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Trustees and Board 3 From the Headmaster's Desk 5 Staff 8 Sp^ch Day 13 Spee^Day:Prize Giving 20 lEB Senior Certificate Results 21 Presentation Assembly. 22 The Prefects 27 \ The Student\2ouncil 28 \ The Heritage Committee 29 Kearsney Foundation 31 Spirituality&Fellowship 36 House Reports 40 Academic Departments 54 Clubs and Cultural Activities 80 Events 95 Sport 110 Kearsney College Old Boys 190 In Memorium 197 ♦.♦ KEARSNEY COLLEGE ¥

¥ ^ Xt. » ■% 2«i 3%= &! Mi8«»SBBj t '^mS&9m B"'*® mm •*#- ■•*4. F mt Je>- 1-^ S^- ■«• ■,^jia,"t*»."*t- W *3 ' •-' "I. ' „ -.;«\:i. " " "

Trustees&Board TRUSTEES BOARD OF GOVERNORS Elected Members Chairman Mr R R Becker MrJ Bester Rev DrJ Borman Mr G J Coilingwood Mr N Gerber Mr P Stockil MrAWHYork Ex Officio Members The Presiding Bishop ofthe Methodist Church Rev I M Abrahams Chairman ofthe Board Mr D A Polkinghorne Honorary Life Trustees Rev CWilkins Dr GW Shuker Mr K C Comins Mr E S C Garner NOMINATED MEMBERS Chairman Mr D A Polkinghorne Vice Chairman MrA Mazwai MrW P Coetzee Mr M Gouveia Dr M Khumalo Mr R H Lloyd Rev R Scholtz Ms NT Slwendu Mrs KTocknell Mrs G VYIIIIams Ex Officio Members The Presiding Bishop Rev I M Abrahams Representative of KwaZulu-Natal Coastal District Mr R Britten-Kelly Bishop KwaZulu-Natal Coastal District Bishop MVorster Ex Officio Members Chairman of theTrustees Mr R R Becker Kearsney Old Boys' Representative Mr G N Coppin President of the Old Boys Mr N Keary Parents' Society Representative Mr I A Pears Kearsney College Headmaster Mr E D van den Aardweg Kearsney College Bursar Mrs L M Croudace Honorary Life Governors Prof V J Bredenkamp Mr K C Comins

if T 1 J ^ir I

From the headmaster's Desk Whilst South Africa continued to suffer the effects ofa depressed economy in 2009,Kearsney managed to hold its head high,showing significant improvements in pupil numbers, academic and sporting achievements and sound progress in moving towards producing young men of integrity and honour. The College commenced the year with a school ofover 610 boys and a Grade 8 compliment of 136 boys spread over six classes. Retention strategies ensured that a minimum number of boys left the College during the course ofthe year mainly due to factors out ofour control. Emigration remains a regrettable reality which usually results in highly talented boys departing for overseas destinations. Notwithstanding external factors beyond our control we were encouraged that the Grade 8 numbers swelled to 140 by the end ofthe year This is a significant endorsement ofthe careful management ofthe new boys and their parents by the Haley House staff and prefects as well as the Head of Grade 8,Head of Middle School and subject teachers and tutors. Early on in the NewYear the academic staff undertook a critical staff analysis and came up with a corporate strategy with a renewed focus on academics. They are commended on their positive approach and their willingness to look critically at what we do. We are happy to report that there was a significant improvement in the National Senior Certificate results at the end ofthe year a result of much hard work and dedication by a thoroughly professional body ofteachers. As usual sport maintained a high profile with maximum participation by the boys and many outstanding performances which are recorded elsewhere in this publication. The opening ofthe newly completed "SportZone" by ProfessorTim Noakes marked the culmination ofa huge effort from a large number of people. The opening was a celebration of youth,health and fitness and took the form of24 hours ofcontinuous sport played in the SportZone. Apartfrom the completion ofthe SportZone,capital projects have been curtailed as the College takes stock ofthe possible effects ofa tightening economic situation. With rising electricity tariffs and the increasing need to become more environmentally friendly, it was decided to install heat pump water heating systems in the two older houses,Finningley and Gillingham. Once up and running,this improvement ensured sufficient hot water for all the boys whilst reducing the energy usage by a significant percentage. The deterioration ofthe grass on the main rugby field. The Stott,due to compaction over the years led the management ofthe College to take the decision to contract outto a professional company,the total replanting ofthe field with grass strains appropriate to the Botha's Hill climate and the modern game of rugby. Part ofthe replanting involved removing 80mm ofthe uppertop soi l layer and grass and replacing with 50mm ofcoarse sand from Shakas Kraal. Runners oftwo cynodin grasses (one winter growing and the other summer)were compacted into the sand, covered with shade netting and irrigated. The end result has been a level, well grassed field of which we can al l be proud. In May the highly respected South African corporate strategist, Mr Clem Sunter chaired a strategic planning workshop attended by representatives from theTrust, Board,Old Boys, Management and pupil leadership. Ten key areas were identified as requiring attention and then in turn these were work-shopped by the staff. At a final session in October a working document put together by the staff was accepted as an action plan for the following year During the course ofthe year Deputy Headmaster Anthony Willows consulted widely eventually producing a new Honour Code which was endorsed by the boys ofthe College. "We are boys of honour and integrity. We do not lie, steal, cheat or bully and we do not tolerate those who do." This has been a major achievement and we look forward to the outworking ofthis Honour code through the Honour Council and its impact on the College in the years to come. Fortunately Kearsney continues to be a beacon of hope and an island ofexcellence. A selective edit ofa quote from Charles Dickens'ATale ofTwo Cities"goes a long way to describe 2009,"It was the best was the age of was the epoch of was the season of was the spring of hope...we had everything before us". Thanks must go to theTrustees,Board of Governors, Management,staff, parents and boys as well as those thousands ofOld Boys,past members ofstaff and friends of the College who have all played their part in making Kearsney the great school that it is. Carpe Diem. E D van den Aardweg Headmaster

