55 KCOB VOLUNTEERISM: KEY TOTHE KCOB STRENGTH Class and branch action is critical to the growing strength, reach and value of the KCOB network: there are 80 class teams grouped in the Generation Project and 14 KCOB branches which continue to ensure a local sense of community around the globe. Also playing an impor tant role to the growing Kearsney Community are our Kearsney Ambassadors. At the KCOB June 2014 AGM the KCOB President paid tribute to the network of volunteer convenors for their contribution, loyalty and suppor t over the past year. “Without this talented and willing group of people the Kearsney Network would not have achieved the successes enjoyed this past period.” KCOB Executive: Special tributes were made to members who resigned at the June 2014 KCOB AGM: • KCOBVice President Mr Nick Keary (Gillingham 1998) was thanked for his superb effor t and contribution over the past eight years. Nick was KCOB President over a memorable period of action when we celebrated the 80th KCOB anniversary. He played an impor tant role towards re-branding the KCOB and bridging the gap between the younger and older Old Boys which has greatly strengthened the network. • Mr Gareth Collingwood (Finningley 1997), the current longest serving executive, was thanked for his exceptional management of the KCOB Sons of Old Boys Bursary investment por tfolio which has seen excellent growth. Mr Lawrence Polkinghorne highlighted the healthy KCOB por tfolio market value of R4,4m as at 31.12.2013 and the 9,5% performance growth achieved in the past year. • Mr Matt Copeland (Gillingham 1997) was thanked for his service and the incredible hear t he brought to the work of the Executive, especially in his interaction with the current boys of Kearsney. Matt also proposed the Foundation branding “founders of the second century” to encourage focus beyond the first century to ensure suppor t grows into Kearsney’s second century; • Mr Grant Litster (Pembroke 1980) for his energy and care in respect of the branch por tfolio. Grant’s business Left is Justin Hughes (Finningley 1992) and on the right Wray Radford (Finningley 1989). They joined the KCOB Executive at the June 2014 AGM and will lead the generation, class and convenors to expand and strengthen networking. Kerry McMaster, the KCOB secretary, joined the team in May 2014 and responds to all KCOB enquiries. Kerry took over from Karen Seals who had been in the position for 8 years. Kerry works from the Administration Block in the Foundation & KCOB Office directed by Joy Mills-Hackmann (on right) KCOB EXECUTIVE KCOB President Lawrence Polkinghorne (Gillingham 1990) KCOBVice-President Jeremy Nel (Pembroke 1987) Treasurer JP Rober t (Sheffield 2006) Aim 1: Networking Justin Hughes (Finningley 1992) Wray Radford (Finningley 1989) Roger Tedder (Finningley 1987) Richard Tolken (Gillingham 1954) David Cameron (Sheffield 2003) Aim 2: Marketing Tim Johnson (Gillingham 1999) Aim 3: Fundraising Jeremy Nel (Pembroke 1987) Des Njapha (Finningley 1999) Lawrence Polkinghorne (Gillingham 1990) GENERATION PROJECT D6 Survivors (Classes 1964-1921) Richard Tolken (Gillingham 1954) D5 Silver Hounds (Classes 1974-1965) Gavin Bester (Pembroke 1967) David Hind (Pembroke 1966) D4 Grey Hounds (Classes1984-1975) KCOB office D3 Racing Hounds (Classes1994-1985) Jeremy Nel (Pembroke 1987) D2 Hounds (Classes 2004-1995) David Cameron (Sheffield 2003) D1 Whippets (Classes 2014-2005) Cameron Buys (Gillingham 2006) JP Rober t (Sheffield 2006) KEARSNEY AMBASSADORS David Polkinghorne (Son Head of School 2015) Gary Butler (Son 2015) Roger Tedder (Son Head of School 2014) Chairman David Attenborough (Son Head of School 2013) Lawrence Twigg (Son 2010) Manfred Rohwer (Son 2007) With grateful thanks to R.I.KENNEDY & ASSOCIATES, Chartered Accountants, Registered Auditors.Tel: 031 240 7400 Email: