr G N Coppin MrW G Robinson Parents' Society Representative MrC Johnson Kearsney College Headmaster Mr E D van den Aardweg Kearsney College Bursar Mrs L M Croudace Honorary Life Governor Prof V j Bredenkamp Below: Demolishing ofthe old kitchen The temporary dining hall in the Sports Centre

FROM THE HEADMASTER'S DESK "An army marches on its stomach"and "the sure way to a man's heart is through his stomach"are sayings with which we in a boy's environment are too familiar It therefore goes without saying that good care should be taken to ensure that growing and active boys are well-fed. This year has seen the building programme move west,focusing on the dining rooms and kitchen. Early in January the old kitchen was raised to the ground to make way for a modern facility which includes a bakery and butchery. The refurbishment ofthe dining halls will enable each senior house to have its very own dining room with no need fortwo sittings. We hope that house spirit will be raised,the day boys more fully integrated into the houses and the manners ofthe boys will improve in an environment created to enhance the eating experience. The dining rooms and kitchen will be opened early in 2008. It has been a rare privilege to see over 600 boys in the temporary dining facility (soon to be the indoor sports centre) all sitting and eating at the same time. The percentage of boarders has exceeded 75%for the first time in many years and Haley House is totally full with 93 boarders. These are all good signs, in particular that there is such demand for boarding when many ofthose boys live close by and could be staying at home. Boarding is perceived by the majority of boys as desirable. After the opening ofthe refurbished Science block in February by donor Mr Keith Comins,work soon started on the construction ofthree new classrooms above the History/Zulu classrooms near the Chapel. This expansion was necessary to provide a venue for Engineering,Graphics and Design as well as Human and Social Studies classrooms. In fact,the whole campus has become a virtual teaching venue with the installation ofa wireless local area network funded by a generous Old Boy. Internet connectivity is therefore available to boys and staff anywhere on the estate. Connectivity and relationships between members ofthe Kearsney family has been a feature ofthe year without taking on a headline grabbing profile. In tragedy,we have witnessed the strong bonds that hold our fabric together A number of boys and Old Boys were Involved in serious motor vehicle accidents and some have died long before their time for other reasons. Grade 12 Pembroke pupil, Ifeanyi Okafor succumbed to the effect ofa rare blood disease, Sickle cell anaemia in August. After being diagnosed at a young age he was prohibited from participating in sport. Not taking no for an answer he persuaded the medical staffto allow him to play goalie for a Kearsney soccer side, mentioning to them that for his team,a goalie would not be required to exert himself at all. He would look fon/vard to the advent ofthe soccer season every year as this would give him the only opportunity to run on to the field with his mates, to represent his Kearsney College. He was a living example ofa boy who"seized the day". In the pages ofthe Chronicle are many more examples of boys and staff who live our motto"Carpe Diem". These people are thanked for their efforts,energy and enthusiasm for it is the passion for what they do that is a hallmark ofa great school. Once again we pay tribute to those who have made the year the one that it was. TheTrustees under Mr Rob Becker the Board chaired by Mr Dave Pearse.the Executive and full Management of the College,Parents Society,staff, prefects, boys and Old Boys,are all connected by that common bond that is Kearsney College. They are saluted and thanked for the part each has played In the completion of another successful year in our history. yi/AtA. Elwyn van den Aardweg Below: Building three new classrooms on the first floor i

L Jf iW SS'fc - Ss. ■ .' .1

Recognising EXCEllENGE A good leader does more than lead, he recognises and nurtures excellence. [♦^#1 KEARSNEY COLLEGE

STAFF ii Bi&c ACADEMIC STAFF Back Row:John Drew,Sybil Terblanche,Schoelem Pillay, Adam Rogers, Mike Albers,Graham Shone,Owen Phipps,Shaun van Wyk, Roberto Candotti, Neil Peacock, Richard Nienaber, Mxolisi Ndlanya, Peter King Third Row: Paula Isaac, Marianne Manley,Stephen Schmidt,Shaun Baker, Bruce Thompson,Alvy Murray,Wayne Stewart, Kirsty Stewart, David Graves,Wayne Marsden,Trish Pike, Zastra Conway-Nunn,Manzini Zungu Second Row:Angela Stevens,Jolene Ostendorf, Uleatha Singh,Andrea Fripp, Wayne Amos,Kevin Smith, Fred Cocks,Bonginkosi Ndaba, Carol Tullidge,Jean Ratcliffe, Wendy OConnor,Veronica Wallace Front Row:Fergus Gray,Andre van Zyl, Anthony Willows, Rev Rodney Ramsay, Rod de Villiers, Peter Kirsten, Elwyn van den Aardweg, Keith Decker, Mick Bissell, Dave Goldhawk,Andrew Morgan,Barend Steyn, Marco Botha ACADEMIC Mr E D van den Aardweg: BA(Hons)HDEBed Headmaster Mr PJ Kirsten: BSc HDE FDE Senior Deputy Headmaster; Mathematics Mr K Decker: BEdT Cert Deputy Headmaster;l/C Academics; Mathematics Mr M F Bissell: BA UED Bed Deputy Headmaster;Director Post Matric; History Mr M Albers: BCom HDE l/C Accounting MrWAmos:BA(Hons) HDE Geography Mr S Baker: BEd Geography;Physical Education Mr C M Botha: HDE Sec.Ed ACE Housemaster Sheffield House; Mathematics Mr R Candotti: BA(Hons) HED English Mrs M Manley l/C French MsZ R Conway-Nunn: Dip Higher Education l/C Afrikaans Mr F P D Cocks: BA UED BEd Grade Head Gr 9; Life Skills Gr 9; Mathematics Mr R de Villiers: BSc(Hons) HDE Head of Middle School; Biology Mr J Drew:BA HDE Grade Head Gr 8;Geography Mr B Fulton: MGSD MCSE IT Facilitator; Staff development MrsA Fripp: BCom HDE FDE Accounting;ICDL Examiner Mr D Goldhawk:BA Sp(Hons) Grad GE Senior Housemaster; English Mr D Graves: BA HDE BEd Grade Head Gr 10;Afrikaans Mr F C Gray: BSc Housemaster Gillingham;Science Mrs P Isaac: BSoc Sc HDE BEd Dip ICDL l/C Resource Centre Mr P G King: BA UED l/C Geography MrW D Marsden: HDE Commerce Business Economics;Accounting MrA Morgan: BA(Hons)PGCE English MrA Murray: BA HDE BEd Grade Head Gr I I ; Afrikaans Mrs S Murray: BSc(Hons)HDE l/C Science Mr B Ndaba: B Paed (ARTS) l/C Zulu Mr R Nienaber: Dip (Graphic Des)PGCE Arts & Culture MrsW OConnor:BA(Hons) HDE Med School Counsellor;l/C Life Skills Ms J Ostendorf: BEd Academic Support Mr N Peacock: BA(Hons)HDE History MrOD Phipps:BScSTD FDE(Coms)MEd CAN l/C Computer Studies Mrs PJ Pike: BEd l/C Mathematics MrsJ Ratcliffe: BAT Dip Mathematics Rev Ramsay: BTH(UNISA)PECE Chaplain MrA Rogers: BA HDE Dip Mkt Man(ICM) l/C History; l/C Culture

