3 HEADMASTER’S Report I wish to acknowledge the superb contribution made by the academic, finance, marketing, administrative and estates staff who have over the past twelve months unselfishly and loyally kept the ship afloat. The management team and the executive have acquitted themselves well: always prepared to indulge in robust debate and to tackle courageously difficult challenges. 2014 opened with a celebration of the truly outstanding results produced by the matric class of 2013. Our performance in the IEB examinations in key subjects, compared to IEB averages is wor th noting. The success of the Mathematics and Science excellence programme, which has been running for eight years, can be measured by the impressive distinction rates in these subjects compared to those of other independent schools. For the past three years, Kearsney’s distinction rate in Mathematics and Science has been more than double the IEB’s average. This success has spilled over into other subjects that we offer. In order to provide our boys with an education relevant to the world into which they will enter, the College commenced this year with Mandarin Chinese as a matric subject. Ms Jing Wang arrived from China to pioneer this exciting venture. This follows on the success of the Mandarin elective in grades 8 and 9 which we have offered for a number of years. Inevitably, teachers leave Kearsney and this year we bid farewell to two long-serving staff who are retiring. Mrs VeronicaWallace, or Ronni as she is fondly known, joined Kearsney as head of English in January 1989 and served in this position until December 2009. She previously taught at Hillcrest High School. Before the establishment of the Drama depar tment, Ronni directed several school plays and in 1994, when one of the schoolgirl actresses had to be hospitalised a few days before the opening of “Making a Mountain out of a Molehill”, Ronni stepped into the breach and played a very convincing grandmother. She was also involved with the film society, public speaking and debating as well as spending many years preparing boys for the English olympiad and editing the Chronicle. For several years now she has co-ordinated Catholic catechism, accompanying boys down to St Dominic’s in Hillcrest every week. Together with her husband,Tim, and daughters, Julia and Diana, she has given 26 years of dedicated service to Kearsney. Mr Rob Candotti, or the ‘Italian stallion’ as he is known to the ladies on the staff, is married to Sandra and they have two sons Ricky and Alex, both of whom attended Kearsney. Rob was appointed to the English depar tment in January 1988 having previously been employed as a writer in an adver tising agency. During his time at the College, Rob has coached tennis, run the twelve club and until 2008 co-ordinated the grade 11 leadership programme. He was also involved in public speaking and prepared boys for the Alan Paton literary competition. Rob took several groups of boys to the Grahamstown festival and in the 90s ran the audio-visual club. He also edited the Chronicle over a period of years and assisted with the direction of the school play. He leaves after 28 years of service to Kearsney. Mr Francois Lubbe, ‘Frank the tank’, is married to Sherese. He was employed in 2008 as a Mathematics and Life 2014 opened with a celebration of the truly outstanding results produced by the matric class of 2013 With grateful thanks to the Barrow Family