SOCCER 6TH XI This team cer tainly put the ‘s’ in social this year. Limited practice and token prematch warm-ups seemed compulsory as preparation, but the boys played with passion and a dash of the cavalier. A myriad players made guest appearances throughout the season, but under the midfield captaincy of Anthony Quenet, sporadic displays of hidden talent and sheer exuberance were the motivating factors in achieving a satisfying set of results. All the games were played with good spor tsmanship and enter tainment was the order of the day. Wins against Westville and Nor thwood were the highlights of the season, which was thoroughly enjoyed by players and the coach. André van Zyl. Played: 6 Won: 2 Lost: 2 Drew:2 7TH XI These boys were very enthusiastic to play soccer. Their team work was fantastic, resulting in the high percentage of wins for the season. The comradery displayed was outstanding and they were a pleasure to coach. Dean Seals Played: 5 Won: 4 Lost: 1 8TH XI After an initial loss to Nor thwood these boys came back with vengeance, winning the next three games in a row. Thereafter, the opposition was too strong and the team recorded losses. Overall, the boys enjoyed the season but would have liked to have played more games. Lyle McCabe Played: 6 Won: 3 Lost: 3 9TH XI Some thrilling games were played with the opening game a spectacular loss. But strikers emerged during the season so that we won some games. Overall, the team was filled with keen players who were a pleasure coach. Matt Laskey Played: 5 Won: 1 Lost: 2 Drew: 2 164