travels benefited the network with his being able to attend events in Mauritius and beyond. Generation convenors were also thanked for their service. Those who stood down from their por tfolios in 2014 were Andrew Baker (Pembroke 1979) from the Grey Hounds (Decade 4: 1974 to 1983); and Matt Copeland from the Hounds (Decade 2: 2004-1995). Branch chairmen, who resigned as they relocated countries, were thanked at the AGM. Angelo van Dyk (Sheffield 2006 Head Prefect) led Cape Town and Eric Ngoie (Finningley 2005 Head Prefect) led Durban. Both moved to the UK. Tyrone Jansen (Pembroke 1999) who was an excellent UK branch chair has returned to South Africa. The Headmaster, Elwyn van den Aardweg and his wife Tracey were warmly hosted in Nor th America and we thank our KCOB dinner convenors for their effor ts. Brent and Nicky Taylor (Pembroke 2001) for hosting the NewYork City dinner on 26 June. Leif and Nan Gjestland (Gillingham 1950) for hosting the dinner in Santa Rosa, CA on 5 July; and to John and Ebby Lacey (Finningley 1960) for hosting a dinner in Toronto on 16 July 2014. Kearsney ambassadors which includes suppor ters and parents as associate KCOB members has gained momentum with 1,100 members registered by the end of 2014. Old Boys are reminded to please encourage their parents to join. PROFESSIONALISM IS KEY At the KCOB AGM the president thanked the Foundation and KCOB team for their high standard of work led by Joy Mills-Hackmann. Communication and events kept the global network connected and well informed. The outstanding success of Kearsney College – academically, on the spor ts field, and in the ar ts – engenders much Old Boy pride and passion. The KCOB congratulated the Kearsney Headmaster and staff on the achievements of 2014. “Kearsney is succeeding in every single aspect and this has cer tainly not happened by chance. Success has come through the sheer determination and passion shown by the staff. You often perform thankless tasks which seem to go unnoticed. I can assure you they don’t. Tonight, we thank you and honour you for the role you play in our beloved College. A more passionate body of people, I believe, would be impossible to find,” said Lawrence Polkinghorne. At the AGM a KCOB life membership award was bestowed on André van Zyl for his 20 years of service. The president’s awards aligned with his focus on professionalism and were awarded to Joy Mills-Hackmann for her work in the foundation and Old Boy office, and to Old Boy and current 56 With grateful thanks to the Koekemoer Family KCOB Tim Johnson (Gillingham 1999) congratulates Kearsney on their 2014 success and bids farewell to retiring staff. Kearsney Ambassador team From left: Dave Polkinghorne, Gary Butler, David Attenborough and Roger Tedder