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Trustees and Board 2 From the Headmaster's Desk 3 Staff 6 In Memorium 13 Speech Day 14 Speech Day:Prize Giving ; 20 lEB Senior Certificate Results 21 Presentation Assembly. 22 The Prefects 27 The Student Council 29 Kearsney Foundation 30 Spirituality &c Fellowship 36 House Reports 40 Academic Departments 54 Clubs and Cultural Activities 82 Events 95 Sport Ill Kearsney College Old Boys 190 #^#1 KEARSNEY COLLECE it J tf VI

TRUSTEES AND BOARD TRUSTEES BOARD OF GOVERNORS Elected Members Chairman Mr R R Becker MrJ Bester Rev DrJ Borman Mr G Collingwood Mr N Gerber Mr P Stockil MrAW HYork Ex Officio members The Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church: Rev Ivan M Abrahams Representing the Methodist Church of South Africa Chairman ofthe Board Mr DA Polkinghorne Honorary Life Trustees Mr K C Comins Rev C Wilkins Dr GW Shuker Mr E S C Garner NOMINATED MEMBERS Chairman Mr D A Polkinghorne Vice Chairman MrA Mazwai MrW P Coetzee Mr M Gouveia Dr M Khumalo Mr R H Lloyd Rev R Scholtz Ms NT Slwendu Mrs KTocknell Mrs G Wil liams Ex Officio Members The Presiding Bishop: Rev Ivan M Abrahams Representative of KZN Coastal District: Mr R Britten-Kelly Bishop KZN Coastal District: Bishop Purity Malinga Ex Officio Members Chairman of the Trustees:Mr R R Becker Kearsney Old Boys' Representatives Acting President:Mr J Hughes Mr G Coppin Parents' Society Representative Mr CJohnson Kearsney College Headmaster Mr E D van den Aardweg Kearsney College Bursar Mrs L M Croudace Honorary Life Governor Prof V j Bredenkamp Mr K C Comins m m si m, S-*

FROM THE HEADMASTER'S DESK This year at Kearsney was one that had a significant number of high points and unique experiences,in addition to what we have come to accept as the usual,run-of-the-mill activities.Through all these offerings runs a golden thread which Is the people who make things happen.This year has seen an extraordinary commitmentfrom staff, boys, parent.Old Boys and partners,injecting energy and enthusiasm into the fabric of Kearsney life.Without loyal and committed people,all the programmes we offer would never move out ofthe starting blocks. We therefore salute all those who gave oftheir time and effort to Kearsney this yean trusting that they may look back on the year with satisfaction. The new curriculum reached the Grade 12 implementation stage, leading to the writing ofthe National Senior Certificate by Grade 12 boys in November The change in teaching methodology was not vastly different from what most Kearsney teachers and boys have experienced for many years,howeverthe methods and the frequency ofassessment has changed. An inordinate and absurd amount of marking, permutations of marks and collecting of portfolio pieces is demanded by our examining body,the Independent Examination Board at Grade 9 and 12 levels. One needs to seriously ask the question whether we are assessing to learn or learning to be assessed.One wag at an assessment conference stated recently that no matter how frequently one weighs a pig,that alone won't make it put on weight. Fortunately,the sport at the College was largely unaffected by outside Influences,and flourished. This year may well be considered to rank as one ofthe most successful In the history of Kearsney. You will read In the pages ofthis edition ofthe Chronicle about the success ofthe swimming,hockey and cricket teams,as well as the power ofemerging junior sides in all sporting codes.Rugby at the College received a boost with the successful staging ofthe first annual'House of Paint Schools Easter Rugby Festival'on the Stott. If anything, it was a unique team effort between Kearsney,the Old Boys,Parents and the Sharks. A feast ofthe finest schoolboy rugby was provided over a usually quiet Easter period In Durban.The following week,the I" X'V undertook a wonderful tour to New Zealand,exposing a squad of boys to a new culture and a very different style ofrugby. The team received front page coverage when they embarked on a morning of community service in the town ofWanganui. The arts were profiled during the course ofthe year with a much improved and well-supported'Upbeat Festival' held over a weekend in August and the choir's highly successful participation at the World Choir Games(previously known as the Choir Olympics) in Graz, Austria. Furthermore,the staging ofthe annual production,'Sharath', gave many boys of all ages the opportunity to showcase their talents. On the Capital development front,we were able to start reaping the rewards of years of construction. The year commenced with the opening ofthe new kitchen and four new dining halls by past chairman oftheTrustees,Mr E S C Garner The temporary dining facility was transformed into the most impressive indoor sports centre comprising a 280m^ weights gymnasium,seven permanent indoor cricket nets,two basketball courts and indoor hockey and futsal fields.Overthe road,the new laundry was completed, providing more spacious and comfortable working conditions and housing a Rl,2 million generator to powerthe College in case of load shedding or power cuts. Celebrating the 80'^ year ofthe Old Boys Club took on world-wide proportions with festive dinners and get-togethers being held in Australia, New Zealand,Swaziland,the United Kingdom and all over South Africa,from CapeTown to Kokstad,Malelane to Mtunzini and a number oftowns which had never before held a formal Old Boys function,concluding with a dinner back in Durban in early November. Altogether,fifteen celebratory functions were held,emphasising the loyalty and strength ofthe Kearsney Old Boy structure and brotherhood. The bonds that tie Kearsney boys and Old Boys were also evident in the manner in which one ofour Grade 12 boys,Tom Rout who was seriously Injured In a motor vehicle accident in 2007,was supported during the course ofthis year A'Tom Rout'Walk-a-thon was arranged by the Senior Council and raised a staggering Rl30000 to assist with costs related toTom's rehabilitation. Tom was also a guest at a number ofend-of-year functions,the final one being the 'Leavers' Dinner'where,to a standing ovation,he was presented with his Old BoysTie. Prior to this, Tom was the recipient ofthe McKenzieTrophy for Perseverance at the Annual Speech Day awards ceremony. We bade farewell to an extraordinary number of key staffthis year Committed people,some with many years of loyal and devoted service have moved on in their careers or decided to further their teaching overseas. Everyone who departed has left a gap and we were sorry to have to bid them farewell. We pay tribute to each one elsewhere In this publication. The silver lining to these dark clouds has however been the tremendously encouraging teaching talent that we have attracted to the College. Every vacant position has been filled with highly qualified, motivated and enthusiastic professionals ofwhom we are very proud. This injection ofnew staff stands us in good stead to face the challenges ofthe future with confidence. With a healthy balance of youth and experience on the staff we have the vital human capacity necessary to educate our boys in the best possible manner Our appreciation goes to all who have assisted in the life of Kearsney this year The Board,Trustees,staff, boys, parents.Old Boys and partners have worked together to make 2008 the year that it was. Albert Einstein once said,"Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count;everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted." When looking back over the year that has past, it is the things that count that are treasured most. Elwyn van den Aardweg THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: Robin,Jules, Luke,Simon and Greig Lockhart-Ross