STAFF sri ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Back Row:Robert Sibiya, Val Dixon,Naomi Thompson,Wiseman Ngwane,Vicky Mare,Rose Armstrong, Karen Southwell,Thaloshney Moonsamy Midle Row:Tilly Kirstensamy, Europa Ngubane,Thobeka Mzobe,Penny Needham,Rose Walburger, Lorraine Hartley, Paula Cronje, Roshnie Govender Front Row:Janet Lee, Heather Pearse,Joy Mills-Hackmann, Keith Thompson,Bea Croudace,Jenny Du Casse, Dot Bissell Mr S R Schmidt; BSc HDE l/C Biology Mr G E M Shone: BA UED English Mrs U Singh; BA(Hons) l/C Speech & Drama Mr K Smith; BA HDE Master in Charge ofSport MrsA M Stevens:LTCL Director of Music Mrs K Stewart; B Ed (PET) Design &Technology; English MrW Stewart; B Ed (PET) Design &Technology; Mathematics Mr B Steyn; BCom HDE Housemaster Pembroke;Accounting Mrs S FTerblanche; BA(Hons)MA Afrikaans Mr BThompson; HDE SecEd Science Mrs CVTullldge; NTDA(Design) NHD(PA Painting) l/C Art MrSLvanWyk;HDE SecEd Science MrAFvanZyl;BA HDE Housemaster Haley;Afrikaans MrsVAWallace;BA HDE l/C English MrA H Willows; BSc HDE Grade Head Gr 12; l/C Student Affairs; Mathematics Mr M Zungu; BSS(Hons) Zulu;l/C Community Service ADMINISTRATIVE Mrs L M Croudace;B Com Bursar MrsJ C Mllls-Hackmann; B Com Foundation Director Mrs HJ Pearse; N Dip Arch Tech Director of Marketing Mr KThompson Director of Sport Mrs K Southwell; Dip BED Assistant Bursar Mrs R Armstrong; Dip Bookkeeping Debtors Controller Mrs R Govender; Dip HR Management Resource Manager MrsV DIxon Finance Assistant Sister J Lee; Reg Nurse/Midwifery Sanatorium Sister D Bissell; Reg Nurse/Midwifery Sanatorium Mrs P Needham Headmaster's Secretary Ms S Cain School Secretary Mrs J Du Casse Kit and Clothing Shop Manager Mrs LA Hartley Marketing and Admissions Secretary MIssT Mzobe Marketing Assistant Mrs B Oakes Music Department Secretary Ms E N Ngubane Receptionist MrsT KIstensamy; ICDL Laboratory Assistant MissT Moonsamy;ICDL, Nl Laboratory Assistant MrsV Mare Library Assistant Mrs P Cronje:HDE Secretary-Old Boys'Club Mr R SIblya Photocopy Clerk MrW Ngwane Driver

STAFF STAFF NEWS At the beginning ofthe year;we welcomed several new members of staffto Kearsney. Trish Pike succeeded Phil Ratcliffe as Head of Mathematics.Shaun Baker and Kirsty Stewart were appointed as full-time teachers. Marianne Manley arrived to head the French Department and Jolene Ostendorfwas appointed as an academic support specialist. During the course ofthe year; Rose Waldburger retired as secretary in the Music Department and was succeeded by Brigette Oakes. Sinoviah Chetty was appointed as an assistant in Kit and Clothing. In the Finance Department,Roshinie Govender decided to make a career change and was succeeded byVal Dixon as Resources Manager Jesmica Lankesar was appointed to replace Val as Finance Assistant. December saw the retirement oftwo long-serving members of staff. Head of Geography,Peter King, retired after 23 years of dedicated service and.Information Technology pioneer Owen Phipps,stepped down after 15 years.Student Intern,Scholem Pillay, departed to take up a Science post at Felixton College and Kirsty Stewart left to train as a Montessori teacher and pursue a career In pre-primary education. Marianne Manley also departed,having seen the last of the French pupils through their Matric year After four years service as secretary to the Kearsney College Old Boys'Club and the Foundation Office,Paula Cronje left to open a day cane centre. We also bade farewell to stalwart lecturer Gail Green after she had seen the last post matric students successfully through the year November saw the appointment of previously outsourced Information Technology guru,Graham Fleischer as a full-time Kearsney member of staff. On a sad note,September saw the sudden passing of Patrick Moyana,known to generations of Kearsney boys as'Chief. Wedding bells rang at the end of2006 and January saw the return of Head ofScience,Sue Cartwright,as Mrs Michael Murray. Laboratory technlcian,Thaloshney Moonsamy announced her engagement to Ockert Pelzer The stork was kept busy during the year delivering two baby girls and a baby boy: Hannah to Adam and Sharon Rogers,Caitlyn toTilly and Silva Kistensamy,and Jackson to Richard and Caroldee Nienaben Dave Goldhawk 5^. 'I i I i f# r' Mrs Trish Pike Mr Shaun Baker € Ms Jolene Ostendorf Mrs Brigette Oakes Mrs Sinoviah Chetty Mrs Jesmica Lankesar Mrs Val Dixon

