Founded in 1921 Chronicle 2013

CONTENTS 3 THE YEAR IN REVIEW Including messages from the Headmaster and the respect ive houses . Get a gl impse of internat ional tours . 42 FOUNDATION News and ini t iat ives from the Foundat ion of f ice . 52 KCOB Updates on the act ivi t ies of the Old Boys including tr ibutes to Old Boys who died and news from the var ious branches . 60 SPIRITUALITY Reverand Si f i so Khuzwayo repor ts on spi r i tual i ty and fel lowship at the Col lege . 65 ACADEMIC REVIEW Including the remarkable 2013 IEB NSC resul ts as wel l as speci f ic detai l s from each of the academic depar tments . 92 THE ARTS@KEARSNEY A colourful and comprehens ive depict ion of the performing and vi sual ar ts . 104 CLUBS A repor t from the clubs and societei s that enr ich l i fe at the Col lege . 114 SPORT Ref lect ing on the outstanding spor t ing achievements of the year. 184 THE CLASS OF 2013 A farewel l tr ibute to the matr ic group including a f inal message from the headboy. With grateful thanks toTracey van den Aardweg, Glanda Pitcher, Matt Coppin and Gareth Brown, without whose pictures this magazine would not have the impact it has.

1918 - FOREVER Artist: Julian Lewis grade 12

3 HEADMASTER’S Report 2013 began well with the announcement of an outstanding set of National Senior Certificate results. This was wonderful news after the hard work put in by the boys and the staff. I think many have found this year inspirational and the sixth form class has played its par t in this. A record number of Honours Cum Laude awards have been made. On the spor ts fields we have witnessed inspirational play in all spor ts. The year also witnessed the advent of Culture@Kearsney: boys talented in ar t, photography, drama, music, singing and dancing have been inspired and have inspired us. In June 2006, I was waiting for a British Airways flight from Paris to London. Seated in a small depar ture lounge in Charles de Gaulle airpor t, I noticed an incoming Boeing taxi right up to the window.There seemed to be a flutter preparing the area for the arrival of the disembarking passengers from the UK. The doors soon opened and as I looked up, a tall, slightly stooped but imposing figure entered. It was Mr Nelson Mandela with security personnel surrounding him on all sides. I was absolutely dumb struck. But something inside me took control and I felt myself standing up in a surge of respect. As he walked past me, I remember saying to his security agent “I’m from Durban”. I saw the old man talk to the agent and I heard him ask, “What did he say?” Upon the agent repeating my statement, this world icon immediately stopped, turned, looked me in the eyes and in that familiar, jovial manner, and for all in the depar ture lounge to hear, exclaimed, “Ah, I must meet you!” He walked back to me, stretched out his arm and that huge warm hand of his grasped mine in a handshake I will never forget. “What is a Durban boy doing in Paris?” he enquired. I really loved his ‘Durban boy’ observation and the recognition of my blonde youthfulness. I will never forget this giant of a man – giant in every respect. That’s what he does: he somehow makes you feel special. He is unbelievably inspirational and there are countless examples of his influence on individuals, groups and nations. As Mr Mandela lies gravely ill in Johannesburg, we pray for him and his family.We should also rejoice in the fact that we were alive during his lifetime benefitting from his inspiration. It is always a sad duty to say farewell to depar ting staff but I do so in the knowledge that each has inspired the boys of the College during his service to it. Our chaplain, Rev Sifiso Khuswayo, leaves Kearsney after two years. As a Glenwood old boy he has done surprisingly well at Kearsney. He will be remembered for his well-prepared and pithy chapel services in which he constantly challenged boys to reexamine their lives. He will be returning to the pastorate and we wish him well. Kevin Smith was educated at Hamilton High School in Zimbabwe following which he went to Rhodes University. He was appointed to Kearsney as a Physical Education teacher in 1984 having previously taught at Kingswood. During his 30 years at Kearsney, Kevin performed house duties in both Finningley and Gillingham, successfully coached the 1st XV rugby team for ten years, was director of rugby, managed the spor tzone, was in charge of the high performance squads and more recently devoted many hours to developing the David Hall conservancy on our western boundary. The challenge for each of us is to lead inspirational lives, to start with inspiring those immediately around us and then those with whom we work.

