35 SERVICE Report HILLCREST AIDS CENTRE The boys help at the centre maintaining gardens as well as preparing flowers that can be sold in order to raise money.They also cleared the blocked drainage system and cleared the roof. COMMUNITY SERVICEWEEK It has become a tradition for the school to dedicate a week to community service.This year was a big success and some of the highlights were: the clothes, furniture and spor ts kits that were donated to Phila NoMakhelwane; the toys and clothes donated to the Khulakahle Creche; the Tuesday Maths and Science lessons at KwaNtebeni Comprehensive School and the soccer jerseys donated to Ndlokolo Primary School. GOLDEN HOURS The visit to Golden Hours is a very special day for Kearsney boys.The friendship we have formed with them is remarkable. One of the teachers, who has been at the school for 30 years, welcomed us and emphasised how impor tant this visit is to their calendar. She said that some children refuse to go home with their parents when they know that Kearsney is coming for the day. We played soccer, rugby, basketball and tennis with the children but made it a priority to coach cricket this year. It was rewarding watching Kearsney boys holding their hands with a cricket bat and showing others how to bowl. I cannot explain well enough the excitement from the children hitting the ball successfully for the first time. The traditional 100 meter piggy back dash was, once again, a highlight – as was the singing of the National Anthem. ETHELBERT CHILDREN’S HOME This was our focus for the month of November.The home is place of safety for 65 children who have been removed from their families or who are orphans. It was established in 1907 and its ultimate goal is to see the children happily reunited with their parents.We had wonderful suppor t from the Kearsney community which donated toiletries and hosted two carol services at which the collections were given to the home. R20 000 was well received by the home this year and we are most grateful for the generosity of our community. I would like to thank everyone who was involved with any form of community service this year, but especially the grade 11 group who contributed over 3 000 hours. Manzini Zungu With grateful thanks to Haydn, Gigha, Sean & Cameron Kelly Artist: Grant Meyer grade 12