STAFF I rV r Birth of baby Jackson Nienaber Birth of baby Caitlyn Kistensamy Birth of baby Hannah Rogers Staff trip to the Battlefields in Zululand KwaZulu-Natal,led by Mr Mick Bissell JBsssee .^•

VALE < Mrs Val Waldburger Mrs Paula Cronje Intern: Mr Sholem Pillay Mrs Kirsty Stewart '- Hillcrest Pharmacy Stockists of VINCY•REVLON•INNOXA ELIZABETH ARDEN YARDLEY•ALMAY And An Extensive Range OfFine French Fragrances Christians Village Centre Cnr. Inanda & Old Main Roads Hillcrest Tel: 765 3275/765 1940 NextTo Pick 'n'Pay Keogh CoinsSA Reg.No.:CK88/08278/23 1203 Mercury House,Smith Street, Durban Tel:031 304 4561/2 Dealers in Bullion Coins,Rare Coins, Medalsand Banknotes «r 10

VALE T" Mr Peter King Mr David Pearse Mr Owen Phipps PETER KING DAVID PEARSE When you have known sonneone for more than 55 years, it is difficult to know where to start. 1 can still remember a picture my mother had ofthe pair of us at age 8 standing in the choir We each held a little candle at Carols by Candlelight in the tobacco floors in what was then Salisbury. Two angelic little faces - well,did things change as we got older? I got married 40 years ago next year and Peter was our best man. I came to Kearsney in 1981 and I think he followed in 1984. He has been master in charge of hockey and athletics (8th place judge) and a cricket coach. I was once asked to produce records ofcricket at Kearsney. Peter's results with the under 16A were second to none. In his laid back-fashion he would take on a challenge and I can remember him coaching a particularly difficult group. This team went on to have an almost unbeaten season. He has taken several tours away giving of his time freely and successfully. I was fortunate to go on two overseas tours with him anotherto Zimbabwe and I think anotherto the Cape. He was respected by the boys in and out ofthe classroom who enjoyed his sense of humour and the fact that he treated them like adults. When I have asked the staff whatthey will miss about him most have said his sense of humour and sitting in the staff room doing his cross words. I will remember him for many things but most of all for sending things back in a restaurant.Peten try notto forget us at this end ofKZN and our best wishes go from all who have been privileged enough to have had some association with you. Phil Ratclifee Past Member of Staff After three years of leading the Board of Governors ofthe College Mr Dave Pearse will be standing down as Chairman ofthe Board at the end ofthis year We wish to thank him for his outstanding leadership which has taken the College to its present pre-eminent position. We certainly will miss his wonderful sense of humour and ability to make entertaining speeches straight offthe cuff without a single note ofreference. His loyalty as an Old Boy Governor and Chairman ofthe Board is greatly appreciated and we trust that his association with the College will continue for many years to come. In typical KwaZulu-Natal fashion we wish him "Unwele olude,nempilo enezibusiso"(long life with blessings). Elwyn van den Aardweg Headmaster OWEN PHIPPS Owen Phipps joined the staff of Kearsney fifteen years ago as Director ofICT Atthe stage there was one lab of diskless workstations and eight Apple IIC computers in what is now the counselling suite. The administration staff had the grand total offour machines running Zenex and DOS word processing package. Owen masterminded the growth ofICT at Kearsney to the extensive infrutructure that we have today;two hundred and sixty computers controlled by two large fileservers which are supported by another two to allow for internet and Owen has also been involved in many cultural and sporting activities during his time at Kearsney-from building sets for plays to surfing safaris to Jeffreys Bay He has always been willing to lend a helping hand to both pupils and staff and we will miss his permanent good cheer (The admin staff will miss his bringing his delicious homemade cakes forthem during the holidays.) m it Andrea Fripp Academic Staff Member Page 11

IN MEMORIUM 4^ *>• ' •• ■ / PATRICK MOYANA Patrick,from Mt Fletcher in the Eastern Cape (Transkei),was at Kearsney from 1972. "Chief" as the boys respectfully and affectionately knew him, saw about 17 500 boys pass through Kearsney Although suffering from arthritis, he showed no signs of ill health,and his sudden death came as a huge shock. He was due to retire in three years. Patrick will be remembered for his service and loyalty to Kearsney, his respect for everyone he met and the dignity he portrayed. Patrick was awarded an Honorary Life Membership to the KCOB at the 2004 Kearsney will not be the same without"Chief". Ourthoughts are with his wife Nellie and family. John Taylor Greyhound Club Manager PATRICK MOYANA 24 August 1945 - 28 September 2007 !tt: ^^SCOVER Boo ^ALK BodyTalk utilizes state-of-the-art energy medicine to optimize the body's internal communications. This, in turn, helps the body to operate more efficiently and more effectively respond to injury and illness. Non-invasive, completely safe and easily integrated into other healthcare regimes. BodyTalk can change the way you look at healthcare forever. People from all over the world have discovered have the opportunityto experience the incredible benefits of this exciting healthcare phenomenon in your own community. Visit us at Body!aUcInsbnctor BodyTalk Access Trainer,OBI,Par.BP 12 Kew Avenue Westville, Durban.KZN South Africa Phone:031-2662265 Fax:0824570S46 Email:thebromflelds^ E.R.eOLLINS SCHOOL & TOURING SERVICES Tel:(031) Fax:(031)777 1774 E-mail: 12

