SERVANT Leadership Monday morning, 1st September, saw Kearsney in a flurry of activity with parents, boys, staff and busses coming and going. For tunately things settled down fairly quickly with each grade depar ting in a different direction. Peter Kirsten, Elwyn van den Aardweg, Rob Carpenter and I were once again privileged to be able to visit each of the venues to witness the boys in action. Although the activities at each camp are grade specific, there is a leadership component common to all courses. Every boy must be exposed to the skills of leadership and also learn to be a good team member. The grade 8 courses were conducted at the Baynesfield Biosphere, Hella Hella and BergVenture venues. The grade 9 courses were at the KhotsoTrails Centre, the Tugela River Ventures and at Zingela River Lodge. The grade 10s once again embarked on their physically challenging ‘actionleadership’ course at the Spirit of Adventure centre, and the grade 11s completed their mentally challenging ‘ethics leadership’ course mainly on campus. There are numerous advantages to this programme. Apar t from the fact that the boys enjoy themselves, they develop an appreciation for each other, the environment and the complexities of leadership. It is our aim to develop future leaders and to this end every boy leaving Kearsney must have the confidence and skills to be able to take on a leadership role in his future career. Rod de Villiers The leadership week was a great success this year, as most of our staff and boys were fully involved and all courses went well. 37