39 INTERNATIONAL Tours nothing more than a huge snow park which quickly became the scene of a dramatic snow fight involving the boys versus Mr Peacock. On the morning of Friday 4th April we boarded a speed train to St Petersburg. Over the next three days in St Petersburg we had the oppor tunity to visit the Peter and Paul For tress (last resting place of the Tsars and Tsarinas); the Cruiser Aurora (which fired the opening shots of the Russian Revolution; the Catherine Palace at Pushkin (formerly known as Tsarkoe Selo) and the home of the Tsars during the summer months; Lenin’s Train from where he delivered his famous April Thesis promising the peasants ‘Land, Peace and Bread!’; the Kshesininskaya Mansion (once home to the worldfamous ballerina but also the headquar ters of the Bolsheviks during the revolution); walked in the steps of the infamous and intriguing Rasputin at the Yusopov Palace (the scene of his murder); theWinter Palace (one of the world’s biggest ar t galleries in which it is estimated that if one spent a minute looking at each ar t work that it would take 10 years to get to the end). It was here that the provisional government was over thrown and the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917.We also saw the Cathedral Built on Spilt Blood (on the exact spot where Tsar Nicolas II was murdered by revolutionaries). On Monday 7th April we depar ted for Turkey – the only country to span two continents: Europe and Asia. Although we only spent two nights in this fascinating city, we were able to visit the Blue Mosque; the Hagia Sophia; the Topkapi Palace and the Grand Bazaar. The tour was undoubtedly a once in-a-lifetime experience. Adam Rogers With grateful thanks: ‘A better South Africa, one degree at a time’. Hillcrest Advice Bureau and Bursary Fund, NPO, PBO, BEE. Over 90% of our underprivileged students obtain their tertiary qualification. Cell: 0824229683