4 HEADMASTER’S Report | With Grateful thanks to Patrick, Michael and Matthew Marshall.

5 HEADMASTER’S Report He was a Natal schools rugby selector, coached the KZN Craven week team for seven years and in 2005 was made a South African schools rugby selector, a position he still holds. Kevin will be remembered by countless Old Boys and staff for his commitment, his spor ting and coaching prowess and his cryptic ‘7Ps of life’ philosophy. Thank you Kevin for your tremendous contribution to Kearsney and we wish you well. Dave Goldhawk, known to many Kearsney boys as “golden eye” or “silver budgie”, matriculated at Milton High School in Bulawayo following which he obtained his BA Degree at the University of Natal and a BA Special Honours from the University of Rhodesia. Dave joined Kearsney in 1984 after spending eight years at Hamilton High School and two years at Highbury Prep. During the past 22 years, over and above his teaching and spor ting commitments, Dave has covered a number of assistant housemaster positions before being appointed housemaster of Gillingham in 1996 and senior housemaster in 2001. Dave will be remembered by Old Boys for his innovative punishment methods since the abolition of corporal punishment. His answer to any misdemeanour is simply, “take a Sunday!” Dave you should write a book on your Kearsney experiences, something like Spud, however, I would prefer it not to be published. Go well Dave Goldhawk. Fred Cocks obtained his BA Degree through Rhodes University. Following a brief teaching period at Estcour t High School, he joined Kearsney as a teacher of Mathematics in 1974. He married his wife Jill in the Kearsney chapel and had three wonderful children: Brett, Matthew and Hayley. During his 39 years at Kearsney, Fred coached cricket and rugby including the 1st XV, was housemaster of Gillingham, where he was known as “wild man”, was director of post matric studies and in charge of Osler house as well as a grade 9 head. He was a Natal schools rugby coach. Whilst going through his file I came across a staff appraisal form which Fred completed in 1989. One of the questions asked was “How long do you plan to stay at Kearsney?” Fred’s reply was simply “Until I become bored” and that was 24 years ago! Fred is regarded by his colleagues as the consummate school master. Last month, Fred volunteered to take a group of grade 9 boys during leadership week to Underberg where he pitched his tent and slept on the ground. Fred, you have run the race right to the finishing line and you are respected for that. Generations of Old Boys hold you in the highest regard and with great fondness – we wish you a happy retirement. We are indeed blessed with an exceptional compliment of staff, be they academic, administrative or grounds and maintenance staff. The full management team and the executive have experienced joyous celebrations and also faced some tough decisions.They acquitted themselves well, were always prepared to indulge in robust debate and to courageously tackle difficult challenges. Peter Kirsten, the senior deputy who possesses the most extraordinary organisational skills, Ant Willows who handles the tough and demanding discipline por tfolio with absolute professionalism and Rod de Villiers who has run the middle school for over ten years are thanked for their loyalty, hard work and above all for their humour in all situations – the laughter and chirping that characterises most of our meetings is an absolute tonic. I would like to pay tribute to the sixth formers.Thank you to the prefects, led by Josh Attenborough and Tyler Smith. Josh, the quietly confident, well-respected all-rounder is a true leader and Tyler, the nuggety, tenacious fighter leads by example. Both are exemplary, uncomplicated, down-toear th, honest men of honour and integrity. They have led this group to set many records which will stand for years to come.The heads of the four senior houses and Haley have been outstanding in their leadership and management.The captains of all teams are acknowledged for the effor t they put into leading their sides.Those boys who took leadership positions in the cultural activities, the choir and orchestra and in the myriad clubs and societies, are appreciated for all that they have done. Then there are the boys who slave away behind the scenes in a suppor tive capacity, devoting hours of their time to assist the College in one or other role – and there are many boys in this category – I thank you. I pay tribute to the representatives of companies and individuals who suppor t our scholarship and bursary fund and thank them for their ongoing generosity to the College. I wish to thank and acknowledge the suppor t and assistance of the parents’ society under chairman Marc Conway, Old Boys executive under chairman Lawrence Polkinghorne, Kearsney Board under Chairman Robin Lockhar t-Ross and Trustees under Rob Becker. All these suppor t groups have contributed once again to making this year a special one in our history. I would also like to publically acknowledge the suppor t my wife Tracey and my two daughters give me in my position as Headmaster. Nelson Mandela reminds us that, “After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb” so I wish you all the very best for your hill climbing futures. Thank you and God bless you all. Elwyn van den Aardweg I thank the Kearsney community and in particular the sixth form for a memorable and inspirational year.

6 HERITAGE Committee

7 HERITAGE Committee Members of the committee were thrilled to welcome Dave Goldhawk and Mrs Hartley into their ranks and Paula Isaac who took over the secretariat. Many hours of hard work were dedicated by Colin Downie to updating the school’s admissions register.This valuable document records the name of every Kearsney boy who has registered at the College and dates back to 1921.The information that Colin supplied was painstakingly inscribed into the register by RonnieWallace. It is hoped that this register will, in time, be on display in the school’s reception. The committee focused on the naming of the roads on campus after past staff members who bridged the old and present Kearsney campuses. Approval has been granted by the Trustees to name the following roads on the Kearsney campus: • Milner Lane (between the chapel and the music block) in honour of Mr Ben Milner who taught Biology at both the old and present campuses. • Jack and Thea Reece Road (in front of Sheffield) in honour of Mr Jack Reece who taught History and Latin and who was the first housemaster of Finningley together with his second wife,Thea, who was in charge of the prep class on both campuses. • Oram Avenue (in front of the dining hall) in honour of Mr Max Oram who was deputy headmaster and the first housemaster of Gillingham. • Mnyandu Drive (in front of Osler house) in honour of the Mnyandu family who served the College at Old Kearsney and who then moved to Botha’s Hill when the College was reestablished in 1939. Suitable street signs will be commissioned together with plaques detailing the history and will be unveiled on Founders’ day in 2014. Dr Shuker and the members of the committee are thanked for giving so generously of their time to ensure that in going forward, the College is always mindful from whence it has come. Adam Rogers School Tie 6th Form Tie Half Colours Tie Full Colours Tie Honours Tie Prefects Tie Old Boys Tie House Tie With Grateful thanks to the Maynard family |

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9 STAFF Notes Sonia Cairns and Vanessa Govender arrived to head the Afrikaans and Mathematics depar tments respectively. Jackie Schreiber and Rox-Anne Ungerer joined the ranks of the Mathematics teachers and Ashley Dixon was appointed as spor ts administrator. During the course of the year Vicky Todd returned to Jersey and Leigh von Hagen took her place as Foundation secretariat.Taryn Gowdy joined the finance depar tment as an accountant. The end of the year saw the depar ture of long-serving members of staff Fred Cocks, Kevin Smith and Dave Goldhawk after a combined ninety-four years of dedicated service to the College.Wayne Sudding left to take up a teaching position in Cape Town while Rev. Sifiso Khuzwayo decided to move back into full-time church ministry. The population of Botha’s Hill increased with the bir th of two bonnie boys:Thomas to Andrew and Debbie Morgan andWilliam to Etienne and Gen Grundling. On a sad note, former Estates Manager, Brian Potter, passed away after a long illness. Dave Goldhawk At the beginning of the year we welcomed several new members of staff to Kearsney.