IN MEMORIUM IVM IFEANYI OKAFOR 12 October 1989 - 26 August 2007 IN MEMORY OF IFEANYI OKAFOR (Grade 12-2007) Through the years Ifl was often ill, and at times,suffered extreme pain, but he had the determination to bounce back and never stayed offschool longer than was absolutely necessary. We were aware of the fragility of his condition but did not expectto lose him whilst at Kearsney. His courage was an example to all and we will miss him. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this very difficult time. Janet Lee San Sister He also displayed admirable compassion towards others and set a perfect example for his junior^ Richard Rennie,who had the following to say,"Ifl was a kind and humble person who took care of my well being. His friendly,warm and welcoming smile will always stay with Ifi was very popular amongst his peers Adrian Faure said,"As a friend Ifl has been inspirational and an example of being dedicated to relationships. He was a happy person who always with a ready smile and chirp,always supportive In a time of need". Ifi has been a model student in Pembroke and I echo the sentiments above especially about his embracing the values ofPembroke -Scholarship, Fellowship and Sportsmanship. He accepted his circumstances and insisted on not being treated any differently from other members ofthe House. He took great pride and enjoyment in his brother(and close friend) Kene's achievements on the sports field. He was indeed a wonderful example to us all. As the San sister; Sister Bissell and I got to know Ifi very well during his time at Kearsney-especially when he was in grade 8 and 9, before his family moved here from Nigeria. Ifi and Kene arrived at Kearsney In January 2003,having travelled on their own from Nigeria. Matron Fullertook them under her wing and the boys soon settled. Everyone involved In Ifi's medical care came to really admire his courage and determination to try to live whilst living with the sickle cell anaemia condition. Ifl was a true Kearsney boy at heart. It was one of his greatest wishes to represent his school at sport and a constant frustration that he could not take part due to the danger posed by physical exertion. In Grade 8,Ifi managed to sneak into the crowd of runners at inter-house cross-country. At the end he came to the San to pronounce that he was fine and "just had to do it for points for my house,Sis" He had already embraced Pembroke's principles of Fellowship and Sportsmanship. Ifl begged the school doctors to allow him to play soccer After much persuasion and his coach's encouragement,he was allowed to play goalie as it requires less physical effort. I am sure his proudest moments at Kearsney were when he could run on the field with his team-mates in Kearsney colours. Barend Steyn Pembroke Housemaster a Page 13

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HEADMASTER'S REPORTSPEECH DAY Overthe past7 years my speech has increased from a tidy three pages to the current 10 pages. This is not because I have become long winded,but simply due to my eyesight that the font size has had to increase from 10 to 16. Professor Jenkins,Chairman,guests,staff, parents and boys ofthe College: I would like to begin my address by recording thanks to people who have supported the College in one way or another during the past yean It is a tradition that a group of mothers arranges the flowers for this occasion. Thank you Colleen Coppin,Ram Schachat and the mums who helped you. In the audience this morning are representatives ofcompanies and individuals who support our scholarship and bursary fund,thus making it possible for us to be a school that draws its boys from a healthy cross section ofSouth African society. Thank you for your ongoing faith in the College. To the Parents'Society and parents in general-thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm. This year we have seen tremendous support from our parent body and I pay tribute to them for their unstinting generosity shown in so many ways. To the Old Boys -your camaraderie,networking,support and marketing is greatly appreciated. I am grateful to the Board Chair and vice chair Dave Pearse and Dave Polkinghorne and the whole Board for the time that they give to provide expertise in the areas where we require it. Dave Pearse retires as Chairman after three years at the helm. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him,his common sense,light-heartedness and great sense of humour have helped me through many a difficult situation. TheTrustees under Rob Becker provide careful wisdom and advice on the strategic direction ofthe College. I also thank my wife Tracey for her love of Kearsney and the absolute delight she takes in working(and dancing) with the boys.She makes it very easy for me to be the Head ofthis College. In the hall today are heads and representatives ofschools who have honoured us with their presence-thank you for taking the time to attend today's ceremony. It is always a sad duty to say farewell to staff, particularly those who have become part ofthe Kearsney Family. We thank these stafffor all they have meantto us and the boys over their time at Kearsney. Mrs Mariaan Manley who has taught French for the past two years leaves us as at the end ofthe year as does Mr Scholem Pillay who has been a student intern fortwo years and who qualifies at the end ofthe year to start his teaching career Mrs Kirsty Momberg,teacher ofTechnology is leaving to pursue other interests in the Educational field. Sister Janet Lee who is well-known to all the boys and many Old Boys retires at the end ofthe year after 8 years service. She has been the epitome ofa caring, professional nursing sister and someone in whose care any parent would be happy to leave their son. Peter King,Head of Geography,hockey coach and master in charge of Hockey retires after 23 years of loyal service to the College. We shall miss his quick wit, his phlegmatic approach to life and his crosswords in the staff room. He is sure to enjoy the bliss that retirement is promising him on the North Coast. While on the topic ofstaff, I wish to pay tribute to the academic, finance, marketing and admin stafffor the tremendous effort they have put into the successful running ofthe College. Their insistence on maintaining the highest standards and at the same time taking care ofthe well-being ofthe boys is appreciated by us. In a period ofsignificant curriculum change and development,they have knuckled down to ensure that Kearsney maintains its emphasis on academic excellence. The extended management and the Executive have provided superb leadership,the expertise they offer in their respective fields has been critical to the running ofthis College. Then to the boys ofthe College: They are the reason for us being here. When all is said and done chaps,you are the College. This Matric group in particular has shown incredible growth over five years and we are indeed proud to send you out into the world to take your places as future captains ofindustry,decision makers, loyal friends,good fathers and sought-after husbands(not necessarily in that order). I have had the opportunity ofworking with two of the finest young men one could hope to have on one's side. Brendan Massey as Deputy Headboy is a true gem,a genuine human being and one who,as an actuary one day, I would be very happy to have managing my pension fund. He and Monde made an effective team,assisting me with the challenging task required of the leadership ofthe College. Monde ofcourse is Monde. I always enjoy sharing the stage with him. He is so impressive that no-one takes too much notice of my contribution. Monde,you have no idea how this has taken the pressure off me. I have relished this role which is akin to that of Prince Philip or DennisThatcher Seriously though,this is a young man who possesses an astounding emotional quotient and who,with his prefect body has led the College with distinction. The flags around the hall represent the home countries from which our boys come. We also are host to a number ofoverseas exchange students through the course ofthe year and their countries flags can be found amongst the others. There is a Nigerian flag there because the Okafor boys were with us for five years. Sadly Ifi, in his final year at Kearsney, passed away earlier this month. We miss him. We are all pretty wound up in the fortunes ofour national rugby side at the World Cup in France. The manager ofthe victorious 1995 Springbok side Morne du Plessis read a quotation byThomas Paine shortly before thatteam took to the field against the All Blacks at Ellis Park: "The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap,we esteem too lightly:it is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection." On the fields of play, ourteams have been fiercely competitive over the full range ofsports we offer We are encouraged on a weekly basis by the unfailing supportfrom our boys and parents on the stands and the tenacity shown by those boys on the fields. No school playing against us takes us lightly and,win or lose,our boys always give a good account ofthemselves. Ably led by the Matric class of2007 and the captains ofsport,you chaps can hold your heads high. As a measure ofthe standing ofthe College,we are proud to announce that the first KwaZulu Natal Schools Easter Rugby Festival will take place here at Kearsney next year This will be an annual event over Easter at Kearsney,displaying the finest in schoolboy rugby from around the country. Page 15

