99 ARTS @ Kearsney ORCHESTRA Back row: J Nyathi, K Sibande, T Hart, G Kruger, J Hansen, D Futter 3rd row: S Kang, J Spence, E Loubser, J Dawson, D Bedi, E Williams 2nd row: C Alborough, K Seboka, B Perryman, L Hobden, J Storm, P Mwamuka Front row: E Knight, J Johansen, T Lewis, (head), Mr B Krüger, D Hart (concertmaster), N Mkhize, K Futter The group consisted of 24 members, of whom only four were matric students.The ensemble was led with aplomb by Tim Lewis (head of orchestra, saxophone) and Dylan Har t (concer tmaster, violin) and the group as a whole have become quite passionate about making music and enter taining their audiences. The first performance of the year was at the Music@Kearsney ensemble concer t in March.This is always a good barometer to judge how cohesive and skilled the ensemble will turn out to be for the year.The boys did themselves proud. Next was open weekend.The ensemble performed two pieces: a Celtic pop instrumental called ‘Toss the Feathers’ and a medley of songs by Michael Jackson.The audience of prospective Kearsney boys were delighted and many queries were received afterwards about our music programme at the College. In August, the orchestra began collaborating with theYoung Hounds choir, a subsidiary project of the College choir, consisting solely of grade 8 boys.The orchestra provided a wellsuppor ted, tight accompaniment for this group of inexperienced singers, who performed the 2013 rock anthem ‘The Phoenix’. The final performance of the year, and probably the most impor tant one, is the music provided during speech day. Firstly, to enter tain the distinguished guests during tea before the ceremony and secondly to play the academic processional ‘Gaudeamus Igitur’. The boys of the orchestra fulfil a vital role in the College and the educational value of playing a musical instrument will benefit them throughout their lives. Music can be a very solitary activity but making music in a group is one of the most fulfilling activities imaginable. Bernard Krüger Orchestra The orchestra underwent an important building phase this year, with a large number of skilful players remaining in the ensemble for 2015 With grateful thanks to John, Dalene, Dylan &Thomas Hart