At the hear t of our College is its people: the boys, their teachers and the wider community outside our gates. In 2014, 151 suppor ters (corporates 12, trusts 9 and individuals 130) contributed towards this cause. Twenty-six percent of whom were first time suppor ters in 2014. This suppor t makes it possible for Kearsney’s growing ability to attract top quality and diverse students. NEW INITIATIVES Class of 1974 launched their fund The record breaking attendance for the 40th reunion of the Class of 1974 was marked in a special way. Over Founders weekend, reunion convenor David Attenborough initiated a 1974 class fund as a way to collectively give back to Kearsney. By the end of 2014, the first-year goal of R75 000 had already been exceeded. USA-KCOB Centenary fund Old Boys in Santa Rosa and New York asked what they collectively could do for Kearsney as Old Boys living in the USA.While many Old Boys give to Kearsney privately, there was consensus that having a shared cause would give substance to the predominantly vir tual Old Boy network and would connect USA Old Boys to the school and to one another. The Kearsney Foundation sincerely thanks Michael Hall (Gillingham 1953) and his team for continuing this conversation which has resulted in a vision to create a new and permanent bursary to be called the ‘USA-KCOB Centenary Bursary’ late in 2014 and will be driven in 2015. The idea for this initiative star ted at the KCOB dinner in Santa Rosa. 45 1974 steering team Barry Livsey, Dave Attenborough and Dave Pearse KCOB dinner in Santa Rosa, CA, USA on 5 July 2014 Pictured from left: Daniel Da Silva (Gillingham 2001); Brett Webber (Finningley 1981); Leif Gjestland (Gillingham 1950); Ian Macgregor (Gillingham 1952); Dereck Levy (Pembroke 1970); Michael Hall (Gillingham 1953); Grant du Plooy (Pembroke 1978); David Emanuel (Pembroke 1996); Elwyn van den Aardweg. SCHOLARSHIPS & BURSARIES KEARSNEY FOUNDATION Founding Kearsney’s Second Century