15 HALEY Housemaster’s Report Haley house had 96 full time boarders to mould into Kearsney men so the role of the prefect group was vital. They were ably led by Keegan Foss who, together with Cameron Grinyer, Morena Malkoana,Tijde Visser and Dale Sandy, showed the grade 8s how to cope with the intense daily programme of being a boarder. The year will mostly be remembered for the renovations and extensions done to Haley house with the addition of the new east wing and the extension of the common room.The continuous noise and moving of store rooms made the year challenging but the prefects, boys and staff have been remarkable in their resilience. Haley house would not be the same without the enthusiastic staff with which we are blessed. Manzini Zungu, Michael von Bardeleben, Andy Morgan and Jolene Ostendorf all had a hand in allowing each boy to grow through the course of the year. I wish to thank especially Andy and Michael for all they have done for Haley house as they will no longer be doing duties next year.The boys should consider themselves lucky for the oppor tunity to get to know these fine men outside of the classroom. I am, as always, grateful to my wife and children for their understanding and help in running an efficient house. My thanks are also extended to André Swanepoel, Lindiwe and her cleaning ladies for always ensuring our living space is clean and tidy: imagine tidying up after 96 boys and always having a smile. My thanks are also extended to the maintenance staff who have been most efficient with the many repairs that are needed in a boys’ boarding house. A big thank you is extended to the parents of Haley house. Your understanding with new regulations and the new environment made 2014 all the more successful. Finally, my thanks to the boys of Haley for a truly enter taining year.The many ‘wannabe’ singers, actors, comedians and futureWWE stars have been the life and soul of the house.You have a rare oppor tunity: a great education. Embrace it and continue to live life to the fullest. Bruce Thompson With the largest ever intake of grade 8s 2014 was always going to be busy and exciting. 2015 is going to be an exciting year living and working in our bright new space. With grateful thanks to Anton, Caroline, Christopher & Jeremy de Beer