11 FAREWELL Kevin Smith retires after 29 years at Kearsney College. After teaching for a few years at Milton High School in his hometown, Kevin moved to South Africa where he taught at Kingswood College in Grahamstown prior to his appointment as a teacher at Kearsney in January 1984. In his early days he was known as ‘Computer Kev’ as a result of introducing a computerised assessment programme to track each boy’s physical progress. As a former Rhodesian Schools and CravenWeek player, Kevin was no stranger to the rugby field and he successfully coached the 1st XV for ten years. His talents in this sphere were given due recognition when he was appointed as a Natal Schools Rugby selector, coach of the KZN CravenWeek for seven years and finally a South African Schools Rugby selector, a position he has occupied since 2005. He played a pivotal par t in the creation and development of the David Hall Conservancy which adjoins his home. He also assisted with house duties in both Finningley and Gillingham. We thank Kevin for his contribution to Kearsney and to schoolboy rugby and wish him well in his retirement. Fred Cocks retires after a distinguished career at Kearsney spanning 39 years’ service. After one and a half years at Estcour t High School, Fred was appointed in 1974 as a Mathematics teacher at Kearsney. Fred will be remembered as a highly competent and committed rugby and cricket coach. Under his exper t guidance from 1981 to 1990, the 1st XV developed into a team to be reckoned with and the 1987 rugby season was probably the most successful season until recent years. He also saw service as 1st XI cricket coach. His exper tise in both of these spor ts codes was recognised in his appointment as Natal Schools rugby coach and Natal Schools Under 15 cricket coach. From 1988 until 1993 Fred served as housemaster of Gillingham and, in spite of earning the nickname ‘Wild Man’, he is remembered for his firm but fair discipline and his genuine interest in, and concern for, the boys. He also served a spell as director of post matric. He and Jill hope to spend the immediate future travelling the length and breadth of Southern Africa. We wish Fred all of the very best for a long, healthy and happy retirement. Dave Goldhawk retires after having taught for 28 years at Kearsney College. The master of pun! David is a man of words, wit and wisdom and he will be missed: his flawless, relevant English papers and a living reference for most things classical, grammatical and historical. Questions mundane and academically challenging all are answered with care and wit for David is interested in ALL boys, staff, occasions and dates. The consummate school master, he too will be missed by the house masters in his role as senior housemaster (2001-2013), for his knowledge of tradition and rule is unparalled. Every task under taken by David is accomplished with professionalism. As a friend he is gentle and helpful and good company for his humour and love of anecdote render him a social asset.

12 | With Grateful thanks to Luc Schimper. Headmaster Mr E D van den Aardweg Senior deputy headmaster and Maths Mr P Kirsten Deputy headmaster, head of middle school and Biology Mr R de Villiers Deputy headmaster and Maths Mr A HWilllows HOD Accounting and i/c grade 9 Mr M Albers Geography Mr W Amos Housemaster Sheffield and Maths Mr C M Botha Academic intern Mr J Brown English Mr R Candotti HOD English Mr V Carlisle HOD Afrikaans Ms Sonia Cairns Maths Mr F P D Cocks HOD Computer Studies Mr M Conradie Housemaster Gillingham and EGD Mr M Delpor t Geography Mr J Drew Director of culture and Business Studies Ms A Fripp Senior housemaster and English Mr D Golghawk Afrikaans Mr D Graves Maths Mr S Green Maths Mr E Grundling i/c resource centre Ms P Isaac Director of music performance Mr B Krüger HOD Music Ms J Krüger Chaplain Rev S Khuzwayo Academic intern Mr J Lyons Housemaster Finningly, i/c high performance programme and Maths Mr F Lubbe HOD Life Sciences Mr D McDonald Science Mr S Main HOD Business Studies Mr W Marsden Science and i/c grade 10 Mr G Moerdyk KEARSNEY COLLEGE ACADEMIC STAFF

13 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Back Row: A Dixon, C Polzi, H Pearse, W Ngwane, V Mare, J Jones, S Burgess 3rd Row: V Bisson-Dayal, T Pelzer, A Thompson, S Ngcobo, V Todd, K Southwell, K Seals 2nd Row: T Kistensamy, A Swanepoel, S van der Merwe, E Ngubane, B Oakes, J Lankesar, R Pillay Front Row: R Sibiya, J Mills-Hackman, R Carpenter, B Croudace, K Thompson, P Needham, A Bretherton, J du Casse HOD EGD and i/c dayboys Mr D Moodely English Mr A Morgan HOD Science Ms S Murray HOD isiZulu Mr B Ndaba School councilor Ms K Coleman HOD Maths Ms G Owen Inclusion programme and academic support Ms J Ostendorf Housemaster Pembroke and History Mr N Peacock HODVisual Art Ms G Pitcher HOD Geography and i/c student affairs Mr J Robinson Director of academics and HOD History Mr A Rogers HOD Life Orientation and i/c grade 12 Mr J Rottcher English Mr M Saville Maths Mr J Schreiber HOD Dramatic Art Ms U Singh i/c physical education Mr K Smith Director of rugby and Accounting Mr B Styen Housemaster Haley and Science Mr B Thompson Maths Ms R Ungerer History, Geography andVisual Art Ms T van den Aardweg Afrikaans and i/c grade 11 Mr H van Ellewee Afrikaans and i/c grade 8 Mr A F van Zyl English Mrs VWallace Music Ms B Zielelmeier Director of community outreach and isiZulu Mr F Zungu With Grateful thanks to the Meaker family |

14 COUNCIL Report Artist: Kye Cleator grade 10

15 COUNCIL Report The various houses are represented at all levels and this leads to some interesting debates on traditions or food served in the dining rooms. The latter has become less of a topic since the food committee has included the senior members of the Council on their committee. An observer would quickly note how, as the boys move through the College, their various priorities and focus change. This leads to some vigorous debates as the boys defend their various territories. It also reveals the passion that the boys have for the College. During the first term the junior council introduced a successful waste paper collection system throughout the administration and academic block and have focussed their effor ts on sustainable living within the College. The grade 11 members worked closely with the marketing depar tment hosting future parents’ tours of the campus.This extremely impor tant role is done exceptionally well by the boys. I would like to thank the members of both the KCC and the JSC for their eager service and time dedicated to the College. Special mention must be made of the two chairmen who put in a lot of extra work behind the scenes. The council is the voice of the boys and I hope that they will continue to use it to make Kearsney a better home away from home. Jon Robinson AWARDS The Tony Leon award for exemplary public service: junior council Brendon Hughes The Tony Leon award for exemplary public service: senior council Alexander Alber tse KCC Back row: L Hlongwane, C Tsoanyane, N Shepherd, B Green, J Kirsten, D Pillay, L van Vuuren, I Crockhart Front row: K Madsen, T Smith (deputy headboy), A Albertse (chairman), Mr J Robinson, J Daniel (vice chairman), J Attenborough (headboy), J Gregory Absent: B Hughes, R Polkinghorne The council met under the watchful eye of chairman,Alexander Albertse, to discuss matters pertaining to the routine and well-being of the boys of the College. With Grateful thanks to the Mertsch family |

