191 CLASS of 2014 In 1960, when Mr Henwood donated this trophy, he suggested that the recipient should demonstrate the following qualities: he should display scholastic achievement; success in spor t; set a good example to his peers in his leadership style; be diligent in his work; improve or uphold Christian principles and display courage in overcoming difficulties. Each year, the Kearsney community considers boys leaving the College and vote for a wor thy recipient.This year, Kearsney chose Keegan Foss. Cameron Grinyer, his best mate, tells us why Keegan deserves this award. “When considering who should be the recipient of this award, Keegan’s name immediately comes to mind. He has achieved in all spheres during his Kearsney career. He was head of Haley and jointly received the best all-round spor tsman of the year. He captained spor ts teams and was chairman of the Inner Circle. His attitude and diligence in the classroom was exemplary and he was an example to us all. Keegan’s Christian ideals and values are strong and admirable. He has solid values and lives the Kearsney catch-phrase ‘never say die’. Keegan has never used the death of his father or his hear t condition as an excuse. If anything, they motivate him to perform at even higher levels, bringing pride to his friends, his school and most impor tantly his family. Family is most impor tant to him. Keegan loved Kearsney and often reminded me how privileged I am to be here. He lived the motto ‘Carpe Diem’ and seized every oppor tunity presented to him at school. Keegan cherished every moment with his friends on the spor ts field, in the classroom and in the boarding house. The Edwin Henwood trophy Keegan Foss He is a most wor thy recipient of this award and should be congratulated. His compassion, his love for his friends and family and his generally positive attitude towards life should be a lesson to us all.” Cameron Grinyer With grateful thanks to Cameron Naicker 2014