Acknowledging SUCCESS "A good head and a good heart are a formidable combination." Nelson Mandela KEARSNEY COLLEGE

STAFF ♦ ;* w:m L ACADEMIC STAFF Back Row:Sbusiso Nhleko,Graham Shone,Dean Moodley,Shaun van Wyk,Barend Steyn, Mike Albers, Mxolisi Ndlanya Fifth Row: Keith Decker,Adam Rogers,Alvy Murray,Richard Nienaber, Dave Goldhawk,Bruce Thompson Forth Row:John Drew,Trish Pike, Wayne Stewart,Justin Cook,Dave Graves,Sybil Terblanche,Wayne Marsden Third Row:Zastra Conway-Nunn,Manzini Zungu,Fred Cocks,Kevin Smith,Ansu Fiuman,Steve Schmidt,Shaun Baker,Wayne Amos,Mick Bissell, Paula Isaac Second Row:Veronica Wallace,Carol Tullidge,Jolene Ostendorf, Bongi Ndaba,Sue Murray,Tracey van den Aardweg, Glynnis Owen,Andrea Fripp, Angela Stevens,Wendy OConnor,Uleatha Singh Front Row:Fergus Gray, Neil Peacock,Rodney Ramsay,Peter Kirsten, Elwyn van den Aardweg,Rod de Villiers, Anthony Willows,Andrew Morgan, Andre van Zyl, Marco Botha Headmaster Maths Science Mr E D van den Aardweg BA(Hons)HDE Bed MrJ Cook BEd Mathematics Mr G Moerdyk BEd Science/Maths Senior Deputy Headmaster/Maths Engineer Graphics and Design Design &Technology / EGD Mr P J Kirsten BSc HDE FDE Mr M Delport HDE FDE Mr H Moodley HDE Deputy Headmaster/Maths/ i/c Academics Head of Middle School/Life Sciences English/Housemaster Finningley Mr K Decker BEdTCert Mr R deVilliers BSc(Hons)HDE MrA Morgan BA(Hons)PGCE Deputy Headmaster/Maths i/c Geography Grade Head Gr 1 1/Afrikaans MrAH Willows BSc HDE MrJ Drew BA HDE MrA Murray BA HDE BEd English ITG Manager i/c Science Mr M F Bissell BA UED BEd Mr G Flelsher Dip Comp Sci Mrs S Murray BSc(Hons)HDE i/c Accounting Accounting/Bus Studies/LAH EMS i/c Zulu Mr M Albers BCom HDE MrsA Fripp BCom HDE FDE ACE Mr B Ndaba B Paed (ARTS) Geography Snr Housemaster/English Arts & Culture MrWAmos BA(Hons)HDE Mr D Goldhawk BA Sp Hons Grad CE Mr R Nienaber Dip (Graphic Des)PGCE Geography/Physical Education Grade Head Gr 10/Afrikaans School Counsellor/ i/c Life Skills Mr S Baker BEd Mr D Graves BA HDE BEd MrsW OConnor BA(Hons)HDE Med Maths/Housemaster Sheffield Afrikaans(PartTime) Academic Support Mr C M Botha HDE SecEd AGE MrsA Human Miss J Ostendorf BEd English i/c Resource Centre Maths(PartTime) Mr R CandottI BA(Hons) HED Mrs P Isaac BSoc Sc HDE BEd Dip Ms G Owen BSc(Hons)HDE Maths/Life Skills IGDL Dip Library Sciences History/Housemaster Pembroke Mr F P D Cocks BA UED BEd Mathematics/Natural Science Mr N Peacock BA(Hons)HDE Head ofComputer Studies Mr F Lubbe BSc(Hons)PGCE i/c Maths Mr M J Conradle BSc Coms(Hons) Business Studies Mrs P J Pike BEd i/c Afrikaans MrW D Marsden HDE Chaplain Ms ZR Conway-Nunn Dip Higher Education HED Rev R Ramsay BTH(UNISA)PECE THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: James 'Slugga'Brown - Sheffield

