Chronicle 2014 Founded in 1921

CONTENTS 3 THE YEAR IN REVIEW Including messages from the Headmaster and the respect ive houses . Get a gl impse of internat ional tours . 42 FOUNDATION News and ini t iat ives from the Foundat ion of f ice . 54 KCOB Updates on the act ivi t ies of the Old Boys including tr ibutes to Old Boys who have died and news from the var ious branches . 60 SPIRITUALITY Reverend James Headbush repor ts on spi r i tual i ty and fel lowship at the Col lege . 65 ACADEMIC REVIEW Including the remarkable 2014 IEB NSC resul ts as wel l as speci f ic detai l s from each of the academic depar tments . 90 THE ARTS@KEARSNEY A colourful and comprehens ive depict ion of the performing and vi sual ar ts . 106 CLUBS A repor t from the clubs and societ ies that enr ich l i fe at the Col lege . 114 SPORT Ref lect ing on the outstanding spor t ing achievements of the year. 186 THE CLASS OF 2014 A farewel l tr ibute to the matr ic group including a f inal message from the headboy. With grateful thanks toTracy van den Aardweg without whose pictures this magazine would not have the impact it has.

3 HEADMASTER’S Report I wish to acknowledge the superb contribution made by the academic, finance, marketing, administrative and estates staff who have over the past twelve months unselfishly and loyally kept the ship afloat. The management team and the executive have acquitted themselves well: always prepared to indulge in robust debate and to tackle courageously difficult challenges. 2014 opened with a celebration of the truly outstanding results produced by the matric class of 2013. Our performance in the IEB examinations in key subjects, compared to IEB averages is wor th noting. The success of the Mathematics and Science excellence programme, which has been running for eight years, can be measured by the impressive distinction rates in these subjects compared to those of other independent schools. For the past three years, Kearsney’s distinction rate in Mathematics and Science has been more than double the IEB’s average. This success has spilled over into other subjects that we offer. In order to provide our boys with an education relevant to the world into which they will enter, the College commenced this year with Mandarin Chinese as a matric subject. Ms Jing Wang arrived from China to pioneer this exciting venture. This follows on the success of the Mandarin elective in grades 8 and 9 which we have offered for a number of years. Inevitably, teachers leave Kearsney and this year we bid farewell to two long-serving staff who are retiring. Mrs VeronicaWallace, or Ronni as she is fondly known, joined Kearsney as head of English in January 1989 and served in this position until December 2009. She previously taught at Hillcrest High School. Before the establishment of the Drama depar tment, Ronni directed several school plays and in 1994, when one of the schoolgirl actresses had to be hospitalised a few days before the opening of “Making a Mountain out of a Molehill”, Ronni stepped into the breach and played a very convincing grandmother. She was also involved with the film society, public speaking and debating as well as spending many years preparing boys for the English olympiad and editing the Chronicle. For several years now she has co-ordinated Catholic catechism, accompanying boys down to St Dominic’s in Hillcrest every week. Together with her husband,Tim, and daughters, Julia and Diana, she has given 26 years of dedicated service to Kearsney. Mr Rob Candotti, or the ‘Italian stallion’ as he is known to the ladies on the staff, is married to Sandra and they have two sons Ricky and Alex, both of whom attended Kearsney. Rob was appointed to the English depar tment in January 1988 having previously been employed as a writer in an adver tising agency. During his time at the College, Rob has coached tennis, run the twelve club and until 2008 co-ordinated the grade 11 leadership programme. He was also involved in public speaking and prepared boys for the Alan Paton literary competition. Rob took several groups of boys to the Grahamstown festival and in the 90s ran the audio-visual club. He also edited the Chronicle over a period of years and assisted with the direction of the school play. He leaves after 28 years of service to Kearsney. Mr Francois Lubbe, ‘Frank the tank’, is married to Sherese. He was employed in 2008 as a Mathematics and Life 2014 opened with a celebration of the truly outstanding results produced by the matric class of 2013 With grateful thanks to the Barrow Family

4 HEADMASTER’S Report Sciences teacher, having previously been employed by Maritzburg College. Frank was appointed housemaster of Finningley in 2013. In 2010 he was appointed master in charge of water polo, however, it is on the rugby field that Frank has truly excelled. He was appointed as assistant coach of the 1st XV in January 2011 which was followed by his appointment as coach in January 2014. He was also involved with the very successful rugby 7s team. Mr Lubbe will be taking up a position at Maritzburg College. We thank all three of these teachers for their tremendous contribution to Kearsney and wish them well in their future endeavours.We have been for tunate to replace the depar ting staff with men of quality who will be joining us in the new year. On the spor ting front, Kearsney produced 48 provincial and six national players across a range of spor ts in this successful year. Kearsney was chosen as a venue to host an international men’s hockey match against Argentina as well as hosting two international schools fixtures against Australia. A highlight of the spor ting year was the tennis tour to England and Spain during the July holidays.The boys were able to play three matches in England and a fur ther two in Spain.The boys were for tunate enough to experience playing on clay as well as being able to attend matches at Wimbledon. The Easter rugby festival continues to attract the top schoolboy rugby teams from around the country.This annual event is not only an oppor tunity to show case our campus to the wider community but an oppor tunity to attract sponsorship which has assisted the College in upgrading the rugby precinct.We were delighted to be in a position to increase the capacity of the Medwor th stand as well as improving the medical facility and renovating the change rooms and public toilets. An interesting statistic from the festival is that 73 boys who attended the festival made their various Craven week teams with a fur ther 46 making their academy teams. Eleven of these boys were selected for the SA schools squad.

