112 SPORT Overview The boys are for tunate in that the College still offers 12 spor ting codes from which they can choose. It has long been said that we dilute our resources with such a broad choice and that we should focus on fewer spor ts to be more competitive. If results are anything to go by, this argument has been proven incorrect. Squash, golf and canoeing continue their upward trend under the guidance of very committed staff. Golf has again done extremely well with both our 1st and 2nd teams finishing second in the league. Our squash boys finished a credible 4th in the Top Inter Schools tournament played in the second term. There is also much excitement in our squash fraternity due to the upcoming Malaysia tour. The fundraising committee has been hard at work and we wish them well. The canoeists were able to par ticipate in the Drak Challenge, Dusi and Fish River marathons together with all the scheduled inter school races. Our junior boys par ticularly have achieved outstanding results. A new innovation this year was rugby 7s in the third term. The 1st team played in three tournaments, winning 2 and losing in the semi-finals of the third. The College can be proud of its achievements with no fewer than ten spor ting codes producing provincial players. Altogether, we produced 61 provincial and nine national representatives. Many teams were able to par ticipate in festivals and tours around the country during the year.We see this interaction as crucial to the development and growth of Kearsney spor tsman.The tennis team under took a very successful tour to England and Spain.The boys were for tunate enough to attendWimbledon and were also coached by top Spanish coaches on clay in Barcelona.The team were excellent ambassadors for the College.The value of such a tour cannot be overemphasized. In order to align the College to the demands of an ever-changing spor ting environment, there is a need to maintain and improve the spor ting facilities and equipment. We were for tunate to under take the following improvements this year : • enclosing the upstairs por tion of the tennis pavilion • upgrading both outdoor basketball cour ts’ backing boards and hoops and creating two new basketball shooting areas in the Sheffield parking lot • increasing the equipment in the weights room • extensive maintenance on all the cricket pitches and fields and installing an irrigation system around the Silcock pitch and outfield • extending the Hopkins field in order to accommodate a proper cricket oval for the juniors • increasing the seating capacity of the Medwor th stand, upgrading the change rooms, medical facilities and toilets • moving the water tanks at the Mason astro to accommodate borehole water • acquiring laptop software for spor t analyses. Sport Sport continues to play an important role in the life of the Kearsney community.