Becotft® f f BOOisthe^^^JuES Ulndividua^'^^sBOO tf«' •»-'f 'r 'S'% ■^cs^SrTr VIf *1- .ik-i. * 4' «i %y -'If- ^utstanw'Y ^^,^lES I^PV*^ , number crunchir in the business, enpy fun while you work. _ —^ Tel; 031 201 3100 BDOHouse 59 Musgrave uoaa Durban 4001 steward (KZN) Inc. BDO Spencer Stewaru Chartered Accountants cnaiLci^v^ —- /V relationship at wor_J

HEADMASTER'S REPORTSPEECH DAY The academic side ofthe College is always an area of pride. Overthe past few years,we have concentrated our efforts on the classroom situation. Ensuring that we have quality staff and that they are equipped with the most advanced teaching technology. Much has gone into this development. The newly refurbished Science facilities (generously funded by Mr Keith Comins)were commissioned at the beginning ofthe year and have been wellused to teach a demanding subject. Information technology and its application in the classroom has been a focus and we have been fortunate to be the recipients ofa donation that has allowed us to install a wireless local area network giving boys and staff access to the internet anywhere on the campus. The academic staff has shown tremendous enthusiasm in the integration ofIT into their teaching. Another component ofenhancing teaching and learning in the classroom environment has been the effective introduction and maintenance ofa strong disciplinary support system for the teacher Our staff has also undergone much training in the application ofnew teaching and assessment techniques to prepare our boys for the demands ofthe new curriculum. However it wasTodd Whittaker the author ofthe book"What Great Principals do Differently" who wrote that,"It is not programmes that matter but people." We must be careful in our headlong rush into technology not to compromise on the people's aspect ofour calling. Albert Einstein once said that it is the supreme art ofthe teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. With a myriad opportunities offered to the boys from the host ofclubs and societies,to the choir orchestra,gumboot dancers,the highly entertaining inter-house music competition,the annual theatrical production this year ofAfrica Umoja,to the Upbeat Festival or the offering of Music,Art and Drama as subjects in the curriculum right up to Matric,the well-rounded boy we aim to produce has a fertile ground to develop his interests and talents. So many ofthis year's matric group have excelled in the art and cultural side ofthe College,which is a very healthy sign. Programmes and projects that are currently being undertaken at the College include: • The completion of4 new dining rooms and a brand new kitchen for the start of2008; • The equipping ofthe new High Performance Sports Centre with indoor facilities for 2 basketball courts, I indoor hockey field,7 cricket nets and a strength and conditioning gymnasium; • The establishment ofthe Kearsney Heritage Museum; • The further rolling out ofthe Mathematics and Science excellence programme; • Increasing the Endowment Fund to attract more boys oftalent and those from disadvantaged backgrounds; • Development ofthe Inclusion Education Programme; • Completion of3 new classrooms for the 2008 academic year; • Planning for the 80*'' year ofour Old Boys Club next year with functions throughout Southern Africa and parts ofthe world. I would like to conclude with a quotation which I often use, because it provides such good advice. It was Daniel Burnham,the father of American architecture who said,"Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realised. Make big plans,deep into the future. Aim high in hope and work. Have faith,remembering that a noble plan,once recorded,will never die but long after we are gone will still be a living thing." It has been an honour for me to serve this College for another year Thank you and Cod bless you. Elwyn van den Aardweg 1 Profjenkins holds academic qualifications from the Universities of KwaZulu-Natal,Leeds,Witwatersrand and South Africa. He taught English and Latin at Kearsney from 1962to 1970 then lectured in colleges ofeducation,spent two years as a curriculum specialist in English for theTransvaal Education Department. He became head ofthe department of English atVista University, Principal ofthe Mamelodi campus ofVista,and finally Senior Director ofStudent DevelopmentforVista before retiring. He now holds the honorary research position of Professor Extraondinarius in the Department of English Studies at the University ofSouth Africa. He served on the government's place names authority for 17 years and was a member ofthe task team that drafted the South African Geographical Names Council Act. He has written five books and many articles and chapters in books. His latest book.Falling into Place; The Story of Modern South African Place Names,was published in 2007 and formed the very topical basis of his speech. An extract on the topic;"Every time a new informal settlement goes up,and that is also every month,the people who build their shacks give the place a name,and it means home to them. And the names that they choose are among the most imaginative new names in the country,much better than the unimaginative EastViews and South Parks that spring up in the suburbs. And don't tell me the people living there don't have a sense of humour about their predicament. Some of my favourites are Zig Zag,for a place near Shongweni where the road zigzags up the hill, and Sweet Home,Happy Valley,Scenery Park and Plastic View. As you can imagine,careful administration is needed ifthe situation is not going to become chaotic, with townships called after Nelson Mandela springing up all over. Our council has to ensure that each place has only one name,and that the same name is not used for more than one place." He also told the boys;"I wantto suggest to you that no matter what career you go into,you will not be working in a vacuum, but will be involved in some way in the social and political affairs ofthis country. Even if you think that in yourjob you might not have much contact with political affairs, you cannot avoid them in your personal life." Page 17

