CONTENTS 3 THE YEAR IN REVIEW Including messages from the Headmaster and the respect ive houses . Get a gl impse of internat ional tours . 42 FOUNDATION News and ini t iat ives from the Foundat ion of f ice . 54 KCOB Updates on the act ivi t ies of the Old Boys including tr ibutes to Old Boys who have died and news from the var ious branches . 60 SPIRITUALITY Reverend James Headbush repor ts on spi r i tual i ty and fel lowship at the Col lege . 65 ACADEMIC REVIEW Including the remarkable 2014 IEB NSC resul ts as wel l as speci f ic detai l s from each of the academic depar tments . 90 THE ARTS@KEARSNEY A colourful and comprehens ive depict ion of the performing and vi sual ar ts . 106 CLUBS A repor t from the clubs and societ ies that enr ich l i fe at the Col lege . 114 SPORT Ref lect ing on the outstanding spor t ing achievements of the year. 186 THE CLASS OF 2014 A farewel l tr ibute to the matr ic group including a f inal message from the headboy. With grateful thanks toTracy van den Aardweg without whose pictures this magazine would not have the impact it has.