5 HEADMASTER’S Report Rugby 7s made an impressive debut this year and the team won two out of the three tournaments in which they par ticipated: namely the Crawford 7s and the Voor trekker 7s tournaments. Soccer continues to be a popular spor t in the third term.This year the College fielded over 30 teams on a Saturday. For the first time in our history, in any spor t, we fielded an U 14H side. The cultural side of the College also had a stellar year.The choir was invited to represent Africa at the Rhythms of OneWorld Festival in Geneva with the culmination of the Festival taking place in the United Nations European headquar ters.The choir then flew to Riga, in Latvia, to par ticipate in the World Championships with well over 350 par ticipating choirs. Competing in three categories and against adult and youth choirs, the Kearsney choir was awarded three gold medals on their way to a four th place in scenic folklore, a second place in music of the religions and world champions in the Scenic Pop category.We are extremely proud of our staff and boys and thank the entire community for suppor ting the choir and making it possible for them to par ticipate in Geneva and Riga.There are many people whom we have thanked but special mention needs to be made of Transnet under CEO Brian Molefe who sponsored six boys to make the trip. In fact Transnet has been the major benefactor and suppor ter of our programme to offer a Kearsney education to orphans next year. Mr Molefe, on behalf of Transnet, will receive the prestigious Sir Liege Hulett Award which has only been awarded to four benefactors in the College’s history. Spiritually, we have been enriched with the appointment of our Chaplain Reverend James Headbush. He has brought warmth and a sense of humour to the Chaplaincy. The SCA and all Christian activities have experienced an uplifting year. The finance, human resources and administration at the College have performed well in ensuring all aspects of school administration are run efficiently. Kearsney became VAT registered and the conversion process went smoothly with added monetary benefits to the College.The discount offer on upfront fees proved to be highly successful this year.The Kit & Clothing operated well within a demanding and sometimes unreliable textile and clothing industry. With good systems, budget control, financial discipline and debtor management the College is in a strong financial position and is fully compliant with all relevant legislation. In excess of 250 applications were received for Grade 8 in 2015 and we shall be welcoming a record intake of over 140 new boys to Kearsney next year. Boarding, par ticularly at the junior levels, has shown an increase in demand which has necessitated the building of an additional 28 bed wing onto Haley House.This project will also provide more dayboys with overnight accommodation, a growing trend in recent years. In a very competitive market, and in a tough economic climate, we are in the strong position of having to institute waiting lists across all the grades.This demand is testimony to the quality all-round education provided and the value attached to this education by the community. Capital development projects this year have included the extensions and improvements to the Medwor th stand and the completion of the sewerage treatment plant which will provide recycled water to irrigate the spor ts fields. Progress on the renovation of staff houses has continued including the Headmaster’s house – which the boys took no time in naming Nkhandla! In fact my wife and I moved temporarily to a smaller house next to the Hopkins Field which the staff now refer to as ‘Nkhandla Light’. In 2015 we will be installing a water reservoir with a 300 000 litre capacity as a three day standby water supply in case of water cuts, which have been frequent this year. I wish to thank all our boys and parents for their patience and assistance whilst we have tried to cope with this challenge. In closing I wish to pay tribute to the Trustees, the Board, especially Chairman Rob Lockhar t-Ross, parents society, Old Boys, friends of the College and parents – par ticularly the matric parents.This College is what it is through the team work of all these groups. I wish to thank the class of 2014 who have been led superbly by Stephen and Tristan Tedder.These cousins, similar but different in many respects have complimented each other in the leadership of the College. Suppor ted by a fine group of prefects, captains of spor t, leaders in ar t, drama, music and choir and the suppor t of many sterling matric boys, we can all be proud of an excellent year. Like every year there are ups and downs but the pride and passion these boys have for their school is admirable. Thank you boys for giving us so much pleasure and enjoyment.We wish you all success in your final exams and we wish you a long and happy life. I also thank my wife,Tracey, for her suppor t and joy in all that Kearsney offers and her loyalty. God bless you all. Kearsney enjoys an enviable reputation for providing a balanced education, and our track record of academic, cultural and spor ting excellence continues to drive strong demand for a Kearsney education With grateful thanks to Taine Buys & Family

6 STAFF Notes

7 STAFF Notes Luckily, the College’s generator kept the academic block and boarding houses functioning – and future plans for a reservoir will help to address the pungent issue of a three day water cut. In spite of these irritations, the staff soldiered on bravely. At the beginning of the year we welcomed a number of new staff to Kearsney.Thinus Els arrived to join the Afrikaans depar tment and soon endeared himself to both staff and boys with his caring and gentle nature. JonathanWaldburger joined both the English and History depar tments and quickly gained the respect of the boys through his war stories of Kearsney ‘back in the day’. It is always rewarding when old boys choose teaching as a career and even more so when they return to the College to do service. Jane Cur tiss joined the English depar tment from the ‘slowveld’ and has seriously impacted the teaching of English with her depth of knowledge and energetic enthusiasm. Reverend James Headbush took over the spiritual guidance of the College and has added a delightfully quirky sense of humour to chapel services – and apparently to management meetings too. During the course of the year Jenny Du Cass retired from the Kit & Clothing, which she has efficiently run since its inception. We welcomed Leanne Brunette as she stepped bravely in Jenny’s shoes – and hat displays. Jenna Jones left the estates office to have a baby and will be greatly missed by the male members of staff. Jane Cur tiss went on accouchement leave and we welcomed back Dave Goldhawk into the English depar tment to ably take over Jane’s classes. Incidentally, Dave will not be leaving at the end of 2014 upon Jane’s return; he has been appointed as Kearsney’s author extraordinaire and commissioned to write the history of the College’s first 90 years. By the time he is done, he’ll probably be commissioned to write the history to the centenary. Leigh von Hagen left after a brief stint in the foundation office. Romance blossomed during the year despite the absence of water and Gareth and Robin Moerdyk were married at Old Kearsney in April. Not to be outdone, Roxanne Ungerer announced her engagement to Arno just as the final whistle blew. TheWaldburger’s celebrated the arrival of a bouncing baby girl, as did the Cur tiss’ – but they had to bounce twice as their twin boys made an appearance in July.The Krügers announced that they were expecting another little Krüger in the new year as did the Colemans and the Savilles. It’s tempting to believe that ‘it’s something in the water’. But after 30 days without water during 2014, that’s probably not the cause. At the end of the year we bid farewell to two long-serving members of staff, both from the English depar tment: Rob Candotti and Ronni Wallace (please see tributes to these two troopers on page 9) who between them have nearly 60 years of service to the College. Francois Lubbe left to take up a post at Matrizburg College. Jake Adam, a stalwar t member of the student coaching staff, left to pursue his career in commerce.We wish all the depar ting staff the very best and forgive their leaving us on the Hill. Vaughan Carlisle 2014 will be recorded as the year of no lights and water on Botha’s Hill. With grateful thanks to SHOCK PROOF INVESTMENTS 9 – Nailplate Specialists – Email