STAFF 19 A 1., i eriLs''^* - -?:TTV^r?" 'fe.SQer^'^~^ ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Back Row;Tilly Kirstensamy,Jesmica Lankesar,Thobeka Mzobe,Karen Seals, Penny Needham,Lorraine Hartley, Europa Ngubane,Robert Sibiya Middle Row: Brigette Oakes,Thaloshney Pelzer, Karen Southwell, Vicky Mare,Val Dixon,Sanoviah Jaganath,Sally Cain Front Row:Dot Bissell, Heather Pearse, Wiseman Ngwane joy Mills-Hackmann, Bea Croudace,Graham Fleischer, Jenny Du Casse,Jan Lee i/c History/ i/c Culture & Clubs MrA Rogers BA HDE Dip Mkt Man(ICM) English Mr G E M Shone BA UED i/c Speech & Drama Mrs U Singh BA(Hons) I/c Sport/Physical Education Mr K Smith BA HDE Director of Music MrsA M Stevens LTC L i/c Student Affairs/Grade Head GrI 2/Accounting Mr B Steyn Afrikaans Mrs S FTerblanche Science Mr BThompson i/c Art MrsC VTullidge BCom HDE MA HDE SecEd NTDA(Design) NHD(FA Painting) History (PartTime) MrsT van denAardweg BA HDE Science/Gread Head Gr8 MrSLvanWyk HDE SecEd Afrikaans/Housemaster Haley MrAFvanZyl BA HDE I/c English MrsVAWallace BA HDE Zulu/ i/c Outreach & Student Masters'Prog Mr M Zungu BSS(Hons) Mandarin Elective (PartTimeTutor) MrsW Guo Erench Elective (PartTimeTutor) Mrs M Manly Computer Studies(PartTimeTutor) Mr OD Phipps BScSTD FDE(Coms)MEd CAN ADMINISTRATIVE Bursar Mrs L M Croudace Eoundation Director MrsJ C Mills-Hackmann Marketing Director Mrs H J Pearse Sports Director Mr KThompson Assistant Bursar Mrs K Southwell Debtors Controller Mrs R Armstrong Resources Manager MrsV Dixon Administration Assistant MrsJ Lankesar Administrative Assistant Mrs S Dunnett Sanatorium Sister J Lee Re Sanatorium Sister D Bissell Re Headmaster's Secretary Mrs P Needham BCom M Comm N Dip ArchTech Dip Man Dip Ed Bookkeeping Dip Bookkeeping (PartTime) g Nurse/Midwifery g Nurse/Midwifery School Secretary Ms S Cain Kit and Clothing Shop Manager Mrsj Du Casse Marketing & Admissions Secretary Mrs LA Hartley Marketing Assistant MissT Mzobe BA H Dip Lib Cert Marketing Man, Public Relations, Cert Graphic Design Music Department Secretary Mrs B Oakes Receptionist Ms E N Ngubane Kit and Clothing Shop Assistant Mrs S Jaganath Laboratory Assistant MrsT Kistensamy ICDL Laboratory Assistant MrsT Pelzer ICDL, Nl Library Assistant MrsV Mare Secretary-Old Boys Club Mrs K Seals Information Administrator(PartTime) Mrs C Poizi Dip Bus Man Photocopy Clerk Mr R Sibiya Transport Manager MrW Ngwane THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY; The Karnezos Family

STAFF STAFFTHAT LEFT KEARSNEY IN JUNE 2008 IT Facilitator / Staff development Mr B Fulton Science / Housemaster Gillingham Mr F C Gray Design ScTechnology / Maths W Stewart STAFFTHAT LEFT KEARSNEY IN AUGUST 2008 i/c Biology Mr S R Schmidt PartTime MusicTeachers MrJ Beechy Mr B Clarke MrW Dannewitz MrsA Mulr MrsA Petrova Mrs D Selby Miss BW Sates Mrs BTroflmczyk Mr B RThomson MrJTVenter Mr M Whittaker STUDENT MASTERS 2008 saw 12 young men enter the Student Masters programme. In this programme,each student master is an extension ofthe school staff and,as such, high levels ofcommitment,enthusiasm and competence are expected. This group of masters,certainly lived up to these high expectations,and immersed themselves fully in the life ofthe school. From chaperoning and invigilation to sports practices and house duties,each ofthe twelve students made the most ofthe opportunities presented to them. A note ofcongratulations and thanks must be extended to each student master;in particular Justin Clark,who,as senior student master;coordinated and managed this team of young men with aplomb. I wish each student master all the best for 2009,and will certainly watch their careers with interest as their futures unfold. Manzini Zungu i.C V Six ofthe twelve Student Masters: Back Row:Steven Edwards,Sibusiso Nhleko, Kyle Blarney Front Row:Justin Clark, Mxolisi Ndlanya, Rodney de Klerk

