SUPPORTERS OF EXCELLENCE Mathematics & English Optima and Epoch Trusts ISASA Mathematics and English Programme: Zenex Foundation and Transnet Foundation. Kearsney Empowerment Programme (B-BBEE) Anonymous (1) Construction ID (Pty) Ltd Invicta Holdings Omega Development Trust Others listed under programmes Sport Development *Anonymous (Water polo) Nashua, Durban (1st & 2nd Team Rugby Sponsor) Medworth Grandstand Expansion The Shuker Family (2) Joe Hansen (2) Parents Society Kearsney Easter Rugby Festival 2014 Standard Bank (NEW headline sponsor) Illovo Sugar, SA (Ltd) Pty The Sharks, Sharks Academy, KZNRU Nashua, Durban KEY, Pinetown Medical sponsors: Life healthcare Group ER24 Sharks Medical KERF In-Kind Barrows Design & Manufacturing Char twell Gilber t Peri Powerade Spur Tennis Festival In-Kind Spor tsman’s Warehouse Wilson Richden’s Spar Clubs & Culture@Kearsney Parents Society: video equipment MatthewWilman Foundation: Photographic competition Tony Leon Book Prize (2) Choir Tour 2014 to Latvia Airstream Compressors SA (Pty) Ltd Construction ID (Pty) Ltd Robin Lockhar t-Ross Richard Norval Transnet Foundation Doug &Yvonne Bailey Molecular Diagnostic Services (Pty) Ltd *Terry Rosenberg *SASOL Foundation# Renzo Scribante *SASOL *Unilever *The Unlimited Group Choir Tour : in-kind *Beverly Hills Hotel *Mangar Furniture *Nashua, Durban *PGC *Remo’s Fratelli Groups *Umgazi River Bungalows *Friends of the Choir *Tihan Bezuidenhout *Gary Knight *Christiaan Kotze *Marcus Kotze Joy Mills-Hackmann Outreach Anonymous (2) MySchool Chapel Appeal *Anonymous (communion trays/glasses) In-kind suppor t FutureLife product: Paddy Moon Wakaberry Team of theWeek: Lizelle Blair Printing: Nashua, Durban: Mar tin Pretorius Remembrance *Phil Blamey (Park Bench) 48 SUPPORTING EXCELLENCE Mathematics & English Special thanks to the ISASA Mathematics and English programme currently par t funding a number of students who have the oppor tunity to par ticipate in an intensive cross-school programme. Continued suppor t in 2014 to suppor t Kearsney’s effor ts to respond to the widely publicized shor tage in mathematics and science skills in South Africa was received fromThe Optima and Epoch Trusts and the ISASA Mathematics and English Programme funded by the Zenex Foundation and Transnet Foundation. Kearsney Empowerment Programme A special fund exists to promote leadership and development and it also meets the spirit of the BroadBased Black Economic Empowerment Act. Donors may specify if they require B-BBEE cer tification for specific initiatives such as Bursaries & Scholarships, special projects such as tours, the Ter tiary Access Programme, or give funding at the discretion of the empowerment team.