96 constantly energetic grade 8s filled my days with work but more impor tantly with lifelong memories. The grade 8s were a mature group who adapted to the Kearsney way of life extremely quickly. This is due to the hard work and dedication of the duty masters and my fellow prefects: Tijde, Stone, Dale and Cam. They successfully installed the characteristics of a Kearsney boy into each grade 8. The house was never shor t of laughter and the occasional drama which makes life in Haley interesting. It takes a par ticular temperament to run a successful and well-balanced junior house and there is no one better than Mr Thompson for this difficult job. Mr Thompson, if not on the golf course, is always around checking up on the boys. He has made the year both enjoyable and rewarding and I'd like to thank him for that. Many of the laughs and memories came from our enter taining duty masters: Mr Morgan, Mr von Bardeleben, Mr Zungu and Ms. Ostendorf and much of the success of this year is due to their effor ts and presences in the house. It's going to be tough leaving this College. But, I can proudly say that all my goals for Haley and the boys have been achieved. I look forward to seeing the class of 2018 grow through the years. I am extremely proud of these boys. Keegan Foss I never thought I’d see the end of 2014! “Education is not preparation for life, but rather life itself ” HALEY Head of house 17 With grateful thanks to Gavin & Shaun Keeley