FINNINGLEY Head of house In a year where Finningley was supposed to be defeated for the first time in eight years, no such thing took place. Finningley’s dominance continued. We managed to build on our past successes and continued on the path paved for us by previous Finningley boys. The boys forged a healthy relationship with Mr ‘Frank the tank’ Lubbe and new rules and traditions were established to make Finningley even more like home.The ethos of the house remained the same as we embraced our motto: per ardua ad victoriam (through hard work is victory). The boys were determined to ensure that the house continued upon its path of excellence and it is clearly evident that the boys of Finningley house are a breed who excel in all facets of College life. The matrics have been a huge pillar of strength and suppor t for the prefects and myself. I want to commend them on a truly superb year. As leaders, they took on the challenges that faced the house and represented it in an impeccable manner. I would like to extend my thanks to Matthew van Heusden, Andries Schoeman and Daniel Pons for the manner in which they conducted themselves: often going beyond the call of duty to ensure the wellbeing of the boys and the smooth running of the house. Credit is also due to head of Haley, Keegan Foss and Cameron Grinyer who were always willing members of the house – even from all the way up in Haley. In 2014 there was no stopping Lubbe’s Army and I know that in the capable hands of Brandon Hughes and his team of prefects that the dominance will not falter. I have every confidence in the Finningley matric group for 2015 – they are a very talented and humble group, hungry for success. I wish them and the new house master the best of luck. A huge thank you is extended to Mr Lubbe. Perhaps he doesn’t understand the enormous impact he has had upon his Finningley boys, as well as the College generally. We will miss you sir! Kearsney will miss you. Langa Hlongwane Another year; another Veldman trophy.. 21 2nd row: J Heron C Alborough C Rencken J Potter S Kheswa C Cartwright N Mazwai G Phillips H Cole C Bell C Moore E Williams A Piche S Skhosana M Pitcher S Hudson N Beningfield M Sosibo J Young Front row: T Host D Blanckenberg M van Heusden A Schoeman Mr M Saville D Pons L Hlongwane Mr F Lubbe Mr B Ndaba S Tedder T Tedder Mr D MacDonald K Foss C Grinyer Z Mthembu Y Mazwai Absent: R McNeill A King M Singh