5 HEADMASTER’S Report Rugby 7s made an impressive debut this year and the team won two out of the three tournaments in which they par ticipated: namely the Crawford 7s and the Voor trekker 7s tournaments. Soccer continues to be a popular spor t in the third term.This year the College fielded over 30 teams on a Saturday. For the first time in our history, in any spor t, we fielded an U 14H side. The cultural side of the College also had a stellar year.The choir was invited to represent Africa at the Rhythms of OneWorld Festival in Geneva with the culmination of the Festival taking place in the United Nations European headquar ters.The choir then flew to Riga, in Latvia, to par ticipate in the World Championships with well over 350 par ticipating choirs. Competing in three categories and against adult and youth choirs, the Kearsney choir was awarded three gold medals on their way to a four th place in scenic folklore, a second place in music of the religions and world champions in the Scenic Pop category.We are extremely proud of our staff and boys and thank the entire community for suppor ting the choir and making it possible for them to par ticipate in Geneva and Riga.There are many people whom we have thanked but special mention needs to be made of Transnet under CEO Brian Molefe who sponsored six boys to make the trip. In fact Transnet has been the major benefactor and suppor ter of our programme to offer a Kearsney education to orphans next year. Mr Molefe, on behalf of Transnet, will receive the prestigious Sir Liege Hulett Award which has only been awarded to four benefactors in the College’s history. Spiritually, we have been enriched with the appointment of our Chaplain Reverend James Headbush. He has brought warmth and a sense of humour to the Chaplaincy. The SCA and all Christian activities have experienced an uplifting year. The finance, human resources and administration at the College have performed well in ensuring all aspects of school administration are run efficiently. Kearsney became VAT registered and the conversion process went smoothly with added monetary benefits to the College.The discount offer on upfront fees proved to be highly successful this year.The Kit & Clothing operated well within a demanding and sometimes unreliable textile and clothing industry. With good systems, budget control, financial discipline and debtor management the College is in a strong financial position and is fully compliant with all relevant legislation. In excess of 250 applications were received for Grade 8 in 2015 and we shall be welcoming a record intake of over 140 new boys to Kearsney next year. Boarding, par ticularly at the junior levels, has shown an increase in demand which has necessitated the building of an additional 28 bed wing onto Haley House.This project will also provide more dayboys with overnight accommodation, a growing trend in recent years. In a very competitive market, and in a tough economic climate, we are in the strong position of having to institute waiting lists across all the grades.This demand is testimony to the quality all-round education provided and the value attached to this education by the community. Capital development projects this year have included the extensions and improvements to the Medwor th stand and the completion of the sewerage treatment plant which will provide recycled water to irrigate the spor ts fields. Progress on the renovation of staff houses has continued including the Headmaster’s house – which the boys took no time in naming Nkhandla! In fact my wife and I moved temporarily to a smaller house next to the Hopkins Field which the staff now refer to as ‘Nkhandla Light’. In 2015 we will be installing a water reservoir with a 300 000 litre capacity as a three day standby water supply in case of water cuts, which have been frequent this year. I wish to thank all our boys and parents for their patience and assistance whilst we have tried to cope with this challenge. In closing I wish to pay tribute to the Trustees, the Board, especially Chairman Rob Lockhar t-Ross, parents society, Old Boys, friends of the College and parents – par ticularly the matric parents.This College is what it is through the team work of all these groups. I wish to thank the class of 2014 who have been led superbly by Stephen and Tristan Tedder.These cousins, similar but different in many respects have complimented each other in the leadership of the College. Suppor ted by a fine group of prefects, captains of spor t, leaders in ar t, drama, music and choir and the suppor t of many sterling matric boys, we can all be proud of an excellent year. Like every year there are ups and downs but the pride and passion these boys have for their school is admirable. Thank you boys for giving us so much pleasure and enjoyment.We wish you all success in your final exams and we wish you a long and happy life. I also thank my wife,Tracey, for her suppor t and joy in all that Kearsney offers and her loyalty. God bless you all. Kearsney enjoys an enviable reputation for providing a balanced education, and our track record of academic, cultural and spor ting excellence continues to drive strong demand for a Kearsney education With grateful thanks to Taine Buys & Family