16 HALEY | With Grateful thanks to Rob Thompson.

17 HALEY Housemaster’s Report 2013 will always be a significant year for me as the prefect group was my first year of grade 8s. As always the year began with excitement and anticipation.The “my bright future” programme worked wonders in allowing the group to settle with relative ease. The prefect group, ably led by Thomas Hudson in his quiet but strong style, showed the grade 8s what it meant to be a true Kearsney boy. Josh Bean, Brits van Zyl, BradleyWalker and Chris Lines all contributed greatly to this moulding process. Haley is blessed with duty staff: Manzini Zungu, Guy Mitchell and Andy Morgan provide a great balance of personalities. Sadly, Guy left Haley mid-year but we were lucky in his replacement Michael von Bardeleben – another excellent addition to the duty staff. The boys of Haley can consider themselves lucky to work with great men. I am grateful to my wife and my children for their understanding and help in running an efficient house. My thanks also go to André Swanepoel, Lindiwe and her cleaning ladies for ensuring our living space is clean and tidy. Imagine tidying up after 80 boys on a daily basis and always smiling. My thanks are also extended to the maintenance staff who have been on the ball addressing the many repairs needed in a boys’ boarding house. I wish to thank the boys of Haley for their vibrant personalities and constant smiles. Kearsney is lucky to have you and 2017 promises to be an exciting year under your leadership. Never compromise on any under taking in your years at the College and you will succeed in living in accordance with our motto. Finally, a big thank you is extended to the wonderfully suppor tive Haley parents.Your patience and understanding with regulations has made 2013 that much more successful. Bruce Thompson

18 HALEY | With Grateful thanks to John Croshaw.

In preparation, Mr Thompson suggested that the boys sing a war cry to their parents; denoting their progress over their first two weeks. Song is impor tant to the College and the songs essentially encapsulate the journey of a Kearsney boy. They sum up an understanding of the school and with it a passion. Our year in Haley house with the grade 8s was one of absolute passion. These songs now hold a different meaning for the boys from when first sung. The boys’ growth was not purely a product of chance, but rather the selflessness of many. Mr Thompson’s ever-patient commitment and care cannot be underestimated. He is inspiring and a man whom we all look up to.The prefects learnt a lot from his hands-on leadership style and Haley would not be the house that it is without his guiding influence. The house is also run by a team of masters, four equally-inspiring and humble masters: Mr Zungu, Mr Morgan, Mr Mitchell and Mr von Bardeleben.Their suppor t and balance in dealing with the boys is remarkable, and thanks must be afforded to all of them for the time spent away from their families. My fellow Haley prefects: Chris, Josh, Brad and Brits ensured that growth was positive and I’d like to thank them for their commitment, suppor t and loyalty throughout the year. The class of 2017 has been impressive in their sense of brotherhood and passion. It has been a pleasure to have led you. Boys, I trust that you will continue your journey with humility and with the knowledge to make the most of your time spent at Kearsney.There is an amazing value hidden within each of you; allow Kearsney to cultivate that value. Continue to be driven by this unhindered passion and never accept mediocrity. I look forward to tracking your progress in the years to come. Thomas Hudson HALEY Head of house At the start of 2013, I was asked to prepare a speech for the grade 8 cocktail party. Your involvement has engendered a generation of passionate Kearsney boys capable of leading the College. 19


21 FINNINGLEY Housemaster The boys of Finningley Back Row (l-r): Z Vawda C Dunnett J Hansen J Stamatis G Butler J Tedder D Davidson S Keeley A Luyt K McClure D Broughton D Pons K Veness K Phillips S Jones S Pau 6th Row: J Berrange S Miller T van Rooyen L Sokela J Nyathi M Stamatis C Blair W Green G Hudson R Pretorius S Tedder J Ross-Elliott L Rall 5th Row: B Whitley M Butler C Hutton K Foss K Barker K Opara T O’Reilly B Taylor T Tedder M van Heusden Y Ding D Drew C Grinyer J Graven D Campbell D Pillay 4th Row: C Lee R Samdaan R Mc Neil A King D Blanckenberg Z Mthembu M Bush A Schoeman N Luyt Finningley is full of characters and is, in essence, a happy house full of achievers. We won many inter house events including swimming, athletics, rugby, squash, tennis, cross country and public speaking and the house provided a number of spor ts captains including rugby, swimming, golf and canoeing. Finningley has always contributed strongly to the leadership of the school and this year six leaders excelled in their positions of responsibility:Thomas Hudson (head of Haley), Zander Rossouw (head of Finningley), Adam Bradshaw, Nicholas Craze, Ndalo Dumalisile and Ryan van der Waal. This dominance of leadership roles will be maintained in 2014: Stephen Tedder (head boy),Tristan Tedder (deputy head boy), Keegan Foss (head of Haley), Cameron Grinyer (deputy head of Haley), Langa Hlongwane (head of Finningley), Daniel Pons, Andries Schoeman and Matthew van Heusden.This is an exceptional achievement and the house is extremely proud of these, the highest honours that the school can bestow on young Kearsney men. I would like to thank Bongi Ndaba, Matthew Saville and Dougan McDonald for their commitment and for titude as duty staff as well as the tutors for their effor ts during the year. A special thank you is extended to Zander Rossouw who proved to be an excellent head of house.Together with his deputies, Ndalo, Ryan, Nic and Adam, they maintained the set values that Finningley boys hold so close to their hear ts.Thank you for your leadership and for performing your duties in such a commendable manner. I will have fond memories of the matric group of 2013 and wish you all the very best for the future, secure in the knowledge that you will be successful. Finally, I commend all the young men of Finningley on their tenacity, commitment and passion for their house. Francois Lubbe AWARDS Best junior: Kyle Hagemann Best senior: James Kirsten This was a very successful year. Academically we secured the Parkes trophy; extramurally we took the AH Smith trophy – culminating in our retention of the Veldman cup. With Grateful thanks to the Nilsen family |