■w>' m •rwi'

Inspiring PEOPIE If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,do more and become more,you are a leader. John Quincy Adams(6th US President) l#^#l Kearsney College

Staff ACADEMIC STAFF Back Row L - R:Richard Nienaber, Mike Albers, Barend Steyn, Dean Moodley,Stafford Green,Graham Shone,Rob Candotti,Bernard Kriiger 4th Row Trish Pike, Dave Goldhawk,Simon Moore,Adam Rogers,Alvy Murray,Sbusiso Nhleko, Matthew Gonradie,Andre van Zyl, 3rd Row:Shaun Baker, Gareth Moerdyk,Wayne Amos,Wayne Marsden,Sybil Terblanche, Dave Graves,John Drew,Francois Lubbe,Zastra Conway-Nunn, Manzini Ziingu,Stephen Main 2nd Row:Ulaetha Singh,Junine Kriiger, Glynnis Owen,Andrea Fripp,Justin Skea, Kevin Smith, Fred Cocks,Paula Isaac, Jerry Ndaba,Tracey van den Aardweg, Carol Tullidge, Ronnie Wallace Front Row:Mick Bissell, Neil Peacock, Bruce Thompson,Rod de Villiers, Peter Kirsten, Elwyn van den Aardweg,Anthony Willows, Marco Botha, Andy Morgan,Myles Delport, Keith Decker Headmaster Accounting/Bus Studies/ i/c Culture & Clubs i/c Zulu Mr E D van den Aardweg BA(Hons)HDE BEd Mrs A Fripp BCom HDE FDE ACE Mr B Ndaba BPaed Senior Deputy Headmaster/Maths Snr Housemaster/English Arts & Culture Mr P 1 Kirsten BSc HDE FDE Mr D Goldhawk BA Sp Hons Grad CE Mr R Nienaber Dip (Graphic Des)PGCE Deputy Headmaster/Maths Grade Head Gr 10/Afrikaans School Counsellor Mr A H Willows BSc HDE Mr D Graves BA HDE BEd MrsWOConnor BA(Hons)HDE Med Deputy Headmaster/Head of Middle School/Life Maths Academic Support/Inclusion programme Sciences Mr S Green BEd FET MissJ Ostendorf BEd(Hons) Mr R de Villiers BSc(Hons)HDE i/c Resource Centre Maths(PartTime) English Mrs P Isaac BSoc Sc HDE Ms G Owen BSc(Hons) HDE Mr M F Bissell BA UED BEd B Ed Dip ICDL History/Housemaster Pembroke i/c Accounting/Grade Head Gr9 Dip Library Sciences N Peacock BA(Hons)HDE Mr M Albers BCom HDE Head of Music Performance i/c Maths Geography Mr B Kruger MMus,LRSM,UPLM Mrs PJ Pike BEd MrW Amos BA(Hons)HDE i/c Music(subject) i/c History/ Grade Head Gr 1 1 Maths/Housemaster Sheffield Mrs j Kriiger BMus PGCE MrA Rogers BA HDE Dip Mkt Man (ICM) MrC M Botha HDE Sec Ed ACE Mathematics i/c Life Orientation/English English Mr F Lubbe BSc(Hons)PGCE MrJRottcher BA MIFM Mr R Candotti BA(Hons)HED Science English Maths Mr S Main HDE Mr G E M Shone BA UED Mr F P D Cocks BA UED B Ed i/c Business Studies i/c Dramatic Arts Head of IT MrW D Marsden HDE Ms U Singh BPaed (Drama Hons) Mr M J Conradie BSc Coms(Hons) Science Master in charge of Sport/Physical Education i/c Afrikaans Mr G Moerdyk BEd Mr K Smith BAHDE MrsZ R Conway-Nunn Dip HED i/c Engineer Graphics and Design i/c StudentAffairs/Grade Head Gr 12/Accounting Maths/ i/c Academics Mr H Moodley HDE Mr B Steyn BCom HDE Mr K Decker BEd T Cert i/c Life Sciences Afrikaans Engineer Graphics & Design/Housemaster Gillingham Mr S Moore BSc Mrs S FTerblanche MA Mr M Delport HDE FDE English/Housemaster Finningley Science/Housemaster Haley i/c Geography MrA Morgan BA(Hons)PGCE Mr BThompson HDE FDE ACE Mr 1 Drew BA HDE i/c Science i/c Art Geography,Physical Education Mrs S Murray BSc(Hons) HDE Mrs CVTullidge NTDA (Design) Mr M Foster BAHDE NHD(FA Painting) THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: Stratton Construction&Development. For all your new build &renovation requirements. Upper Highway area, NHBRC registered. Contact Neil: 083 784 4713 or 031 762 3378 email:

