54 With grateful thanks to the Kenny Family – Andrew, Amanda, James & Oliver KCOB Earlier in 2014, KCOB President Lawrence Polkinghorne met with the new Chaplain Rev James Headbush KCOB:TRADITIONAND LEGACY With an eye on Kearsney’s 95th anniversary in 2016 and the centenary in 2021, the strength of KCOB’s global network becomes more significant than ever. During 2014, significant progress was made to consolidate and improve the Old Boy systems. In July 2014 a web por tal allowed Kearsney alumni to access and update their own database profiles. The Greyhound Clubhouse has come alive, has been renovated and is fully utilised through a rental arrangement with the College. KCOB’s future fundraising effor ts are now formally par tnered with the Kearsney Foundation providing PBO tax benefits to benefactors and excellent stewardship. The 2014/15 Greyhound magazine Vol 12 gives insight into future plans, celebrates the successes of Old Boys and Kearsney College. We encourage you to read this 32 page magazine along side this brief repor t.