22 FINNINGLEY | With Grateful thanks to GarthWilliams.

23 FINNINGLEY Head of house T Ntuli R Pattendeen L Hlongwane C Waugh B Hughes MWhitehouse 3rd Row: C Beningfield C Cartwright G Keeley C Craze W Ambrose Y Mazwai B Erlich K Rencken M Mthembu C O’Reilly V Gounden O Thomson S Desfontaines T Zongola T Molema M Butler 2nd Row: H Cole, N Mangeya, K Hagemann, J Stapelberg, S Phillips, J Stamatis, J Hagemann, S Maritz, B Tyack, L Zulu, A Gallinetti, B Bosman, S Mpulo, B Stead, A Joannou R Nelson Front Row: S Hansen D Andrews A Schramm N Dumalisile R van der Waal T Hudson Z Rossouw A Bradshaw N Craze T Dzinomwa M Reece-Edwards S Patterson Finningley has built on its successes and continues to be a force with which to be reckoned. The year began on a clean page with both a new matric group and a new housemaster. Mr Lubbe brought a new dynamic to the house and though there were a few changes the ethos remained the same. Mr Lubbe carries the Finningley flag high at all times and motivates the boys to uphold the house traditions and to live by its motto: ‘per ardua ad victorioum’ (through hard work to victory). His example and inspiration played a large par t in our success. The mar tics’ leadership in the house was the fuel of the machine that drove us through another immensely successful year. They have left a clear mark and can pass the baton with a feeling of achievement and confidence. I am extremely proud of what we achieved and the brotherhood we have formed. It is something I will cherish forever. My fellow prefects have gone way beyond the call of duty in leading this house and their suppor t and insight have been invaluable. We have countless memories we will carry into the future. Finningley is more than just a boarding house; it has been chiseled and molded into a home by every boy who dons our royal blue. It is their spirit and pride that provides the drive and determination for success. I am so very proud of each Finningley boy and will miss the house in the years to come. Thank you for such a memorable year and I trust that the next generation will fur ther our passion for the blue. Zander Rossouw I feel immense pride and passion reflecting upon this year. With Grateful thanks to the Nott family |


The boys of Gillingham Back Row (l-r): T Nale M Halse F van der Merwe D Pillay J Maarschalk M Eichstadt T Dixon H Marais J Wilks J Morse N Lillelund P Hudson K Zagar 7th Row: G Meyer B Khupe A Smith D Scott N Hoare N Cele J Fortune B Cooper B Patton S Garraway M Mc Caul W Allan-Reynolds N Mthembu K Laing J Weyer 6th Row: B Vorster T Hunt J Kennedy K Qaba J Terblanche J Burgess S Dicks K Futter D Weaver J Stromness C Heycocks T Hudson A Quenet J Hulett T Tannner R Burford 5th Row: S Power K Madsen J Gray G Brown R Polkinghorne M Luvhani K Cleator R Plumtree A Nielsen GILLINGHAM Housemaster Time has flown and the class of 2013 have cer tainly left their mark on the College and the house. Thuthu Ndlovu led the house with distinction. His passion and enthusiasm for the house was contagious and set a good example. He was ably assisted by deputies Blair Cremer, Aiken Dercksen, Mark Taylor and Mitchel Wernich.The house is grateful for their leadership and hard work.The head boy, Josh Attenborough, was again supplied by Gillingham and Britz van Zyl and Chris Lines (deputies in Haley) helped shape the grade 8s into Kearsney boys. Neil Lillieland and his deputies Jeremy Maarschalk, Grant Meyer and Francois van der Merwe have big shoes to fill in 2014. Despite some really excellent results in the inter house competition, we languished in third place. We par ticipated with great enthusiasm and showed character in many of the spor ting and cultural competitions. Gillingham boys have been fully involved in all aspects of College life and have contributed significantly to the general success of 2013. The duty staff need a special mention for ensuring the smooth running of the house and maintaining the high standard of personal appearance and commitment.To Matthew, Gareth and Etienne I thank you for going beyond the call of duty and helping the boys so selflessly. I also wish to thank Dave Goldhawk, past Gillingham housemaster, for all he has done for the house and for his mentoring and assistance during my time as house master. Also to Fred Cocks, another past Gillingham housemaster, for his advice to me and his caring for the boys. I wish both these great Gillingham men well in their retirement and peace and quiet living off campus. Finally, I pay tribute to my family who have stood by me during a tough year. Thank you for your love and suppor t. Myles Delport It feels like just yesterday that the current matrics entered Gillingham for the first time as wide-eyed juniors. 25 With Grateful thanks to the Nott family |

26 GILLINGHAM L Couzens O Mngoma S Beere D Futter G Coolbear K Slatter M Marshall 4th Row: N Leathern J van Tonder C Louw B Bosman P Shaw K Bennewith M Madikezela M van Niekerk C Calliontzis T Mbete S McCleave N Hudson, J Otto T Essay R Clark T Allan-Reynolds 3rd Row: T Marsh M Nkunzi G Sibbald S Ndwandwe A Cawood A White L Mhongo M Bam C Strickland N Elphick A Atuhaire T Plotts J de Beer C Gray S Mbhele S Sewbaran M Pretorius 2nd Row: R Mudde K Massa K Howard L Brown L Plotts K Zulu M Waberski T Ditchfield S Khang L Croshaw L Hewitson W Farrant C Crocker C Bath K Streak | With Grateful thanks to Henning Steinhagen.

