103 ARTS @ Kearsney Their exhibition, a culmination of learning in Visual Ar ts from grade 10, was presented in some finely honed and ingeniously conceptualised pieces of ar t. All credit must be given to this group as they will be remembered as a group of ‘doers’: young men who got the job done with minimal fuss. The grade 11s are a small group of industrious boys who really enjoy the quiet that the ar t room allows. The grade 10s, by contrast, are explosive in their enthusiasm and energy. The highlight of their year was their final project. They were invited to graffiti the walls of a nearby gym. A physical change to the Ar t depar tment took place when we sub-divided the large classroom with a glass and aluminium par tition. Having two classrooms has enabled the juniors to have their ar t lessons while the seniors can continue with their work. An unforeseen benefit is that the grade 8s and 9s are able to witness and interact with seniors while they are working on their ar t pracs. Another project was the fitting of a hanging frame system in the foyer of the auditorium to enable the hanging of display work. The highlight for year was the tour to Russia and Turkey. We were able to see one of the finest and largest collections of Renaissance, Baroque and Impressionist painting and sculpture in the world at the Hermitage and Pushkin Museums. Possibly the most fun was had at an exhibition of Russian Circus Ar t at the Moscow Museum of Modern Ar t. The exhibition was not only interesting from an historical point of view but also highly interactive, enabling the boys to touch, feel and fully engage with the works. Glenda Pitcher Visual art The year can best be described as seamless: the grade 12s stealthily approached the obstacles of matric. Artist: David Brown grade 11 Artist: Sihle Sikhosana grade 10 Artist: Keanu Solomon grade 12 Artist: Andrew Weyer