STAFF STAFF NEWS Atthe beginning ofthe yean we welcomed three new members ofstaffto Kearsney:Dean Moodley to head the Department of Engineering Graphics and Design,Tracey van den Aardweg as a part-time History teacher and Ansu Human as a part-time teacher ofAfrikaans. Atthe end ofthe first term,Jean Ratcliffe stepped down as part-time Mathematics teacher to assume her full-time role as grandmother Glynnis Owen was appointed in her place. Cindi Poizi and Sandy Dunnettjoined the staff ofthe Foundation Office and Finance Department respectively. Atthe end ofthe second term,four members ofstaff left to take up employment overseas. Gillingham Housemaster Fergus Gray and IT specialist, Brendon Fulton, moved to England,while Wayne and Kirsty Stewart moved to the Middle East to take up teaching posts in jeddah,Saudi Arabia. Steve Schmidt saw his matrics through until the Trials Examination before relocating to Dubai,where he andTherese have been appointed to the staff ofthe Emirates International School. The beginning ofthe third term saw the arrival offour new members of staff: Matthew Conradie (Information Technology), Myles Delport(Engineering Graphics and Design and Housemaster Designate of Gillingham), Francois Lubbe(Mathematics) and Gareth Moerdyk (Physical Sciences). At the end ofthe year we bade farewell to several friends and colleagues,including doyenne ofthe Music Department and diva ofthe highly successful Kearsney choir Angela Stevens. Shaun van Wyk departed to take up a post at Hilton College, Reverend Rodney Ramsay left to take up a chaplaincy in Christchurch,New Zealand,IT guru Graham Fleischer left to further his career in the corporate world,and Justin Cook left for what we hope will be a short stint in Australia before returning to the land where the Sharks rule. Ansu Human also departed after a year's stint in the Afrikaans Department. We thank all ofthose who have left Kearsney for the invaluable contribution they have made,and wish them the very best for the future. On a sad note,2008 saw the passing offourformer members of staff,Sue O'Neill, Peter Reece,AllisterThiselton and Richard'Dick' Best, as well as Donald Stevens,husband ofAngela and friend of many on the campus. After a very busy year in 2007,the stork left Kearsney out of its itinerary in 2008. However;February I I saw the marriage of Thaloshney Moonsamy to Ockert Pelzer and we look forward to a stork landing early in 2009. David Goldhawk •« m * i a J X Dean Moodley,Ansu Human,Justin Cook,Tracey van den Aardweg and Graham Fleischer Page 9 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: The Booyens Family

VALE ANGELA STEVENS 0^ J m Fifteen years in the position of Director of Music at Kearsney bore fruit for Angela and those boys who were members of the choir orchestra or music department over that extensive period. The department grew exponentially over the period that Angela held this post. During her tenure,Angela created an environment at Kearsney which allowed the boys to explore and develop their musical talents,and choral performance in particular without compromising their love ofsport orthe College's strenuous academic programme. Angela believed this to be the secret to the success of the choir The varied repertoire made the choir unique. Angela said: "Our African songs bind us together with invisible threads as we celebrate our African heritage through music". Angela and the boys made huge sacrifices but tackled projects with energy and enthusiasm. The choir has established itself as one of the best youth choirs in the world today. They have been crowd favourites and endeared themselves to many people around the world. Some achievements of the Kearsney College choir during Angela's tenure: 2000:Olympic Champions:Folklore Music; 2004:Olympic Champions:Scenic Folklore; 2004:Prize ofthe City ofVienna at InternationalYouth Music Festival (first South African group to achieve this honour); 2006:World Choir Games - Xiamen,China and International Youth Choir Festival-Hong Kong; 2008:World Choir Games-Graz,Austria and Summa Cum Laude, Vienna. A total ofeleven gold medals at Choir Olympics /World Choir Games-at least one gold at each competition; Ranking of number one in the world in Folklore music (according to Musica Mundi). Angela's experience in the field ofchoral music earned her the position ofSouth African representative for Musica Mundi, an international musical organisation and appointmentto the international jury for the Interkultur Foundation. On the academic front,Angela was Head Examiner for the lEB for three years from 2006. Angela's legacy will remain a part of Kearsney's history forever We wish her and her family the very best for the future. Heather Pearse m m \ * % BECAUSE THINKING GETS YOU HUNGRY Debonairs Pizza supports Kearsney College Musgrave - (031)2026333 Broadway - (031)5630194 Gateway 1 - (031)566 5575 Game City - (031)309 0494 The Wheel- (031)3320410

