69 ACADEMIC Review A number of distinctions were achieved in Trials and it is expected that these results will be repeated in the final examination.We wish all our leavers success in their chosen careers. The depar tment is not only concerned with preparing boys for their final examinations, but also with introducing them to aspects of entrepreneurship and business principles. Economic and Management Sciences is offered at grades 8 and 9.This is an extremely wor thwhile subject and allows boys to prepare a business plan, conduct market research, actually manufacture a unique product of their own choice and then to market this product. In addition, we offer boys the oppor tunity to experience entrepreneurship at first hand.The entrepreneurship component of the syllabus culminates with the annual ‘businessman of the year’ dinner, a highly successful and enjoyable evening which takes place towards the end of the year. Accounting is an exceptionally valuable subject at school level. It not only offers definite career oppor tunities in the accountancy, business and financial sectors, but is also a very good stepping stone to many university qualifications. Most courses nowadays require accounting and there is no doubt that those who have chosen the subject at school will find it easier coping at university. In addition, the subject is a life skill, especially in terms of personal finances. I would like to thank my colleagues Barend Steyn andWayne Marsden for their suppor t and professionalism throughout the academic year. Accounting The department once again enjoyed a most successful year. The businessman of the year dinner took place on Tuesday 28th October in the Greyhound.This dinner was the culmination of a process that star ted in the first term of the school year which involved all the grade 9s. The boys were divided into companies of approximately boys each, resulting in some 30 companies. Each group was tasked with producing a unique product of their choice, together with a comprehensive business plan. From these, four finalist companies were selected based on the quality of their presentations and the quality of their products and business plans. Some of the products were of outstanding quality and showed considerable initiative on the par t of the pupils.The finalist companies were then invited to the dinner, together with their parents and a number of staff. Before the dinner, the groups were interviewed separately by the adjudicators, Marc Schutte and Robin Lockhar t-Ross. During the dinner the boys made a final presentation and the evening culminated with the announcement of the winning group and also the announcement of a businessman of the year. The winning group comprised James Aitkenhead, Nathan Long, Paul Saad and Dylan Smith.The businessman of the year was Liam Hobden, a young man who showed an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit during the year. Mike Albers BUSINESSMAN OF THEYEAR