27 GILLINGHAM Head of house Front Row: J Daniel B van Zyl M Taylor M Wernich B Cremer T Ndlovu J Attenborough C Lines A Derksen D Kolev J Lewi B Pellicia C Stiemens While we were unable to win the Parkes trophy, we thrived in events and won the rugby and basketball. Our top academics Michael Eighstadt, Brits van Zyl, Daniel Kolev,Wesley Allan-Reynolds and Neil Lillelund have made a huge contribution to Gillingham’s standings. Well done to Julian Lewis for receiving SA colours in water polo, Christopher Lines for playing in the U18 Coca Cola CravenWeek, Keaton Slatter for being chosen for the U19 KZN golf team and Neo Mthembu for making the U19 KZN soccer team. My thanks are extended to Blair, Aiken, Mark and Mitchel for the tremendous suppor t they gave me and for going beyond the call of duty. I congratulate you all on a great job. Credit also goes to Haley house prefects Brits van Zyl and Christopher Lines and to the head boy, Joshua Attenborough. I also commend the Gillingham matrics of 2013 on the manner in which they led the house. Gillingham would not have run as smoothly without Mr Conradie, Mr Grundling, Mr Moerdyk and housemaster Mr Delpor t – I thank you all. I have absolutely no doubt in my hear t that Neil, Jeremy, Grant and Francois will lead Gillingham with pride and passion and that, with the suppor t of your talented matric group, you will take Gillingham to even greater heights. Thuthu Ndlovu Congratulations to all the boys of Gillingham on a triumphant year.


PEMBROKE Housemaster The boys of Pembroke Back Row (l-r): J Riekert S Eigenmann J Proctor M Wilkinson B Nott J Hayes-Hill B Gardner M Maddock C Marzoppi T Schoder J Rich B Murray M Brown R van Aswegen 7th Row: J Salomon D Zondi D Middleton J Heunis G van Noordwyk J Gonzalves J Meyer R Otto J Clarke R du Toit R Baker M Coppin N Shepherd K Scott 6th Row: G du Toit J van Vuuren S Healy A MacDougall T Ross-Smith S Boyes J Whitehouse L Sipunzi J Varner J Byrne L Lailvaux C Ramdeo C Osborne R Koekemoer G du Toit M Storm 5th Row: B Schmitz S Nyanda M Whitfield A Hlela R Stroberg M Malakoana N Dawson H Parson R Cairns 2013 was no exception and in all endeavours the boys in green acquitted themselves with distinction. Ably led by the prefect body, headed by Ryan Meyer, the matrics ensured that the spirit and traditions of the house were upheld. The prefects worked very hard to ensure that the house was a happy one. I would like to thank them for their selfless dedication. In competition, Pembroke walked away with some impressive victories including drama, music, cricket, hockey and golf. It was marvellous to watch the boys rise to the challenge. Unfor tunately, our lack of consistency meant we were unable to improve our 2012 standing. Never theless the competition was very exciting. An innovation this year was the Pembroke council, consisting of representatives from each of the grades with the head of house. Monthly meetings created a positive forum for boys to make suggestions. While this is still in its infancy, I am confident the council will become fruitful. We bid two members of staff farewell at the end of this year :Wayne Sudding is relocating to Cape Town and in his shor t time he cer tainly made his mark; Dave Goldhawk retires after a long and distinguished career. I will cer tainly miss his sage advice, humour and wise council. A firm, yet fair man, he has been extremely popular with generations of Old Boys.We wish him a happy and blessed retirement. I would like to thank the suppor t staff for ensuring that the needs of the boys are taken care of: Lindiwe and her cleaning ladies, ably assisted by André Swanepoel; the maintenance depar tment, headed by Andrew Brether ton; the laundry; San sisters and Sigrid and her catering staff, all receive my gratitude. Finally, my thanks to the parents for their unstinting suppor t and encouragement and to the boys for making my job such an interesting and rewarding one. Siyahola Njalo! Neil Peacock Every year I am amazed by the involvement of the boys in the myriad activities at the College and in the house. 29

30 PEMBROKE D Griffiths J Arde S Rennie C Louw T Ridl G McKay 4th Row: J Pilbrough J Morgan M Salomon S Nortje D Bedi K Mlotshwa L Meltzer M Buthelezi A Rhodes B Scott- Martin A Pfeiffer T Khambule G Louw R Hanger C Clark M Last 3rd Row: J Peake L Dowdall L Potgieter C Reddy K Booi B Litster J Govender M Hardman R Hill D Frohlich J Chislett B Buchner S Dondolo M Lees R Conway C Baker N Camp 2nd Row: C van Zyl C Tenga D Leibrandt BJ Hlongwane E Knight T Aphane B Hadebe T Lewis S Nkabinde P Priest M Sikhosana J Storm D Shepherd A Di Marco B Wood L Priest | With Grateful thanks to Marco Pauselli.

The boys can be proud of their achievements – such a diverse house has led to many stories and cherished memories. The perpetual losing streak continues to be a sore point despite our best effor ts to bring an ‘anything-but-lastplace’ attitude to bear. I can, however, highly commend every Pembroke boy on their tenacity, courage and commitment as is evident in our wins. I believe that a solid foundation has been laid for 2014. I hope that the house will assume a new position under the guidance of the extremely capable 2014 prefect body. The success of a house is often naively based upon the inter house competition. It must be remembered that the true measure of a houses’ success is in the happiness of its boys.This was instrumental to Pembroke being a home away from home for each boy this year.This would not have been achieved if it were not for our steadfast housemaster and duty staff who always manage to bring a wellbalanced atmosphere of fun to their duties. I pay special tribute to Mr Peacock, whose leadership and helping hand made the prefect body’s job easier and ensured an efficient house. I also thank my fellow prefects Rob McGrath, RyanWallace, Greg Keal and Wakithi Mabaso for their suppor t and sacrifice. Fur thermore, I pay tribute to Mr Goldhawk: you will be greatly missed by all Kearsney boys and always appreciated for your service to the College. We wish you well and will remember you as a Kearsney legend. Finally, I extend my thanks to the matric group of 2013.You led the house to greater heights with your commitment and hard-work. Siyahola Njalo! Ryan Meyer 31 PEMBROKE Head of house Front Row: M du Toit J Burns J Bean G Keal J Gregory R Meyer R Wallace W Mabaso C Tsoanyane K Tshabalala D Clark R Horton M Ferreira It has been a privilege and honour to lead Pembroke this year.


