The boys of Sheffield Back Row (l-r): R Lewarne B Robertson R Grobler D Loades D Blair J Prinn L Smith D Hart R Jackson K Ritchie J Cahi S Tenza K Sibande D de Lange G Oliver 6th row: T Muller O Prinn T Naicker G Singh T Hart L Schimper A Ojo-Aromokudu Y Gross N Wykerd G Sander N Mkhize M Bentley D Swanepoel D Brown 5th row: M Braby T Ojo-Aromokudu K Mertsch C Ritchie C Maynard K Smith T Karimi G Manderson O Wykerd SHEFFIELD Housemaster 31 Sheffield has again stepped up to the plate and contributed to all aspects of Kearsney life; providing international, provincial and 1st team representatives and top academics Most of the boys have embraced an attitude of passion and compassion and this is displayed in their everyday lives. Head of house, Luke van Vuuren, together with his deputies, Ben Baleta, Ivan Crockar t and Patrick Zietkiewicz set the tone and were exemplary, ensuring that Sheffield lived the high expectations of Kearsney’s honour code. The success and the atmosphere of a boarding house depend on the attitudes of brotherhood and acceptance no matter how different we are. Unfor tunately, there will always be a few, generally seniors, who feel they are entitled to privileges and traditions that are not par t of the school ethos. Sheffield has proved its strengths in the cultural and academic spheres of the College. Another highlight of the year was the ice bucket challenge that was well suppor ted by the class of 2014 and which raised R400 for the J9 foundation. Another pleasing aspect of Sheffield is the wonderful suppor t we enjoy from the parents. It is reassuring when concerns raised by parents are dealt with in an atmosphere of co-operation and in the interests of the boys. This is also clearly illustrated by the fact that there are very few beds open in Sheffield. Over the years many a dayboy becomes a boarder and the demand has led to renovations in order to provide additional space. By and large there are far more positives to take from 2014 than negatives and it is a pleasure to be the house master of Sheffield. I would like to thank my duty masters: Bernard Krüger, Jason Rottcher and Huber t van Ellewee for their loyal suppor t Running the house successfully is a team effor t made up of staff and boys. Every tutor, too, deserves thanks for making every Sheffield boy feel special and for suppor ting me in my dealings with them. I would like to pay special tribute to Ronni Wallace, who has been a Sheffield tutor since its inception. She has been a wonderful mentor to hundreds of boys, a lady and a friend to all who know her.We bid you a wonderful, peaceful and blessed retirement. Sheffield has grown beyond recognition into a boarding establishment of passion and compassion filled with boys who are always up for a challenge and who look out for each other. Marco Botha We won both the one act play competition and the music competition as well as the coveted Parkes trophy for the top academic house.