9 FAREWELL Rob Candotti Rober to Candotti was appointed to the English Depar tment in January 1988 after several years as a copywriter in the adver tising industry and never regretted his move to the classroom. Identifying a need to extend the horizons of the top twelve academics in grade 12, Rob established the twelve club which he continued to run for the rest of his Kearsney career. According to last year’s chairman, the club “offered an intellectual journey that often challenged us to think about, and re-assess, social dynamics and popular beliefs”. He has also been involved for many years in the grade 11 leadership programme and was its co-ordinator until 2008. In English-related matters, Rob was involved in public speaking and in preparing boys for the Alan Paton literary competition. He also accompanied several groups of Kearsney boys over the years to the schools week of the National Ar ts Festival in Grahamstown. In the years before the establishment of a Drama depar tment, Rob directed a number of school productions including Twelve Angry Men and The Diary of Adrian Mole. In addition, he spent many years coaching tennis and squash, and ran the audio-visual club. Rob also involved himself with distinction in Lifeline, serving as a telephone counsellor for twelve years. Rob and his wife, Sandra, will continue to reside in Botha’s Hill for the immediate future.They intend to spend some time leisurely exploring the highways and byways of South Africa in one of the two Alfa Romeos which are stabled in their garage. No doubt they will be spending some time in Cape Town where their sons, Ricky and Alex, both of whom were educated at Kearsney, are currently living. Interestingly, both of them are pursuing careers in the adver tising industry. RonniWallace VeronicaWallace, or Ronnie, retires after 26 years as doyenne of the English depar tment. Having distinguished herself as an English teacher at Hillcrest High School, Ronni was appointed head of English at the College in January 1989 and served in this position until December 2009. Passionate about her subject, Ronni marked matric papers for twenty years and was moderator for paper 1 and the oral examination of the IEB for ten years. Before the establishment of the Drama Depar tment, in which she was instrumental, Ronni was involved in the direction of several school plays and two staff talent shows. Over the years she has prepared many boys for the English olympiad, run the film society, been actively involved in public speaking and debating and accompanied several groups of boys to the schools’ week of the Grahamstown National Ar ts Festival. Ronnie, also co-ordinated Catholic catechism, accompanying boys on a weekly basis to St Dominic’s in Hillcrest and later to Our Lady of Mercy in Kloof. When she first arrived at Kearsney, Ronni and her family resided in what is now known as the hockey house. One Saturday afternoon, their miscreant great dane, Sally, invaded the Greyhound pavilion and, with a group of canine friends, polished off a wedding cake while, blissfully unaware, the bridal couple and guests were still occupied in the chapel! Ronni and Tim moved into their home inWaterfall at the end of last year. Her plans for the future include a trip to England to visit her daughters, Julia and Diana, and her grandchild. She will also continue her sterling work on the Kearsney heritage committee and intends to involve herself in the charity work of the St Vincent de Paul Society. Dave Goldhawk With grateful thanks to STRUCTURAL MAINTENANCE SPECIALWORKS – Specialist Civil Contractor – Tel: 031 7017857 Email:

10 Headmaster Mr E D van den Aardweg Senior deputy headmaster and Maths Mr P Kirsten Deputy headmaster, senior housemaster and Biology Mr R de Villiers Deputy headmaster, head of discipline and Maths Mr A HWilllows HOD Accounting and i/c grade 9 Mr M Albers Geography Mr W Amos Housemaster Sheffield and Maths Mr C M Botha HOD Afrikaanse Ms Sonia Cairns English Mr R Candotti HOD English Mr V Carlisle School councilor Ms K J Coleman HOD Computer Studies Mr M Conradie English Ms J Cur tiss Housemaster Gillingham and EGD Mr M Delpor t Geography Mr J Drew Director of culture and Business Studies Ms A Fripp HOD Maths Ms V Govender Afrikaans Mr D Graves Maths Mr S Green Maths Mr E Grundling Chaplain Rev J Headbush i/c resource centre Ms P Isaac Director of music performance Mr B Krüger HOD Music Ms J Krüger Housemaster Finningley and Maths Mr F Lubbe KEARSNEY COLLEGE ACADEMIC STAFF With grateful thanks to Neil Cairns - QUANTUM FINANCIAL PLANNING –We are a Financial Planning Company based at Suite 9, Gillitts Office Park. See us on our website or phone us on 031 7675874 Back Row: S Shelembe, D Macdonald, S Green, B Steyn, E Grundling, A Morgan, D Moodley, M Albers, J Waldburger, J Rottcher 4th Row: A van Zyl, D Graves, L McCabe, B Kruger, M van Bardeleben, T Els, M Saville, H van Ellewee, M Conradie, V Carlisle, J Robinson, W Marsden 3rd Row: M Cebanto, M Dlamini, M Zungu, T van den Aardweg, G Moerdyk, J Drew, S Main, G Owen, S Murray, W Amos, A Fripp 2nd Row: J Curtiss, J Ostendorf, R-A Ungerer, J Kruger, B Ndaba, G Pitcher, P Isaac, S Cairns, V Govender, J Schrieber, K-J Coleman, U Singh Front Row: R Wallace, Rev J Headbush, N Peacock, F Lubbe, R de Villiers, P Kirsten, E van den Aardweg, A Willows, M Botha, B Thompson, M Delport, A Rogers, R Candotti

