For most of your Kearsney career you keep your eyes focused on making it to the top and earning the privileges that come with it.What you don’t realise is that time flies when you’re having fun. And what fun we have had. I can safely say that Pembroke has the most diverse and enter taining group of boys in the school. Under the experienced hand of Mr Peacock, Pembroke has never seen more life and genuine camaraderie and for that Mr Peacock needs to be commended. With a less-than-stellar inter house record, many of the boys have learnt that winning is not everything. No quar ter was given on the spor ts field and a unique dynamic has developed in Pembroke that has made it all the more special: house spirit and it is largely due to the presence of characters like Matt Last: well known for being able to talk the hind leg off a donkey and David Zondi: Pembroke’s very own professional spor ts analyst. It is due to boys like these that there is never a dull moment in the house. Special mention must be made of beloved “Daddy P”, who retires from Pembroke after an impressive seven years of service. Life in Pembroke will never be the same and it will be on the inter house spor ts field that the chants of “Bongo’s Army” will be sorely missed. I can say with confidence that every Pembroke boy will look back on his service in Bongo’s Army with pride. I wish the prefects of 2015, under the leadership of Simon Nor tje, the best of luck for next year as I know they will ably set the tone for a new Pembroke with Mr Willows at the helm.To my fellow prefects, Dylan, Jesse and Nathan I would like to extend a hear tfelt thanks for your unwavering suppor t this year. Many people do not know of the sacrifices you made for the house this year. Finally, I would like to thank the matrics of 2014 for an unforgettable Pembroke experience.We may not have won the silverware but it was due to you that we created memories we will all cherish for the rest of our lives.Years from now we will look back and realise just how special it all was. To those we leave behind, I ask only this: make the most of your time in this special house; it will be over before you know it. Ruben van Aswegen 29 PEMBROKE Head of house 3rd row: T Aphane E Knight A di Marco C Engelen L Hawyes B Perryman D Shepherd J Kenny S Nkosi P Priest R Hill C Baker J Storm J Aitkenhead C Booyens C St Clair B Wood S Nkabinde M Sikhosana 2nd row: N Tshabalala H Rachidi B Carmichael M du Toit L Priest D Leibbrandt P McGrath P Mwamuka A Gibb S de Klerk N Gopichand L Traill B Hadebe C Pett BJ Jlongwane J Peake R Holland A Veltman D Taylor C van Zyl Front row: S Dondolo M Last M Maddock C Louw J Heunis J Rich Mr T Els R van Aswegen Mr N peacock D Grifiths Mr J Waldburger N Shepherd J Varner S Harris M Malakoana T Lewis, Absent: Mr S Green T Khambule C Tenga How time flies. This was one of my thoughts in the latter part of the year.