Staff *3^ w 2 ADMIN PERSONNEL Back Row(L to R): Dot Bissell, Val Dixon,Wiseman Ngwane,Vicky Mare,Sandy Dunnet,Karen Southwell Middle Row:Tilly Kirstensamy,Sally Cain, Rose Armstrong, Lorraine Hartley,Jan Lee,Penny Needham,Jesmica Lankesar Front Row:Robert Sibiya,Thobeka Mzobe,Joy Mills-Hackmann, Keith Thompson,Heather Pearse, Bea Croudace,Europa Ngubane,Karen Seals History/Drama(PartTime) MrsT van den Aardweg BA HDE Afrikaans Mr H van Ellewee BEd (Hons)HDE FDE Afrikaans/History/Grade Head Gr8 MrAFvanZ/l BA HDE i/c English MrsVAWallace BA HDE Zulu/ i/c Community Service & Student Masters' Programme Mr M Zungu BSS(Hons) Mandarin Elective(PartTimeTutor) MrsW Guo French Elective (PartTimeTutor) M Manley BA(Hons) Woodwork Elective (PartTimeTutor) Mr O D Phipps BSc STD FDE(Coms)M Ed CAN PartTime Music Teachers Mr]Beechey (Electric Guitar) Mr B RThomson (Acoustic Guitar) MrW Dannewitz(Saxophone / Clarinet) Mrs D Setby(Modern Piano) Miss BW Sates (Classical Piano) Mrs BTrofimczyk (Voice) MrJTVenter(Flute) Mr M Whitaker(Drum Kit) Academic staff who left during 2009 Mr S Baker Mr A Murray MrJ Skea Academic staff who left at the end of 2009 Mrs CVTullidge Retired Mr M F Bissell Retired Mr R Nienaber ADMINISTRATION Bursar Mrs L M Croudace Foundation Director Mrs]C Mills-Hackmann Director of Marketing Mrs H J Pearse Director of Sport Mr KThompson Assistant Bursar Mrs K Southwell Debtors Controller Mrs R Armstrong Resources Manager MrsV Dixon Administration Assistant Mrs] Lankesar Administrative Assistant Mrs S Dunnett Sanatorium Sister J Lee Sister D Bissell Headmaster's Secretary Mrs P Needham School Secretary Ms S Cain ITC Manager MrA Premlal BCom M Comm N Dip Arch Tech Dip Man Dip Ed/Bookkeepin Reg Nurse/Midwife MCTS/MCSC/ITIL g Dip Bookkeeping (PartTime) ry Reg Nurse/Midwifery IT and AVTechnician (PartTime) MrA Ndeko Deg Sound Eng Kit and Clothing Shop Manager Mrs]du Casse Marketing Secretary Mrs LA Hartley BA H.Dip Lib Marketing Assistant Miss AZ Ntshangase Music Department Secretary Mrs B Oakes Receptionist Ms E N Ngubane Kit and Clothing Shop Assistant Mrs S Jaganath Laboratory Assistant MrsT Kistensamy ICDL Laboratory Assistant MrsTPelzer ICDL Nl Library Assistant MrsV Mare BA Secretary-Old Boys and Foundation Mrs K Seals Dip Bookkeeping Information Administrator Old Boys(PartTime) Mrs C Polzi Photocopy Clerk Mr R Sibiya Transport Manager MrW Ngwane Dip Bus Man MCDVA/ Dip Bus Man THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: DBctphnary Hearings. Need help!Doug Engelbrecht 083 659 5313 Incredible! Hearing preparation, Independent chairing of hearings, ERISA training in conducting hearings

Staff Atthe beginning ofthe yean we welcomed five new members of staffto Kearsney: Bernard Kruger as Director of Music,Junine Kruger as Head ofthe Music Department,Simon Moore as Head ofthe Life Sciences Department,Justin Skea as Head ofthe Life Orientation Department and Stephen Main as a teacher in the Physical Sciences Department. In the Marketing Department,we bade farewell to flamboyant Thobeka Mzobe in February and welcomed demure Zithobile Ntshangase in her place. Atthe end ofthe second term,AIvy Murray left us to pursue a career in commerce and was replaced in the Afrikaans Department by Hubert van Ellewee. A little while later Shaun Baker departed to develop his hockey playing and coaching skills in the United Kingdom.Michael Foster stepped into the breach in the Geography Department for the rest ofthe year Atthe end ofthe third term,Justin Skea returned to CapeTown to assume the post of Deputy Headmaster at St Joseph's College in Rondebosch.Jason Rottcher was appointed to take the reins ofthe Life Orientation Department. Computer and sound technicians Sosolo Ntobela and Vuyo Beja left during the course ofthe year and were replaced by Reuben Baantjes and Alain Ndeko.Sherese Croenewald kindly stood in for Sanoviah Jaganath to assist Jenny du Casse in Kit and Clothing while Sanoviah was on accouchement leave. At the end ofthe year stalwarts CarolTullidge, Mick Bissell and Jan Lee retired after many years of loyal and dedicated service to the College. A more detailed tribute to them is recorded elsewhere in this magazine.Richard Nienaber moved down the hill to take up a position at Highbury. We thank all ofthose who have left for their invaluable contributions to Kearsney and wish them the very best for the future. Three members ofstafftied the knot during 2009: Ulaetha Singh married Vasu Naidoo,Matthew Conradie married Rene Erasmus and Stephen Main married Cail Hanson. The stork was kept busy delivering Saskia PelzertoThaloshney and Ockert,Brogan Green to Bryony and Stafford,Abigail Delportto Fiona and Myles and Tashmika Jaganath to Sanoviah andVishal. David Goidhawk Abigail4 months and Brogan 1 week L - R:Carol Tullidge, Mick Bissell and Janet Lee FOND FAREWELLS CAROLTULLIDGE It is with sadness that we say goodbye to Carol Tullidge our HOD Visual Art who has been a Kearsney institution for 28 years. She has held a number of positions of responsibility having been the Chief Art Examiner for the NED,the lEB and the Art Moderator for the lEB over a number of years. 'MissT',as she is affectionately known by the boys,has been lucky to have had some exceptional art students who have gone on to do great things using art in their careers. She will be missed for her professionalism,dedication and her willingness to go the extra mile for boys and staff alike. Graham Shone MICK BISSELL Mick has enjoyed 36 years ofteaching- 19 of which he served as a Deputy Headmaster;the last 14 spent here at Kearsney College. He has always been very passionate aboutthe subjects he taught -those latterly being English and History. His main sporting interest has been the coaching of cricket and he has enjoyed great successes with the many teams he has managed and coached.As a Transvaal selector and coach he was involved in many inter provincial tournaments and festivals. Mick was the founder organizer ofthe Charl van Rooyen under 14 Cricket Festival which started at Kearsney in 1995 and now rotates between the different participating schools. However;it was Kearsney rugby that benefltted the mostfrom Mick's exceptional organisational ability and skills. He took charge of the 75th International Rugby Festival in 1995 with great success and was the inaugural organizer ofthe Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival. We wish Mick an enjoyable and well-earned retirement. He will be missed by the many boys and colleagues on whom he has left an indelible impression. Barend Steyn Page 10 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: Bearing Man Group for quality components, technical expertise &superior service,