11 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Back Row: V Dixon, G Scott, V Mare, E Kangoma, S Burgess, T Gowdy 3rd Row: E Ngubane, L van Hagen, C Polzi, H Pearse, S Dunnett, J Jones, K Southwell 2nd Row: S van der Merwe, B Oakes, J Lankesar, J van Musschenbroek, R Pillay, K Seals, A van Wyk, T Kistensamy Front Row: R Sibiya, A Bretherton, J Mills-Hackmann, K Thompson, B Croudace, R Carpenter, P Needham Absent: W Ngwane HOD Life Sciences Mr D McDonald Science Mr S Main HOD Business Studies Mr W Marsden Academic intern Lyle McCabe Science and i/c grade 12 Mr G Moerdyk HOD EGD Mr D Moodley i/c grade 10 and English Mr A Morgan HOD Science Ms S Murray HOD isiZulu Mr B Ndaba Maths Ms G Owen Inclusion & academic support Ms J Ostendorf Housemaster Pembroke and History Mr N Peacock HODVisual Art Ms G Pitcher HOD Geography Mr J Robinson Director of academics and HOD History Mr A Rogers HOD Life Orientation and i/c grade 8 Mr J Rottcher English Mr M Saville Academic intern Siyabonga Shelembe HOD Dramatic Art Ms U Singh Director of rugby and Accounting Mr B Styen Housemaster Haley and Science Mr B Thompson Maths Ms R Ungerer History and Geography Ms T van den Aardweg Afrikaans and i/c grade 11 Mr H van Ellewee Director of pastoral care and Afrikaans Mr A van Zyl English and History Mr J Wahlburger English Mrs VWallace Music Ms B Ziglelmeier Director of community outreach and isiZulu Mr F Zungu With grateful thanks to Mohammed, Zaid & Sameer Vawda

12 COUNCIL Report AWARDS The Tony Leon Award for exemplary service: junior council Jared Meyer The Tony Leon Award for exemplary service: senior council Dhirren Pillay

13 COUNCIL Report Both councils focus on the ideal of ‘service before self ’. In 2014 this group of elected young men were cer tainly role models for the Kearsney community. As top academics, spor tsmen and cultural representatives, they led by example and were visible in all spheres of school life. Through regular meetings they raised issues per taining to boys’ interests on campus.The focus this year was mainly in a monitoring capacity and the councils were encouraged to avoid nit-picking and rather focus on significant beneficial change. In doing so there was the realisation that we are all very for tunate to be at one of the country’s greatest schools, run extremely efficiently in an environment where young men can realise their potential. An innovative development in 2015 will be the amalgamation of the two councils into one council under the chairmanship of Aiden Nilsen. This is to be done for greater efficiency and greater focus on areas we deem to be vital for the wellbeing of the boys at the College. Boys have been elected to serve in various por tfolios in consultation with staff members. Areas covered will be spor ting, spiritual, academic and environmental.This council will be a seventeen man council and will meet twice-termly with the focus once again being on being role models, serving others before self and being watchdogs to ensure the continued happiness of the inhabitants of this special institution. I have no doubt that the young men elected will serve the College very well in their new leadership roles. André van Zyl KCC Back: A Harvey, D Weaver, J Meyer, J Heunis Middle: L Missio, R Polkinghorne, T Muller, J Nyathi, M Bentley, S Nortje, C Heycocks Front row: S Tedder, D Pillay (chairman), Mr A van Zyl, K Loader (vice chairman), T Tedder The junior and senior councils have particular mandates which are the basis for their existence: their representatives serve as role models as well as the voice of the boys. With grateful thanks to Samuel Dixon


15 HALEY Housemaster’s Report Haley house had 96 full time boarders to mould into Kearsney men so the role of the prefect group was vital. They were ably led by Keegan Foss who, together with Cameron Grinyer, Morena Malkoana,Tijde Visser and Dale Sandy, showed the grade 8s how to cope with the intense daily programme of being a boarder. The year will mostly be remembered for the renovations and extensions done to Haley house with the addition of the new east wing and the extension of the common room.The continuous noise and moving of store rooms made the year challenging but the prefects, boys and staff have been remarkable in their resilience. Haley house would not be the same without the enthusiastic staff with which we are blessed. Manzini Zungu, Michael von Bardeleben, Andy Morgan and Jolene Ostendorf all had a hand in allowing each boy to grow through the course of the year. I wish to thank especially Andy and Michael for all they have done for Haley house as they will no longer be doing duties next year.The boys should consider themselves lucky for the oppor tunity to get to know these fine men outside of the classroom. I am, as always, grateful to my wife and children for their understanding and help in running an efficient house. My thanks are also extended to André Swanepoel, Lindiwe and her cleaning ladies for always ensuring our living space is clean and tidy: imagine tidying up after 96 boys and always having a smile. My thanks are also extended to the maintenance staff who have been most efficient with the many repairs that are needed in a boys’ boarding house. A big thank you is extended to the parents of Haley house. Your understanding with new regulations and the new environment made 2014 all the more successful. Finally, my thanks to the boys of Haley for a truly enter taining year.The many ‘wannabe’ singers, actors, comedians and futureWWE stars have been the life and soul of the house.You have a rare oppor tunity: a great education. Embrace it and continue to live life to the fullest. Bruce Thompson With the largest ever intake of grade 8s 2014 was always going to be busy and exciting. 2015 is going to be an exciting year living and working in our bright new space. With grateful thanks to Anton, Caroline, Christopher & Jeremy de Beer


