119 BASKETBALL BASKETBALL U16A Back row: M Sosibo, C Booyens, N Zulu, D Shepherd, K Zulu Front row: L Zulu, J Sibanda, Mr N Dlamini (coach), T Aphane, S Tenza U 16A The team had a very difficult year with the majority of the top players in this age group playing for the 1st team so we were exposed for a lack of depth. But no one complained and everyone knuckled down and worked hard.The boys must be given credit for their positive attitudes and work ethic.The team really impressed with their tenacious defence. Unfor tunately, this did not always translate to good offence and this is how they lost many of their matches. The team par ticipated in the U 16 tournament at Michaelhouse in the first term as well as the St John’s tournament.This gained the team invaluable experience. Nhlanhla Dlamini Played: 23 Won: 7 Lost: 16 U 16B The season began with some good wins but the players let things slip. This was mainly due to a lack of concentration and not scoring from numerous oppor tunities – a par t of the game we practised at length. When it came to matches, the boys seemed to freeze. A number of players improved greatly and I look forward to their progressing in the senior teams. Wayne Amos Played: 12 Won: 4 Lost: 8 U 16C The team had a positive star t to the season with games won against Westville and Michaelhouse.The team showed dedication and commitment to improving their performances during practice.The team’s captain, AndrewWeavel, showed outstanding leadership throughout and kept the boys together during challenging moments. Siya Shelembe Played: 11 Won: 4 Lost: 7 With grateful thanks to: “Financial Planning and Health care funding at Retirement” Email: John, Susan, Luc & Hannah Schimper