The boys of Sheffield Back Row (l-r): J Prinn, M Moloi B Baletta D de Cramer L Smith T Oates D Hart R Jackson K Ritchie T Vazi M Eltringham M van Niekerk R Bell 7th Row: M Bentley Y Gross D Loades S Kelly J Mardon R Botha D de Lange K Loades M Wevell J Engelbrecht E Bunge D Sandy B Reinhardt J Cahi R Grobler 6th Row: A Ojo-Aromokudu K Sibanda R Walters-Girout A Harvey K Loader D Brown N Mkhize D Blair N Wykerd C Naicker L Missio G Singh B Nield C Ritchie 5th Row: M Gartrell G Oliver L van Vuuren P Zietkiewics J Johansen T Muller N Scheckter R Lewarne L Schimper J Marshall S Dixon SHEFFIELD Housemaster It was a year in which it became evident how important the attitude of the senior boys is in influencing the atmosphere of the house. The Sheffield class of 2013 was, unfor tunately, not the most disciplined group I have worked with. But what they lacked in discipline they made up for in spirit.While we did not always see eyeto-eye, when push came to shove, they produced the goods and par ticipated with passion. I was very for tunate to have a prefect body that gave their every effor t. I could not have asked for a more committed group, ably lead by Vaughn Pears and suppor ted by Josh Brown, Rhys Driver, Bevan Jackson and Bjorn Steinhagen.Their passion filtered through to the rest of the boys and it had a positive influence on the house. We once again finished second overall in the inter house competition – both in academics and extra murals. Our success can be attributed to our consistency in the ‘big four’ (music, drama, swimming and athletics). There were, unfor tunately, some disappointing performances which resulted in our not finishing higher. We did manage to win two of the minor category: chess and tug-of-war. There were some outstanding individual performances in 2013: Edwin Bunge: dux of the school and numerous academic awards and subject prizes;Vaughn Pears: best actor and best all-rounder ; Brett Reinhardt: Honours Cum Laude; Josh Enghelbrecht, Michael Wevell, Dale Sandy and Bjorn Steinhagen all received honours; Daniel du Preez was spor tsman of the year ; Tyler Smith and RyanWallace: all round spor tsmen of the year. My thanks are extended to my duty staff, Huber t van Ellewee, Bernard Kruger and Jason Rottcher for their suppor t and making my life very easy. It is a privilege and a pleasure to serve as housemaster of Sheffield. All of this is possible by the grace of God so that we can be happy, successful and content. Marco Botha AWARDS Junior of the year: Tlhabirwa Kekana Senior of the year: Bevan Jackson House spirit: Josh Brown 33 With Grateful thanks to Alan, Judy, Brad and Brett Palmer |

34 SHEFFIELD D Swanepoel M Gaughran R Harding T Naicker 4th Row: J Faber K Mertsch W Driver Z Bana T Ojo-Aromokudu K Smith M Lundall O Khumalo M Fyvie I Crockhart O Prinn L Jarvel S Russell T Beunk Burgess M Carlson 3rd Row: J Crouch B Boulle C Devos B Peters M Braby B Ntuli A Wevell M Tilbrook C Bamber T Visser G Wright K Aron D Morrow M Mashazi G Stevens D van Zyl 2nd Row: C Williams D Stainforth C Tiegs P Mashazi C Maynard D Hirst J Oxenham J Meaker R von Faulkenhausen K Nxumalo T Kekana G Pauselli D Delpech B Meaker D van Heerden A Kistensamy | With Grateful thanks to Robin Moore

35 SHEFFIELD Head of house Front Row: D du Preez S Steinhagen B Green M Norris R Driver T Smith V Pears J Lambert B Walker A Albertse J Brown B Jackson, J-L du Preez From winning the tug-of-war (all about muscle and teamwork) to winning the chess (slightly more individualistic and slightly less about protein-intake) the house has excelled.We managed to build on a high standard.These achievements were made possible by an unbelievably strong matric group and I thank them for their contributions, leadership and friendship. Whenever I was asked where I was going after a rugby practice, a drama performance or an exam, I would say ‘home’. This was met with varying replies: ‘but you’re a boarder?’ or ‘can I catch a lift?’ Ultimately this is the atmosphere that we tried to create for all Sheffield boys. The feeling of being at home. Looking back on the year and the personal relationships I developed, another box is ticked: Sheffield is, above all else, a home for my brothers. Our school song rings more true now than ever : ‘there is a light upon the mountain’.This light was shared by all the houses and Sheffield played its par t in maintaining it.The torch is not handed over to the next year, but placed next to those of previous years. 2013 has been a year brighter than most, but ultimately a small but significant par t of the light. Luke, Pat, Ivan and Ben will light a new torch in 2014. Good luck, brothers. Bevan, Bjorn, Josh and Rhys have helped to leave a legacy in the house and created a new level of approachability. My thanks are extended to them for the journey, the laughs, the spirit, the suppor t, the toasted cheese and, most special to me, the friendship. My thanks are also extended to Mr Botha, Mr van Ellewee, Mr Rottcher and Mr Krüger for their differing approaches, guidance and discipline. Sirs, you do a sterling job carrying the Sheffield legacy forward. Finally, to all those who gathered in my room for what can only be described as Kearsney’s equivalent of a Dead Poet’s Society: you made my time more special and thrust our year into the realm of the completely unique. I leave you with this: it was my line. Vaughn Pears Another year has come and gone faster than a speeding Josh Brown during the Amashova and, clichés and oxymorons aside, it has been a rollercoaster year for Sheffield.