96 constantly energetic grade 8s filled my days with work but more impor tantly with lifelong memories. The grade 8s were a mature group who adapted to the Kearsney way of life extremely quickly. This is due to the hard work and dedication of the duty masters and my fellow prefects: Tijde, Stone, Dale and Cam. They successfully installed the characteristics of a Kearsney boy into each grade 8. The house was never shor t of laughter and the occasional drama which makes life in Haley interesting. It takes a par ticular temperament to run a successful and well-balanced junior house and there is no one better than Mr Thompson for this difficult job. Mr Thompson, if not on the golf course, is always around checking up on the boys. He has made the year both enjoyable and rewarding and I'd like to thank him for that. Many of the laughs and memories came from our enter taining duty masters: Mr Morgan, Mr von Bardeleben, Mr Zungu and Ms. Ostendorf and much of the success of this year is due to their effor ts and presences in the house. It's going to be tough leaving this College. But, I can proudly say that all my goals for Haley and the boys have been achieved. I look forward to seeing the class of 2018 grow through the years. I am extremely proud of these boys. Keegan Foss I never thought I’d see the end of 2014! “Education is not preparation for life, but rather life itself ” HALEY Head of house 17 With grateful thanks to Gavin & Shaun Keeley

18 With grateful thanks to Gary,Vee & Matthew Butler FINNINGLEY

FINNINGLEY Housemaster The boys of Finningley Back row: M Watts J Graven T Louw T Tedder N Pillay C Dunnett T Westermeyer D Broughton K Solomon B Whiley J Tedder G Butler J Stamatis S Pau J Hayman R Pretorius G Hudson 6th row: M Bush R Pattundeen J Olive T Mphakathi T van Rooyen L Rall J Nyathi J Ross-Elliott M Whitehouse G Keeley R McConnell W Linda P Norton J Hansen B Hughes H Onyebilanma L Sokhela 5th row: J Stamatis K Rencken B Erlich C Waugh S Desfontaines C Beningfield C Hutton D Marshall T O’Reilly B Taylor M Butler D Campbell B Tyack N Luyt M Butler T Mthembu T Molema T Ntuli 4th row: S Moodley Finningley once again proved to be the top house of the College. 19 It is a culture that these young men are proud of and strive to maintain. Academically, Finningley did not secure the Parkes trophy this year but every Finningley boy’s contribution still helped the overall house competition. On the spor ts field, Finningley secured the A H Smith trophy.We won the swimming, athletics, rugby, cricket, tennis, water polo, soccer and tug-of-war. One of the reasons why Finningley has dominated is not necessarily winning all the events, but being consistent. Finningley come second in just about every discipline it didn’t win. Culturally the house put tremendous effor t into the inter house one act play festival and music competition, placing second in both. Finningley has always contributed strongly to the leadership of the school.This year we supplied eight of the top leaders: Stephen Tedder (head of school),Tristan Tedder (deputy head of school), Keegan Foss (head of Haley), Langa Hlongwane (head of Finningley), Cameron Grinyer, Daniel Pons, Andries Schoeman and Matthew van Heusden (all deputy prefects). In 2015 Finningley will provide nine leaders for the College: Jabulani Nyathi (deputy head of school), Matthew Butler (head of Haley), Brandon Hughes (head of Finningley), Nicholas Luyt, Siya Kheswa, Chase Dunnett, James Tedder, Keean Rencken and Jordan Ross-Elliott (all deputy prefects).This is exceptional and the house is extremely proud. I know you will set a high standard through your personal example and protect and add to the good name of Finningley and Kearsney. I would like to thank Matt Saville, Dougan MacDonald and Kearsney legend Dave Goldhawk for their commitment and for titude as duty staff this year. I also pay tribute to Bongi Ndaba for his 13 years of service as assistant housemaster. Langa Hlongwane proved to be an excellent head of house and definitely one of the best since I’ve been at Finningley. Langa was suppor ted by Andries, Matthew and Daniel who all strived to maintain the values they hold so close to their hear ts. I thank them for their leadership in the house and for performing their duties in an exemplary manner. I look back with fond memories upon the matric group of 2014. As young men of Finningley, I commend you on your tenacity, your commitment, your passion for

Finningley and your humbleness in victory. You have made Finningley proud in its 75th anniversary year. I also bid farewell to Finningley. It is by far the most difficult thing for me to let go of at Kearsney. Finningley is a house like none other : a home filled with young men who get on as a family; a family that protects its traditions. It is filled with young men who respect one another and who are proud of their 75 years of excellence.You have all made me so proud and have given me many fond memories that I will forever cherish. Francois Lubbe FINNINGLEY AWARDS Best junior: Wandile Linda Best senior: Daniel Blanckenberg 20 R Nelson H King J Hagemann B Nel R Samdaan L Zulu S Maritz C Steedman C Lee B Smart J Smith W Ambrose C Craze H Butler L Hobden B Bosman C O’Reilly J Hall 3rd row: S Joubert E Howes K Hagemann M Dlamini M Barrow N de Beer L Gama S Phillips A Joannou K Koenig A Gallinetti B Stead B Porteous T Barker N Mangeya D Trench S Vawda M Blair C Kelly

