118 BASKETBALL CANOEING 2NDTEAM Although this was a tough season for the team, they give their all and worked as a unit.They were always enthusiastic and eager to impress. Our practices were always full of fun, commitment and hard work.Those who lacked skill, compensated in athletic ability; those with skill were always willing to share their abilities and encouraged others. Most matches went down to the wire and we most often lost in the last quar ter. More often than not, we succumbed to pressure and made silly mistakes. However, the boys must be complimented on their fantastic spirit and for giving of their best on the cour t. Bongi Ndaba Played: 15 Won: 7 Lost: 8 3RD | 4TH | 5THTEAM These teams had a difficult season due to regular tough opposition. The boys worked hard at practice and quickly developed an excellent team spirit with Alex Cawood leading from the front as a great captain.We were lucky to have good cover in all positions so were able to keep injury problems at bay. I was par ticularly pleased with the development of our defensive plays this season although, to be fair, our offense was clearly not good enough.The boys worked hard and should be congratulated on their perseverance and spirit.With there being so many teams practising on a Tuesday and Thursday there was a need for extra cour t space which the school has now provided putting up two baskets in the Sheffield car park. My thanks must go to the Sheffield matrics who tolerated the bouncing balls outside their windows in the afternoons. Matt Conradie coached the 4th and 5th teams in the opening season and much fun was had by all. It was decided to drop one of the teams in the closing season but there was never a shor tage of players to fill teams and this bodes well for the depth of the spor t in the senior age groups. Jason Rottcher 3RDTEAM Played: 12 Won: 4 Lost: 8 4THTEAM Played: 10 Won: 4 Lost: 6 5THTEAM Played: 5 Lost: 5 BASKETBALL 2ND Front row: J Varner, D Pons, Mr B Ndaba (coach), Z Mthembu, B Baleta, S Mbhele With grateful thanks to: Bafana & Staff Sithole