36 SERVICE Report | With Grateful thanks to the Barrow family. ACTS OF GOODWILL The year kicked in with marshaling for Kearsney striders. 30 boys were involved on a cold, rainy day and the runners really appreciated and applauded our boys. On the very same week 15 orphans from KwaNyuswa in the valley of a thousand hills received their full school uniform, purchased by boys to help those in need. The boys of the College have identified orphans in the area to assist so that they, too, can have dignity and go to school with pride. BLOOD DONATION Kearsney hosted four blood donation clinics this year. We are very for tunate to have had more than three hundred boys donate blood this year and we are encouraging more boys to register for stem cell donation. As a school we respond to the shor tage of blood in the country and encourage everyone on campus to donate. CENTRE FOR THE REHABILITATION OFWILDLIFE Our visits to CROW, inYellow wood Park, has established an excellent relationship with the centre. There are 12 depots around the province and it is considered to be one of the leading rehabilitation centres in South Africa. Our boys learn about the centre as well as experiencing the love and care of nature. The boys interact with the animals, clean cages, clear invasive plants and prepare new sites for the relocated jackal. The compassion that is learnt from contact with animals is critical to the development of healthy boys, as are the higher levels of selfesteem, empathy and social skills. HILLCREST AIDS CENTRE The centre helps to generate income for more than 100 people affected by AIDS and their families. They provide care and compassion to advanced-stage patients in the newly built respite unit, where patients are tended to. Kearsney boys help out with gardening, preparing flowers for selling, cleaning roofs, clearing blocked I would like to thank everyone who was involved with any form of community service this year. The Kearsney community is a caring one. Artist: Makithi Mabaso

37 SERVICE Report drains and cleaning offices. While some of the boys are afraid to go into the centre, this valuable education is critical to changing mind-sets towards HIV/AIDS. KEARSNEY BASIC COMPUTER LITERACY OUTREACH PROGRAMME This program, now in its eighth year, began to skill the Kearsney suppor t staff. The boys teach modules in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet and e-mail. The three month course runs on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the computer lab. COMMUNITY SERVICEWEEK This tradition continued with the following collections: Siyabusiswa orphanage received 45 mattresses, clothes and office chairs; Phila noMakhelwane NGO received clothes, furniture and spor t kits; Mpumela Primary received books to star t a library; Khulakahle Crèche received toys and clothes; Skhelekehleni community received clothes and furniture; KwaNtebeni Comprehensive received Maths and Science lessons; Hammarsdale community received clothes; KwaNyuswa community received clothes; Adopt an Oprhan Project received 45 new uniforms and KwaBazothini High received 25 computers. GOLDEN HOURS The visit to Golden Hours is a highlight of the service calendar. 44 boys par ticipated this year is an atmosphere of warmth and laughter. The boys are always greatly humbled by the delight with which they are welcomed. MAKAPHUTHU CHILDREN’SVILLAGE Makaphutu is both a children’s village and a community outreach hub. Their goal is to nur ture orphaned and vulnerable children into wholeness. Children are provided with a loving and safe environment where they will be able to lead normal, healthy lives and receive a proper education and life skills. Kearsney boys visit once a month to read books, help children with their homework, do gardens and play games with the orphans. The Kearsney SCA raised R50 000 for the village which will be used for renovations. TO CLOSE I would like to thank everyone who was involved with any form of community service this year. The Kearsney community is a caring one and this was never more evident than when in the last term, a rainy one, we heard the cries of from old people in the valley struggling with water destroying the foundations of their houses. The boys responded and helped 13 houses by digging ditches and furrows to redirect water. It is this spirit that makes service such a big deal at Kearsney. Manzini Zungu Total number of hours in service: 12 729 Manzini Zungu, through ‘The Teacher of theYear Award’, has donated R10 000 to Makaphuthu as his charity of his choice. This remarkable man’s contribution to community service can be read on the Kearsney website.

38 SERVANT Leadership | With Grateful thanks to the Barrow family. The programmes for all grades focused upon teamwork, appreciation of the outdoors, appreciation of the needs of others and an awareness of other communities. Leadership week took place during the last week of August and was a reminder that we live in a very interesting and beautiful part of the country.

39 SERVANT Leadership GRADE 8 BergVenture in the Central Drakensberg, Highover on the Umkomaas River and the Baynesfield Biosphere outside Richmond were the three venues for the grade 8s.The boys learnt lessons about themselves, each other and the outdoors and had a lot of fun along the way.This is where the seeds of group bonding and appreciation of extrinsic matters are planted. GRADE 9 Two groups were creted for the two separate venues: Khotso horse trails near Underberg and Emseni camp outside Winter ton.The Underberg group camped out in small tents inside a wattle plantation and were responsible for their own cooking. On the third day they embarked on a long hike to climb Bamboo Mountain.The group which visited Emseni embarked on a rotation of activities all around Spionkop mountain. GRADE 10 The group once again visited the Spirit of Adventure camp at Shongweni Dam. For the duration of their stay the boys were involved in a host of physically and mentally demanding activities such as abseiling, plenty of hiking, raft building, rock climbing, night hiking and orienteering and the challenge of a very demanding obstacle course.This all helps to bond the grade for their future roles of leadership in the College. GRADE 11 The grade embraced their ethical leadership course enthusiastically, which tested their leadership commitment to Kearsney.Their varied activities explored different leadership styles and ethical dilemmas, involving guest speakers, group discussions and some outdoor activities. Each grade 11 boy was at some stage during the week expected to do some soul searching around his future role at Kearsney and the impor tance of cer tain traditions of the College. Rod de Villiers