FINNINGLEY Head of house In a year where Finningley was supposed to be defeated for the first time in eight years, no such thing took place. Finningley’s dominance continued. We managed to build on our past successes and continued on the path paved for us by previous Finningley boys. The boys forged a healthy relationship with Mr ‘Frank the tank’ Lubbe and new rules and traditions were established to make Finningley even more like home.The ethos of the house remained the same as we embraced our motto: per ardua ad victoriam (through hard work is victory). The boys were determined to ensure that the house continued upon its path of excellence and it is clearly evident that the boys of Finningley house are a breed who excel in all facets of College life. The matrics have been a huge pillar of strength and suppor t for the prefects and myself. I want to commend them on a truly superb year. As leaders, they took on the challenges that faced the house and represented it in an impeccable manner. I would like to extend my thanks to Matthew van Heusden, Andries Schoeman and Daniel Pons for the manner in which they conducted themselves: often going beyond the call of duty to ensure the wellbeing of the boys and the smooth running of the house. Credit is also due to head of Haley, Keegan Foss and Cameron Grinyer who were always willing members of the house – even from all the way up in Haley. In 2014 there was no stopping Lubbe’s Army and I know that in the capable hands of Brandon Hughes and his team of prefects that the dominance will not falter. I have every confidence in the Finningley matric group for 2015 – they are a very talented and humble group, hungry for success. I wish them and the new house master the best of luck. A huge thank you is extended to Mr Lubbe. Perhaps he doesn’t understand the enormous impact he has had upon his Finningley boys, as well as the College generally. We will miss you sir! Kearsney will miss you. Langa Hlongwane Another year; another Veldman trophy.. 21 2nd row: J Heron C Alborough C Rencken J Potter S Kheswa C Cartwright N Mazwai G Phillips H Cole C Bell C Moore E Williams A Piche S Skhosana M Pitcher S Hudson N Beningfield M Sosibo J Young Front row: T Host D Blanckenberg M van Heusden A Schoeman Mr M Saville D Pons L Hlongwane Mr F Lubbe Mr B Ndaba S Tedder T Tedder Mr D MacDonald K Foss C Grinyer Z Mthembu Y Mazwai Absent: R McNeill A King M Singh


The boys of Gillingham Back Row (l-r): P Saad D Weaver N Cele P Hudson J Morse H Marais M Smith E Friedman T Dixon J Wilkes N Hoare K Futter K Zagar T Allan-Reynolds G Kruger R Taylor 5th row: J Stromness J Weyer A Quenet T Hunt L Couzens M Nesbit K Cleator S Beere K Xaba G Coolbear B Dicks J Hulett L MacCourt J Schroder J Burgess T Tanner G Brown 4th row: R Clark R Polkinghorne O Mngoma J Redman T Essay C Calliontzis M van Niekerk L Laird D Futter S. Powell P Shaw J van Tonder M Marshall N Hudson T Marsh A Atuhaire K Bennewith M Madikizela M Luvhani 3rd row: M Pretorius N Leathern A Dukes GILLINGHAM Housemaster The year has rushed past and it is time to bid farewell to the class of 2014 and welcome the class of 2015. 23 The house has been for tunate to be led by four men of superb moral fibre and character : Neil Lillelund and his deputies Jeremy Maarschalk, Grant Meyer and Francois van der Merwe have been superb this year and guided the house through some difficult times. It was Gillingham’s 75th anniversary and to commemorate this significant event, a house tie was created and my thanks are extended to Benjamin Patton for spearheading the design and manufacture of the tie. The house became more serious about academics with everyone making a contribution to our improved overall position in the Parks trophy. We also had some success in the AH Smith trophy, winning more events that we have for a while.We continue to struggle with the cultural events but our house play cast, directors and backstage crew as well as the choir must be commended on their effor ts and commitment to excellence. I am often reminded of the saying that it is better to have tried and failed, than never to have tried at all. The house shows its character by never giving up no matter what position we achieve in these events. I look forward to 2015 with a very good group of matrics who will be able to build on the positive momentum created this year.The house will be led by Tristan Dixon and his deputies Sibulelo Mbhele, James Redman, Geoffrey Sibbald and JustinWilkes. We are also very proud of the selection of Rober t Polkinghorne as head of school.The house will suppor t him as he continues the proud tradition Gillingham has of producing head boys of the highest calibre. I would like to thank the class of 2014 for their commitment and enthusiasm and wish them all the best for the future. The house is for tunate to have duty masters of the highest calibre who help to keep it running smoothly. My thanks are extended to Matt Conradie, Gareth Moerdyk and Etienne Grundling (who left us at the end of the third term). Rob Scott has most ably filled his position. Next year Sam Mofokeng will be joining us from St Albans’ in Pretoria. I would also like to express my thanks to my family, who are long-suffering and patient, as I am often in the house dealing with the day to day boarding issues which arise. They make it so much easier to do my job properly. Myles Delport Gillingham has again produced men of sound character who will make a meaningful contribution.

24 GILLINGHAM C Burgess S Ndwandwe C Louw J Sutherland R Daniel A Nilsen B Bosma B Voster J de Beer J Sibanda S Scott T Wood T Plotts C Gray J Foord J Otto 2nd row: S. Kang T Ditchfield S Sewbaran A Cawood C Crocker K Howard L Crowshaw S Mbhele S Sibbald M Nkunzi S Bamuza R Burford J de Beer A White C Barth B Palmer W Farrant

25 GILLINGHAM Head of house This year may not have been filled with plentiful success in the inter house events, but the house succeeded in many other aspects. That said, we did perform brilliantly in the golf, academic trophy and publicspeaking. What Gillingham did achieve was a passionate house spirit, courage and discipline - a brotherhood. If you ask a Gillingham old boy what he remembers about his time in the boarding house, he will most likely say the friendships he developed - and this year was no different. I would like to thank the matrics for their leadership.Well done to all of you, you can be proud of your effor ts. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope that your time in Gillingham will help you to move upwards and onwards. Gillingham will never forget you. Special mention must be made of the duty staff. My thanks are extended to Mr Delpor t, Mr Conradie, Mr Moerdyk and Mr Grundling for their service to Gillingham. You have made Gillingham our home, not just a boarding house. You continue to go beyond the call of duty and we greatly appreciate it. I would like to thank the prefects for their selfless effor ts. Francois, Grant and Jeremy, it has been a difficult year with many tough decisions but you have excelled through your exemplary leadership skills. To the matrics of 2015: you have been passed the Gillingham torch. Hold it higher, and shine it brighter than in previous years. You have the talent, discipline and camaraderie. Trust your leaders. Justin, Geoffrey, James, Sibulelo and Tristan: do your duty and a little more and the future will take care of itself. You have been elected for a reason.The house trusts you and I know you will do a good job. To all the Gillingham boys of 2015: every right implies responsibility; every oppor tunity an obligation and every possession a duty. You have the right to a home – it is your responsibility to look after it. You have an oppor tunity to succeed – you are obliged to take it. You have been given Gillingham. It is your duty to cherish it. Neil Lillelund Looking back on the year, I can say proudly, that it was an honour to lead Gillingham. Wins and failures are forgotten, but a brotherhood lasts forever. 1st row: R Woodley M Muiruri L Plotts K Massa C Waberski J Charlton S Maarschalk D Ferri L de Vlieg A Weyer L Ferri S Stanton T Shandu R Stiemens K Zulu K Streak M Memela M Hurley M Heard C Jones. Front row: S Garrawa T Hudson M Bam J Kennedy Mr G Moerdyk G Meyer Mr M Conradie J Maarschalk N Lillelund Mr M Delport F van der Merwe Mr E Grundling L Mhlongo D Pillay C Heycocks B Patton. Absent: L Hewitson