VALE Si. SHAUNVANWYK Shaun van Wyk joined the teaching staff of Kearsney College as a Science teacher and tennis coach in 1966. In the ensuing I 3 years he showed himselfto be versatile and accommodating,having willingly tried his hand at a variety of roles. In addition to teaching Science with passion and excitement,he was also a thoroughly competent teacher of Mathematics and Entrepreneurship,and headed the laptop class at its inception. In recent years he has been a superb leader in the role of Learning Area Head of Natural Science. Having coached most sports,he will be best remembered for firmly establishing Kearsney College on the world golfing map.Shaun proved to be a compassionate,caring Housemaster of Haley House from 2003 to 2005,and in 2008 he was appointed as Grade 8 Head -a role for which he was well suited,given his approachability and heart for the underdog. Shaun was well-loved and respected by all members ofthe Kearsney community - a man of integrity who always stood up for what he believed in. Shaun will also be remembered for his easy rapport with staff, parents and boys,many ofwhom were on the receiving end of his wise counsel in times of need. We shall miss his jokes in the staffroom and in the Chapel- his favourite way ofstarting a sermon! His ability to reach outto all people is a reflection of his relationship with Jesus,something which underpins all that he is, and does.We wish Shaun,Jane and Chanais well as they move into a new season oftheir lives. We are delighted that Josh is staying with us in his matric year and look fopivard to welcoming Shaun and Jane back as parents in 2009. Sue Murray RODNEY RAMSAY Reverend Rodney Ramsay arrived at Kearsney College in January 1999 to take up the role of Chaplain. Armed with his Bible and guitar;as well as head full of ideas as to how to make Christianity relevant to the young men ofthe College, Rodney looked forward to the challenge that the Lord had sent him. In the time that he was at the College,Rodney added a more modern twist to Christianity, both in Religious Education lessons and in the weekly chapel services. Rodney can be attributed with introducing more contemporary songs in theTuesday Chapel services and involving the SCA band in these worship services,which provided the boys with a platform to worship in a manner with which they could identify. He also continuously strived to find speakers for the Chapel services that are role players in the community,including a number of notable sportsmen,and sound examples of Christianity who could inspire the boys to follow more spiritual paths. Under his watchful eye the SCA continued to grow in times when spirituality amongst adolescents is globally waning. In spite of his devotion to promoting spiritual matters at the College, Rodney also became involved in all aspects ofthe Kearsney life. He completed a teaching qualification and was tasked with becoming the Head of Departmentfor Life Orientation when the subject became compulsory for all pupils in 2007. He also demonstrated his coaching and refereeing abilities on the sports field and was a duty master in Pembroke. Rodney will be missed by staff and boys alike who were always able to turn to him in times ofdifficulty and receive the counselling and support when they needed it most. I am certain that every boy who has come in to contact with "the Rev" will have a memory of him for the rest oftheir lives-be it a sermon that changed their spiritual path, his impromptu renditions of"Shine Jesus Shine" when an organist was unavailable forJuesday morning Chapel or his playing ofthe bag pipes at the annual Remembrance Day service. Rodney is leaving the College to take up another chaplaincy,at St Andrews College in Christchurch, New Zealand. We wish Rodney and his family all the best for their new lives overseas and all that the Lord has planned forthem there. Jolene Ostendorf GRAHAM FLEISCHER Graham started working on the Kearsney campus as the senior ITTechnician / Assistant network administrator in August 2006,as an outsourced employee ofllembeTechnologies. He soon made a name for himsifamong the staff and boys and when Owen Phipps retired in December 2007 he was the immediate choice to take up the position as IT Manager;for which he has done an excellent job. When Graham started at Kearsney he hit the road running,and has kept up a pace of work many of us would find difficult to maintain. Not only did he have the usual IT administration work to do,which is no small task, but he also had to contend with a major network upgrade,followed soon by the installation ofthe wireless LAN. Amongst all this he had to contend with all the construction work,which was accompanied by many cuts in the fibre optic cables. Graham took all this in his stride and the change-over in the network hardware and installation ofthe wireless appeared seamless to most. While doing all ofthis, he also found the time to teach a few Grade 8 IT lessons each week! 'Calmness in the face ofa storm'is true to Graham's character He is a level-headed and sensible young man with the enviable ability to be able to deal with all in a calm and unruffled manner;from the IT illiterate to the young men ofthe Gollege who are regulalry challenging the boundaries. We will cetainly miss Graham,both as a friend and as the'IT guy',the person who has been described by his pupils as'totally awesome' and by the staff as'exceptionally talented and knowledgable'. A sincere note ofthanks must be extended to Graham for all that he has done for Kearsney's IT and we wish him well as he joins, what most teachers describe as,'the real world'. Andrea Fripp Page 11 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: The International Hotel School(Pty) Ltd Tel: +27 31 266 6326, Fax: +27 31 266 8559

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IN MEMORIUM PETER REECE Finningley 1953-1959|Kearsney Staff 1964-1973 Peter Reece was born a Kearsney man, the son ofJack Reece then Housemaster of Finningley. He was born in 1941 and grew up at the school. He gained a love ofthe outdoors and the natural environment. Peter was educated at Kearsney where he ended his school career as a prefect and a successful member ofthe 1st Cricket XI. After university he returned to Kearsney to teach Biology. In his ten years on the staff, Peter was an enthusiastic teacher and very active in extra-murals activities. He took boys on many outings to the Drakensburg and elsewhere where he shared his love of nature and the environment. He had a successful spell as coach ofthe I st Cricket XI. Peter spentthe rest of his career at the Fulton School for the Deaf. At his Memorial Service fine tribute was paid to him for his dedicated service to Fulton by colleagues and his former pupils. Peter involved himself in numerous environmental and security forums and gave freely of his time and energy in the interests of his fellow man and environment. Peter fought a long and valiant battle against cancer I salute you my friend for your courage. Peter is survived by Sue,their daughters Sally,Wendy and son Dale. Justin Hail Close friend 1960-2008 ALLISTERTHISTLETON Kearsney Staff 1965-1993 In 1965 Allister joined Kearsney from Maritzburg College. He entered the science block carrying a briefcase with his initials M.A.T embossed on the lid in gold. Thus began the legend of MatThiselton at Kearsney. Long after the briefcase had disintegrated, Mat was to leave the imprint of his personality on generations of Kearsney boys. As a science teacher he soon made it clear that he would tolerate nothing butthe very best from his pupils. Who will forget his light coloured jacket with half a dozen ball-point pens of different colours in the top pocket and a rainbow of dots at the bottom ofthe pocket where the pens had leaked? Or his peremptory bark of'boy"? Apart from the classroom,the other area in which the Mat legend lives on was his coaching ofthe U15A cricket team. Although his chiefsporting skill was in squash,at which he represented Natal for a number of years, his chiefsporting love was always cricket. Year after year this team achieved way beyond their skills levels through the sheer guts and determination which Mat had instilled in them. Soon after he joined the Kearsney staffAllister started campaigning for the building ofsquash courts at the school. When the first two courts were built, he supervised every aspect oftheir construction. They were his baby for many years as he made sure that they were maintained in top condition. It was perhaps not always evident to his pupils that Allister had a strong sense of humour- particularly in the realm ofthe ridiculous. I remember in the early 1970s going with him and our wives to the Churchill Theatre in Maritzburg to a live performance by that arch Goon Spike Milligan. Allister was so overcome with laughter that at one stage he was actually rolling on the floor I reminded him ofthis incident three days before he died. He remembered the incident vividly and chuckled at the memory. In 1976 Allister's wife Avice sadly died after a long battle against cancer Howeven in 1983 Allister found new joy in his life when he married Heather He quickly embraced her family as his own and enjoyed great contentment in the latter part of his life. After his retirementfrom Kearsney in 1993,Allister was a frequent visitor to the College and remained keenly interested in the affairs of the school. On my last visit to him he wanted to be told aboutthe recent Speech Day-who was there,what was said,and what the plans were for the future of Kearsney AllisterThiselton was a man ofthe very highest principles,strong convictions,and a deep Christian faith. The legacy of Mat is deeply woven into the fabric of Kearsney College and in the memories of very many old boys. Justin Hall Kearsney Staff 1963-2003 RICHARD'DICK'CLINTON BEST Kearsney Staff 1949-1963 Born in Johannesburg Dick Best was educated at Kingswood College, Grahamstown where he matriculated in 1937. Aftertwo years working for the Chamber of Mines and still a teenager he joined the armed forces. First serving in the South African Artillery in Kenya, Abyssinia and Eritrea and then with the Transvaal Horse Artillery served in the North African Desert. He was wounded five times and hospitalised after Sidi Rezegh and Tobruk,captured and sentto Italy and subsequently to a Nazi prison in Germany He escaped during the so-called "death march"to rejoin the Allied forces making his way to England in the final stages ofthe war He spent 1946 through 1948 at Rhodes University leaving with a BComm and a University Education Diploma. While still a student he married Margaret Halsted in 1947. Dick joined the staff of Kearsney in 1949 and at the beginning of 195 I he was appointed Housemaster ofJunior House which became the happiest part of the school. He stayed there until 1963. Their son Hubert attended Kearsney and has become a successful musician and lawyer Dick left Kearsney in 1970 to join Rhodes University. On retirement he and Margaret moved to East London. Dick was always a keen sportsman playing both rugby and cricket in his schooldays. Cricket was his great love. As a student he played for Rhodes University At Kearsney he coached rugby was in charge ofthe cricket,coached the First XI and played cricket for the staff. With the help of Kingsmead's head groundsman saw to the laying ofthe new wicket and was responsible for the picket fence and the banks. Parents provided the wood for the fence and boys sawed, hammered and painted. The whole school helped dig and shape the banks-even the Headmaster joined in. I feel privileged to have served under Dick and Margaret atjunior House and to have been regarded by them as their friend ever since. Ray Rutherford-Smith Kearsney Staff 1950-59 13 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY; Denis, Mikaela, Helen and Theodore York