Staff JANET LEE Sister Lee commenced duty at the San in 2000 but has in fact had a 22 year association with Kearsney College. Before coming to Botha's Hill she was a nursing sister in the rooms ofDrs Bohmer and Breedt - our official school doctors. All three of her sons were educated here and all three excelled: both William and Robert were Deputy Head Prefects and David was Head ofPembroke. jan is the complete professional. Her dedication and hard work has transformed the san and the boys'well-being has always been her prime concern. We wish her well as she and her husband Rob relocate to CapeTown to be close to her son and his expanding family. Dot Bissell MIKE FOSTER In the short period oftime that Mike Foster has been with us at Kearsney he has endeared himselfto boys and staff alike. Mike did duty in Pembroke during the third term and quickly gained the respect ofthe boys in the House for his firm, but approachable manner On the sporting front, Mike quickly settled into his role as the under 16B cricket coach and the team has flourished under his positive leadership. Mike leaves us to take up the position ofSports Director at Eden College in Durban and we wish him all the very best as he embarks on this endeavour SHAUN BAKER During the third term we bade farewell to Geography teacher Shaun Baker who wentto coach and play hockey in England. He will be joining Fareham Hockey Club. He certainly set new standards for our hockey boys to live up to and we shall miss his knowledge and passion for the game. Shaun was a very capable Assistant Housemaster over the pasttwo years and he the respect ofthe boys. RICHARD NIENABER Richard Nienaber came to us from DPHS in January 2007.He has been the Learning Area Head ofArts & Culture since his arrival. Richard is a very good sportsman and has been involved in the coaching of cricket and hockey in the under 16 and under 14 age groups respectively. He has also been involved in the coaching ofthe Highbury I st XI hockey boys on our Astro Field. His rapport especially with the junior boys has been commendable.We wish him and Caroldee and son Jackson the very best for their move to Highbury next yean Neil Peacock CLINTON VAN HEERDEN Clinton started working in the music department as an assistant straight after Matriculating in 2005. Since then he has been an indispensable part ofthe running and success ofthe department. His attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile are some ofthe traits that secured him a position at KPMG as an accountantfrom 2010. He will be completing his B.Gom (Hons) next year in order to become a chartered accountant. His musicality and angelic voice will be remembered for a long time. Bernard Kriiger Rod De Viliiers WARM WELCOME 'h JASON ROTTCHER At the start ofthe Fourth term we welcomed Jason Rottcher who took overfrom Justin Skea as HOD:Life Orientation and teacher of English. He comes to us from Clifton College and formerly DHS. With his wife Colette and two children he has taken up residence in Pembroke as deputy house master ZITHOBILE NTSHANGASE Zithobile Ntshangase Joined the Marketing department on the departure ofThobeka Mzobe. Zi (as she likes to be called) has certificates in tourism management as well as marketing& communications. Priorto taking up her position at Kearsney,Zi spent 5 years working as a travel consultant for ConnexTravel and 3 years as an advertising consultant for 'The Witness'. Zi is the proud mother of a 4-year old son who attends Hillcrest Pre-primary School. 4.* Page 11 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: The Fleming Family