PEMBROKE Housemaster The boys of Pembroke Back Row (l-r): M Hardman S Rennie D Zondi J Gonzalve R Otto C Osborne G van Noordwyk C Marzoppi J Meyer A MacDougall R Baker J Clark L Sipunz J van Vuuren J Arde 6th row: R Cairns B Scott-Martin M Whitfield J Williamson S Schmitz D Bedi C Clark A Hlela N Dawson S Lacon-Allin J Pilbrough S Healy B du Toit G du Toit H Parsons D Comrie M Buthelezi 5th row: B Litster R Stroberg T Ridl G McKay J Spence N Zulu S Stewart The matrics were a diverse group who possessed a generally sound attitude towards the house and the College. Unfor tunately, they lacked drive in some instances. This had a somewhat negative impact on our standing in the inter house competition, where lack of senior involvement saw the house struggle. We managed to win the hockey and chess but were found somewhat wanting in the “big” events. That said, the grade 11s and the juniors tried hard and I am confident that the matric group of 2015 will show the College what Pembroke spirit is all about! The prefect group was led by Ruben van Aswegen and I would like to thank them for their effor ts. It was par ticularly gratifying at the end of year presentation assembly to see so many Pembroke boys receive awards. At the star t of the year we welcomed two new duty staff to the house:Thinus Els and JonathanWaldburger. Both these gentlemen soon adapted to the house and will, no doubt, continue to make positive contributions to the life of Pembroke. Stafford Green continued with duties this year and is now one of the “ou manne”. Ongoing maintenance remains a priority and I would like to thank Andrew Brether ton and his staff for their efficient handling of all maintenance issues. Mrs Swanepoel is thanked for her ongoing care. My thanks and gratitude are extended to the san sisters and Mr Pedley and his staff in the laundry. The old tuck-shop system was done away with and vending machines were introduced in all the houses. This has proven to be very successful and the boys make full use of it! My thanks to Mr Banzinger for ensuring that the machine is always well stocked. I would like to thank the cleaning staff and the kitchen for all their hard work. I would also like to thank the parents who have provided so much suppor t and friendship to me over the seven years during which I have been at the helm. I have met and got to know some remarkable characters and have witnessed many highs and some lows.That is the nature of a dynamic and ever-evolving boarding establishment. I wish Ant Willows all the very best as he takes over as housemaster. I take treasured memories of the boys with me and will miss their banter, naughty escapades and laughter. Siyahola Njalo! Neil Peacock As always this year was incredibly busy with most of our boys being involved in a wide range of activities. 27 Seven years have gone in a flash and as I take leave of the house, I can look back with pride on the many activities in which Pembroke boys have excelled.

PEMBROKE D Woods B Buchner D Richardso P Kirby J Bashford J Rodd J Chislett C Mairs R Koekemoe S Nortje M Lees 4th row: R Conway K Naidoo E Goss L Meltzer J Morgan L Potgieter L Dayel C Reddy J Govender D Pfeiffer N Camp R Parsons G Louw M Salomon A Rhodes S Nyanda J Proctor D Frolich 28

For most of your Kearsney career you keep your eyes focused on making it to the top and earning the privileges that come with it.What you don’t realise is that time flies when you’re having fun. And what fun we have had. I can safely say that Pembroke has the most diverse and enter taining group of boys in the school. Under the experienced hand of Mr Peacock, Pembroke has never seen more life and genuine camaraderie and for that Mr Peacock needs to be commended. With a less-than-stellar inter house record, many of the boys have learnt that winning is not everything. No quar ter was given on the spor ts field and a unique dynamic has developed in Pembroke that has made it all the more special: house spirit and it is largely due to the presence of characters like Matt Last: well known for being able to talk the hind leg off a donkey and David Zondi: Pembroke’s very own professional spor ts analyst. It is due to boys like these that there is never a dull moment in the house. Special mention must be made of beloved “Daddy P”, who retires from Pembroke after an impressive seven years of service. Life in Pembroke will never be the same and it will be on the inter house spor ts field that the chants of “Bongo’s Army” will be sorely missed. I can say with confidence that every Pembroke boy will look back on his service in Bongo’s Army with pride. I wish the prefects of 2015, under the leadership of Simon Nor tje, the best of luck for next year as I know they will ably set the tone for a new Pembroke with Mr Willows at the helm.To my fellow prefects, Dylan, Jesse and Nathan I would like to extend a hear tfelt thanks for your unwavering suppor t this year. Many people do not know of the sacrifices you made for the house this year. Finally, I would like to thank the matrics of 2014 for an unforgettable Pembroke experience.We may not have won the silverware but it was due to you that we created memories we will all cherish for the rest of our lives.Years from now we will look back and realise just how special it all was. To those we leave behind, I ask only this: make the most of your time in this special house; it will be over before you know it. Ruben van Aswegen 29 PEMBROKE Head of house 3rd row: T Aphane E Knight A di Marco C Engelen L Hawyes B Perryman D Shepherd J Kenny S Nkosi P Priest R Hill C Baker J Storm J Aitkenhead C Booyens C St Clair B Wood S Nkabinde M Sikhosana 2nd row: N Tshabalala H Rachidi B Carmichael M du Toit L Priest D Leibbrandt P McGrath P Mwamuka A Gibb S de Klerk N Gopichand L Traill B Hadebe C Pett BJ Jlongwane J Peake R Holland A Veltman D Taylor C van Zyl Front row: S Dondolo M Last M Maddock C Louw J Heunis J Rich Mr T Els R van Aswegen Mr N peacock D Grifiths Mr J Waldburger N Shepherd J Varner S Harris M Malakoana T Lewis, Absent: Mr S Green T Khambule C Tenga How time flies. This was one of my thoughts in the latter part of the year.