SPEECH DAYPRIZE GIVING Monde Nkosi Subjects: Science,Accounting,History,Zulu,Advanced Mathematics,Business Economics. Leadership roles for 2007: Head ofSchool, Member ofKearsney College Council, I st team basketball Captain, I stteam soccer Vice Captain. Extra mural / Community service activities: I st team rugby I st team basketball, I st team soccen played piano. Golden Hours,Hillcrest Hospital,Ebenezer School, Mariannhill Hospital. Participation in Olympiads: 9th in National standings in 2006 De Beers English Olympiad; Gold Award in 2007 De Beers English Olympiad; Second Round of2006 and 2007 Harmony Gold South African Mathematics Olympiad; Participated in 2007 SAIPA Accounting Olympiad and;MITTAL Science Olympiad. Plans for study: University ofCapeTown:BCom Financial Accounting and go on to become a CA. /A Santhan Govender Subjects: Afrikaans,Science,Computer Science,Accounting,Geography,Additional Maths,Advanced Maths. Leadership roles for 2007: Day-Boy task group leaden Extra mural / Community service activities: ?! Twelve Club,squash,rugby Dale Carnegie course,House play (Scripts writer). Participation in Olympiads: Top 100 accounting Olympiad; Second Round Mathematics Olympiad; Silver medal English Olympiad. Plans for study: University ofCapeTown:Actuarial Science Chadwin Corin Subjects: Afrikaans,Accounting,Biology Science,Business Economics,Geography,Advanced Maths,Additional Maths. Leadership roles for 2007: Prefect,2nd team rugby Captain for 3 years. Extra mural / Community service activities: I st team rugby and basketball;2nd team soccer Blood donation;helping at Golden Hours School;helping at disadvantaged schools. Participation in Olympiads: Amesa Maths second round; Accounting,Biology Science and Afrikaans first round; Silver award for English Olympiad. Plans for study: University ofStellenbosch:To study Medicine. Page 18

SPEECH DAY PRIZE GIVING The John Gaffney Chorister Prize T Bezuidenhout The McKenzieTrophy for Perseverance I Okafor The Peter Metcalf Prize for Resourcefulness and Initiative,the Music Prize,the Grant GreenbergTrophy for Achievement in the Creative Arts(shared) and the Margaret and Richard BestTrophy for Musical Competence R Chakane The KPMG Accounting Prize K Evans The Grant GreenbergTrophy for Achievement in the Creative Arts (shared) Q Jansen The Music Practical Prize J Judge The Headmaster's Prize (Shared) M Krige The French Prize X Lambert The S BTheunissen MemorialTrophy for Diligence R McLaverty The Max Oram History Essay Prize S Oberholzer The Headmaster's Prize (shared) R van Dijk Academic Half-Colours and the Speech and Drama Prize T Chaplin Academic Half-Colours and the Art Prize M Dryburgh Academic Half-Colours PKeil Academic Half-Colours G Muller Academic Half-Colours P Padayachee Academic Half-Colours D Solomon Academic Half-Colours Z Southwell Academic Colours R Bennett MATRICS 2007 19

SPEECH DAY PRIZE GIVING Academic Colours and the Computer Prize J Coetzee Academic Colours and the Jan Storm Prize for Afrikaans V Coetzee Academic Colours Chester Corin Academic Colours and the George McLeod English Essay Prize j Dand Academic Colours T Foster Academic Colours and the Poetry Prize j Glass Academic Colours G Peter Academic Honours j Houston Academic Honours R Lowe Academic Honours and the Headmaster's Prize (shared) B Massey Academic Honours C McKenzie Academic Honours and the Patrick Moore Shield and the John Kinloch Prize for Physical Science M Niemann Academic Honours Cum Laude.the Zulu Prize,the GaitTrophy for the best All Rounder in Grade 12 and the AmbassadorsTrophy M Nkosi Academic Honours and the ArtTrophy for Exceptional Achievement in the Practical Discipline S Christian Academic Honours N Goppin Academic Honours,the Business Economics Prize,the William Crawford Prize for History and the Edwin Henwood Trophy D Dekker Academic Honours Cum Laude,the Jack Reece Prize for Modern Languages,the Ben Milner Prize for Biology,the Geography Prize and the ParryTrophy for Proxime Accessit to Dux Chadwin Corin Academic Honours Cum Laude,the Susan Jones Prize for English, the Hindson Memorial Prize for English Literature,the Advanced/ Additional Mathematics Prize,the Colin Silcock Prize and theTim Browne Trophy for Dux of the School S Govender Academic Honours and the Alleston-Smith Shield for Mathematics Y Essack f n ♦ PRIZEWINNERS SPEECH DAY 2007 Page 20

