70 ACADEMIC Review Afrikaans This was undoubtedly a year with great blessings, lots of trying, ever changing attitudes and fun. We welcomed a new member of staff into the ranks and Tinus Els has been a stalwar t and popular member of our depar tment this year. My thanks are extended to the other members of the depar tment: Dave Graves, Huber t van Ellewee and Andre van Zyl who so tirelessly give of themselves to make the boys appreciate this challenging language. The matric group was an interesting group of boys and I hope that the time spent in Afrikaans lessons, trying to make sense of poetry and literature and the many thought provoking discussions, will stand them in good stead in the years to come. The emphasis this year was on trying to converse with the boys in Afrikaans, no matter how hard or how broken their effor ts. I can only speak for myself when I say that it was hear t-warming to hear the boys trying their utmost and hope that we can continue with this goal next year. I have cer tainly seen an upward trend in oral marks in all grades and would like to congratulate the boys on their effor ts. Two matrics were acknowledged at speech day this year : Francois van der Merwe who achieved a year mark of 91% and therefore came top in the grade; and Patrick Zietkiewicz who was honoured for consistent hard work throughout the year. I must, however, congratulate the whole group for following in the footsteps of their 2013 counterpar ts and producing overall results that did the entire depar tment proud. All that remains for me to say, is that I am most grateful for another blessed year, and hope that our depar tment will keep striving to maintain the standards that we have, and inspire boys to be positive and hardworking and to enjoy the subject as much as possible. Sonia Cairns Artist: grade 10 art project