BASKETBALL 116 Basketball The final basket has been scored and the games have come to an end. Looking back on a very successfully year, I am reminded how privileged we are to be members of the community. Basketball has continued to grow and prosper at the College and this year we were able to field 13 teams every week of the season and we were forced to turn boys away as we could not cope with the numbers that wanted to play the sport. The game has not only grown in capacity but has also developed in skill and has gained a lot of support from nonparticipants who eagerly await home fixtures, where the support has been remarkable. If the sport continues to develop, I believe that Kearsney will establish itself as one of the country’s premier basketball programs and will continue to take down some of the more established basketball schools. None of this would be possible without the commitment and enthusiasm of the coaching staff and for this I thank them. It is a pleasure to work with people who always have the best interests of the boys and sport at heart.A special thank you is extended to Manzini Zungu who is always willing to help without any fuss and help make the sport a success.