HEADMASTER'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY Mr Polkinghorne, Mr Kingsley Holgate,invited guests, parents and boys. It is a singular honourto share the stage with someone who has,for many years,occupied my imagination not only as a human being but as a modem day Genghis Khan or Scott ofthe Antarctic. I will admit to being a closet couch explorer myself,only occasionally venturing out into Africa,or with Kearsney's own David Livingstone, Rod de Villiers, on one of his hair-brained (or more accurately non-hair brained) mountain biking sorties down the Umtamvuna River gorge, or along the Wild Coast to Port St Johns,or getting lost in a storm near the summit ofThaba Ntlenyana.These adventures pale into insignificance when compared to the inspirational journeys you,sir; have allowed us,as ordinary South Africans,to share with you. I am delighted that you accepted the invitation to address us today,and we look forward to your presentation later on in the programme. I will not be giving an account ofthe academic,sporting or cultural successes ofthe College this year; nor will I be providing you with a report of various programmes undertaken during the course ofthe year - these being available in our various publications,on the new web site,and in the historical document published each year known as the Chronicle. My duty today will be to thank those who have supported the College and to pay tribute to the class of2008.Before I do though, I would like to share with you a few quotations from Grade 8 Kearsney boys who recently answered a survey conducted with them prior to Grandparents'Day which we hosted a fortnight ago. The boys were required to finish the sentence that started with "I enjoy my grandparents because ..." - She is like a teenager;she smokes,drinks and doesn't care what people think about hen - My Gran does most ofthe stuff with me even though she is old and brittle. - My grandparents are funny and my grandmother has a boyfriend. - My Grandfather tells me war stories aboutthe Second World War but I don't think he ever fought in the wan I think you will agree,after hearing these quotes,that it must be easier being a Headmaster ofa traditional boys'high school than the manager ofa retirement centre. It is a tradition that a mother ofa sixth former arranges the flowers for the stage.This yearVeronica van der Riet took the responsibility, and we thank her sincerely for the appropriate indigenous campfire display on the stage. The flags displayed around this hall represent the home countries from which our boys come.We are also host to a number ofoverseas exchange students through the course of the yean and their countries'flags will be found amongst the others. Welcome to the heads and representatives ofschools who have honoured us with their presence today - thank you for making the effort and taking the time to attend today's ceremony. In the audience this morning there are also representatives ofcompanies and individuals who support our scholarship and bursary fund,as well as other benefactors. I pay tribute to you and thank you for your continued support ofthe College. tin 1 i Page 14 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: Index Property Seri;ices Tel: 031 303 5566,