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HEADMASTER'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY The Headmaster,guest speaker Prof Francis and the Chairman ofthe Board Professor Francis, Mr Polkinghorne,invited guests, parents and boys. It is a singular honourto share the stage with someone who has for many years been involved with the training ofteachers in our province. Professor Francis,we greatly appreciate the hugely valuable job you and your staff at UKZN are doing to produce teachers of quality to add to the teaching profession. I am delighted you accepted the invitation to address us today and we look toward to your address later on in the programme. I will not be giving an account ofthe academic,sporting or cultural successes ofthe College and neither will I be providing you with a report ofthe various programmes undertaken during the course of the year-these being available in our various publications,on the website and in the annual edition ofthe Chronicle. One of my duties today is to thank those who have supported the College during the year and the second is to pay tribute to the Class of2009.Before I do that though, I would like to mention that some months back the Chairman ofthe Board contacted me to give me the news that I would no longer be the sixth FHeadmaster ofthe College. I was naturally worried. The Heritage Committee had recommended that we acknowledge Mr Pyne Mercier(instead of Mr Matterson) as the first Head ofthe College and I was now to be the seventh Headmaster of Kearsney. Greatly relieved that I still had a job, I later reflected that I will be the only Headmaster in history that has been both the sixth and seventh Head of his school. To right the wrongs of history we then had to commission the painting ofa portrait of Mr Pyne Mercier This proved difficult as we had no record of what he looked like. Eventually we tracked down one ortwo grainy photographs taken from his shoulders up when he was a young rugby coach and player at Bloemfontein's Grey College. The artist needed a torso and I was recommended to be the model for Mr Pyne Mercier's body. As you can imagine, I was flattered to double for a provincial rugby player from the Free State. However Dr Shuker wasted no time in telling me that it was merely done as a cost saving measure and that when I leave Kearsney one day, all they will have to do to complete my portrait will be to cut out my face and place it on the torso which has already been painted. It is a tradition that a mother ofa Sixth Former arranges the flowers for the stage on this occasion. This year Mrs Pam Schachat took on the responsibility and we thank her sincerely for the fine floral display on the stage. I also pay tribute to my secretary Penny Needham,who has done the lion's share ofthe organisation for today and who is, at this moment,aboutto undergo an operation. Ourthoughts and prayers are with her The flags in the Hall represent the home countries from which our boys come,as well as the home countries of our inbound exchange students. Welcome to the Heads and representatives of schools who have honoured us with their presence today-thank you for making the effort and taking the time to attend today's ceremony. In the audience this morning are also representatives ofcompanies and individuals who support our scholarship and bursary fund as well as other benefactors. I pay tribute to you and thank you for your continued support ofthe College. There are just so many Kearsney success stories that would simply not have happened without your support. You have played a significant part in changing the lives of many boys forever The Parents'Society has been particularly supportive and helpful this year under the Chairmanship of Ian Pears. They,and parents in general, have in many instances been the difference between failure and success of much of what we have done. I pay tribute to the parents ofour Grade 12 boys too,for their support over many years. This year we have been celebrating the 70th year of Kearsney's presence on Botha's Hill after the first 18 were spent in the home of Sir Liege Hulett on a hill just outside Stanger The'70Years on the Hill' celebrations have involved functions with the boys of the College and the Old Boys. Relationships with the Old Boys and their Executive are extremely good and I wish to thank past President Justin Hughes and current President Nick Keary for their unfailing support and positive encouragement through thick and thin. I can honestly say that our Old Boys'Club is what many boys schools around the country and indeed the world only dream of. I am grateful to the Board Chair David Polkinghorne,and Vice Chair Andile Mazwai,and for every member ofthe Board for their time and expertise so freely given. I might add that the Kearsney Board has a unique quality in supporting the Headmaster without interfering in the day-to-day running ofthe College. They have a high regard for the professionalism ofthe Kearsney staff and management and on behalf ofthe staff I thank them sincerely for this confidence. TheTrustees under Rob Becker provide careful wisdom and advice ranging from spiritual aspects ofthe College to financial and strategic issues. Page 13 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: Real Landscapes. A division ofServest Pty (Ltd). Specialising in landscape installation &maintenance as well as turf, field &golf course construction &maintenance. Tel: 031 266 0206

HEADMASTER'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY I also thank my wifeTracey for her love of Kearsney and the absolute delight she takes in working with the boys. She spends much time organising functions with the boys,assisting with dramatic productions and supporting me in the myriad responsibilities that Headmastership requires. It is always a sad duty to say farewell to departing staff three of whom are retiring. Mr Mick Bissell, a Deputy Headmaster for many years and highly competent master of many Initiatives at the College, retires at the end ofthe year Mick is an organiser of note,he loves to focus on a project and see it through to its conclusion. Mick you have done just that with the rugby festivals you have run,the post-MatrIc courses in their day,coaching and managing ofsports teams and in your teaching as well. You have worked energetically and enthusiastically right to the end. We thank you for I 6 years of sterling service to Kearsney College and wish you well as you start a business running Dale Carnegie courses locally and nationally. Carol Tullldge(HOD Art) retires at the end ofthe year after 28 years of service In the Art Department. Never an easy task in a boys school,her popularity is always seen at Old Boys'dinners where her former art students gather around to hear her chirp them. We wish you well In your retirement Carol. Sister Janet Lee leaves Kearsney at the end ofthe year She retired three years ago but remained on under contract fulfilling her duties in the Sanatorium with professionalism,efficiency and with the utmost care shown to the boys. She has been an outstanding San sister for ten years and we will miss her She too Is wished a happy retirement. On the other end ofthe age-and-service-to-Kearsney scale, Mr Justin Skea(HOD Life Orientation) who has only been at Kearsney for nine months,departs today for St Joseph's in CapeTown to take up a Deputy Head position.Wethank him for the enthusiasm he has devoted to the Life Orientation curriculum and his extra murals this yean The boys took some time to work Justin out but soon after he cracked his first smile in late June,he became a firm favourite amongst them. We wish him well as he returns to the fairest Cape. Mr Richard NIenaben junior art teacher leaves us to take up a position down the road at Highbury Prep,teaching art. He has been with us for four years and has distinguished himself as a coach of both cricket and hockey. We will no doubt see him in the future on the Kearsney Astro with the Highbury boys. You may be aware that we have been without a Methodist Chaplain for the duration ofthe year I am delighted to announce that a recommendation has been passed on to the Synod ofthe Methodist Church to appoint RevTeboho Erasmus to Kearsney from January 2010. While on the topic of staff, I wish to pay tribute to the academic, finance, marketing and administrative stafffor the tremendous effort they have put into the successful running ofthe College this year Atthe beginning ofthe year the academic stafftook a serious look at all aspects ofthe academic programme and implemented significant changes to the how and what oftheir teaching. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal as we shall witness when prizes are handed out shortly. The College Management and the Executive have also provided superb support in a very busy year In particular I thank the Senior Deputy Head, % The prize winners 2009 Page 14 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY; Jaccjues and Ruan Booyens

