109 CLUBS & Culture INNER CIRCLE Back row: J Nyati, R Baker, D Blair, J Wilkes, J Morse, J Ross-Elliott, D Loades, R Cairns 3rd row: M Lundall, B Peters, R Polkinghorne, M Bentley, L Couzens, R Conway, J Ojo-Aromokudu, P Zietkowitz 2nd row: L Hewitson, J Sibbald, G Stevens, I Crockart, N lillelund, L van Vuuren, B Hughes, M Butler, S Kheswa Front row: D Pillay, M Last, S Tedder, Mr Rogers, K Foss, L Hlongwane, D Pons The speakers judged to be the best in their respective categories were: Best Object Speech: Tristan Ridl And Derrick Loades Best Icrebreaker: Luke Couzens Best Impromptu Speech: JustinWilkes Best Prepared Speech: Neil Lillelund Excellence In Public Speaking Trophy: Dhirren Pillay Special mention must be made of four grade 12 boys who delivered exceptional prepared speeches this year : Jesse Rich; Dylan Griffiths;Todimu Ojo-Aromokudu and Neil Lillelund. Finally, the last word belongs to Patricia Fripp, an American professional public speaker, who said: “People will not remember what you say as much as they will remember what they see, when you say it!” Adam Rogers