This club is the result of four years of desperately wanting to star t an aviation related club and the guts to actually kick star t it.This being said, the club has had major success since its inception this year. A small, but very enthusiastic group of boys were kind enough to allow me to open their eyes to a world of wonder associated with the building and flying of radio controlled aircraft. We faced many issues: weather, lack of airspace, poor sponsorship of equipment and very brief meeting times all coupled with my trying to head up the club and juggle my matric year. Never theless, two of the boys have successfully soloed this year with minimal assistance: a mark of true potential. With aero modelling a dying profession, I feel it is vital to inspire those around me and show the public the massive contribution aero modellers have made to the technological development of the aviation industry. The KWC has definitely fulfilled this goal with the addition of providing aerial footage of the campus for marketing purposes. I leave the club in the hands of Ross Holland who I trust will take the club to new heights. In closing, my thanks are extended to Mrs Fripp, Mrs Issac, Eric Arnaud, the South African Model Aircraft Association and old boy Simon VacyLyle all of whom provided a great deal of assistance in the running and suppor t of the club. Blue Skies! Ryan Nelson 107 The KearsneyWings Club History club An enthusiastic group of boys met in the first and third terms.We chose as a theme, ‘the rise and fall of ancient Rome’ and the boys enjoyed watching an excellent BBC documentary series which chronicled some of the most famous Roman Emperors ranging from Julius Caeser and Nero to Constantine, who brought Christianity to the greatest empire that the world has ever seen. Ross Cairns and Nicholas Leathern assisted with the display at the open weekend in the first term and were awarded service cer tificates for their effor ts. Neil Peacock Indoor hockey We entered two indoor teams into the league that was run from July to September this year : a 1st team of only grade 11s and 10s and an U 14 team.The boys practiced in the mornings once a week to help them prepare for their matches, which cer tainly paid off judging by the hockey that they played as well as the results that they achieved. The 1st team made the semi-finals of the U 18A league and narrowly lost to Glenwood.They then lost to Nor thwood in the play-off for third place but can be proud of their achievements after playing in the U 18B league in 2013 and stepping up this year.The U 14s came second in their league, only losing to Clifton in the round robin format. In 2015, indoor hockey will be an official third term spor t and we can look forward to the positive contribution that this will make to our hockey at the College. Wayne Marsden CLUBS & Culture With grateful thanks to the Polkinghorne Family