HEADMASTER'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY Mr Kirsten,and all the members ofthe Full Managementfor their commitment and loyalty and the expertise they provided in their respective fields to help run the College. An article published in Business Day recently took my attention. It told ofa small workshop on the Isle of Man that is staffed by a handful of people supervising hi-tech pressing machines that stamp out minute metal parts forming the key components ofcontrol switches for electric kettles. The parts are produced according to a secret formula and are the sensors that recognise when water has boiled,switching offthe device instantly. This workshop is the leading producer ofthe devices in the world and has produced over one billion ofthese switches. Despite pressure to move to China,it has resisted the relocation in order to protect the 475 patents that guarantee its unique make-up. Very few people know the secret of the automatic kettle switch but millions of people benefit daily from its function-even you did this morning I am sure! This made me think ofthe unique components and the process of a Kearsney experience,the evidence of which we see all around us, every day. I shall relate some anecdotes to illustrate my point. Soon after Speech Day last year; I jetted offto London to address an Old Boys'dinner in the plush suburb of Mayfair Atthe end of the address,the large group of Old Boys stood as one to sing the Kearsney version ofthat rousing song Shosholosa.'Whilst this was being sung I noticed doors opening,from the kitchen,the ban an ante-room and from reception,with black faces appearing from all over: At the conclusion ofthe war cry I asked two jet-black men who had just joined us ifthey were South African."Oh no,"the one replied,"we are from Ghana,but all Africans know Shosholosa and you have made us all feel so homesick tonight." That is Passion. I watched with such fascination the performances of our I st XV this year as they won some matches and then lost time and again, often by the narrowest of margins. I think the pressure placed on schoolboy rugby players to win these days is excessive. But contrary to what one would think,these boys became more and more determined and resilient as the season drew on. I kept telling myself how proud we should be that we had a group of boys who were displaying the kind of never-say-die attitude that will prepare them for life. In amongst all this was Captain Dewald Boshoff, who shouldered the pressure,the comments,the expectations of thousands whilst leading the team that simply did not give up. That team will go down in history as one ofthe most courageous the College has produced. Those boys displayed courage right through the season to the very last minute ofthe very last match in front of hundreds ofOld Boys. The I st team's attitude was reflected in so many other teams,be they sporting, musical,cultural or academic. That isTenacity. What makes a Kearsney Old Boy devote his life to bring sight to visually impaired villagers in a remote area of Northern Swaziland as DrJonathan Rons has? Or Old Boy Chris Nel,who heads up a local orphanage known as"Focus on ITemba"and with which Kearsney has forged a relationship. The first Kearsney boy from iTemba is currently in Grade 8 and we are delighted thattwo more boys will in all likelihood be joining us in 2010. That is Compassion. The wife ofa 74-year-old Old Boy attending our CapeTown Old Boys'dinner at the Waterfront last week took me aside and asked me how it was that the younger Kearsney Old Boys treated her with such courtesy and friendliness at the function."What do you do to get that into them?"she asked. That is Respect. Atthe conclusion ofthe inter-house music last week in this hall, which was an absolute tonic to witness,Sheffield FHouse was announced the overall winner The Sheffield boys were delighted and stormed on to the stage to hold high the cup.And then,in unison,they called on and sang to the boy under whose direction they rehearsed. The senior boys spontaneously lifted him on their shoulders and chanted his name. This is nothing unusual,except that the boy is in Grade 10 and he only arrived at Kearsney two months ago. That is Camaraderie. I have had the privilege of working with two ofthe most outstanding human beings this year in the FHead and Deputy Head Prefects. TheodoreYork,j-R Conradie and I meet on a weekly basis to discuss the matters ofthe College. There is humour,there is banter we share thoughts and ideas. Above all,there is trust,for these are two young men ofthe utmost integrity. J-R,always focused,andTheo,the philosopher Boys,you embody the last ofthe components I wish to highlight today. That is Honour In conclusion, I would like to pay tribute to the Sixth Formers as a group. Thank you to the prefects who have carried out their duties on a daily basis,often sacrificing personal gain for the good ofthe College. The captains of all sports and all teams are acknowledged for keeping things together in the good and the bad times. Those boys who took leadership positions in the choir orchestra and in the myriad clubs and societies we run,you are often the unsung heroes. Then there are the boys who slave away in the back rooms or on the sports fields in a supportive capacity, devoting hours oftheir time to assist the College in one or other manner-and there are many boys in this category,thank you. And to the boys who weren't the chosen leaders orthe high flyers,you are all custodians ofthat secret,the secret ofthe componentthat affects people positively around the world every day. Passion,tenacity,compassion,respect, camaraderie and honour Use it for the good of Mankind. You are Kearsney. Thank you and God bless you. Elwyn van den Aardweg f Headmaster Elwyn van den Aardweg with the Head Boy Theo York and Deputy J-R Conradie 15 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: J-R, Nadine, Denise&Koos Conradie

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY m t i i m The school's receptionist, Europa Ngubane joined the choir to perform at Speech Day The Kearsney College Orchestra conducted by Mr Bernhard Kriiger Page 16 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: The Hewitt Family