lEB SENIOR CERTIFICATE RESULTS OBTAINED MATRICULATION EXEMPTION: 108 OBTAINED SENIOR CERTIFICATE: 8 FAILURES: 0 A Aggregate: P C Bennett,T Chaplin,S Christian,] Coetzee,V Coetzee,N Coppin, Chester Corin,Chadwin Corin,D DekkenY Essack,T Forster J Glass, S GovendenJ Houston,R Lowe,B Massey,G McKenzie,M Niemann, M Nkosi,P Padayachee,G Peter, Z Southwell. B Aggregate: S Ainsworth,C Albers,D Barrett,T BezuidenhoutJ Blom, C Cobbledick,M Commons,] Dand,M Dryburgh,K Evans,S Goss, R Gouveia,R Hagemann,D Harris,R Harris,W Harrison, M Havemann,S Henderson,] Hoekstra,R Hulley,Q]ansen,P Keil, M Krige.A Lind Holmes,B Mallett,D McFarlane,P Moores-Pitt, G Mullen S Nodada,S Oberholzen K Reynolds,] Rudolph,] Russell, M Sampson,C Shuken D Solomon,D van Musschenbroek,A Wallis, CAggregate: M Benporath,R Brown,M Callcott-Stevens,K Canning,R Chakane, G Chivell, K Docherty,K Duncan,A Emanuel.A Faure,A Fischer N French,B Geldart,] Hyman,]]udge,S Keyser,R King,G Krige, X Lambert,B Lamula,S Mabuza,M McArthun R McLaverty] Morgan, R Nel,T Nyasulu,K Okafon A Pasqualotto,S Rohwen G Shillaw, K Sittig,C Sparkes,S Spies,C Stapleton,G Swanson,R van Dijk, S van Elden. COMBINED A.B,C =84%(97/1 16) A = 19%(22/1 16) SUBJECT DISTINCTIONS(A) 9 Chadwin Corin English,Afrikaans, Mathematics, Biology, Physical Science,Geography, Business Economics,Accounting, Advanced Mathematics S Govender English, Mathematics,Physical Science,Geography,Accounting, Computer Studies,Additional Mathematics,Advanced Mathematics M Nkosi Zulu,English, Mathematics,Physical Science,History,Accounting G Peter English, Mathematics, Biology, Physical Science,Geography 4 S Christian j Coetzee N Coppin Chester Corin D Dekker J Houston R Lowe English, Mathematics,Geography Art Mathematics,Physical Science, Accounting,Computer Studies Zulu, English, Biology, Physical Science Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Advanced Mathematics English,Afrikaans, Physical Science, Geography Mathematics,Physical Science, Biology,Accounting Mathematics,Physical Science 3 Y Essack Mathematics,Physical Science, Additional Mathematics SG 2'A' SG I 'A' J Glass Mathematics,Physical Science,Geography B Massey Mathematics,Physical Science,Geography C McKenzie Mathematics, Biology, Physical Science M Niemann English, Mathematics, Physical Science P Padayachee Mathematics, Biology, Physical Science T Chaplin Geography,Speech & Drama, J Dand Geography,Accounting T Forster Mathematics, History D McFarlane Mathematics,Physical Science Z Southwell English,Speech & Drama S Ainsworth Geography CAlbers English P Bennett Biology R Chakane Music V Coetzee Afrikaans M Dryburgh Art K Evans Accounting S Goss Physical Science J Hoekstra Biology J Judge Music X Lambert French B Lamula Zulu A Lind Holmes Geography O Laupsa German S Mabuza Zulu N Magwaza Zulu P Moores-Pitt English S Nodada Zulu S Oberholzer Afrikaans W Zllwa Zulu j Russell Mathematics,Biology CAlbers Mathematics D Barrett Mathematics R Brown Mathematics R Chakane Music Performance M Commons Mathematics K Evans Mathematics R Hagemann Mathematics S Henderson Mathematics R Hulley Mathematics Q Jansen Mathematics S Mabuza Mathematics B Mallett Mathematics J Rudolph Computer Studies D van Musschenbroek Mathematics IBJECT DISTINCTIONS HIGHER GRADE 101 STANDARD GRADE 16 •. 21

?- .? m 1#^ Once upon atimethere was a dream...A dream to design an estate where one could live in harmony with nature. To come home and relax in the tranquility of all things natural.To hear the birds morning chorus,and to return to true family values. This dream is Simbithi Eco-Estate. Spacious plots • Dams and grasslands • Indigenous forests • Community centres • Clubhouse and restaurants • 18 hole executive golf course • Equestrian centre • Sports facilities • Beach access • 24 hour security • Adventure playground • SelAN ' Jgroup Land prices range from R/00000 For more information contact our Sales Team on 086 TOO 2001 # Join us at SimLitlii Country CluL for a complimentary 4-f)all of golf Please take this voucher to the school office to have it validated then contact Wayne Hilt at Simbithi Country Club on (032)525 4632or waynehill®> to book. / v SimLitki Simbithi Country Club is the first executive golfcourseto be built in South Africa. With a par of 60, made up of thirteen par 3's,four par 4's and one par 5,you might beforgiven for anticipating this golf course as a lesser challenge, butthat will be at your peril! Situated closeto Ballito,Simbithi Country Club is a Peter Matkovich designed golf course that is fast becoming the most talked about golfing destination in KwaZulu-Natal. The condition of the course is second to none with well placed true greens that hold a well struck approach shot, pristine fairways and a layout that will test your course management at every hole. With five different tees to choose from, Simbithi Country Club caters for every level of golf. The ambience of Simbithi Country Club is complimented by a well laid out housing estate which overlooks each of the undulating eighteen holes as well as the dams which abound with bird life. The relaxed family atmosphere is enhanced by the abundant facilities throughout the Simbithi Eco Estate and Country Club where children can play and families relax together. Ferms&Gonditioiis I This voucher is valid for one complimentary 4-ball at Simbithi Country Club. I This voucher may only be used once,is not transferable and may not be redeemed for cash. I Bookings need to be made directly through Simbithi Country Club on032 S25 4632. \ This voucher excludes any extras,such as halfway house and golf cart hire. Bookings are valid until 31 July 2008. Bookings and tee offtime are subject to,Simbithi Country Club availability and exclude Corporate Days. titliicountrycluL.

PRESENTATION ASSEMBLY STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Colours(SCA)-Service to College Travis Chaplin Michael Krige Graham Krige Peter Moones-Pitt Merit Certificate-Service to College(SCA) Lungile Ntintili Thomas Attenborough Calvin Bowen JUNIOR STUDENTS'COUNCIL TheTony Leon Award for Exemplary Public Service TheoYork KEARSNEY COLLEGE COUNCIL TheTony Leon Award for Outstanding Public Service Dean Solomon ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE Prize for the Greatest Contribution to the Kearsney Environment The HattyTrophy Gareth Reece-Edwards Ludwig van Eyssen PUBLIC SPEAKING AWARDS Half-Colours Craig Albers Matthew Callcott-Stevens Murray Commons Duaan Dekker Bonga Lamula Angus Lind Holmes Bradley Mallett Richard McLaverty Paveshen Padayachee Zane Southwell Gregory Swanson AlastairWallis James Morgan Stefan Oberholzer Karl Sittig Ifi Okafor Dylan van Musschenbroek Colours Patrick Bennett Sive Nodada Cameron McKenzie MAJOR CULTURALAWARDS Prize for Outstanding Cultural Achievements: The HanleTrophy Quincy Jansen The Best Debater in the School: The Carter Debating trophy Sive Nodada The Prize for Outstanding Solo Performance: TheWarrington MusicTrophy Jonathan Judge SERVICETO COLLEGE Merit Certificate(Music) Kagiso Segole Luyanda Sosibo Joshua Boudan Merit Certificate(Magic Club / Museum) JasonTemlett Merit Certificate(Resource Centre) Keith Melly Sizwe Khumalo BongaTembe Colours — Service to College(Music) Quincy Jansen Thomas Adams Mark Harper Richard Gorven Kyle McGillivray Honours-Service to College(Music) Roshan Chakane Tihan Bezuidenhout Jonathan Coetzee Honours — Service to College(Music,Drama,Athletics & Rugby) Rossouw van Dijk Honours-Service to College (First Aid) Richard McLaverty Justin Russell DRAMA Half-Colours Trevor Forster James Hyman Richard McLaverty Ryan King Ross Hulley Dylan van Musschenbroek Bailey Hart Siya Mvuyana AmaniTenga Michael Suthems Calvin Bowen Aza Nodada Santhan Govender Paveshen Padayachee Dean Solomon AlastairWallis Andile Khumalo Sandile Khumalo Quincy Jansen Colours Vuka Zuma Lungile Ntintili Siyabonga Funeka Travis Chaplin Zane Southwell Jordan Johnson James Brown Duncan Marwick Sizwe Khumalo Keith Melly Page 23

