190 CLASS of 2014 Knowledge has always impressed me – but never for its own sake and always integrated into a sensitive and compassionate worldview. So it’s no surprise that I enjoyed teaching Neil immensely. “Yes, I wanted to be dux!” says Neil. The competition in the class of 2014 was always tough and Neil admits that this began in the final term at Highbury. He also admits that it was a difficult year filled with hard work. In 2015 Neil will be studying mechatronics at Stellenbosch. “At Stellies. In res. I’m quite traditional so I’ve chosen a student town that is beautiful and in which I will feel secure.” After that, Neil has his sights on Singapore, London and NewYork to explore postgraduate studies and to work in the ‘big three’. The highlight moment for him comes from being the head of Gillingham. “I was terrified at the beginning and it was only as the year went by that I realised that the position was a privilege. I learned more in the house then I did in the classroom and that learning was all about time management.” The teacher he admires most is Mr Delpor t and the duty staff: “I admire their selfless service and the hours of work they put into the house.” It wasn’t an easy year for Neil – is it ever for our top achievers? But the experience is valuable and can set a model for the future. “I was over-reaching at the time,” says Neil with typical candour. “But I spoke to my Dad and he said ‘calm down’. It is just a school – and it is!” This insightful and mature young man, who values family tradition and honour so highly, cer tainly managed to get the balance right and live his motto: “walk with Kings and never lose the common touch.” Best of luck Neil. Vaughan Carlisle The Dux Scholar: Neil Lillelund “You have to be smar t about what you learn and you have to get the balance right – working late at night, no! And get your exercise. And go out with your friends; that’s the ‘gees’ that will get you through it.”