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY Prof Francis,friends of Kearsney and boys. Today is, in large part,a day where we celebrate and recognise those Matric boys who have excelled during their final year at Kearsney. When we acknowledge their achievements however 1 would wish for all of you to appreciate that recognition at Kearsney does not come easily. Let me put this comment into context. Just this morning we had a ceremony where the classroom block was officially named The Williams Block', in recognition ofthe efforts ofthe late WJ Williams in the development of Kearsney over a 12-year period. MrWilliams was the driving force behind the move of Kearsney College to Botha's FHill in 1939,following which he was elected Chairman ofthe joint Epworth-Kearsney Board of Governors for an I I -year period to 1949. The late Albert FHaley,who was involved with MrWilliams in the Methodist Church and at both Epworth and Kearsney,has Haley House named after him,however it has taken Kearsney 70 years to appreciate the contribution of MrWilliams. To those members ofthe Williams family in attendance,Kearsney applauds the drive and commitment of MrWjWilliams. Another man who has struggled for recognition at Kearsney is the late Mr D Pyne Mercien R H Matterson has traditionally been regarded as the first Kearsney Headmaster During Mr Matterson's 24-year tenure from 1924 to 1946 he certainly established Kearsney into a position of prominence amongst independent schools in South Africa. But he was notthe first man appointed as Headmaster Kearsney's first Headmaster was Mr D Pyne Mercier He was contracted by the Hon Sir] Liege Hulett,Chairman oftheTrustees,in April 1921,five months before the College opened. He terminated his service at Kearsney in July 1922,and it is reported that he left to his successor a sound staff and a school which had grown significantly during his period of office. Pyne Mercier an Ulsterman,was born in Ireland and graduated from the University of Belfast. He arrived in South Africa in 1895 and was appointed to coach rugby and cricket at Grey College in Bloemfontein. He was the first President ofthe Orange Free State Rugby Football Union and captained and played full-back in the first inter-provincial rugby match between the Orange Free State and Transvaal. From Grey College he was appointed Headmaster of a school in Winburg before his appointmentto Kearsney College. After his time at Kearsney he served as Headmaster ofa school in Pretoria,called White House,which later merged with Pretoria Boys' High School where he taught until his retirement. Atthe first KearsneyTrust and Board meetings of2008,based on detailed research presented to them,it was formally decided to acknowledge Mr D Pyne Mercier as the first Headmaster of Kearsney College and we will hang his portrait alongside the other Headmasters in due course. So to those of you receiving awards,be thankful you will not have to wait as long to get your recognition. This time last year I highlighted a few ofthe issues we,as a Board, saw as key concerns for the years ahead. To recap briefly these were: - the retention and attraction of quality teaching staff - the need to maintain a competitive and affordable product in a difficult economic climate - the behavioural pressures placed on our boys by society. I'd like to update you on what steps have been taken to deal with these issues,or at least prepare for the fallout where no direct action is possible. As regards staff, Kearsney is blessed with a fantastic and dedicated staff complement. To maintain this position, however we have to make Kearsney an employer ofchoice and one ofthe key strategic factors that has been highlighted is the need to offer suitable staff housing. The Board is considering the implication ofthis need, but clearly the capital constraints do not make for an immediate and easy solution. Secondly,is the Kearsney product economically competitive and affordable? Clearly our fees are not insignificant and for most parents this entails serious sacrifice, The current barometer would however indicate that we do not foresee a financial crisis. We have had very few boys leave this year for financial reasons and 2010 has a full intake of 125,with a waiting list. As at July,our pupil enrolment was 605 boys against a budget of 595. Ofthese,395 boys are boarders and 210 are day boys,a ratio of65/35. With I 14 Matrics leaving and 125 new Grade 8's for 2010, I believe we are doing something right.What has been particularly pleasing this year is that we have only had one Grade 8 boy leave the school and five new Grade B's have come to Kearsney during the year Credit must surely go to BruceThompson,Housemaster of Haley House,Andre van Zyl,Grade 8 Grade Head,and the Haley House prefects for managing the new mothers so effectively. And what ofthe behavioural issues? Widespread teenage substance abuse,steroid usage and bullying to pick out just three concerns. We established aTraditions Committee to examine school specific problems. This committee comprised representatives from the Board,Old Boys, parents,executive management and an independent behavioural psychologist. The first task was to identify the College's traditions and classify them.This was done in consultation with the boys. Arising from these and other deliberations has been the development ofa School Code of Honour which is in the process of being adopted and implemented.In a nutshell,the Code will state that a Kearsney boy will not lie, cheat,steal or engage in bullying and will uphold the traditions ofthe College. Further initiatives have included meetings between the Chairs ofa number ofschool governing bodies and the subsequent agreement between a number ofKZN school Headmasters to form a Concerned Schools'Coalition to deal with teenage drug,alcohol and steroid use. One ofthe key breakthroughs in dealing with these issues is getting open and honest discourse and I am delighted to see this being done as a collective. Page 17 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: The Stokes Family

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT: SPEECH DAY To reinforce the seriousness that Kearsney places on behaviour, the focus ofthe Grade I I Leadership Week was entirely on Ethics. Having seen the programme, I would encourage any of you who are interested to look at the fantastic content our boys were exposed to. Now for a quick look at what we see as strategic issues for 2010 and beyond: •The Honour Code and philosophy of wellness •Academics- possible alternatives to the National Senior Certificate as well as the balance between inclusion and excellence • Financial sustainability - keeping the school full with a waiting list • Maintaining the appropriate boarder/day boy mix • Upgrade and maintenance of all physical facilities • Maintaining a balance between the academic,sporting,cultural and spiritual components ofthe College •The centenary project. 2009 has been a frenetic year for many of you but the results are witness to the fact that no energy has been wasted.Our academic results,sports results,cultural successes and strong Christian involvement have been fantastic and I congratulate the entire Kearsney committee on a job well done. Please don't underestimate how phenomenal it is to have achieved such high standards across all these spheres.For me,there were two particular moments that captured the spirit of Kearsney this year The first was the spontaneous pitch invasion by all boys and Old Boys following the last-gasp rugby victory over Maritzburg College on Founders Day. This was a clear demonstration ofa school proud to celebrate success in an uninhibited fashion. The second was witnessing our receptionist, Europa Ngubane,taking to the stage in a musical evening put on by the school,after her singing talents had been unearthed by the Director of Music, Mr Bernard Kruger Again,this shows a human side to what is often a highly competitive and rushed daily routine. Before closing, I would like to thank the Headmaster and his managementteam for making myjob an easy one,and also to my Board Colleagues for always being available to assist the College when required. For some of you,a staff house might be an appropriate consideration. We are a strong school and I would encourage every boy to strive to be a strong individual. Yetto be strong is so often the hardest thing to do- because to be strong we so often have to choose to do what is right. David Polkinghorne I I f Mark Keal T J'R Conradie and Theo York James McDowell and Jamie Muckart Page 18 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: Haydn, Gigha, Sean and Cameron Kelly