PRESENTATION ASSEMBLY MUSIC Half-Colours Sakhiwo Mabuza(re-award) Eric Sukude (re-award) Keith Melly Jonathan Coetzee Richard Gorven Sandile Khumalo Wesley Lewis Jamie Muckart Siyabonga Funeka Stefan Els Luke Mortimer Mark Nieuwoudt Aza Nodada Francois Brooks Andrew Muckart James McDowell Colours Siyabonga Mazibuko (re-award) Thomas Adams Mini Bhengu Njabulo Nzuza Lwando Sirenya Sven Stromnes Calvin Bowen Marcus Kotze Benjamin van Aswegen Brendan Massey Honours Roshan Chakane (re-award) Tihan Bezuidenhout Jonathan Judge Quincy Jansen CHESS Half-Colours Denver Naicker Kyle du Preez Justin Russell Junior Champion;The StanekTrophy Denver Naicker The Interhouse ChessTrophy Sheffield (Santhan Govender) ATHLETICS Half-Colours Graham Krige Alex Rossi Jeremy Rich Joe Reynolds J-R Conradie Colours Michael Krige Shaun Mackintosh BASKETBALL Certificate of Merit for Service Colours Sive Nodada Wanda Zilwa Vuka Zuma Half-Colours Chadwin Corin Chester Gorin Monde Nkosi Wanda Zilwa Bonga Lamula Ndumiso Magwaza Kene Okafor David Karnezos Calvin Bowen Siyabonga Mvuyana Jay Faure Jordan Johnson Quincy Jansen CRICKET The House Providing the Greatest Number of Players: The JMR and B Hulett Salver Pembroke (Ross Nel) The BestAll-Rounder in the 1st XLThe Kings SportsTrophy Ross Nel ★ ★ ★★ ■Ci only 200 metres from the Kearsriey College gates! CCWIB to our Cx^>A££>t Hou^e the school, a guest at a wedding, or the hether you iiw:S^ding kn bvent honeymoon couple, Eagle Wind VTanoris ideally situated only 200 metres from the Kearsney College gates. We offer a relaxed, country house atmosphere without compromising on luxury and excellent personal service Five double luxuriously appointed, en-suite bedrooms assure your comfort, with top-ofthe-range Simmons beds, finest quality 350-thread count linen and goose down duvets and pillows. Wake up to freshly-made filter coffee available in your room and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast buffet and/or full English breakfast served in our dining room or on the patio overlooking our beautiful garden 15 Old Main Road, Botha's Hill KwaZulu-Natal Tel: + 27 (0) 31 765 7652 Fax: + 27 (0) 31 765 7696 E-mail: Web: www.eaglewindmanorco.2a ge 24

PRESENTATION ASSEMBLY The Most Improved Cricketer in the School: The Foss Bat David White The interhouseTrophy Pembroke(Ross Nel) Certificate of Meritfor Service Ashay Ramroop Half-Colours Travis Edy Jarryd Phillips Roscoe Dekker Colours David White (re-award) Sean Burns(re-award) Keagan Eccles Kyle Reynolds Honours Ricardo Gouveia CROSS-COUNTRY The Junior Interhouse Winners: The MWA Fourie MemorialTrophy Finningley (KyleTrollip) The UI5 Individual Winner: The RW CalderTrophy James Reid Open Individuai Winner: The JeannotTrophy Bradley Mallett The Senior InterhouseWinners: The GH Christian Trophy Pembroke (Scott Henderson) GOLF Half-Colours Wade Bromfield Ryan Cloete Benjamin deVilliers Colours Travis Harvey Craig Shuker Trophy for Best Junior Bryce Bibby Trophy for School Champion Wesley Harrison Trophy for Interhouse Winners Gillingham (Travis Harvey) HOCKEY The Outstanding Player in the 1stTeam: The 1980 Cup Michael Krige PHYSICAL EDUCATION TheTop Physical Education Class of theYear: The Peter van der SchyffTrophy 9A(Warren Seals) RUGBY The House Providing the Greatest Number of Players: The Robin Blamey Saiver Finningley(Gray Muller) The Most SuccessfulTeam of theYear: The Old CrocksTrophy U14B (Stuart Scott-Martin) The Inter-House Competition Winners: The Stan StottTrophy Finningley(Gray Muller) SOCCER Merit Certificate for Service to Kearsney Quincy Jansen Sakhlwo Mabuza Craig Shuker Adrian Faure Colours for Service to Kearsney AlastairWallis John Dand Dean Solomon Half-Colours Mzamo Gumede Buhle SIgalelana Matthew Gregory Oskar Laupsa Kaglso Segole Trevor Forster Monde NkosI Orlando Mesquita Honours AlastairWallis SQUASH The Junior Champion: The NegusTrophy Ryan Rossiter The UI6 Champion: TheAUBAmosTrophy Myles van Musschenbroek The Senior Champion: The Old BoysTrophy James Hyman The Most Dedicated Squash Player: The Storrs Hunter RacquetAward Zane Southwell The Most Improved Squash Player: The Carrington Trophy Shannon Laing The Interhouse Competition Winners: The KodeTrophy Pembroke(Dylan van Musschenbroek) TENNIS The Senior Singles Champion: The Polkinghorne Cup Stefan Oberholzer The Junior Singles Champion: The George HulettTrophy Plainer Steinhagen Page 23