51 KEARSNEY TOTHEIR CORE Kearsney Legacy Society: A special group of men meet regularly with the Foundation. Their aim: to grow Kearsney’s Endowed Funds. They are doing so by inviting their peers to remember Kearsney in their wills. 48 people join the Kearsney Legacy Society by the end of 2014. This Society is a circle of passionate and valued Kearsney suppor ters. The vision of this Society is to grow the Development Trust registered in 1983 as a tax friendly mechanism to receive endowment funds that would provide a sustainable and continuous legacy of suppor t to Kearsney College. Dr Shuker hands over the reins of the KLS to Lorne Maclaine: Listening to A Time to Say Goodbye, sung by Sarah Brightman, confirmed that it was my the time to say goodbye, Graeme Shuker said at the October 2014 Durban Survivor lunch, where he announced the handover of the Chairmanship of the Legacy Society toThe Laird, Lorne Maclaine (Gillingham 1963) and the Survivors to Richard “Pop”Tolken (Gillingham 1954). KEARSNEY LEGACY SOCIETY (Date Legacy was received) 1954 AH (Bertie) Smith 1968 RH & Dorothy Matterson 1973 Rutherford Hulett 1977 GM (Max) & Pat Oram 1980 Les France Stanley G & Annelie Osler 1983 Lady Usher 1986 Ray L Hulett 1997 James Kingston 2001 David O Hall Christine Mason 2005 JH (Jimmy) Hopkins Philip H Moore Heather Redgment 2006 John W Gafney 2007 James H Charter John E Farren Pam Foster Ian Ivan Ives Dorothea (Thea) Reece 2010 William M Crook Keith C Comins 2013 Leslie Putterill Kearsney Legacy Society Committee: (Standing) Gavin Bester (Pembroke 1967), Joy Mills-Hackmann (Foundation & KCOB Director), Richard (Pop) Tolken (Gillingham 1954) with Graeme Shuker (Finningley 1948). Not photographed: Ted Garner (Finningley 1956), Lorne Maclaine (Gillingham 1963). KEARSNEY FOUNDATION Founding Kearsney’s Second Century