WATERPOLO U15A Back row: M Farquharson, J Proctor, D Marshall, T Tedder, E Hulett, C Meaker Front row: M Hurley, J Young, G Sander, (captain), Mr J Adam (coach), J Kenny, R Stiemens, M Heard U 15A The season was a tough with a mixture of results. The boys’ commitment and enthusiasm could not be faulted, even when the weather and temperature of the pool was terrible. There were some tough lessons and I believe that these have taught the boys that when times are tough they need to stick together, help each other and work together to achieve the goal. That said, it is always encouraging to see the boys grow and mature as well as improving and developing their skills as water polo players. Jake Adam Played: 22 Won: 4 Lost: 17 Drew: 1 181 WATER Polo