The Transnet Foundation made it possible for six boys to travel with the Choir to the recent World Choir Olympics 46 TOP KEARSNEY AWARDS In 2013 the Transnet Foundation began suppor ting Kearsney and has quickly become a top Kearsney par tner. In 2014, the Transnet Foundation fully sponsored three pupils to attend Kearsney.When one of their sponsored boys was selected for the Choir to compete in the 2014 World Choir Games in Latvia,Transnet funded him and also made the dreams of five other choir members a reality when they provided financial suppor t. The Transnet Foundation’s education programme aims to equip talented students who are selected from marginalised backgrounds and have shown great tenacity to succeed. Extra suppor t is provided to ensure a firm foundation in critical subjects such as Maths, Physical Science, Accounting and English. Students will also receive Transnet bursaries to enable them to fur ther their studies at universities of their choice within South Africa. Top Class of 2007 At the star t of 2014 the Class of 2007 Endowment Fund had reached a capital value of just over R550 000. The 2014 Golf Day profit of R80 000 and their growing monthly drive saw the fund grow a fur ther 20% before the end of 2014. By their 10th reunion in 2017, the Class of 2007 aims to have raised R2-million. A real highlight in 2014 was the awarding of the first Class of 2007 Memorial Bursary.