170 SOCCER U 14D A loss in the first game resulted in true Kearsney pride coming out in these players.They made sure they won most of their remaining games. Wins against Hillcrest, Michaelhouse, Clifton, St Charles andWestville brought some respectability to their results. Kelvin Adam Played: 8 Won: 5 Lost: 2 Drew: 1 U 14E After three losses in the opening four matches, one would expect players to give up and not even return to practices – but not this group.They enjoyed playing and the emphasis was always on having fun.Two wins against St Charles and Hilton brought some respectability to the results and a draw with DHS made a players more relaxed.They were a very enjoyable group to coach and I thank them for their enthusiasm and loyalty. Stafford Green Played: 7 Won: 2 Lost: 4 Drew: 1 U 14F The season opened with a huge loss to Nor thwood, but the team bounced back to win their next two matches. As the coach, I focused on a defensive strategy and this resulted in four of the last five games being victorious. The boys understood the tactics and the seniors who helped out with the coaching must be thanked for their effor ts with these players. Stafford Green Played: 7 Won: 5 Lost: 2 U 14G Two wins in the opening three games, resulted in the confidence of the team growing.The boys even tried to play ‘carpet’ football like Barcelona but the bumpy, sandy Hopkins pitch did not allow their skills to develop. Another win and two draws resulted in a very enjoyable and successful season. John Drew Played: 7 Won: 3 Lost: 1 Drew: 3 U 14H History was made in 2014, when an H team was formed for the first time in any spor t at the College.With lots of eager par ticipants, practices on Hopkins became a sought after activity on Mondays andWednesdays. Drills developed by Zahed Bana and Nathan Mangeya, who went on the Clive Barker and KZN high schools coaching courses, were earnestly completed by these willing par ticipants. It was often difficult to see what was going on under the dust cloud but at the end of practices, all eleven sweaty and dir ty players emerged having thoroughly enjoyed themselves. John Drew Played: 6 Won: 2 Lost: 2 Drew: 2 With grateful thanks to Helen and Ashley Dell