111 Theatre sports 2014 proved to be a busy cultural year and due to this,Theatre Spor ts was not suppor ted as prosperously as I had hoped. Never theless, the small group of boys who attended on Friday afternoons developed and grew in confidence. Theatre Spor ts is comparable to the famous improvisation show, “Whose Line is it Anyway?” in which par ticipants improvise in a host of games such as the ‘alphabet game’, the ‘murder mystery game’ and others.The focus this year was on developing theatre skills and the creative spirit of the boys. This was done in a space where they could express themselves freely and without judgement to encourage young performers to pursue their creative dreams. My thanks are extended to Ulaetha Singh for her suppor t. Michael Von Bardeleben Video Filming and Editing Club The primary function of this club is to record the impor tant College events and spor ts fixtures. Copies are distributed to interested staff and pupils as well as being stored in the College archives. Boys who are keen to film are trained in correct videoing techniques and then assume responsibility for videoing a par ticular spor t or cultural activity. My thanks are extended to the boys who showed commitment this year and who are – as I write – working on the highlights DVD. Par ticular mention must be made of Jason Bashford who has shown a keen interest and natural aptitude for editing. Paula Isaac Surf Club The Surf Club members continued to enjoy the surf available at Nor th Beach. Surf, generally, was challenging with debate raging around the effect on wave conditions of the rehabilitation of the Durban beachfront and the filling of the space under the piers. As winter approached, the surfing conditions improved and the boys found a wave to ride on every occasion, even if it was within the bowl, just off-shore. Regardless of the conditions, the boys relished the oppor tunity to be found on the backline after a busy week in the mists of Botha’s Hill. Matric students, Peter Hudson, Keanu Solomon, Daniel Blanckenberg, Devlin Frolich and Shaun Powell were the more regular of the seniors who suppor ted the club. Thanks must be extended toTaff Green and Matt Saville who filled in for me when duties took me elsewhere on a Friday.The estates depar tment were always superefficient in providing a bus and trailer when we needed them. Elwyn van den Aardweg The Greyhound Club Grade 11s flocked to join the club this year, having decided long in advance what they would like to see included in this year’s bumper 20th anniversary edition. Highlights of the magazine included a horrifying exclusive on the van den Aardweg’s ‘Nkandla’ upgrades as well as the Tedder ‘illuminati conspiracy’, making it another memorable edition. In the words of editor Ross Cairns, it has “become one of the most keenly anticipated events on Kearsney’s calendar.” The undying tradition continues. Paula Isaac CLUBS & Culture With grateful thanks to Jonathan,Timothy & Daniel Pons