102 ARTS @ Kearsney As a celebration of theatre for the youth by the youth, the festival provides a platform for pupils to share their dramatic work. The festival has doubled in size and each play is produced and directed by the pupils, under the guidance of a teacher in an advisory capacity. They are the culmination of many hours of hard work and their passion and commitment to the ar ts is inspiring. This festival is, at its core, about youth development in the ar ts. Durban Girls’ high school presented ‘Under Construction’, a compilation of scenes that revolve around the way society is expected to behave. The pupils formulated the scenes on topics that were relevant to them such as: subject choices, social media and hopeless dreams. Glenwood high school’s ‘A Rainbow After the Rain’ was a work-shopped play highlighting South Africa at the bir th of democracy and the trials and tribulations which are both public and private. Kearsney performed their winning play ‘Let’s Make it Happen, while ‘Distorted Reflections’ was Nor thlands Girls’ high school’s contribution, taking a journey through the troubled mind of a teenager. Pinetown Girls’ high school presented ‘The Confessions’, which explored the story of a beautiful yet uneducated lady who suffers the consequences of being a ‘gold-digger’. St. Henry’s Marist College’s ‘10 000 cigarettes’ was developed around how society is fixated with how to be ‘cool’, looking at the lives of five siblings whose father passed away from smoking. St. Mary’s entry for the evening was the hilarious ‘12 Reasons Why Not to be in a Play’ provided the audience with the horrors and hardships that befall those who feel the call of the stage. Thomas More College brought the festival to a close with their play, ‘Crushed’ which made one think that whether you’re a hopeless romantic or an arrogant jerk, you still need a LOT of help with love. The guest of honour, theatre personality Tristan Jacobs, was impressed with the maturity of the work produced. Ulaetha Singh One act play festival Kearsney was proud to host this festival in its second year.