The year began with talks on religion and these became a fascinating unpacking of knowledge and insights between Mr Rottcher and Mr Waldburger, with the 12 Club members contributing enthusiastically to fuel the fascinating debate. We also delved into the competitive world of business when we attended the East Coast Radio business breakfast at the Durban ICC.There we were privileged to meet JakeWhite as well as to listen to his lecture. Valuable lessons on leadership and innovation were also learned from other prominent business leaders who ranged from speakers representing FNB, to Nike South Africa.We left with a better understanding of the challenges that are prevalent in our country’s complex business environment. Another aspect that was closely investigated was leadership. We each took par t in the Symlog programme, presented by the company’s director, Keith Brown, which began when we completed an online questionnaire designed by Harvard University.This system allowed us to rate our peers, as well as ourselves, on leadership qualities. Our personalities and results were then matched to the most effective leadership profiles from dozens of countries. Each member learnt valuable lessons about himself, about leadership and about improving the traits that characterise the “movers and shakers” of the world. The highlight of the year was attending a presentation by Nick Sloane, the South African salvage master who raised the Costa Concordia. Not only were we enthralled by his indepth presentation, but we were also inspired by his determination and confidence. His message that no challenge is ever too big, and that there will always be those who say it is not possible, has definitely instilled in us the ‘never give up’ philosophy. 2014 was a significant year and filled with mixed emotions as it was Mr Candotti’s last year as head of the 12 Club.We say a sad farewell to a very dedicated staff member who has been a mentor to each 12 Club member over many years. His vibrant talks on flipnosis and subliminal adver tising have made many of us open our minds to completely new ways of thinking. Unquestionably, the ‘Italian stallion chick magnet skills’ have added a much needed arsenal of tactics with which to understand and interact with the women in our future! Mr Candotti’s general knowledge, enthusiasm and inquisitive nature have been stimulating and thoughtprovoking, and he will be sorely missed.We thank him sincerely and wish him all the best. Neil Lillelund The 12 club For the 12 Club, 2014 was packed with activities and inspirational talks with many aspects of society’s intellectual, philosophical and business approaches being explored in depth. 104 CLUBS & Culture