CLASS of 2014 Matric Dance The annual Matric Dance is a highlight on the Kearsney calendar. A rite of passage for that provides the boys with a safe and glittering occasion; an evening of chic company, impressive and tasteful décor with friends who have shared the Kearsney experience. This year was no different and the atmosphere outside the Henderson hall was filled with excitement and anticipation as the 800-strong crowd awaited the arrival of the matric boys and their partners to ‘Africa’. After months of planning and preparation, the body of the hall was decorated with twinkling stars, zebra panels, strelitzia and willow arrangements. The lifesized and life-like rhino and beautifully painted zebra backdrop kept watch over it all. The foyer was as a safari lodge complete with a view onto a scenic waterhole with rhino browsing nearby. The façade of the hall was a silhouette of wild animals against the magnificent backdrop of a spectacular yellow and orange African sunset. A highlight of the evening is the procession of vehicles of all shapes, sizes and forms that deliver the beautiful couples to the dance. Complete with flashlights from cameras, a red carpet, cheering crowds and an “Oscars-like” atmosphere.The arrivals kept the crowd spellbound for an hour and a half with ingenious and cheeky displays. Fortunately the Botha’s Hill evening was clear and bright and the attitude of the boys was cheerful yet formal. The dance floor was a busy and lively place the whole evening.A successfully run event such as this relies heavily on a large number of enthusiastic, giving individuals. From the grade 11 committee to the large number of moms and dads, including my own, as well as Jolene Ostendorf who designed and created the invitations, bottle labels and menus, the workforce buzzed with military precision. All these amazing people are thanked for their invaluable efforts. After eight wonderfully creative years, ‘Africa’, is my last. The list of dances included ‘Al Capone’, ‘Lost City of Atlantis’, ‘Spain’, ‘A Night under the Stars’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Broadway’ and ‘The Oscars’. My thanks go to all those who have assisted over the years and of course the boys whose enjoyment of the dances and gratitude have made it all worthwhile. Tracy van den Aardweg With Grateful thanks to Cameron Naicker 2014 192