34 SERVICE Report Each boy is encouraged to do a minimum of 15 hours in a year. It is hoped that through service a boy will graduate from the College with a developed sense of pride in his country, capable of sustaining relationships that have a positive impact upon local communities through fostering a sense of belonging. The year began marshalling for Kearsney Striders. 40 boys stood in the rain and mist during the marathon on the first weekend of the new year. It was clear from the comments of the runners that they are highly appreciative of the boys’ good cheer and encouragement. That same week, 32 orphans from KwaNyuswa (in the valley of a thousand hills) received their full school uniforms. These uniforms are purchased by boys to help the orphans and provide a valuable source of dignity and pride. The boys of the College have identified orphans in the area to suppor t and, while these donations may seem small, they are made from the hear t. MAKAPHUTHU CHILDREN’S VILLAGE Makaphutu is both a children’s village and a community outreach hub.The goal of the village is to nur ture orphaned and vulnerable children to wholeness. Children are provided with a loving and safe environment in which they are able to lead normal, healthy lives and receive a proper education and the life skills necessary to succeed.The village is not a stereotypical orphanage but instead tries to create a healthy home environment within each cottage or family, which itself is par t of a vibrant, safe village community. The Kearsney boys were greeted by excited and happy children and were shown the store room where one group of boys was given slashers, pick axes and pangas to work and cut trees in the yard.The village has its own conservancy and it was the boys’ task to cut out invasive plants and create firebreaks. A second group was tasked with staging a soccer clinic teaching ball skills.The boys had to converse in isiZulu and words like ‘khahlela’ (kick), ‘mfowethu’ (brother), ‘liphakathi’ (a goal) and ‘gijima’ (run) are now common parlance on the campus.The village won the spirited game 4 – 1. Youngsters are funny creatures and during the game smaller, personal games and piggy back rides were the order of the day. There were even spontaneous lessons on how to tie a knot and shoe laces being given. The children were eager to learn as they said one day when they study at Kearsney they must look neat and tidy like Kearsney boys. The third group read books with the young children.The explanations were accompanied with lively actions – much more interesting than merely reading.The final group assisted the older children with their Maths, Science and Accounting homework for the day. Kearsney boys now visit the village once a month and the SCA has begun fundraising projects. This year more than R5 000 was raised for the village. It is rewarding seeing our boys creating relationships and engaging in activities that will nur ture the values of Ubuntu. BLOOD DONATION Kearsney hosted four blood donation clinics this year.We are very for tunate to have had more than three hundred boys donate blood and we also encourage the boys to register for stem cell donation.The whole College community responds to the national blood shor tage. CLOTHES DONATIONS Benjamin Proctor and Bryce Ras donated clothes to an impoverished community. Both boys reflected upon the experience positively. “After a tough, long game of soccer with the local children we handed over two suitcases of clothes.These children have only ever worn clothes handed down from brothers and sisters.When we saw them the next day wearing the clothes with big smiles on their faces, we realised how privileged we are to wear new clothes and just how money cannot buy you happiness.” CENTRE FOR THE REHABILITATION OF WILDLIFE The centre, situated inYellowwood Park, has an excellent relationship with the College.This wildlife hospital cares for injured and orphaned wild animals and birds in KZN and has 12 depots in and around the province.The boys interact with the animals, clean their cages as well as working the site to ensure it is free of alien invasives. Community service at the College is defined as service that a boy performs for the benefit of other people, with no intention of personal gain. Total number of hours in service: 13 566 hours With grateful thanks to MODELS INTERNATIONAL – Male, female, character, children & plus size models. Tel: 27(0)31 2021843 / 6284 Cell: 083 252 3664