The boys of Sheffield Back Row (l-r): R Lewarne B Robertson R Grobler D Loades D Blair J Prinn L Smith D Hart R Jackson K Ritchie J Cahi S Tenza K Sibande D de Lange G Oliver 6th row: T Muller O Prinn T Naicker G Singh T Hart L Schimper A Ojo-Aromokudu Y Gross N Wykerd G Sander N Mkhize M Bentley D Swanepoel D Brown 5th row: M Braby T Ojo-Aromokudu K Mertsch C Ritchie C Maynard K Smith T Karimi G Manderson O Wykerd SHEFFIELD Housemaster 31 Sheffield has again stepped up to the plate and contributed to all aspects of Kearsney life; providing international, provincial and 1st team representatives and top academics Most of the boys have embraced an attitude of passion and compassion and this is displayed in their everyday lives. Head of house, Luke van Vuuren, together with his deputies, Ben Baleta, Ivan Crockar t and Patrick Zietkiewicz set the tone and were exemplary, ensuring that Sheffield lived the high expectations of Kearsney’s honour code. The success and the atmosphere of a boarding house depend on the attitudes of brotherhood and acceptance no matter how different we are. Unfor tunately, there will always be a few, generally seniors, who feel they are entitled to privileges and traditions that are not par t of the school ethos. Sheffield has proved its strengths in the cultural and academic spheres of the College. Another highlight of the year was the ice bucket challenge that was well suppor ted by the class of 2014 and which raised R400 for the J9 foundation. Another pleasing aspect of Sheffield is the wonderful suppor t we enjoy from the parents. It is reassuring when concerns raised by parents are dealt with in an atmosphere of co-operation and in the interests of the boys. This is also clearly illustrated by the fact that there are very few beds open in Sheffield. Over the years many a dayboy becomes a boarder and the demand has led to renovations in order to provide additional space. By and large there are far more positives to take from 2014 than negatives and it is a pleasure to be the house master of Sheffield. I would like to thank my duty masters: Bernard Krüger, Jason Rottcher and Huber t van Ellewee for their loyal suppor t Running the house successfully is a team effor t made up of staff and boys. Every tutor, too, deserves thanks for making every Sheffield boy feel special and for suppor ting me in my dealings with them. I would like to pay special tribute to Ronni Wallace, who has been a Sheffield tutor since its inception. She has been a wonderful mentor to hundreds of boys, a lady and a friend to all who know her.We bid you a wonderful, peaceful and blessed retirement. Sheffield has grown beyond recognition into a boarding establishment of passion and compassion filled with boys who are always up for a challenge and who look out for each other. Marco Botha We won both the one act play competition and the music competition as well as the coveted Parkes trophy for the top academic house.

SHEFFIELD 32 S Dixon T Beunk-Burgess W Carlson K Bophela C bambe J Dawson S Russell W Driver L Jarvel E Loubser 4th row: D Hirst G Wright R Harding M Gaughran Z Bana C Devos A Wevell J Faber J Johansen B Peters G Stevens M Garvie M Mashazi K Aron M Fyvie K Nxumalo M Lundall 3rd row: L Sandy D wheeler T Kekana C Tiegs B Meaker J Crouch M Carlson K Cwala D van Zyl B Boulee K Bhengu S Wang A dos Reis R van Faulkenhausen, G Pauselli J Oxenham P Mashazi D Smith D Delpech

SHEFFIELD Head of house 2nd row: C Thompson C Williams S Miller R Gaughran L Lundall M Farquarson Z Mchunu O Brown D Cherry R Contrera K Seboka B Albertse L Petzer C Meaker B D’Eramo D van Heerde A Kayser N Long J Christie C Cele Front row: D de Cramer A Harvey N Ntuli L Missio D sandy P Zietkiewicz Mr B Kruger L van Vuuren Mr M Botha, I Crockart Mr H van Ellewee T Visser Mr J Rottcher K Loader B Baleta R Walters-Girout Absent: O Khumalo “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.” That intent was evident with memorable wins this year. Although we finished second in the final standings, 2014 will be regarded as a successful year for the house because of the effor ts of the boys. Credit must be given to my fellow prefects Pat, Ivan and Ben for the suppor t they have given me as well as the manner in which they approached their duties and their exceptional leadership. My thanks are extended to Mr Botha, Mr van Ellewee, Mr Krüger and Mr Rottcher. The house would not have run as well nor as efficiently without your input. I extend my thanks to the matrics for their leadership and hard work that largely contributed to the success of the house. We can be proud of what we have contributed to the house and in the way in which we have continued and added to the legacy of past Sheffield brothers. I put my full confidence in Tristan, his prefects and the class of 2015. I trust you will build on the success of the house and continue the legacy. The word home is defined as “the physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or an apar tment.” I leave Sheffield knowing I can’t call it my home, as Sheffield is so much more than a structure. I want to thank everyone for an unforgettable year and I wish you all good luck for the future. Luke van Vuuren At the closing dinner in 2013 I ended my speech with a quotation from Barack Obama aimed at the Sheffield boys of 2014: The memories we’ve created and the laughs we’ve had are ones we will never forget 33