HEADMASTER'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY There are just so many Kearsney success stories that would simply not have happened without your support. You have played a significant part In changing the lives of many boys forever The Parents'Society has been particularly supportive and helpful this year under the Chairmanship of Craig Johnson. They,and the parents in general, have in many instances been the difference between failure and success of much of what we have done. I pay tribute to the parents ofour Matric boys too,for their support over many years. This year we have been celebrating with the Old Boys on the 80*^ year ofthe Club's existence. Dinners and lunches have taken place all over the world,from Sydney to Auckland,and Wellington in New Zealand to Kokstad In the Eastern Cape(or is it KwaZulu Natal?),Port Elizabeth to Mbabane in Swaziland, Malelane In the Lowveld to Johannesburg,Pretoria and CapeTown. In seven days time we will commence with the really big centres,starting in London next Friday evening,and then moving on to Mtunzini,Winterton and Ramsgate on the South Coast. The pride and passion evident at every one ofthe functions I have addressed has been a source of great encouragement. It was delightful to witness three active octogenarian Old Boys In Port Elizabeth set up a bowls match with two Old Boys from the 2001 Matric group. Mush Slwisa and Muz Sirenya,after the 80th Dinner in that city. The support of young Old Boys by older Old Boys in far flung countries and towns gives credence to the saying that it's'Kearsney for life', and the camaraderie that is born and nurtured on Botha's Hill extends to virtually every continent transcending generations and professions. I am grateful to the Board Chair Dave Polkinghome and 'Vice Chain Andile Mazwai,and for every member ofthe Board for their time and expertise so freely given. TheTrustees,under Rob Becker provide careful wisdom and advice ranging from Spiritual aspects ofthe College to Financial and strategic issues. I also thank my wifeTracey for her love of Kearsney and the absolute delight she takes In working with the boys.She has almost convinced me that even in the biggest rogue there is a young boy with good intentions. She makes it very easy for me to be the Head ofthis College. It is always a sad duty to say farewell to departing staff. This year we have been hit with an unusually large number of staff leaving the College. In the first half ofthe yean four excellent staff emigrated, and we will be losing another four at the end ofthis yean Angela Stevens Is thanked for her fifteen years ofsterling service to Kearsney. During this period she built the choirfrom a small group ofinexperienced choristers to quite literally a choir crowned on the international stage asWorld Champions. A farewell concert In her honour has been arranged for early nextterm. Our Chaplain, Reverend Ramsay and his family are emigrating to New Zealand. Interestingly enough,when Rodney files outto Chrlstchurch in February,it will be the first time that he has crossed the borders ofSouth Africa. Rodney has been the pillar of Christian virtue for 10 years, helping members ofthe College through personal crises,and being the touchstone in our decision-making. Mr Shaun van Wyk and his family move further inland to take up a position at Hilton College. Shaun has held numerous positions of responsibility in his 13 years,including those of Head of Haley,Grade Head and Head of Golf. In every position he has displayed Integrity and the highest moral values. Mr Justin Cook is taking a year ortwo overseas,touring and working as he travels the world.Cooke's tours will take on a new meaning for one ofthe last Blue Bulls supporters in this province. With the recent lack ofsuccess by the Sharks in domestic rugby competitions, Justin has lamented that most teenagers In Durban think the Currie Cup is a spicy dish served at local Indian restaurants. Ourthanks go to these departing stafffor their devotion to Kearsney,and for the quality of work they have put in over various periods ofservice. Each one has had a significant impact on their fellow teachers,as well as the boys entrusted to them in the various positions of responsibility they have held. We wish them all well in their future endeavours. While on the topic of staff, I wish to pay tribute to the academic,finance, marketing and administration staff for the tremendous effort they have made in the successful running ofthe College this year The academic staff have faced enormous challenges implementing the complex and often confusing demands ofthe new curriculum. The College Management and the Executive have also provided superb support;the expertise they offer in their respective fields has been critical to the management ofthe College. ProfessorTim Noakes writes in the Winter 2008 edition ofthe Discovery Health Publication of his experience addressing a hall full of Kearsney boys In February this year He draws attention to a question he was asked by a boy during question time. This was at the conclusion of his address wherein he,in a scientific manner presented his findings that supplements did not enhance sporting performance or success. Kearsney had invited Prof. Noakes to Botha's Hill to add weightto its policy of banning the use of steroids and discouraging the use ofsupplements by its boys. The boy in the second row posed the question,"Why,Dr Noakes,should the school ban these supplements If, as you say,they don't even work in the first place?" Noakes writes,"For a moment I was caught off-guard. My answer was that they were an unnecessary expense that could be better used elsewhere.From his look I knew that my questioner was less than Impressed. Now,a month later I know the right answer Success in sport requires years of hard work and discipline. There are no short cuts to sporting success-and certainly none that can be bought over the counter True self-belief the foundation ofsporting success cannot be purchased in a container by the kilogram". I mention this incident, notto raise the issue ofthe use of supplements and steroids by school boy sportsmen,butto highlight m h Mr Ndaba and Mr Zungu at the Speech Day Ceremony 15 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY:CONCOM leaders in Audio Marketing Software &Services.Telephone-on-hold, Instore broadcasting, voice recording products, studio production facilities for radio ads, corporate jingles &presentation voiceovers. Nationwide Service &Support, 0861 113854

HEADMASTER'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY the importance ofeducating boys to be independent-minded,critical thinkers - developing the kind ofthinking that gave that boy the courage and the capacity to respectfully and intelligently challenge the stand taken by a professor who is acknowledged worldwide as a leader in his field. And now to the class of2008. MarkTwain gives good advice when he says:"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.So throw offthe bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbour Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.Discover" We have had the privilege of working with a great group of boys who have assumed positions of leadership in the College this year I thank the captains ofsport,chairmen ofthe various clubs,societies and cultural activities for the leadership they have displayed this year Some have captained teams which may well rank with the best the College has ever produced,others have found it tough leading groups that have been less successful. Nic Bowman and Dave Karnezos as Head and Deputy Head of College have done a superb job of leading the sixth formers and the rest ofthe boys. To you two, I have seldom seen such a united sixth form in a school. You have led a wonderful collection of young men,united in their goals and as one,keen to maintain the pride and passion the boys have in the College. You both deserve full credit for your leadership roles this year Overthe past yean this group ofsixth formers has notforgotten one of its comrades who was seriously injured in a motor accident just on a year ago. Hospitalised for months,Tom Rout's friends have never given up on him. They visited him in hospital and later at home and kept in touch through cyber communication. They organised a fund raiser at the College that raised over R100 000,to assist him with his convalescence. The hallmark ofthis sixth form group has been a collective character that has developed through adversity. They have not had It easy, but It is in the crucible of life. In the heat ofthe furnace that the pure gold is separated and identified. Boys,we wish you well in your examinations and in your lives that lie ahead. We trust that the values you have learned and the critical thinking that you have been exposed to will stand you in good stead in your futures. Hodding Carter once said, "Two ofthe greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings." I trust we have done just that. Thank you and God bless you all. Elwyn van den Aardweg im I ? The choir performs at Speech Day Page 16