HEADBOY'S SPEECH: SPEECH DAY r It seems like yesterday that I was sitting in the car outside Haley with my Mom,talking about the Greyhounds and sea shells that we associated with the attitudes of Kearsney boys and the'patriotism'they showed towards their school. This was in reference to the USA's stars and stripes and their patriotism. Back then it seemed like such an alien concept,this indescribable something that made up the attributes of Kearsney boys. It is only after five years of unforgettable experiences, unbreakable friendships and unmistakable memories that I can fully understand what this special something is,that defines and bonds us together no matter what. We often hear the words'pride'and'passion' being thrown around at this point,which have sadly become somewhat cliched. I believe that this special something lies deeperthan that and rather more simply, it is something not entirely tangible but always present.Simply put, it is our 'Kearsneyness'for want ofa better word. It is this'Kearsneyness'that surpasses all the barriers ofage,race and creed,defining every Kearsney boy. It is that little bit of magic that occurs from time to time allowing us to win gold at the Choir Games and beat College on our Founders Day. As boys ofthe College,we can only but pass through in the hope of leaving something ofworth behind. Yet the only thing ofsubstance and meaning that we as boys can leave behind is the next generation that follows. It is the Staff who are here year in and year out,that hold together those founding principles; educating us in the class room,on the sports field and everywhere in between,with a smile on your faces and the occasional clench ofthe fist. In a world where change seems to be the only constant along with a demanding society, you have had to adapt to a syllabus that demands so much more from you and the boys and still you have not let this get in the way ofthe top education expected here at Kearsney. We are forever indebted to you. Secondly,as boys we often don't show our true feelings and we don't often thank our parents enough for what they have given to us by sending us here. What we have experienced,the friends that we have made,the memories that we have had and the education we have undergone,are second to none. As our parents from day one,we idolise you and then as we get olden well we seem to only idolise ourselves. Even though this is what it may seem,you have still managed to define our lives and continue, although we try our best not to show it,to influence our lives. Thank you for your understanding,your tolerance and your example along with the family,extended family and everyone who remains close to our lives. Kearsney,as beautiful as it is, would just remain a misty place on a lonely hill, somewhere between Durban and'Maritzburg,if it weren't for the boys ofthe College and all the people who are related to Kearsney in some way. This year I have had the privilege and honour of leading a truly amazing Matric group. We have had our ups and downs,good times and bad, but still throughout,have remained the Matric group of2009,a diverse brotherhood with many,many characters. You have made,not only this yean but our whole Kearsney career so special,fun and memorable. The times huddling around on the grass waiting for school on those freezing winter mornings,or waiting in the mist after supper talking in a dialect only a Kearsney boy can understand. These moments that we take so much for granted are what make this place so special. Tyler's antics on the stands,followed by Stu's"over"and"come aan",no matter what happened;ending with Aza's ... well,we will never know exactly what he said that day, but it was unforgettable. It has been an honour leading you this yeap thank you for your constant support and friendship. May we always appreciate the times we have shared and never forget the experiences that we have had. This year would also not have been the same if it weren't for the prefect body. They have sacrificed so much ofthemselves for the school,which often goes un-noted. The support that you have given to J-R and me has been amazing and often,due to the nature of our position, your ability to always remain positive has been of huge help. Thank you for the way in which you supported the decisions that we all made and remained steady in the way you did things,the way you carry yourselves and the rest ofthe school,you have been outstanding. As Head Boy, personally I couldn't have done it withoutj-R beside me. He has been a rock(not just physically) but in everything that he does. His strength,charactep diligence, values, morals and discipline have been pillars on which I have rested many times during the year Often,again the number ofthings that you do,that go un-noticed are huge. Without complaint or comment you do everything and more through your love for the College. Thank you for your advice,support and strength throughout the year Those short times after rugby practice where we try to fix the world through your burglar guards,or for waking me up to recitals ofour science notes, but more so for the quiet walks to school or to supper in the comfort ofeach other's company,will never be forgotten. To Mr van den Aardweg and those certain special staff members,you have made my time at Kearsney just that much more special. From simply being the people you are,you have had such an influence on my life. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. The five years spent at high school for us boys are where we grow the most. We arrive as little boys,immature and unsure,and leave as young men ready for the world and all too sure of ourselves. We are always learning and growing through our experiences and without doubt, Kearsney has enabled us to experience a lot. We come to realise that life, as busy and demanding as it is, still has to be lived at the end ofthe day. This is what I have learnt the most at Kearsney;that balance has to be found,whilst we must still uphold our expectations and responsibilities, we still need to live life and grasp it with both hands. All too often we get caught up in things,that we think we have to do and forget to ask ourselves if it is making us happy. There are obviously things that we have to do,but still, life remains there to be lived, which is something we must never loose sight of. It is only when you have the basic elements of life thrust upon you,that you realise who and what are important to you. Finally,to the boys,you are what make up this College.You have a duty to make the most of it and enjoy every momentthat you make,but also a duty to make sure that others after you can have the same opportunity. One day soon you will be sitting here in the front thinking back on your school days, make sure that you have no regrets,that you have forged unbreakable friendships and unforgettable memories,but also remember your duty and make sure that you can leave proud in the knowledge that you have handed down a school that can change the lives of others. This year has been one ofgreat learning about oneself, I have come to realise that nothing can change the past and the future will never come exactly as expected or hoped for;we must live in the present,in the here and now,to ensure our happiness. If we do that,we can have no worries and focus on living life. Thank you Kearsney College. Theo York Page 19 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY: Nicholas Colepeper and Family