50 SUPPORTING EXCELLENCE CONTINUED Sporting success Rugby at Kearsney received valued suppor t with the announcement of Nashua Durban as team suppor ter of the 1st and 2nd rugby sides as from 2014. In addition to suppor t from Old Boys, donors and sponsors enabled an upgrade of the Medwor th stand, including increased seating and roof coverage, renovation of players’ change rooms, a new ladies’ toilet facility and a media room with fibre optic services connected to the school network. These improved facilities have also benefited the Kearsney Easter rugby festival. Thanks to the generous financial suppor t from Life Healthcare and the Kearsney parents society, the medical room within the stand has been upgraded to a state-of-the-ar t medical facility catering for all possible injuries and emergencies. Now significantly bigger and equipped with sophisticated medical equipment, the facility is manned on match days by two doctors and nursing staff, ably suppor ted by ER24 paramedics and Kearsney pupils trained as first aiders. Two automatic external defibrillators are strategically placed at different venues at the school to assist in resuscitating collapsed patients. Life Healthcare has also sponsored an “ambulance” golf car t fitted with a stretcher for the transpor t of injured players from any field on campus to the first aid room. Nashua Durban is a unique par tner bringing value to the business end of Kearsney as an excellent service provider, as well as investing in Kearsney through their sponsorship.They have taken the time to understand and embrace the Kearsney mantra of balance and excellence.