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY Mr Kingsley Holgate,fellow Board members,Trustees,Staff, men of Kearsney College,ladles and gentlemen. Welcome to Kearsney Speech Day,and I thank you all for your attendance here today. Your being here Indicates your support of the College and,for those of you who are parents,your support of your sons at Kearsney. We are living in challenging times - politically, socially and economically-and with that comes significant pressure on the education system in South Africa. The headmaster will be touching on the"state ofthe College" in more detail, but I felt it appropriate to share with you some ofthe key issues we,as the Board of Governors,feel are particularly important as we position Kearsney forthe years ahead. i) The first concern we have is"behavioral"and Involves the pressures on schools that are trying to maintain a set of"values" or"standards"that are not supported by societal or family values. Can we expect school discipline to be upheld if this is not reinforced by society and In the home. Our political and corporate leadership is certainly not setting the example we would expect,and a recent study on school violence was highly critical ofthe way parents are ignoring their responsibility and are passing the buck onto schools to discipline their children. A workplace survey by one ofthe leading accounting firms also points to some disturbing facts. In response to a question as to whether you would confront or report a colleague who was doing something illegal 25% of respondents said they would, 50% said they didn't know and 25% said they would not. In other words,only 25% would definitely take a stand! Now we expect our boys to deal objectively with the so-called"code of silence" at Kearsney when,as adults,we aren't prepared to set the right example. . ■m rim lis The Issue of whistleblowing is a hot topic not just at Kearsney and few quotes from an article by Richard Calland,the executive director of the Open Democracy Advice Centre, will serve to illustrate this. Think about whether you agree with his comments, or whether they strike a chord in any way. "Organisations - and society at large - need to appreciate the value of those with the courage to blow the whistle on corruption." "Part of the problem is that people in power hate being exposed for their wrong-doing or abuse of authority and so deliberately make life difficult for those who bring their misdemeanors to light" "Where there is wrong-doing there is always a witness. The only question is whether they will feel able to raise their voice." "Good organisations establish policies and procedures that create a safe space for whistleblowers to come forward." "As ever, it's about values and leadership. Indeed,Ihave come to realise that one of the best ways to assess the quality of an organisation, or even a society, is its willingness to recognise whistleblowers for the good they can do, and the harm they can help prevent" At my address to new parents in January, I spoke of the Importance of traditions, but also the need to constantly evaluate the appropriateness of traditions and to establish new, constructive practices where relevant. The board Is sensitive to the need to preserve our heritage and yet not allow poor discipline and behavior to hide behind the veil of "tradition". ii) The second issue we face is the balancing act of maintaining world class standards without becoming unaffordable. The College has managed to upgrade and maintain the physical campus over the past few years, with the upgraded dining rooms, kitchen redevelopment and the Indoor sports centre being substantial projects. Notwithstanding the capital spend, the state of the College's finances remains robust but we cannot be complacent in this regard. Pupil numbers and staff salaries are the key variables in our finances and given the economic climate both areas are under pressure. Most parents make enormous financial sacrifices to send their boys to Kearsney and, for some, a worsening economic climate can prove to be "a bridge too far" when it comes to paying school fees. Teachers too are under pressure, and as a country we are seeing experienced teachers being lured to hard currency opportunities. Thus far we are finding that we still have excess demand for places at the school, and we are also able to appoint high quality teaching staff at relatively short notice, but eventually the pool will run dry if we do not manage the resources effectively. Ill) A third area of focus is the high pressure environment that our boys are living in. As parents we expect high standards from Kearsney, and the boys themselves have an enormous sense of pride that is instilled in them through a successful school. We constantly compare ourselves to our peer group, and the pressure on our teachers and boys to "win" Is enormous. Getting the balance right is easier said than done and it would be naive to suggest that results are not very important. What is critical however is to bring some context to this pressure. Our boys deserve to be challenged to perform better where their abilities are not being optimized, but equally they must be congratulated when their results are better than expected. Teachers and parents need to manage their expectations carefully so as not to place unrealistic burdens on their boys. Adventurer Kingsley Holgate, guest speaker at Speech Day 17

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY The aforementioned are but three ofthe key challenges we face, and you need to know that the Board Is aware ofthe Importance of dealing with these issues head on. In this regard I wish to thank all of my colleagues on the Board for their time and wise counsel, and also for their willingness to get Involved when called upon to do so. I would also like to pay tribute to my predecessor; Dave Pearse,for his commitmentto Kearsney during his tenure as Chairman ofthe Board, We also call on the Parents'Society and the Old Boys from time to time,and both ofthese bodies continue to give the College enormous support In so many ways. And then to Elwyn and his staff, I have been exposed to some of the details In the life ofa teacher during this year; and am grateful that I am in business. In a company,shareholders and employees are generally kept far apart. In a school,we have no such protection for our teachers and they interact constantly with boys, parents. Old Boys and Board members who all know how to do things betted Rudyard Kipling must surely have had teachers in mind with his well known verse: "Ifyou can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs,and blaming it on you." Thank you, David Polklnghorne m I L to R;Academic Honours and Proxime Accessit to Dux:Jacques Joubert, Academic Honours and Dux ofthe School: Matthew Cole,Academic Honours:Steven Bissett Page 18