165 SOCCER SOCCER 2ND XI Back row: S Kheswa, C Cartwright, T Muller, N Cele, B Baleta, M Carlson, S Skhosana Front row: D Blanckenberg, J Varner, D Zondi (captain), Mr M Saville (coach), C Kelly, B Patton, L Mhlongo 2ND XI The term began with four straight wins against Nor thwood, Hillcrest, DHS and Kloof; and then an unfor tunate loss to Michaelhouse. Thereafter, the winning streak returned with a 7-0 win against Thomas More and a 2-0 win against Hilton. The team were unfor tunate to draw against St Charles andWestville.The players must be complimented on their dedication to the team and the manner in which they played the game. The season was a great success with fantastic team work and guts. Matt Saville Played: 9 Won: 6 Lost: 1 Drew: 2 3RD XI This was a season of mixed results with the team winning and losing on alternate weekends. The boys were capable of playing brilliant soccer one week and then looking like they had never played the game before the following week. However, they were fantastic to coach and thoroughly enjoyed themselves both at practices and during matches. Gareth Moerdyk Played: 7 Won: 4 Lost: 3 4TH XI The team was made up of grade 11 boys and played some exciting and enter taining football during the shor t season. The side was not known for their defensive ability, even though the back four were tough as nails and did a fabulous job containing and restricting the opposition forwards. Joshua Morse did a fine job in goals and continued to suppor t his side after he picked up an injury. The mid-field provided the strikers with oppor tune chances and were periodically able to put their name on the score sheet. Up front, there was no shor tage of goal hungry players as most of the team favoured themselves to score a goal or two. The games were well suppor ted and the boys can be proud of their brand of football. This was a very pleasing season from a great group of boys. Jon Robinson Played: 7 Won: 5 Lost: 1 Drew: 1 5TH XI This was an amazing group of boys to coach as they always gave their best, whether they won or lost. They never got upset about the results and were determined to enjoy themselves. They always turned out for practices in numbers and were keen to display their skills. Jaryd Chiochetti Played: 6 Won: 1 Lost: 4 Drew: 1