185 CLASS of 2014 Head boy’s report When I look at the class of 2014, I see a group of unique individuals who share a common heritage: our blood is maroon and there is a greyhound tattooed onto our hearts. We are unified by a badge, backed by tradition and given purpose by a motto. We are united by a legacy of tradition Kearsney brothers have fought for, to place us on a path of success. Unity has been the key to our success for 93 years and 2014 was no different. But we will soon end this chapter in the history book of Kearsney College; we will put a full stop at the end of the 2014 page. I can assure you that this full stop, is merely a comma in the greater story that is the legend of the Hill. No matter how you judge it, 2014 has been a successful year. We can call 2014 a successful year when we examine our spor ting prowess. Incredible individual and team achievements across the spor ting codes. SA selections, losing streaks broken, records shattered and memorable results can be credited to almost all the 1st team spor ts. But this is not where our successes end. Every team has firmed the backbone of Kearsney spor t. Kearsney teams have punched above their weight all year. We have surprised our critics and surpassed those more talented than us. I believe this ability to surprise has been more impressive than our ability to win. Being the underdog in a fight and holding your own is respectful and admirable. All the outstanding results and achievements will be written down in the record books of the College and remain in our history forever. A permanent documentation stamped with the Kearsney crest and signed off by the class of 2014. But can we really base success on what goes down in record books? Is the purpose of this school to win trophies, better previous results and keep the record books from getting dusty? I believe Alber t Einstein got it right when he said, “Try not to become a man of success. Rather, become a man of value .” I believe this school is successful because we strive to create men of value who produce success. Our motivation lies not in the accolades but in the caliber of the young men who walk out of these gates. So what is a man of value and how has the class of 2014 embraced success? 11 months ago I was undecided how to make 2014 a successful year. My Dad sat me down and said, “Don’t follow the same route that I took, but rather create your own legacy. Learn from the past and build a platform upon which future generations can build.” 2014 has been successful because we have placed value on what really matters. We have built on the idea that this place is about brotherhood. Our relationships have become the focus on which I place true value. The relationships between juniors and seniors have developed into This school is in a golden age: our classrooms are full; our waiting lists are long; our academic results are outstanding.