SHEFFIELD Head of house 2nd row: C Thompson C Williams S Miller R Gaughran L Lundall M Farquarson Z Mchunu O Brown D Cherry R Contrera K Seboka B Albertse L Petzer C Meaker B D’Eramo D van Heerde A Kayser N Long J Christie C Cele Front row: D de Cramer A Harvey N Ntuli L Missio D sandy P Zietkiewicz Mr B Kruger L van Vuuren Mr M Botha, I Crockart Mr H van Ellewee T Visser Mr J Rottcher K Loader B Baleta R Walters-Girout Absent: O Khumalo “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.” That intent was evident with memorable wins this year. Although we finished second in the final standings, 2014 will be regarded as a successful year for the house because of the effor ts of the boys. Credit must be given to my fellow prefects Pat, Ivan and Ben for the suppor t they have given me as well as the manner in which they approached their duties and their exceptional leadership. My thanks are extended to Mr Botha, Mr van Ellewee, Mr Krüger and Mr Rottcher. The house would not have run as well nor as efficiently without your input. I extend my thanks to the matrics for their leadership and hard work that largely contributed to the success of the house. We can be proud of what we have contributed to the house and in the way in which we have continued and added to the legacy of past Sheffield brothers. I put my full confidence in Tristan, his prefects and the class of 2015. I trust you will build on the success of the house and continue the legacy. The word home is defined as “the physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or an apar tment.” I leave Sheffield knowing I can’t call it my home, as Sheffield is so much more than a structure. I want to thank everyone for an unforgettable year and I wish you all good luck for the future. Luke van Vuuren At the closing dinner in 2013 I ended my speech with a quotation from Barack Obama aimed at the Sheffield boys of 2014: The memories we’ve created and the laughs we’ve had are ones we will never forget 33